Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Investigation Looking at Train's Engineer and High Speed

ABC News' Karen Travers and Aaron Katersky report from Philadelphia on the investigation into what caused the deadly Amtrak derailment.
8:53 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Investigation Looking at Train's Engineer and High Speed
I look at this engine it looks to me like it rolled over when it came I believe. Who. This is a brand new arrangements and year old such a high technology train involved in a trail. Because it really wasn't about that. We do not know yet what all the conditions that's why NTSB is taking over there are investigations and tell us. Here engineers survived. That engine what is he told him. He has told me anything he has talked to some of our road Foreman and others. He has been questioned I'm not privy to what how does an engine like that ever get to a hundred miles an hour and a place at the highest rated seventy miles. Not to report and I think that NTSB will tell us. What caused that deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia officials focusing. On the high rated speed and the train's engineer his attorney telling ABC news he has no recollection of the crash and out of the wreckage another body today officials confirming an eighth victim was found. That discovery as repair crews start fixing damaged power lines and track along that route. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York following this story for us from Philadelphia's ABC's Karen Travers parent. Good evening Thailand a development today list Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter saying that all 243. Passengers on train one 88. Have been accounted for and that was something that officials were very concerned about a very significant rescue operation going on for the passport. I'm 36 hours to make sure that weren't anywhere they don't. Now the focus is of course on the train engineer friend inbox the end and his lawyer tells ABC news he's fully cooperating with the police but so far he hasn't spoken a federal investigators. Hussein and that is the top priority for them. And does this afternoon CEO of Amtrak told ABC news that when he heard how fast that train was going when it hit the curb. It was sickening. They just told from Tuesday night Amtrak derailment now stands at eight. The dogs hit on a couple of spots. And we waive the two. By. One of a passenger in the wreckage nearly fifty people remain in the hospital but this morning mayor Michael Nutter announced a major step in the recovery efforts. We believe that we have now accounted for. All 243. Individuals. I keep focus of the investigation is the train's speed as it came into this curve. Officials say train engineer branded by honesty and hit the emergency brakes reducing the speed from 1062102. Miles per hour. But it was too late. A system called positive train control can limited train speed it's used on some rail lines but not on this stretch in Philadelphia. Today Amtrak CEO said that will change. That will happen. On the northeast corner by the end of this year. Us teens attorney told ABC news the engineer fully cooperating with police but sustained a concussion in the accident he remembers. Coming into the curve. He remembers. Attempting to reduce speed bus his lawyer said he was not using his cell phone or using drugs or alcohol. Seven of the eight victims had been identified including Rachel Jacobs a text CEO and mother of a two year old. And doctor Derek Griffith an academic from New York. Anti and we actually just moments ago got the identity of the eighth fatality oh woman who 43 years old. From new York and in officials we've spoken to and doctors say that at this point the critically injured that are still in the hospital are expected to survive and officials are certainly hoping that that means. The death told rise tight. Bit of bright news first time today he sees Karen Travers thank you so much for following this story for us let's go now. To ABC's Aaron could too risky joining us from near that crash site hello Aaron to be set the scene for us there was happening right now. There are still a couple of the train cars still on scene they remove summer earlier today in big flat bids came in with deliveries of rail. So Amtrak could start repairing the lines they were left. Deformed and mangled by the sheer force of the derailment. 102. Miles per hour when the train derailed around a curve should have been taking in fifty miles an hour. And impacts are debating even if it had been going saved eighty miles an hour it could have made it would have been rough but it could have made it we now know it was going. And access and even. And Aaron where is the NTSB investigation stand right now we all heard about the excess speed how long. Do we know a while before we have. More information. Well it could be quite awhile before the NTSB makes any definitive conclusions but in a short while we're expected to learn time at the NTSB has studied more from ending the event recorders the black boxes aboard the train and they recovered and sent for analysis. They may be able to tell a swimming in the journey. Between thirtieth street station in Philadelphia and here at the crash scene. The train accelerated to its top speed of 106. Miles per hour that's when the operator finally slammed on the brakes at three seconds later this train derailed. And so it would be interesting to know at what point in eleven minutes that the train was on the track between thirtieth street here did it. Start to accelerate to that top speed. And then the NTSB is very quickly going to wind down its unseen presence and start to move into a more analytical phase and that will include in. Interview with the train operator his lawyer has told ABC news that he would cooperate he's already submitted a blood test and agreed to turn over his phone with the NTSB. There's still going to want to talk to him face to face and figure out why he may have been going so fast. We had an important update from the mayor today which is that they have accounted for everyone on that man is fast but of course that included some bad news could be a victim. Had been found what more do we know about that person if anything. Well we know that the eighth victim was found by cadaver dogs that were summoned to the scene early this morning by her rescuers who. Thought that they may have seen something and wanted to be sure the cadaver dogs. Got a hit and and recovery workers. Went through the grim task of pulling out some more human remains in and that. Discovery. Sound of the search and recovery effort. The mayor Michael Nutter used rather somber language in describing how grim this task is being especially for the initial responders the firefighters on scene. Who were who were just pulling out. Bodies and body parts from behind and become a complete mess hall. They cheered almost didn't happen was Wednesday's almost unrecognizable as a train car than the other trains. Luxury cars appeared to either topple ward still even the locomotive and the mayor said. It seemed to topple over a couple of times and so the scale of the destruction. As it is is simply as an impressive in imposing when you look at them. Clothes and now that the effort is complete attention to account for all of the passengers. And tipped to take evidence from that site. What next in terms of reopening this very important part of many travelers. If it will still take a couple of days visit the chairman of Amtrak told us today that it would be Monday perhaps for some limited service and then Tuesday. More full restoration of Amtrak service between here in new York and some of the commuter lines the regional lines are our cross honoring tickets and helping people but. This is what even the White House acknowledged as a lifeline for so many people in this part of the country and the deaths really reflect the cross section of Americans who rise. Sleaze heard about the businesswomen we've heard about a midshipman just done with a second year in a Naval Academy somebody who would be an Adam a memorial service for a college friend's mother. A a guy who worked for the City University of New York as an academic teams that someone. Who was remembered as a whole wonderful mother and all of these people were on this train. Doing who knows what nose in their phones are going to be here in the cafe car. Completely unaware that the train had accelerated beyond where it could be controlled around her. Sobering thought and ACC's Aaron features easy so much for updating us live from Philadelphia. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"ABC News' Karen Travers and Aaron Katersky report from Philadelphia on the investigation into what caused the deadly Amtrak derailment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"31053357","title":"Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Investigation Looking at Train's Engineer and High Speed","url":"/Travel/video/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-investigation-trains-engineer-high-speed-31053357"}