ABC News All Access for Feb. 19, 2020

Democratic debate preview, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks out on “The View” and climate change effects on Victoria falls.
25:37 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access for Feb. 19, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access Democrats running for president are set to collide on the debate stage in Las Vegas. And congresswoman Alexandria. Plus Joseph Cortez is giving a preview of a possible clash between Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg. Plus debunking the viral photo that appears to show the famous Victoria Falls all but dried up. Good evening I'm Diana sail we'll have all that more coming up this half hour but we begin. With the Democrats ready to take the stage in Las Vegas for what could be a make or break debate ahead of the Nevada caucus. Voters there are already familiar with at least one of the candidates. Take a look at this billionaire Tom's Dyer has dominated the airwaves. Outspending his rivals ten to one and running a staggering 38 campaign ads. But it's an ad from another billionaire former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. That's making headlines today ABC's Megan's Everyzing joins us now with the details good evening Magid. Hi Diana Michael Bloomberg's rivals are making it clear they're coming after him tonight the former New York City mayor has not been on debates staged more than a decade. Tonight democratic presidential hopefuls will face off in her night debate what's new this time will be the appearance of billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg. To low lows billionaires. Who think taken by elections we are a democracy. Not and I'll let god gave you cannot get applied their selected. A new ABC news Washington Post poll out this morning shows senator Bernie Sanders in the lead at 32%. Followed by former vice president Joseph Biden at 17%. In close behind his Bloomberg at 14%. Today candidates spent debate day came to seem to Las Vegas area former South Bend mayor Pete booted judge. Former vice president Joseph Biden and senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. Joining the culinary workers union picket line meantime Bloomberg release seen this digital ad entirely voice plays a pony it. Former vice president Joseph Biden. Mike has when they're Republicans is who should hand. Passion. By in firing back with his own using Bloomberg's own words against him. Health care bill would essentially nothing and saying he can't wait at least Bloomberg had decayed state fair visit basically about a Republican assault life. The fact of the matter is he as he didn't endorse Barack Irving we ran. This guy talk about. The stakes are high tonight standards is surging in know schools and its opponent have to take him on. Am Bloomberg on the debate stage and meg and said Amy Klobuchar got some support she claims she didn't want you explain. Yet this is interesting just today senator clover chart got her first backing of the super pac and this is something she is told. ABC news that she want to stay clear of however her campaign has no control over the independent actions of the super pacs back she. That's negatives have risen in Washington thanks Mike and and Alexandria tops your Cortez has been busy traveling the country campaigning for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Today the New York congresswoman traveled to see our friends at video. To talk about why she supporting Sanders the state of the 20/20 race and Mike Bloomberg Angela. Please welcome back New York congresswoman Alexandria a Casio but they. How come. Thinking thinking for having me everything I like I was so excited to save. Now base for coming back. And what what I want to askew it is about Bernie in because you've decided to endorse him and that's a pretty big endorsement coming from the use of local. Okay. What is the number one read and remember. For your endorsement why is he your candidate. Well I think Adam what Meeks senator Sanders so distinct in his deal is fat. He has been fighting for working families his platform fights for working families but. He hasn't just come to this fight he has been fighting for these issues. For his entire life. And I. I think. Orton because now home. Progressive issues are kind of in both me want to talk about health care we want to talk about a living wage we want to talk about women's right. But he's he did this when it was least come and load he paid the highest political costs. I'm he was fighting for these things since before I was even born and I think the trust. Of that fight not only that but the way he wants to go about it I EXP ending the electorate. By having a political revolution at the ballot box is a very unique way of going out that and I think it's that. It's something that. Certainly inspired me to run for office in the first place and it's something that continues to inspire me today. And Mike Bloomberg has spent over 300 million dollars on of his own money on his campaign and the DNC change the rules about donor a threshold to give. Mike Bloomberg a space on the debate stage two nights I personally don't have a problem with Mike Bloomberg using his own money. I have more of a problem with his positions on. Ever changing positions on stop and frisk. And redlining. But do you think he's trying to buy his way. Into. The presidency. Yes I deal and it just. I