Tour a Boeing 747 at the Delta Flight Museum

ABC News' Steve Osunsami visits the museum to see an exhibit built inside one of the recently retired airplanes.
15:24 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Tour a Boeing 747 at the Delta Flight Museum
I'm Steve Lewis is on it we are live in Atlanta Georgia that delta flight museum. What you're looking at is a 747. What did you mark to come on and join us up here when 747. Delta hasn't Bolton. From the airport. But to this museum. To show you what it looks like on the inside you can. Just seeing how massive this Vegas. The reason we're here is because this plane this iconic plane. It's going out of service no airline and the world will be flying this by the end of this year delta is actually retiring there sometime in the fall or winter. Just give your idea how big this isn't what's gonna look like inside me this is just one of the engine speed gigantic. But there opening this up for people to see him come and see how how this plane works and it's the first time we've ever gotten a look. At the inside of one of these things this particular plane played its last flight I think was from Hawaii to Atlanta but let's go upstairs. And and take a look there are a number of people inside. They open this today. And they if you could seek built the stairs. Around the plane. And only get inside. We're gonna meet one of the people from the delta museum near the delta flight museum. There's gonna show us around. My mark. Thank you folks. Hello. Could see you could see you can see what's gone and right we're going to be sent. Our attempt. Tips of the delta flight museum good to see assert and he's gonna show us around a little bit and tell us a little bit about the plane but. What what what's happened here what if you would have you guys done. Here well let me play. It was actually additional first class that no one. We wanted to picture to show off the company's C that we move their seats in the here. It really if we can look at these idols. One of the innovations of the 747. Originally was the double while the wide audience very nervous lay out his comment for restless and dance in the 1960s. It's would have been. Completely accurate this would it completely original double double I'll vote double miles. So. Tell me about the front here we're gonna see them. The first class this first class is unique you're telling GAAP. This. There isn't all of deviation from this isn't news cap down and you can see how. What the right where I'm standing right here we're probably where the cockpit so that means all the seats in front of us. Are in front. The from the cap competent front. Hot. Very very unique space and this will be one of the things that where the 740 sevens are completely retired the moment you ultimately get Betsey Wright. The play it's funny I always felt weird. Sort of sitting in one of these seats is it just didn't feel right yeah bat today that close and and a not. The cabin right in front of you just felt a little awkward Robertson's exact we've had a few people come in here come up to than those the year ago hey where's the cop. I have to go that's days. Let's go take a look upstairs and see that area. So this is all this pretty much looks the same as it all what you know that the the upstairs level in terms of the way that seat circuit but. Right I think that's correct my one thing that people might not be familiar with 400. We are happy spiral staircase that. Ridiculous them or if but this case we have the story staircase and I was put him or. More prison space. In this window here is yes it was not there before right part of our evasiveness with the Alley toward the upper deck. And we use we figured it out so that people can see down onions you lower deck wearing an act that cap. Just a few minutes but that's where there. Ruthie. Planes but together. Leslie. We're monitoring committee elicit the look at the cockpit. In this specific playing this would this one came from Hawaii that its last flight right back for a yet why. Why but simply. For delta flies. Twenty staff at Shanghai saw. Read it to hand now a little bit about before we jump into the cockpit about this upper deck when. Boeing designed the original 747. There is a practical reason to put the cockpit up here they they might they were gonna convert some of these cargo quiet until they needed the cockpit of that it has. Load the main capital targets but this with a growing space for they made into a lives. And when the airlines started get a hold of these planes actually said and we don't it has allowed we've lost seasons. Hear more rapidly. So it's always been seed really since the second version. It's funny when you see these things sort of. Emptied out. Amazing stuff I want to make sure to check out the progress that's my hope you have. It is would have been for the pilot. Who. Some types bet it is in fact of 400 want to innovation on the work under. What if the two two pilot is not I don't. Change the regulation could no longer needed the flight engineer. Fifty pilots' strike that cut him. Obviously in some receipts well so now this international flights they're taken for so it's warm in here is it always this woman we actually just had. We're saddened pilot on hear anything yet that there always this hot warm and try to lung damage they always think pretty. Why is that just because of the Saunders that you can and also all the digital instruments that are telling him he had a special we have a special ops and going artistic audience. It is warm space that phone is that still being used to see that phone right there this vote if not operational might believe that we. These values. Degrees some of the throughout cabins and we can make PA. Okay Drury when people are here yeah and so why why are these planes being retired what's happening in the industry. Well four hundreds are they're all approaching about thirty point 845 years old it really form their cycles prisoners cycles. The reason why no more more hundred no more were sent in to really be one if they weren't. It's a fuel efficiency since nine. Not as efficient as many. New York Jets that are coming out to him since you know in this file papers came out for engines. To lift its kind of way. Really. It was really if he has the wife had and we are able. Engineers were able to engineer my body was human and just made a lot. Tell me about like this plane in and I was talking about this before I saw you few seconds ago. Is iconic that the citizens it's part of life how to explain to people who are watching