See the Liberty Bell up Close

ABC News' Charli James tours the Liberty Bell with National Park Service Ranger, Larry McClenney.
13:43 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for See the Liberty Bell up Close
Everyone attorney James in Philadelphia police night you. Democratic National Convention and no trip to Philadelphia is. Sleep without a visit to one of America's most iconic symbols of independent that is of course. The liberty bell when it's hot destination here we are at independence national historical park. I'm liberty bell is just part of that including independent all and many other. American historical site. And we have a very special treat today. Eight park ranger who has been. Working here for one thing here is named Lenny he's gonna take us on a little score. Of be it liberty bell at home. Building. Grandest moments officially called liberty bell center it's. And so this is recently developed about twelve years old and the port was located across. That are here at independence hall that now it's here it's a great experience that I'm gonna turn the camera around and Larry is going to take him on it tired me. Those Larry for those doesn't haven't been in an American history class for a little bet I'm Molly walked toward liberty valance is down here. I'm give us a little bit of a primer. On it's Signet. And ask Charlie I want to start my second movement you don't is an extraordinary symbol and 103 very humble beginnings. Goat was especially. For one reason which was to hang above his state house from Pennsylvania who that we now call independent soul. What we want and we'll. Bell was they can bring it to some of the W it's very important meetings in the state house. Of Nelson's home to celebrate holidays. To who allegedly those were primary means of communications bonuses. Communicating to people buffalo about important news. I'm and it literally down towards the elderly. Lott. And some decent complaint here come the heat on Q and learn more about him. Pregame and then. You wanted to point out a few important thing. Go through here. Also she refused and when the bill was chance. Three symbolic. That this city park university and swept run around and the words were taken from intestinal. And the words are powerful message reads proclaim liberty. Throughout all the last six months and all the inhabitants thereof. Also some terrific overnight. So have evidence develops told them special day it was and a lot of work but who live in 70%. 71 and the misconception that you're not happy about liberty dollars and date anyone tell you. There was less July pain not support it. Gifts and good that was the day that bill announced. First of public green and Jefferson's declaration. Fine pencil. Yeah big event that it Pamela Martin welcome. Similar experience. Atlanta keep moving news and over wasn't mentioned tone nets only eleven years later. It's that gives them the same battle right from American. Stevens also bill. At some of the delegates to Arlington convention Burton convention ready apple OK we'll also told the delegates to the convention in seventeen innocent. It was Russell Martin in the US house. And he didn't you actually use the liberty bell has the hero yeah. Teen. More than your convention and a little bit of a half yeah. Seen the liberty bell and and its origin. Let's talk a little bit about the crash. You and I think that's one of the things in the liberty dollar down payment on our son and let. Few people off and remember what exactly happened at night. Yes. Bill. Puts it this is working bill flew over nine years. And we think that gradually over a period of many years metal began to show some imperfections. Really bad that might explain why the bill for a because more now from many years of hard work and and right. And most of don't realize it's for the belt cracked into different occasions. And would crack the first time he was able to fix viewing group of friends. I can provision. You see the flag. Was. About one as a strand of hair to grow this and you. We can't fix. Five. Emotions ran into the packed courtroom to visitor drew. I mean physically. Separated silence to be adjustments to use them friction violations listed here. Pulling out of breath and sit around here this and it's. And and the repair work to work through. October problem there were people who really. They've been worrying. After many hours and bring him. Unfortunately it cracked the acting. Only able to crack in an accident Pena won before extracting any. All right. And now I'm. Learn. And we can see all these people here. I mean even just standing in line outside I I heard people speaking so many different languages. Ten people. That he'd come from all over the country. And help keep welcome to visit here. Obviously you receive approximately about one point five my business here. Yes. And an increasing number of our business our as you mentioned. And there was something from a we have hoods and emphasize that way we have. Rolling. We're liberty. Which is featured in. Everything I. And now liberty on yeah. Become such an important symbol around the world in the house un. American values. An independent. And doesn't seem thing when it really comment that involved. Yes talk because she didn't depend yeah. The stories of fasting. The seat house from Pennsylvania. But in the 1836. It was growing up in arms on. And the American sleeper the American slave. And there was a group called the evolution. Previously. People and they've heard about fans know that ran for American freedom in Philadelphia. They came with the and when they sold the inscription on the ground. Proclaim liberty and vote on the plan but some of these happenings from Jerusalem Spooner did not know. Of the abolitionist movement they were poem entitled the Philadelphia. Liberty Ellis of the blessed us today. We have beautiful program new revolution style. People like Frederick Douglass once. Team sport. Well I didn't know that anything up Morris. So many different part. These stories here is and isn't beyond. A lot of parts humor and some time. And some items in the mountains and went on yeah. Yes the grants. Chop the moment I'm OK. Who's obviously owns over refusal. Yes it's an eighteen or 1980 sometimes 18100 feet into this. As necessary town that's an. A long time. The pump has been seen as a symbol. It's been a symbol on maintenance. To having much worse and coupons and for many years ever. We're also finding dame running freedom to vote. And he could not noticeable unless there Miroslav and they actually were some artists make a replica of mystical we've. Never saw as the morning and so. I'm Michael yeah. I'm losing the helmet yeah. Well yeah. I. Written notes won't Coleman people wrapped months Long Island (%expletive) is time there's a real honor to. Found innocent around and following news yeah. And what it looks like to walk ten. And at one point five million people not he's not here yeah. It is Russian clothes and smoke Russian compound were mountains it's pretty. Yeah. Along and ideally fun facts about about how much playing. Adding that you can tell it early look at that liberty bell weighs approximately. And even perhaps the hottest new event at that time hearing on gonna start seeing and it. And building behind all of that independent always used to resign. How is it an. Yeah well. In 1976. Those who house. Yes there's the bell and a flatbed car. League's drinks and mansion in little blow when Clark from home over to. The longest. And embolden those houses and life insurance and it's on some 2000. I think it was. In October 2004. And half onion begins have a candidate on national arts turned out in advance of his long. You wait any longer than it closes and Allen and I'm extremely popular. Living rooms. And that he's. And I imagine if there's only one million people visiting their monkey waving her arms million photos. Or availability of these. It wouldn't mean yes dogs and cats that are wrong. Copper converts in six. I'm NN yeah. Okay. Here is loads on the. In game. And a little. He didn't allow any. And I'm not. Yeah yeah. Yeah. It's to make you. Yeah. Okay entire theory and practice again they look. Yeah. Bonds says he'd be. Moves the names of some of them don't. Good thank you so much Larry for giving me. More. That's an opportunity think you're working you're acknowledging that aren't you tell us about that. I'm sitting here coming to Philadelphia. This is Greek. Rico for free. It's completely combined learn more about street. If you're not in Philadelphia and want to tell you about binder park isn't 100 anniversary. It's ideals of the National Park Service that there is. Its website my heart can't pump up and asked ten minute mark that you can find one close to you there's over 400 across the country most of them are free to visit. I'm so they're still likes to eat up all over the country and I hope that you. Don't make it out they had. There was ever get color right behind me I'm having pain in Philadelphia thank you so much for joining us uneven than he did well.

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