I also think that. Me power of his money is not disconnected from his stances on stop and frisk because when you have that much money. And you purchase elections he no longer have that sense of accountability to the people who voted for you. And so that allow the duo also don't have accountability to people. Likely NRA in other lobbying groups and right but I mean also you don't have accountable to you not accountable to and but the answer that's the good and iMac still accountable to the people bit decide to pull the lever for what that's that they had there road just because you can't eat because no one can. As far as I'm we caught you can't buy an election. People have to either elect you or not lead to some legs and let's stop saying that because I don't think you you have to get its. But gratified when confronted I think the answer to help people bet the wires and NATO had any billionaires while I think well because they're the only ones who seem to be able to do that we've made it that Iran got it let's not anticipating is that. If you if the amount of money that you have can force the DNC to change their rules but the DNC would not change their rules for Cory Booker of what Lancaster Obama pairing him. Is all that is an actual station power and will not how I feel about billionaires I don't think -- in a place where 60%. Americans can't even Britain you know make more than 40000 dollars a year that about the presence of a billionaire who largely makes their money for businesses. Under paying their workers like Wal-Mart like Amazon likes don't want should if. Yeah. I too agree with you that I think he's trying to biased and it's one thing you agree on you have promised you're gonna vote blue blue blue no matter who I think as we sat. I just can't see you campaigning with them like human body ministries McDuff she's a former republic in our capitalist billionaire. If he's been nominee you're gonna go out and stump with and then again. We are talking about how he's buying this election it's not fair to kind of power he has. Do you think it will look strange if you went Bernie Sanders bed support him as the nominee for president well you know first of all. We're gonna get that point because senator Sanders is going to get a democratic nominee I. Okay. Okay. What the problem with that with the match up like that is that you're asking people to make choices in my opinion of harm reduction. And that's not inspiring that doesn't XP and the electorate which is what Mimi in November. Many young people attorney that would wind and it turned out meet people of color it turned out we need Billiton jobs to turn out. And I don't know. If every candidate can do that. Our thanks to the congresswoman and the ladies of the view when we come back harness. We take a BC news we take you to one of the seven natural wonders of the world. See why we're there and what. We'll teach us about our evolving planet. Stick around you're watching ABC news file access. Welcome back ABC news all access we are counting down to the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day by visiting twenty astonishing places it's what it's one. Picking up ABC's chief meteorologist in disease takes us to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe one of the seven natural wonders of the world. You know mother nature is selling off but she's also shelling out something. Tonight if you look at these waterfalls from art brown doesn't really is spectacular the world's largest sheets of falling water. You can see it all the way down it stretches more than a mile the minutes that come about as powerful water diving into that have been. Can be seen fit thirty miles around. But there is one angle that I can only get so close to what I it's silly with another camera come with me here that gets paid by the mid. That drop off where you're gonna be a rainbow just still enough for you. 354. Feet. Yes it is stunning. But at the thought is studying what was happening here it's just a couple of months ago perhaps he's on this photo it went viral. And the headlines that came along with it said that Victoria Falls with the hounds would trickle Victoria Falls drying up well we're here is that the record straight it. Obviously alive and well. But it certainly had an important three. It's one of the seven natural wonders of our world Victoria Falls far as the locals call it. Looking at Tanya it means. This smoke. Joining us National Geographic photographer vehicles a Becky. Who has been documenting the effects of climate change in Africa the falls are glorious and beautiful but they're not just eye candy they are a light source for the street. They're really a barometer of the health of the seeker system. Does and as he would river feeds into this fall and along with him that he river are millions of people and animals like. Elephants giraffes buffalo who rely in this water source the drought in Zimbabwe in the fall. That we had over 200 elephants that died from starvation because they couldn't access water. Just his December though the future of the ball's coming in to question some of the lawless days of water flow on record. He ends. When virus which led to reports claiming that Victoria Falls was drying up. Obviously isn't true and climate change cannot be attributed to one day were one nap sack but what you see behind me is twelve point five million gallons. Per minute poring over the waterfall. That