52 shot in one weekend in Chicago

Chicago police respond to one of the deadliest weekends of the year.
3:38 | 06/03/19

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Transcript for 52 shot in one weekend in Chicago
An ongoing crisis in Chicago 52 people were shot. Over the weekend attainment fatally. Making it one of the most violent weekends of the year so far and just last weekend or one Memorial Day up 41 people were shot so. These shootings may be gang related and in response the Chicago police is ordering patrol's own areas. Where there could be retaliation so. I want to bring in Alex friends with more. Alex. This is just outrageous the city had just said that the violence was decreasing. Compared to last year right. Yet Kimberly outrageous is a good word to describe it and unfortunately another good phrases here we are again it seems every year. When it summer months approach when it starts to get warmer we start dealing with the spike in violence here in the Chicago area and in urban areas across the country we see things like this happen. But here in Chicago this freak and particularly those numbers were staggering and the police superintendent I was talking about this just a short time ago. And he's is really getting the message out there that his. Team of police officers are out there on the streets are trying to get this violence. It's tried to stop this violence but the issue is two things he says repeat offenders and god guns he talked a little bit about what the police department is doing missing a quick listen to what superintendent Eddie Johnson's are just a short time ago. We chance like this remind us off of the challenges that we face. And that they out complex. And profile. I know I can speak for everyone at CPP. When I say that we take these shootings seriously. And this heightened sense of urgency care when it comes to gun violence in this city. We're going to continue to do everything in our power to prevent and respond to violence. But really we can't we cannot. Can't. Do this without the support of the communities. Or unified criminal justice system that keeps up gun offenders. My news. Said Kimberly you heard and they're talking Seubert and Eddie Johnson what things he says it's very important is getting guns off the streets and tougher gun legislation the superintendent has been. An advocate for stronger gun laws are for several years now he says that's still one of the things that impedes the police department. As they tried to quell the violence and also repeat offenders is as the court system. Repeatedly allows people who have gun charges out of jail out back into the streets and and he's dealing with the same people. Over and over and over in the super Tenet also talked about how a lot of this violence is concentrated in certain in areas certain parts. This city an import to the people in those areas in those. What about bad neighborhoods are the ones that are dealing with all of these are problems and he says he's afraid it's going to be a long summer ahead but he believes. If we're able to get community involvement here. He says he's turning to faith based organizations as well and as you may know we have a new mayor here in this city who says she wanted to get different approach to this. So he's -- all of that combined in the months sit com. Will help quell and did some of this violence and use this in the beginning but it's important to point out again. As a staggering as these numbers are the violence here in Chicago overall right now compared to years past is actually down. And again also important to point out it's not only here it's big cities across the country where they're dealing with problems like this can really. Right Alex incredibly frustrating and I'm just incredibly tragic but thank you so much we appreciate you joining us.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Chicago police respond to one of the deadliest weekends of the year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63453089","title":"52 shot in one weekend in Chicago","url":"/US/video/52-shot-weekend-chicago-63453089"}