2019 Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship

Joey Chestnut beats his own record and wins for the second year in a row.
3:11 | 10/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2019 Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship
I book art you're watching ABC news lives were at the famous Santa Monica Pier for the second annual Pacific park world taco eating championship that means. Eddie Blodgett met in women are going to be on this stage and they're going to be chowing down on these car need to stock goes. Now the famous Joey chestnut can it be here just that actually set the world record Lester eating 62 of these tacos. Just eight minutes per SE if you can do it again or even beat that record coming up. So how hungry are you right now on hunger more him Deborah declaring that I had. Doesn't take much to get rolled eating champion Joey chestnut smell this elevate especially on national talk code date when chestnut and seven others have signed up to gorge plates of Carty just talk goes. All hoping to be named world chant god. No contest on the horizon I love not as if you're gonna pull a number on how many targets evening news needs to resolve a little bit ago and do Fayetteville village fasten their little boy believes there is like I would be surprised at midnight. It is not just a physical. Thing to witness you're witnessing the man whose will and purpose in life. He's being expressed its highest point of his. His action it is like nothing else that you could have a say they're really not well being. Oh. Joy just that the new world record with sixty court not because it is not the Ben is flat. This week. Yeah. Just 882 tacos in eight minutes what are you gonna do right. Coming up partly as a great that it talk national Doggett and I'm going to talk is now so it's dear god don't maybe now beards Argo and happened this just relax. This fast and loyalty talkers looks so good we had to do it on the action leading to end well. Won't hurt that we'd really like to admit it's not exactly home greeted now for the title. Yeah. Billions Delhi's city are back in the day Taylor Hicks was a great singer but Joey chestnut was about reportedly. Human talent roared for eating eighties here talking within eight minutes eight back check for 2500. Dollars. Joey chestnut says and you'll be back here next year to defend his title to try to break the world record one more time. I'm will card you're watching ABC news line.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Joey Chestnut beats his own record and wins for the second year in a row.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66075888","title":"2019 Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship","url":"/US/video/2019-pacific-park-world-taco-eating-championship-66075888"}