and tuning in right now why this is such a big. Well let this play came out it was. Almost two and a half times bigger than any other place. That without health I mean had a very unique silhouette that help. That was easily recognize you know if you don't know playing tonight and he'll tell the difference between a 57 resentments in the success but displaying new. There is also the way it was marketed by airlines and with the new. He's got a new form of luxury back in the sixties a return to those days of the look serious flights in the worries in the DC threes this was kind of seen as a return. I'm also reflect on it because a lot of times when there's a movie about a play. If that is that is or does it mean images of others you know there's 1970s. Airport movies reasons of course whenever Air Force One as in the movie it's 747 as well I think that brings it night comics art. Let's move out let's take a look down here. On the way out no I want mark to show no. This is we're the pilots. Get a rest. On some of these flights. It's very very tight quarters yes yes yes yes that's very hot and there. But. Yeah I think people when they think of iconic movie planes. This is this is pretty much. Longest life any. Yeah yeah. There's. No where is not. Yup yup so now we're about to head out into. Certain of like the part that kind of surprises it was this seriously that's right oh earlier this nonprofit we decided we were gonna take. We're back. The and old. It is really show off that way and what's amazing what would make it for a good looking plane looked beyond this yeah. It obviously been through major Jack. Insurgency installations editors please. Helped work that obviously has been done and smoky day. Don't see changes three record oil supplies what are these markets you can show these lobbies wires up here fifty people are those cables. These cables on the flight control cables work like this cables run from the cockpit underneath the flight back. And win. Well all the way back to the rudder and obviously the cables controlled flight services yet and amp QB you pilots and ability to route the route the plane. And call it. And there are these these what are pretty slick water hoses or will Wear those readers for like you know the red roses yup. I would hurt that's part of the air conditioning. That goes for the Gaspar is about your seats OK from an event turned out yeah that's that's how the air is coming out today are actually many many more. But Reid reads it was a insulation let's look up again. Was there insulation between it was all that filled with insulation and is that Didier error you know better than it was this would bet this is pretty much that area had faith impacted in the sand in the bath. That would certainly through the was less than expected and we go back to. Now it's too but. He. Receive got a little video here you can author of the ultimately the on cable there but the electrical wires 171 miles. Skeptical wired line. The objective thing altered. So it's like what 30000. Square feet cubic feet is that we rent. Thirtieth. In and a very very gathered sounds that's not a bad and I know it's a hundred feet long just back here yeah 400 by point eight and it is about. So we got to cut out Siskel and I see underneath the play this from Baghdad area but this is where you know we active. Round especially the late comers your comment the other thing that's. That's that this kind of shows as one of the innovations of the 747. Originally instilled in the 400 was that you could fly to make money not just from passengers but from flying market. And if you had just as much space below the jackpot cargoes. And how many miles this plane this particular point one that we estimate is plain clothes over 61 million. Like 200 that took them. Wop bop that's what I four point nine million people that flow on this August on the spot this one play at this point just this one yet Erica. Amazing amazing. Well thank you so much we are going to go outside to any it was a dollars a day in and out. Yes it would you rate your excellent thanks and we thank you this beautiful it's great to see come back all right we will thanks to him. And so now we're gonna go outside to the the spot that gets the most attention. It. The Lou. How aria. Brian what do you think if you rate you know. The world. Here we go. And so now we're actually stepping on. To the weight. Take a look there is right there. They built this sort of platform out on the way. Seemed to come out and see how big this darn thing this. One thing we didn't really talk about is how long it took to get this thing here how are you what you think it means bell. Or to save. Work on the ramps on Milken and and down below you see the world expects. It was. So so Iowa described as someone who doesn't understand you know doesn't appreciate it plain how big a deal that's it. You never see anything like this anywhere you're never gonna see a plane fully exposed but if you wanna see how plain words this is what. Yeah see this could see over air hoses come on. We'll cables. It just amazes me that it is able to lift up and fly zone he's when you think about it. And how in the world does this get up since the engineering yeah and and fly across the world. You know it's just amazing puts an end Chris Chris an ice leads you to thank you get. So as Chris said. You know it's kind of really interesting just to see the guts of this thing how it works well but as I said we are on the waiting. They put an entrance near the wing here seem to come out and see what that feels like and it's a massive wing. Take a look. One thing we did talk about too much but enough to get video of this is what it took to get this plane. They had to you can see the airport is in that direction. I'm Marcus pointed their right now the airports over there they had they had to get that plane into bloodshed. From the airport runway and one way. Across public streets. And then into this parking want to get this plane here was a massive massive undertaking. I'm told they had to take down. Streaks lights and stop lights to get the plane. Into this spot it was it was a tough tough tough thing for them to do. But at the same time you concede. To sort of what the results were it's really it's really quite something. So. Again we are live at the delta flight museum this is the 747. And one of the last that we'll ever see because that plane is going to be retired by the end of the year. And I'm Steve isn't Sami reporting from Atlanta.

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