Aaron Hernandez Faces More Murder Charges

New indictments allege that the former New England Patriots player committed a double murder.
18:55 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Faces More Murder Charges
This is a special group. Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez already in jail facing a murder charge isn't about to be hit with more charges stemming from another case. The developing story out of Boston right now hello everyone on the -- president New York authorities in Boston are holding a news conference right now let's go to them live in Boston. This is a special report from. Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez already in jail facing a murder charge. Isn't about to be hit with more charges stemming from another case. The developing story out of Boston right now hello everyone on the -- president New York authorities in Boston are holding a news conference right now let's go to them live in Boston. A short time ago -- -- -- jury returned indictments. Aaron Hernandez with two counts of first degree murder. For the shooting deaths of and set -- Furtado. Missed a day of great hope and mr. -- -- -- ambushed and -- acute. As they -- home along Sharman avenue in Boston's south end in the early morning hours of July 16 2012. The indictments also -- three counts of armed assault with intent to murder. And one count of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. These indictments. Reflect shots fired at three surviving victims who were in the automobile with mister Abreu and mr. Furtado. At the time of the homicides. Those victims are one Meehan who was struck but not killed and two other men who escaped physical injury. The indictments for the chat. The indictments for which Aaron Hernandez with unlawfully carrying it thirty cal Smith & Wesson revolver. He used in the attack. Finally the grand jury. Has also returned to an additional indictment -- -- -- Singleton Hernandez Hernandez's cousin with criminal contempt of court. Their arraignments in Suffolk Superior Court had not been scheduled but we expect that they will take place sometime in the very near future. I enjoying this morning by Boston Police Commissioner William Evans superintendent Kevin Buckley. The -- detective Greg long. And the homicide squad sergeant detective Mark Sullivan and detectives Josh Cummings moment -- and -- Monroe. I'm also joined by first assistant district attorney Patrick -- Assistant district attorney Theresa -- -- -- appellate division assistant district attorney it and they've been a lot and chief Ralph on the site yet. Today's indictments. Represent nearly two years of investigation. By these police and prosecutors. And others in Boston. -- -- -- The result of testimony from more than two dozen witnesses. And over eighty -- presented to the -- injury starting on July 17 2012. And continuing through to this morning. The transcript of that -- injury investigation. Is although 1200. Pages. As you know mr. -- and his is currently facing charges in connection with another homicide. Well we have a duty to inform the public and in particular the victims and their families about these charges. We also have an obligation to our count the pots and Bristol county. Not to make any statements that could compromise their prosecution. We have a similar obligation. To protect the defendant's right to a fair trial. Not just in our case but also in the Bristol county case which he will likely be tried forests. For these reasons. We must be limited in the information that we released to the public outside of the court proceedings. Discuss these limitations with commissioner Evans and he agrees with me -- the -- of the heightened -- public interest in this case. On the morning that -- annual day of -- who and so Ferrell for -- what killed. They were described in media reports is being tied to a -- -- and gang based in Dorchester. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither of them were involved in gangs. Guns all violent crime of any kind. And that characterization was unfit to be a memory. And their families. We have only the deepest sympathy for them and full of their -- deals. At about 12:30 AM on July 16 2012. The victims arrived at the cure cure lounge on from one street in Boston's theater district. By coincidence. Aaron Hernandez. And another individual. Entered the club at the same time. Our investigation has not uncovered any evidence that these several individuals were known to each other. But their chance encounter inside the club. Triggered a series of events that culminated. In these murders. After the victims left the club at approximately 2 AM they drove down from -- street. Unbeknownst to them. Hernandez followed behind. Traveling in an SUV. When the victim's car stopped at a red light on -- out waiting to turn on to herald street. The SUV pulled up beside the victim's car on the right. Aaron Hernandez then 58038. Caliber up. -- -- multiple times from the driver's side of his vehicle. Into the passenger side of the victims. Vehicle. Daniel de Abreu who who was the driver suffered multiple wounds including a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. So Ferrell for title. Who was in the front passenger seat also suffered multiple wounds including a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Two backseat passengers escaped physical injury and fled on foot. The third man remained in the vehicle with his friends and suffered -- gunshot wound to his -- From last June forward. There were a number of significant developments in this investigation. Those developments include the recovery of the -- Hernandez used during the murders. And which he later hid in a relatives garage in Bristol Connecticut. And the recovery of the murder weapon from an individual. With ties to Hernandez. Expect more information will be forthcoming at the arraignment. But at this stage of the case the return of the indictments there are limitations the information that I can provide. -- to the indictment returned against Hernandez cousin -- Singleton. She was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury investigating. These murders. She was granted an order of immunity to provide certain information. Regarding the SUV used in those murders without exposing herself to criminal prosecution. But instead on September 13 2013. She refused to testify. The depth and breadth of our investigation speaks to the professionalism of our trial and investigative team. First assistant DA had -- Let the investigation Ferrara office and a quality -- -- -- who was just. I would also like to command sergeant detective Mark Sullivan and his squad. They proved -- commitment to this case on the word attracted national attention. The outstanding work they did collecting. Preserving. And analyzing the -- And those critical first few days contributed directly to the extensive progress we may -- In the grand jury over the past year. I would also like to thank the Massachusetts state police and -- Attleboro police. The Bristol and Hampden county district attorney's offices. The Bristol county state police detective unit and police and prosecutors in Hartford in Bristol Connecticut. In the United States Marshal service -- assistance in the course of this investigation. For -- this case was never about Aaron Hernandez. This case was about two victims were stuck. Ambush and senselessly murdered. On the streets of the city they call it. -- sign this case. The first assistant DA had taken the very morning these murders not because we knew with the evidence would take us. But because it was a brutal double homicide. With few leads and well suited to his -- as a prosecutor. 