911 Calls From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released

Forty-nine people were killed in the June 12 massacre.
8:24 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for 911 Calls From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released
He could he heard and not. Yes like. I'm anonymity shot either. I am more than 10190 my intent OK did you hear anything after the gunshot. No no. That. And I can't outright literally in the club and then at peninsula gunshots where it. It garlic or are you here nightclub. You know all I'm home on it that inning at bat well without me and I got another black out what it called it packed. And amp amp at the world over here and they've got multiple op. If he injured people you know there the well that. And I need is there he is. Bill Delhi later in the week he killed deputy. Your area and it certainly. Okay it well welcome back. Out on OK I'll go. Right. Correction. Market. And directly impacting kind sat silently okay. It got app packet engine calling on. I eat light cars right hire out right now at least at least acts. I don't talk to each suspicious. You know I would hate involved in some form. I thought it hit the door that I am working. A shot hate your car apparently turned you know PD back up online or getting several calls and getting let in and out on. There are about it operate in late where's he right now. Ultimately here in the al-Qaeda operative eight anywhere in. Light typically there. He's in this technical hurdle world. Log on to compete in there like your brother. Let me. Aired her he'd he when he called at about. Act. A lot at all. I don't know. Okay I understand we are in a lot worse searches for everybody fallen victim doubt. Legion cap haitien hauled it. He's armed rule. Into the bathroom. Let. Let's let the people listen they mutation. In a pickle pop. Figure out where anybody that day. Instantly find. Take information. There were this year Paul program go. Our full immediate we've seen at 1 o'clock and attack. Except that you and sharp and accurately. Haiti say anything else. And at the recall and he eco. Yet. Out shot in the parking lot. And got shot creek. Where art and there are intact current album the air. I don't know. Or all also media. And that's not bring them. I just got little from the club crop called certificate club on. Aren't is nineteen now 1912 stop. Gap old. I'm negotiating Annan. And got shot about. It yet they commit itself that quantum buddy cop not for such heat the late. Hold on the clock in the happy yeah parenting and not aired yet I don't know and you ran. And he had been shot. He's that you got sucked it earned an. And it can't eat I can't. Their dirt multiple people injured I'm sitting there are happy. Yet their and that and their word eaten on it. Net before that she. Yet weren't put on hold unless like about it that was similar problems like an accident or Obama friend and it will happen. Barack Obama that initial it up and mark. Let me ask. You about the help halt on the arts and on the one happened parents are there's more than 100 curriculum. You know which one he that 88. I have no idea that not. All that my public. Me I'll write out set his ear that shooting. That our people said. We are working at sit at a club where's that located at. Well are. He won't talk. District. They're he's in the at a court also. She says. She. It is that people my girlfriend. Kind of close calls were deeper shot dead and eighteen people I mean that could prevent any advice here. A lot of deputies there were trying to get everybody else they've we have slot and cycling and thank each building. This week excuse me throw it detect anything else I've seen. No dog got leaders at least eighteen people who work there. And very adept computer code that female or male that group of India or that they're out there is an anti. Security sure hundred. And the city and that and the bathroom attack. You know. It yet into the shoes aren't aren't you shoot here and there even after and we are now work diligently. There are. He's petitioned right now. He expects. If companies that already port end it there. And he said he's telling you ever point that there. Is back there. A lot apparent that there Compaq. At their corporate point that it. Shelter where soccer and it is such that you can't eat eat eat eat and talk see. So let's eat it put the ball constantly as he. You know any and I call o'clock. I can't I might well I haven't probably. After the call art club my girl at that room. Now Ford dead at bat into the project bleeding now and I'm yours there's no longer than a guy that are you guys. Italians in preparation in there and people perhaps or how you look. Did you find out what's happening even. She doesn't know. She's ready that received it will. The lovely article until days. Now the Bridgeport. Anderson shot and bleeding out there. All civil belt. Spirit of that it is what it is yet sop. To the critical of the war. And he. Eighties. That it hit the clock yet it hasn't settled back in Alex what he and I don't know that grow. Not political. You know how the hell out there they're trying to get back. I don't. Know where Hewlett shot at. I don't know which side of politics sort of it but not there's a body or Arctic. It was an out at sea tac probably. Yeah sun. They're cut so we need it. You bring it not that it.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"Forty-nine people were killed in the June 12 massacre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41752274","title":"911 Calls From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released","url":"/US/video/911-calls-pulse-nightclub-shooting-released-41752274"}