is still below their long term average. I seem increasingly frequent and extreme drought extreme weather events that are happening and it's far greater frequency than we've ever seen before. Doctor Kai how do they has been researching the falls for years. He found that while annual rain totals haven't changed much the drier hotter seasons have gotten longer and the wet seasons they have become worn tents who we're getting a lot at one time and very little at another time so the extremes are getting more extreme. Yes vixens I get more extreme but yet experiencing more extremes more often done and one what's not at the net. And and that's that's problematic it's a problem so that people who the other mosque that depend on some days you can post that the economies that actually depended on to some it's. Of phenomenon that some scientists have cold climates with less. Weather extremes that so bad he says she hasn't witnessed right through her lens telling and exit. Temperatures on the continent are rising faster than the global average and that's really transforming people's lives pitfalls are so much more than just. Beautiful thing to come look at it turns. Actually in this important function is secured by this river and sustained millions of and wildlife that rely and it's tonight. Now you know how passionate I am Robin about the atmosphere but this story really brought in. The come passion because it's about people. Right that live here and I got to meet with some of them I know you Ben parent in the glory but this is such an important. Story it is I like that you say compassion and also the passion like that and ginger. You is talking about this and that that climate whiplash if there's not only affecting bear but also. The wildfires in California and Australia to is that true. Yeah I mean it's fascinating how interconnected everybody is and how this story really pops up in different places like California are Australia. That has seen study is already relating their extended droughts to climate change so it's everywhere I mean pimp insists though this month has not seen a drop. Of rain this is usually their let it's her second wettest month. Still are already headed into a moderate drought and we're really concerned about what that means requires evening California coming up. I have to say though when it comes to fire when it comes to extreme there's still many other issues not just climate change of course you have. Something like sustainable building that we have to think about their multi prong issues like land management wild players but also something that we've got to think. Yeah I hear you are in your element you are absolutely in your element as you see anything that majestic setting like that yeah. Grabbing I know that you see in the glory of these waterfall but it really was. Gloria is for us to meet the people who survive on this water. And the a lot of the animals. They use this as an artery to their line. The rushing water pumping 34 story. This sound and mixed heard and seen from my. And were heading to an island right in the middle of it all. 'cause he's it's going to be how we get to the edge of the fall. And then the Indian river and we are. Sammy that it might raise water all around alone when the red man all. After a country working on a living and I. I'm. You've done is rabid right now many heavy losses. Zero. Good morning and here we are in pain don't dwell on the ends of it very long event that dream on didn't think people are but. Rock Atlantic. Daredevil since women on the edge in an epic Graham. To get a great picture. But this story is not just about these majestic falls and it's blears. It's about isn't easy river that feeds it. In upstream the impacts of this latest drought. The wildlife is really really struggling this waterfall is really way purifying the source and sustaining the lives of those who live along its banks. And. All through our journey reminders that the land belongs to the animals. And it the animals are feeling is that people aren't here what if a stylist named. Think corny thing it's just a few miles from Livingstone island and village guide helping him along that gives us a tour and a reality check. It's match programs think tank you know. He's seen a hunger we so he teens and this village relies on tourism when a thief as fast easy and meaningless because thing. Where is released from his dorm means for from the. The falls are a huge part of the economy here. Tourists like millions of dollars into the region so when reports suggested Victoria Falls might be drying up it was alarming yeah. But we need to listen to the message they are telling us. The feeling when you get in here. Isn't enough air at least not for me and very good home the importance of respecting our planet. And understanding it. So talented National Geographic that have apparently with me here in people that that he and Nippon. We've been talking and I mill. That the US and China China being number one time and US efforts to right now are the biggest. Credit Reuters think it's something interesting about after. That's exactly right right now you have been trying to. But we have to remember that. The historic record for carbon emission is held by the US throughout history we have had more carbon in the atmosphere than any other. And you have to realize that work for percent of the population. And were responsible for somewhere between a quarter