Thanksgiving travel picks up in record-high season

Airports are getting crowded as people head out of town for holiday celebrations.
6:20 | 11/21/18

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Transcript for Thanksgiving travel picks up in record-high season
The skies are going to be very busy we have David Curley at Reagan international airport Megan Lopez at Denver international to let us know we can expect. At the airports David let's start things up with you you know this could be they're saying the busiest Thanksgiving ever so Howard the airports can handle that. They're doing pretty well right back then you're just gave you the best news it is. An American. Eagle plane landing here at Reagan national airport the big news as the weather and I gotta tell you. I talk to airlines this morning in over the past several days and I think they were worried about the most. Is not the fact that they might actually set a record. But that the weather's going to cooperate because of they have bad weather it's very difficult to handle these kind of record crowds. So the number of passengers just today. This number can it. Boggles the mind is nearly three million people in America we'll get on a plane today and law. That's a 6% increase from last year this is the second busiest day in this. Contact Thanksgiving. Travel time Sunday will be the biggest it's expected to be over three million passengers on Sunday so how they airlines deal with that one they have the weather. Going in their favor they've also added a 158000. Seats. And a lot of people say how do you add. Seats on something like this in the way they do it is that they they time their maintenance of their aircraft so that they avoid this. Heavy travel periods of the other get an enemy in early or if they can wait a couple of weeks or ten days after this and they take those planes. Through maintenance and so they have all those extra seats that they can actually fly. And they have to use bigger planes in some of these airports to move a bunch of people die and because. They have a certain number slots you can only take off and land so many times. At an airport here allowed a certain number the other thing that they Don is that they've gotten some help from the FAA in the military. Off the East Coast here is a lot of air space that is owned by the military Dave. Lifted those restrictions of the planes to make it more direct routes when they're flying around this areas which should help. Move folks around a little bit so that's good news and then I looked at the lines a TSA a little bit earlier this morning here at Reagan. And they were little longer than normal but TSA is at a 12100 officers and eighty canine units across the country. And they use those K nine issues units actually. Move passengers through did checkpoints. Quicker and they say they're available to move everybody through so the airlines feel pretty confident. Generally. Here at Reagan Y talk about a 6% nationwide increase its actually 30% more passengers here that's the bigger aircraft what other antivirus. Ian Lopez's there she's been watching what's going on. At that airport Megan what's the latest so far this morning. So far is actually going pretty smoothly and that's despite the fact that we're seeing. A lot more passengers Unser were expecting one point two million passengers to comes through DIA in this Thanksgiving week alone. Like you said we're gonna see Sunday be the worst but Saturday is going to be breaking records. Something that I can tell you guys both is that we have seen as airport breaking record after record in recent years. But guess what we were just voted the number one airport in the nation by a Wall Street Journal poll. Now out here at the lines are not too bad right now but they are expected to get worse. In just about an hour's time we're actually expecting to see in the worse than it could possibly be. For the Harry expecting it Cindy. But so far passengers that I talked to said that they don't think that it's going to be that I'm mad now a couple of bats and the chaos of all the travelers that we got right now. With construction. DI a right now is undergoing a 650. Million dollar construction projects this entire area is going to be completely redone and those security lines are not going to be there the going to be here where I'm standing so. People have ten or navigate around all the construction chaos in the fact that they're so many travelers here guys. Few barriers it sounds like you know but it does it does not doesn't like these airports are handling this. Pretty well David the one thing you didn't mention is getting bumped does this all these travelers being in the environment. Increase that chance at all. Well you know this is the one time that airlines really don't want to bump here they don't want to pay you to get off the plane. Everybody wants to get home for the holidays you don't have a lot of flexibility. So what usually happens at the airlines have overbooked flights and that's why some people. Get bumped the case during a period like this they don't over book because they don't want to have to tell somebody. There's somebody want to take. Money to get off a plane so there shouldn't be much bumping going on at this point and we flights moving and and and leaving and arriving on time. Because of the weather they really shouldn't be a problem with that this number. I love the figures cross of George David Curley and Megan Lopez and we appreciate it guys thank you hope you get your holiday destination safely and quickly. And now let's head over to KABC's chopper reporter Scott rice who is keeping an eye on the roads Flores has of course. It's not just the sky as it and are going to be busy if you're driving expect a lot of company. Scott what are you seeing and what you think we can expect. Hey good morning folks I'm Scott reif a KB CTV and Los Angeles simpler right off the bat this morning. We have started out looking at heavy traffic much heavier than normal people look at the channel Monica freeway and the westbound can't commit city. They could tell you leave an ally look at the westbound side it's bumper to bumper camp up already at this early hour. It's rather that wanted to freely about it's not due back. But that's the pattern that we are seeing hear him make that arrival of the getaway commutes in the drive toward the airport. LA actually just sorting out to be top. They expect Q&A half million people to go through LEX over the holiday and they expect some four million people to get the roadways over the holiday according to triple play. That's going to be dreadful on a freeway here. And then not only that we are expecting some possible waited to command right about the time we get our heaviest volume for the getaway driver. Around 2 o'clock this afternoon but certainly a lot of things complicating. The community at this hour it's going to be a prevalent throughout the country that everybody realizes this is one of the heaviest traveled. Games of the year that you do have to prepare for it humorous side be patient.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Airports are getting crowded as people head out of town for holiday celebrations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"59343976","title":"Thanksgiving travel picks up in record-high season","url":"/Travel/video/thanksgiving-travel-picks-record-high-season-59343976"}