34 people missing after boat catches fire

Ventura County officials "fear numerous fatalities" as rescue operations are underway for boat on fire near Santa Cruz Island, California, Monday morning.
4:09 | 09/02/19

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Transcript for 34 people missing after boat catches fire
This is an ABC news special report. Tom it's. Good afternoon we are following some breaking news at a Southern California what could potentially be. A devastating situation 34 people are now missing off Santa Cruz island off the coast of Southern California they run a dive excursion. When a fire engulf the boat they were on a 75 foot boat called the conception you see it right there. From what we understand the people missing were sleeping underneath. The hall five crew members were able to get off. But as of right now in Kos car has been out there since 3:30 this morning. They have not accounted for 34 people who were onboard that vessel. Will Clark's fault when all the breaking developments right now from Ventura in Southern California will news conference just wrapped up at the Coast Guard and the news was grim. That's right Tom this is a desperate situation right now the Coast Guard is on the waters of the Pacific about thirty miles from where we are right now. Searching for those stories for people who were still missing we know that that mayday call came in up around 3:30 this morning any. Another ship that was in the area actually swept in it was able to help those five crew members who jumped off but we've seen the images of the fire that have been passed along from a authorities and you could see that ship was a ball of fire hot in the ocean there we know that it not happened about twenty yards off the shores of the hope is right now that some of the people who were on board were unaccounted for. Could have swam to shore right now and are waiting. To be rescued so again at five of these crew members we know our war I'll rescued and able to make it 34 people still unaccounted for. We're convinced her at the Coast Guard station here this is where they're coming in and out for their search and has been a heartbreaking situations so far this morning. We've seen several family members walk up to this station with tears in their eyes are desperate to get answers they don't know. If their family members are alive or dead they don't know exactly what is going on they've come up they have asked the Coast Guard. To take them inside today can try to get some answers across the street from where I am right now there is a makeshift reconciliation. Sinner we've seen several of those family members taken to that we also saw one man. It's unclear exactly his involvement in this but he was a link being his. Right ankle was heavily taped. He was taken over to that sinner it appears that he may have been a crew member but when he was asked some questions. He did not respond we've seen some other people who we believe our crew members walking around barefoot they looked despondent they look. Confused as this is continuing to be a fluid situation top. Will car reporting on the breaking news if you're just tuning in right now we are following this breaking news at a Southern California a boat. Has engulfed in flames at 3:30 this morning 34 people are ms. seen. And one of the reasons why this could be an incredible tragedy is the boat was only twenty yards from the shore from Santa Cruz island these were experienced people were on this boat they were divers. But we understand at a time of the fire they may have been sleeping underneath. In the hall where the sleeping chambers are the Coast Guard still in a rescue operation but sane. As of this point 34 people are missing we also were all following several breaking stories including hurricane Dorian which has just started to make its track. North work now it's moving only get one mile per hour but this is a monster storm still with 155. Mile per hour winds. Our team off cross the state of Florida this is still a major weather event for the states of Florida Georgia and the Carolinas and our teams still. Right there and more sharper just. Ought east of Freeport it on abaco island reporting in up what is utter devastation that hurricane making landfall as a category 51 of the strongest storms. Ever to hit in the Atlantic we'll have a full update always on abcnews.com. And our ABC news that a full update tonight with David Muir on world news tonight we think you so much for watching we now resume for scheduled programming. This has been a special room. From meetings.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Ventura County officials \"fear numerous fatalities\" as rescue operations are underway for boat on fire near Santa Cruz Island, California, Monday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65343310","title":"34 people missing after boat catches fire","url":"/US/video/34-people-missing-boat-catches-fire-65343310"}