Tour the Philadelphia Magic Gardens

ABC News' Charli James visits the art installation that's drawing crowds in Philly.
18:22 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Tour the Philadelphia Magic Gardens
Hey good morning everyone Charlie James here in Philadelphia but we've got something completely non DNC related for you today. This super cool artwork that you're seeing behind me this is at the Philadelphia magic art. And it's one of the most interesting and eclectic places I've ever seen in the world. And we have the executive director. Of the magic are written and only meant here and she is going to give us the tore. Tell us a little more about how. This amazing place came to be so I'm gonna turn the camera and you can. And take the lead and I get the first question is. Just. Who is the person behind the some eight. All the work one man in his news and music are he 77 years old still and still wandering around Macon are. All this time here is about two blocks away so maybe and hopefully we don't you never know Arnold I. Three. Fourteen years to get this you know into the public. And started it in 1990 more he actually squatted on the lives with an abandoned lot and basically. Played it is slowly back to work on it and involved over ten years. Me form as a non profit in 2004 to save the space. The landowner found out on him so happy about it. So loved basically users take donations to community really rallied and replace its space we opened in 2008. In the it's becoming the most popular attractions you the most unique ones especially with the rise of NC grounds until. Zoom and a little bit over here we cannot there be here just so people conceived it T tail everything I think it's hard to tell you looking from far away. How many pieces Armey anonymity hundreds of and millions. Chileans. Three weeks I guess that KeySpan and in its infinite in Vienna. And impossible. We were joking earlier that all these bottles is aces that he drank the wine or. Answer. And any parent. It couldn't keep up and but he and I think that really interesting pieces are people donate different pieces. Hill but in the it's kind of art that he finds more collects other artists and then. And you'll see lots of there's lots of aids as he makes himself. So is actually anti to Elise at least delirious and precedents that way. And Ang Lee's it and help make these beautiful unique sort of sniffling and this is a little stamp of finish. Them. In my eyes the pretty normal objects kitchen titles all our. Tiles. Are on New Year's message. The east here. And citizens. Living. Piece of art as well frank still working on yeah I mean we Weaver and on the timing happy and modified things. For example steer clear and offer our visitors it wheelchairs strollers. And so recent I think it might rant and he's. It's exciting us. It lives they were also changing things we'll embellish things more we'll take things sound Aaron. In new element or new hires work or her different titles. Is really clintons and it's actually not. Space that sort of stagnant now. Pulitzer locking. For. Keep well. It's hard to tell us now when everything covered but this used to be a house are. Yeah isn't it well it was the foundation. Two houses actually what it was really completely fall Johns. Lots where are excellent drugs year more. On the homeless. People in the community reliving here so it's not let it happens it's. And basically a day. Was gardening. I knew the neighbor and he. Then slowly site cleanup the space. And here and basically. To certain that town. Did the entire top level hear me he. You can because down into the ground this. And that he's different things. Petr. Any plan he needs three more. Yes. Was deciding. It's hard to tell from the outside monitors your eyes your I was kind of peeking through the man. It's hard to tell all of his back here. And I. Cool days you kind of event here I'll ask this is actually. Injury that Mary here means that things. This is a huge chandelier. Fast. Harness this evening luminaries. But it is cards and hard volley by a scam artists. And basically a day Mason Bryant left it with them and then at 66 months later look at this big package and it's. It is amazing. So people get married here on time rent out space for parties. And it moves me please let us. Engagement she and it's. The proposals. And and so let's talk and Marva Isiah story and Howell what was the inspiration behind starting this kind of ours. Where did. Would be great what's his background thing. Need to be yeah he's trained artists actually went Pratt Institute in new York and it. Always has been working all sorts of different mediums. In 1960. And nervous breakdown and she was in the hospital and the doctor says. Just keep working just put one thing that's the other and that literally is certain to deuce eight train himself how to mosaic. And he started in his house literally just one tile next the other one. And they finish that and when's the next room and then went into the wall outside the neighbor's house down history. And he has hundreds and hundreds of mistakes in Philadelphia accounts around the world and it's not just here not here yeah others thanks Alan mountain. Art. Me. On a zoom in also on some more of these pieces. And if there's anything that you want to point out is. Inspired. This is really pretty interesting and there's lots of tiles answer references it is throughout the space but this time in particular you see his little planes and was working in a tile factory right after 9/11 you can actually soreness in his exhibits is 9/11 where it's at that day. And he was profoundly I mean we all Wear affected by. Nine elevenths others. There is sort of this tragedy he was working through his art and sound. Any references written airplanes. Or to that date you'll see them through the State's goods it was his way of really sort of trying to cope with what was happening around him. And there's other things. That would agree. Here that's by another artist from Edward James has another outsider artists who made a similar environments and Mexico. And he uses I build this sanctuary to be happening are my ideas and my fantasy. And I really is sort. And concise way to do at this stage that this is really I think it's brain. It's an entire areas opened up for us to come and explore a little wacky. Hula humor. It's very personal. I'm. This is really his dream space. New York. Yeah it feels like you're getting an insight to the inside of his mind let him. For better or. And how unsolved