88 Anderson responded to the client of Shawmut avenue and Harold street along side -- detectives told -- his squad that early morning. She has been involved with this case since that time. Again not because of -- the defendant turned out to be but because the victims and their families -- our very best efforts from -- one. No matter who the victim of the defendant might be every murder in Boston gets the very best investigators. And the most experienced prosecutors. Again. I know that you have many questions probably very detailed in fact this specific questions. That we simply cannot ethically answer at this stage of the process. In a week -- so. When the man who pulled the trigger the honor of Shawmut avenue -- Harold street is a range in the Suffolk Superior Court. I expect that you'll hear -- much more about the facts and the circumstances of this case but for the moment. I must ask for your patience as we proceed carefully and methodically. As we have since that terrible morning in July of 2012. Now ask commissioner William Evans. If you -- -- district -- game. Again. You know. Go to the families -- this. You know if it was a terrible tragedy is being he's confident this isn't -- -- that it can count. We have two young men out. At the nightclub Cuba and -- it and basically I'm. You know happening countdown that led to obviously -- -- and and that's the tragedy here. As -- I think all the time when we have. Phillies in the city and the one right away thanks -- gang activity -- went too young innocent victims. We'll show loved ones can. Never -- -- thinking about them whose life's work. -- taken way too early. That -- entrapment that morning and that we're going into the scene that morning and you know it was a terrible tragedy I just want to stress my father said. Never ever I gave up -- -- on solving these tumors. You know we had five people that day three of them shot and we were determined and I just want things might change -- superintendent factly. Lieutenant law and sergeant -- Solomon for the entire fleet. Work. I'm day in day out -- this happened back. In July of 2012. And like -- -- in this city. We don't taking in the right -- Nine weighs more than any other. -- -- -- -- and it's it's it's great for the prosecution today to announce this. We focus on the family's you know they have to live on what might happen to their loved ones on that day and obviously I'd like to thank the DA. You know will work hand in hand with them and -- and currently -- staff and together. We pulled this together. And and it's a good day for the prosecution. But again it's still a terrible tragedy for the family and like the DA says. You know we can go -- mourn teen killed on the arraignment that. Again thoughts and prayers go to the Stanley today because I'm sure this -- -- gonna -- bring out. Some bad memories for everyone involved but. At least for the prosecution -- a great stuff thank you. -- take a few questions but please again. Characterized. Many -- ahead as best you can. Chance encounter him for the longest time everybody wants to know. Imagine a series of events. And why. Please come to the arraignment next week land 88 packaging and be able to deep into. What -- -- -- what scripted. Ability know what happens inside the club if I mean without a job. If you're wondering that it was -- congress. Came together. Yeah. I'm just gonna generally describe it as if others pure and you'll hear more about the sort texture and. Com there was possibly another person in the car. -- Aaron Hernandez Alexander Bradley is it possible that others could be facing charges in connection. -- this double murder you feel that you have the people that you feel are culpable. The grand jury remains open. So. It is possible that other charges could be -- We quite confident in our evidence. Well we asked the grand jury to vote on -- this morning -- Aaron Hernandez is principal shooter. And person responsible for taking two lives of the last -- Broader question I'm getting it detailed the big picture lines. These accusations. The tiny hand them in the case. -- Aaron Hernandez was charged with the -- Went on to play a full season football. After these two men were killed. -- You know my thoughts on that -- really -- here. You know why I -- I got out to speak for the victims. -- every. That's -- life. Exactly what police commissioner Vincent you know this case is never about Aaron Hernandez. Acknowledges notoriety. This case was about as collar cases -- the victims upon accountability about getting justice some of the things that have come out in the Bristol county case suggest there is a link. To the Boston case can you speak on that. You know I would not. Comment on the Bristol county case my colleagues -- -- -- as well personals access -- -- -- And thank. Analysts say poor -- from. And Bristol county and I think that question that directly views on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well this defendant. This -- Singleton is the cousin. Aaron Hernandez. And she was -- me she was granted a quarter of community. -- she was not. Facing any kind of criminal prosecution if he just -- -- war against into the grand jury and testified truthfully instead she decided nothing. She's been keeping track. It's it's hard to quantify but it is is -- -- Prosecutors it's not only Massachusetts but also -- work. Theory. Timing of the arraignment will be dependent entirely on scheduling the the lawyers who will be representing. Hernandez. We hope. The next week Monday. Tuesday Wednesday hopefully. Without revealing his do you have any evidence that any witnesses. In your case. Intimidated. Since the time that case I'm. Murder and story coming up. Yet again when I mention the grand jury consultant. It's a possibility. It's like -- -- comment on characterize that. -- and -- There was some developments as I mentioned about a year ago and police details at the arraignment. -- thank you all very much appreciate them thank you. You've been listening to a press conference out of Boston you've been listening to the Suffolk County district attorney Daniel Conley. And Boston's police commissioner. On new murder charges that Aaron Hernandez will now be facing a grand jury handing up an indictment this morning. Saying that they believe that Aaron Hernandez -- was the -- -- for the 2000 July 2012. Murders. Two individuals. Daniel Abreu and -- nine year old -- hero for Tonto. Suffolk County DA's saying that -- that July 2012. -- in South Boston that Aaron Hernandez. And the two victims had come into some sort of an encounter randomly at a club and then later on. As they were leaving that club. -- there -- alleging that Hernandez. Followed them in an SUV and opened fire on both of them killing both of them. An arraignment has yet to be scheduled of course you know Aaron Hernandez also facing other murder charges. Stemming from that. 2013. Murder of the boat and Lloyd. We will have more on this of course you can follow this story and keep up. On the latest by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story. For those exclusive updates on the go more information as it happens for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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