100+ Women on Pilgrimage to Greet Pope Francis

ABC News' Mariam Khan greets more than 100 women walking 100 miles to see Pope Francis in Washington, D.C.
4:59 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for 100+ Women on Pilgrimage to Greet Pope Francis
Why am 800 miles on block it. Three million public outlet free yeah iron and art I can't. It's very good and my body alert. But it's really nothing compared to how Mike and I agree I'm in this country and around the world. And within hailing the biggest our youngest pocket for your goal that means taking turns pushing her stroller. And have many grandmother got on this Cheney and and there are severe it thinner real example for all of us. And and you know it's been really moving perhaps have been that acts of generosity. That evening along the way I'm here. It's people waving flags from their porches who have brought us flowers that brought him. Good water. It's it it it's been really moving perhaps as seen in and small rural town in urban it means that kind of support that we've gotten along the way. What's next for your group wouldn't look. Well we'll be sending cards and eat tonight in Washington deep deep but you know back. I'm continue to stand expert for might bring dignity outlook now. We become from all quarters of them not of the world where run. Central and South America and Asia and Africa. And be living communities across the nation all this country are mom. And we'll be taking our message and eat and love and compassion toward migrant. Come with and continued. Pope that. That up our act that's packed her eyes and hope rent is. Where it well we'll hop inspired. People to be more compassionate towards I think. Making so much spare time on your journey and you have not been mild left let's leave it certainly. At 100 mile. Then an annex packed. Yet no headaches. CN media. Yeah okay. Yeah okay. Yeah. We have been we have here on. Scary yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Here yeah. Yeah. Unannounced coming out with his. Well I am not finally their journey. On the 100 miles. On everything right now it's. I'm hearing eating granola. Energy and strength. I don't know Condit and an honor their owners locked the women parenting grief I'm. Lever to mend our. In its. Third has. I didn't need me how a woman earlier and Georgia. Traveled here I'm not. Many of her friend here in court this group. We're talking. 100 mind it's often read the wearing of immigration reform you really want him President Obama take notice of that group. And hopefully you know and reform from congress plan appropriately. And addressed them on the night. And there are seizing numbers mean. Hunting. Really didn't victory here we are hearing on. The women have very resilient. And they have a lot of pride in what Eric. Lots and even live and learn nothing chance and around here. A lot of media your degree found its. Here women. Leave me. Larry it's. He veered. A lot of pride in their. I think you've heard telling me on this journey game. You wouldn't have 33800. Miles ago I think it's coming out. I'm hands free.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"ABC News' Mariam Khan greets more than 100 women walking 100 miles to see Pope Francis in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33957341","title":"100+ Women on Pilgrimage to Greet Pope Francis","url":"/US/video/100-women-pilgrimage-greet-pope-francis-33957341"}