10-Year-Old Boy Found Drunk, Naked

Neighbor describes finding the child wandering alone in the streets; caretaker arrested.
1:26 | 02/16/13

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Transcript for 10-Year-Old Boy Found Drunk, Naked
He can even -- and he was just. You know. Me -- A major -- is a mom and I'm like Alan coming -- and we got some my son's clothes and last night at ten year old neighbor really needed her -- skills won't come across him. You know going up and down -- complaining -- knowing you learn stock nothing. Two neighbors walking their dog came across the ten year old wandering this spring -- neighborhood without a stitch of clothing. It is -- no child should ever experience. He was so intoxicated that heating realized he had no close. The boy's caretaker nature -- was intoxicated to according to Hernando county sheriff's office and passed out in your home across the street with a friend. Don't -- enough that. He caregiver provided background. And -- deputies arrived they say they found a half empty bottle of Christian Brothers -- sitting on her counter and took the fourth -- to the hospital. And then went and did blood alcohol. Which -- not -- -- 108 which an adult would be considered impaired. Driving at point 08. Amid -- Roche is still shaken up from last night most moms would be -- -- -- your child is missing. And it's -- trunk and missing wandering down a dark road in the cold. I just I don't understand.

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{"id":18520138,"title":"10-Year-Old Boy Found Drunk, Naked","duration":"1:26","description":"Neighbor describes finding the child wandering alone in the streets; caretaker arrested.","url":"/US/video/10-year-boy-found-drunk-naked-18520138","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}