is he it. Wednesday gallery wealthiest person does that prints others good nonprofit that I manage and then Isiah is here pretty much every day really mean we've worked together we talk to him silenced on the street Jack and he works in his own studio that's in south Philly it's about three times the size of this looks like this times three -- It's not a into the public. Right next summer but we're definitely they collaborators with Lisa and apparently other. And I'm sort of business I think they get everything done and make sure that we open every day and I this the dreamers you know he's the one and eggs are. And a Philip continue to walk through here just I mean this is my favorite part actually is is the core doors I'm because you feel really surrounded by everything. Business. Cases really immersive feel and I am what I wouldn't reactions he bonds come here is usually seen. Job dropped beings like overwhelms. Exasperation. A lot of people like commodities this happened with me because you do it as. Those statements coming like I don't know I don't I like. Lately you know you're still welcome here and grow and yeah this is great place in glass and here yes this is. This technique from another outsider artists and actually hours literally and can do this just takes glass you can homers flew on to it. And it didn't get that stained yeah. They're really simple technique that he we musings and just right after the latest review all stars in this sport art and its clients. When I come here in the morning all the birds are just playing him. The most peaceful means it's. That was it always kinda become. Gallery place where people can come because I'm sure when he first made it he wasn't envisioning this is like a tourist drowned out not at all he doesn't work sometimes it's like. Kimberly as you still hear every. Is it sounded. And ELE explains that this was never necessarily meant to dean over into the public access. Happen that way people wanted to come and me and it started. First it was just donate money you let people and and we got a staff. And originally we just took you know addition of the front door and you can walk in with anyone into the educational programming wanted to have different kinds of events. We do community athletes now we do hands on activities. Fancier and happy hour gusts that was the reason I say it's vision and he is. Sort of desire to be part of the community and have this unique amazing stays that people can share. Together and consider it let's run that. And now he's the only hard. Here there's also another artist better homes are featured in a statement the and he loves to collaborate with other artists. Especially evil and ignorant. Cards. Chris you can see if so he's. He's a man here. Paul Barnes of many famous and then Lexus and give them out and share. You see doesn't eat for the most part really does work along but he always has certainly been assisting coming drill or other peaceful. Your comment and he needs help a leader Harry come on Charlie. He's hoping perhaps so any unease here could eventually be a part avenue right. At it you look at your only. Look at how that I wouldn't realize hotline. It's like he's and infamous. I didn't happen this way little season. Yeah thank you. Can I know. Can't physically be at the again though what went in the basement path. Young legs urges. It's still very hot here and making yet attempt the sun here is Mary. Sun here is making this. Particularly beautiful. I think. It's. Angle. The work. Exits. And right thing. Yeah I. He definitely grew out of this in yes. Yeah he could. Tell us. Doesn't work in other cities or other countries as glad he's he's projects all over America and Andy. Dozens of Pennsylvania. Most of his work is in Philadelphia but. He's got he's. The next. Okay. Upper keys demons we've never got to come here you might have had some Dell again. And then by your time and I don't know well I don't know how I'll let you send earlier that the the people who visit tend to Stuart Little younger and could. Actually because of our visitors it's. There's immediately we get it. Replacing its teachers and support different. Candidates where he. Picture we pretty much finger. In the past and but we don't really in Maine is he wrong. Some wanted the space. I did I accidentally fired. Here it is and that's. Come liberty bell and he. And and so unlike the details are people who want konduz and when he oh then allegedly caught yeah wearing -- been where critics of the season and we are now 1111. To six every day. It is ten dollars for adults come and we have discounts for students and seniors that are. Military. Discounts popular in the continent patent share space we do get pretty busy so there's optical line that goes around the block. Sorry encouraging for the right to his clients can do now he's getting the line. And camera in. It's really pretty see it really her really well then we're really excited. Loyal fantastic staff that comes in everyday want the top people re really encouraging her acting wish. Each other where I sit here ops and the other day he was crying everybody in the car and visitors and it is. They'll sit aren't over a beer and it just didn't talk to people sometimes it's really very casual and easy going here really open up means. I silent thanks so much for the tour and then again people. One last little look around look for we go here day. And and it's hard to. Take it's hard to show on tape. All of the detail here. And all these pieces much. Spend. Decades. Well him collect staying and working. Could be interesting to see it time lapse. Ten all the work that he's been incidents. Here. So annaly settle lot more than just the liberty bell here in Philadelphia and businesses. Truly want to eat us unique places that I've ever been. Make sure that you out this. That Philadelphia's magic gardens to you're list of places to go on your next trip. And thanks so much normally our giving us this little inside look so there's a lot more. And it got more than politics going on here in Philadelphia right now. And but we've got you covered on Matt to tonight is the big last night of the DNC. And ABC news. Has you covered all across. A FaceBook and website and the networks. Be sure to tune in tonight. Tonight's the night that Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination mrs. This is the home stretch I'm Charlie James here in Philadelphia thanks so much for watching on a digital and think back.

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