Onboard the First Commercial Flight to Cuba

ABC News' Jim Avila and Serena Marshall go inside the cockpit of the first commercial flight from the US to Cuba.
8:39 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Onboard the First Commercial Flight to Cuba
Once again reporting that it took that this Friday 37. Quite who. It harder to carry him I'm or onboard this plane and I think you up and show you but you can't really really good thing now. Are you doing could be energies yourself everybody Reagan earth. The average for a lead over. Your partner copy. I'm then you. He first played the viking. Everything you inside the cockpit of the very. Very briefly Cuba's. The captain had to step down yes. They let you guys look like I'm ready for the heat here yeah it that he. Fully ready for the even then there are no. Europe cannot a lot of time. Turner and might be. Compared to. Mom looks. And what is limping running. You great thing for offers dinner and I think we're really I spent getting ready. Expect a steady and smooth plains Friday don't know whether them. And renting music is like ten. Fifteen minutes thank you very wet and I heard that it's actually almost. Accidentally distance between Philadelphia and its. About the same sentiment and respect him very. Here is Ireland I ain't ready. We're left. Yeah. Edward are ready and here recheck every. We than elect listens is an idea actually yeah. Yeah. Unknown always eager got her on anything this lingering back great effort. Maybe in the future. It cruel and already thanks for having. American lake. Henry. Ready. And the entire crew is you guys are often clever vehicle Cuba and what that means even beyond this life. Wolf has made it is is that way though the floor and their personal side yesterday closer to bombing of friends in. He's got to be grateful few people believe that you as people Dalton now a bailout money gets to go to Cuba about that we'll. Those prizes reviews here opportunities can be a hazard and are you base your honor now we are all basically here. Yeah until it become your regular route. It could be we will have you don't know yet within them again I would you like getting. Yellow it is here because that we are spending just began this bandages bigger words are. Certain routes you know because they have fascination just good enough. We'll be brought it well enough around here I had a great thing. Murray here. Ambac. I want help fill all. Imagine what. O'clock ABC ABC CNN. I thought. Together. Other city. Five city. First thing. Some of the bigger you know where. It's. Hula. Any. That do you think it would go to go. You don't publicly that you have a brother again. But it doesn't get those were public sympathy if we could find but I don't but the head of well the buffalo group. Well being is looking up. He that there would be if you. Nobody could be filibustered it and I think the productive reporter problem like this movie business a look at I don't. What he does. He couldn't go to. A little fuzz is all but the did get a for those businesses that yet lucrative because the father grew up. Given field road. I'll leave it on again reportedly. By the end of that without a party that card you vote. We like to thank you thank you for Cubans Abu welcome aboard. We really are your children if you today in this historic right. Likely get out of here as quickly as possible so you have freedom corporation please once you have returned to find people who aren't we believe that the bureau. This will allow the passengers behind you you get there. Also we'd like to be able to accommodate everyone back today simply if you like this thing. You've heard of the father defeated front of you for smaller items such as heroes. I verses. You Kunduz where you're getting better and we look at how awkward it like being Martin. Good morning. Once again it. They have a the first line. I'm here we'll. It looks like any other way. Though as the morning continues. JetBlue. But first life.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"ABC News' Jim Avila and Serena Marshall go inside the cockpit of the first commercial flight from the US to Cuba.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41770072","title":"Onboard the First Commercial Flight to Cuba","url":"/Travel/video/onboard-commercial-flight-cuba-41770072"}