Can we socially distance on airplanes?

ABC News’ Gio Benitez on growing calls for the government to mandate safer skies during the pandemic.
3:14 | 05/14/20

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Transcript for Can we socially distance on airplanes?
We've seen the images planes appearing to be packed some passengers not even wearing masks that. Different airlines have different rules and is Geovany tens reports asked some are now calling for the government to step down. Passengers all over the country are sharing photos of flights they believe are too crowded during a pandemic the number of domestic flights down nearly 70%. But more people are beginning to fly. Now tonight calls for federal action on social distancing. Lol yeah it's working. Airlines have imposed their own policies but they're not all the same. American Airlines says it is blocking half of all middle seats united says it is trying to keep a seat open to slide every passenger but doesn't guarantee it. And delta says it is only booking half of first class and 60% of the main campus. But nick Kelly oh credible lobbying group that represents all major US airlines says capping seats is not sustainable. In the long term that's a business model that cannot be sustained. Because if we can't get a cost more to fly people from point a to point B. It'll totally money losing proposition which then means it's a job loss proposition. Now senator Richard Blumenthal says the government should step in do you think this is something that congress would take up yeah. The Department of Transportation fails to do his job congress can do it for them lives actors are ending. On protections against contaminated air. Against lack of opera art and and senator Ed Markey said there should be a standard across all carrier's. She'd absolutely be a standard guideline issued be ruled that all airlines out two cry. In terms spacing of the passengers. Should be no exceptions. Many in the aviation industry want federal guidance to. Sara Nelson heads up the largest flight attendants union. DOT need to take action here this really has directed wrong. Because. Safe teen cannot lit where the airlines hired right. Revenue. In addition to those social distancing measures all airlines have mandated face coverings be worn by passengers and crew. Use common sense the social just. Us. Have your masks and of course require. I'm your own. And let's bring in Jimmy Dean ten is now in GO what a passenger due let's say they get onto a plane and then they decide. This flight is too crowded. Dan we're hearing some of those stories Lindsay but every major airline tells us if you don't feel comfortable. You can go ahead and get off that plane they will change your flight for you if you're not feeling comfortable. Even if you've already boarded the plane and Lindsey also we've learned from united. That they're actually get a call passengers a day before a flight if they see it starts to fill up so they get a chance to go ahead. And change those plans. The united being especially proactive they're okay GO Benitez thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"ABC News’ Gio Benitez on growing calls for the government to mandate safer skies during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"70671391","title":"Can we socially distance on airplanes?","url":"/Travel/video/socially-distance-airplanes-70671391"}