911 Dispatcher Warns Family to End Pursuit

When phone was stolen from car, family took matters into their owns hands.
1:44 | 11/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 911 Dispatcher Warns Family to End Pursuit
The incident started at woodland park when the alleged culprits smashed a car window and grabbed a purse within iPhone and it. The owners eventually track the vehicle using the find my iPhone service. So they're following the people. And can lead guess they thought then my fourteen year following people around. They made multiple calls to 911. And we have been following in fact Allah and picked up the name is telling him that have not content polo turn off following the call. Okay that's totally gay injection enough evidence let them. In one dispatcher me stronger plea and let me tell you something about that second. I'd been on the coloring book coming to fight that was killed over a telephone. Really don't want that happened. Later the victims frustration was expressed in the Seattle times the victim columnist Danny Wesley wrote a searing opinion about SPD's response. That attention led chief Kathleen O'Toole to call for a review over how police respond to similar crimes. But the dispatchers reference to having this happen once before with deadly consequences was true. She was the dispatcher who took the call from David Peterson. He was shot and killed last February after refusing to give up his cell phone. It happened outside the same Fred Meyer in Greenwood that west meets family eventually ended up that while following the vehicle with their cell phone and it. A sobering reason police say the dispatcher reacted the way she did. Want to get them out of that position as quickly as possible because we don't want it to go outside we want them he's safe as possible. But SPD does agree there are never enough officers on the street as a review continues over just how the issue of increasing car prowess is handled.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"When phone was stolen from car, family took matters into their owns hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26841185","title":"911 Dispatcher Warns Family to End Pursuit","url":"/US/video/911-dispatcher-warns-family-end-pursuit-26841185"}