Tracking This Season's First Major Snowstorm Through the Midwest

ABC News' Phillip Mena reports from Sioux Falls, SD.
4:09 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for Tracking This Season's First Major Snowstorm Through the Midwest
What they'll base voters I am Philip men here and Sioux Falls, South Dakota this is the first snowstorm. All of this season it has been a blowing pretty hard here since about 4 AM they're expecting up to ten inches of snow. Are made it still coming down from the moment and think you know little bit of public tours of system falls. They've heard. They off the roads schools are closed because it is just so dangerous outside. The the visibility here it's bad the only people that should be out when he was running to the road we just the snow blower merely get out of the way I see him. We try to make a path. Though it. Working hard today. Be a deadly storm from Denver all the way to the midwest. We are seeing are these blizzard warnings and it and again it's so important to stay off the roads in situations like this because it is so slippery. You've been driving through the GMA live shot in the morning him in the and a big SUV in the thing starts. Starts to move against pretty scary and we're only going to the few miles an hour so you can imagine when her. Wind the and every few minutes it'll pick up like that and we'll just be almost impossible to C I'm only facing his direction because of its turn this threat. It is almost impossible good evening my eyes. The wind is so bad and that's what makes it so difficult here is the wind and snow so people can handle but. The wind is what makes it so hard to see and it fit that was more dangerous. Again you could be driving into windshield wipers are going and it's everything's fine all of a sudden you get that huge gust. And you can't see anything please we haven't seen too many people grow think we hear the few people there are still having to go to work. I'd imagine for the receiver to turnaround is going to be an idea of what it looks like some downtown. Sioux Falls. Well Britain. Earlier this morning on Jim and we were. At the Department of Transportation. From his background. Earlier this morning I'm Jim hey we're at the Department of Transportation where they had huge. Stockpiles. Are hard rock salt they were using it about. Today that hoped to keep those roads safer. And they've been doing that we've been seeing salt trucks. In an hour all of all they long for those who again had to be on the road even though. They were told not to me turn this around and you can check out. This is. The big Sioux river in Sioux Falls. A dentist a dangerous storm. And it the first of the year. He's back. Now for you guys. I've been difficult to talk with the wind blowing it. In my face. Look both strongly. So. This this storm here it is it has been it was finally coming. It had been and usually warm in this part of the country a better facts involved in the sixty. Just as of two days ago and here we are today it is thirty degrees right now and you can see the wind. And the snow it really is blizzard conditions here. We're gonna have. A much more for you on this and all of the the conditions as well as where the storm is headed headed east and its gonna continue to cause problems. In the northeast through the weekend book right now this is kind of the heart of it. The first snowstorm of the season will again stay safe out there period in this part of the country. And we then are we gonna go ahead and have a full report for you coming up a little later tonight on world news tonight and Austin event.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"ABC News' Phillip Mena reports from Sioux Falls, SD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"43640947","title":"Tracking This Season's First Major Snowstorm Through the Midwest","url":"/Travel/video/tracking-seasons-major-snowstorm-midwest-43640947"}