11 children rescued from filthy compound

Police swarmed a filthy compound in New Mexico and rescued 11 children after an armed standoff with one of two men who are under arrest.
1:51 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for 11 children rescued from filthy compound
Just a few miles from here tell us sheriff's deputies say they rescued eleven children. From a makeshift compound and that investigation reaches as far as George. House sheriff's deputies got a missing child bulletin in many other agencies across the country got the same want. It was specific to step that are. Information they might have been traveling to northern New Mexico. They learned about a compound being built in Christiane Matta. So much completely off the green this and right just. Literally we. Mile or so from taos county Colorado border. The initial investigation didn't turn out much. We just gonna continue. Trying to learn what would that about it and at some point in there we kind of believe that this might have a nexus two missing child in Georgia. Surveillance continued on that compound and two adults were identify their rise were hot. And Lucas Morton. We were in Clinton. Get a search warrant for the properties to search for which oh the father and the welfare of the you know some proper. Eleven children ages ranging from one to fifteen were found inside a horrible conditions the sheriff's describe the kids at looking like starving refugees people passing through worst price to hear this. This people must be really expected to something like that this can't see it scares me I am. Because it you know the safety of my own children who are teenagers you know you never know. What can happen at any given point. One hot and Morton were arrested in four women also found there were questioned and released. All eleven children are now in CY FT custody and the investigation is still on go in Christina Shelly Liggett KOAT action 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Police swarmed a filthy compound in New Mexico and rescued 11 children after an armed standoff with one of two men who are under arrest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57044706","title":"11 children rescued from filthy compound","url":"/US/video/11-children-rescued-filthy-compound-57044706"}