that there to hold global carbon. If you compare that to where we are right now you know 54 African nation making up his back on May have contributed in the airport for. A stark contrast. And it's especially poignant when you realize that this is the continent Africa that knows that read from many of the negative effect. Carbon emissions being related to take steps was warming of planet stunning stunning information we got this. Job. Personal level what our interview going to take away. From being at such a special place. Al ethical very. Right I mean standing here in front of this amazing awesome power of the closet so weird to me. The incidents ties between herself in the natural world between Africa and the rest of the and I'm thinking about our responsibility in Detroit that would make it timing chains. Doesn't have borders. You know we're going to move forward and we're going to adopt the talent to become an is already under way that climate change and how do that again. That makes me think about the place I can make the responsibility I have promoted here collectively help take care are planning. The best dancer but I love and a I would say the interconnect in this that is fascinating but don't go. It's really about me an adjunct your sometimes but that may be very hopeful hopeful. That there are people doing the right thing there part of Africa you were telling me where plastic. Back have been banned and you even get fine thank you like they think you can get it in the Canada and I know. In them to death after. We we can hear a lot better we need it we're feeling about and I'm. I can tell. It's gorgeous and it's so powerful that to have you there and I gotta say I followed that GL on into Graham the pictures of the story is absolutely beautiful. The really bringing us all together so safe travels back home both of you thank you for being at war. It's amazing. Absolutely beautiful injured thank you and the journey continues next week when James long and takes us to malign. In the second stop of twenty astonishing places and when he twenty checked out. Next Wednesday and so next stop Italy mean love we're too astonishing and spectacular building. Some help cleaning polluted air then journey to the firing now that the messiah. Home to the camping grounds of this beautiful. Hard CLU. Ordinary earth National Geographic and Good Morning America. The journey continues. Next Wednesday only GM in. Looking forward to that and the rest of the stops as we count down to the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. Coming up the opt coddled. Lou has brought prosperity to parts of Mexico. But cartels and environmental factors are now threatening farms here in the US we'll hear from one of those farmers after this. Welcome back to ABC news all access we turn out to San Diego where a popular out of coddled farm is facing dangerous times. As Mexican cartels threaten his workers the cartels are attempting to take over the industry and this comes amid an ongoing water crisis in the region. The story is tonight's local spotlight. The avocado bloom in Mexico as pulled parts of the country out of poverty in just ten years. But the prosperity their turns deadly as money hungry cartels take hold of the market. While there's brutality below the border there's a history in the home grown right here. San Diego still the biggest producer. Yeah of avocados in the state of California we took a trip to steely farms in North County covered with a fortune fruit. Though the main ranch is 278 acres. The land has been in Knowles steely Stanley for decades both the by California great. But. If you wanted in November you want Athol Chicago if not gonna come from California. That's where Mexico comes filling in the gaps in avocados that can be grown here round. Competing with American growers in production and now threatening their workers. Have a lot of my employees that work here right now in mature con. Their home for for the holiday they've they'll come back over the next couple weeks. And and my last words to -- just be careful this really be careful. Mutual con is the heart of the violence we're growers are taking up arms. August games their run USDA's food inspectors at gunpoint. You hear the stories of what goes on down there and you know and they live in these four blows that are within the growing regions that are that are dangerous there fluid into the. The cartels well at war with themselves. Are threatening growers and police departments with kidnapping extortion and murder. That is wary about apartment crammed in to a more at my wedding her you know. And have been here long enough to have to know every one of my kids annoy everyone of their kids provide picked him up the bus stop all the things you know these are they're part of the family so. But the cartels aren't the only problem steely says the water that feat his farm is not what you CB. Now coming from the Colorado River instead of northern California. And I don't have enough well water to. Here did everything on my farm price of water is gone up exponentially. And our water system in the state of California is broken and nobody's gonna fix it. And the composition of the water has changed with high levels of salt killing off his crop. For those who fall Burleson what we called have burned and first defaults have built up in the fifth and leave for several years half avocado florist in San Diego. But now it can't tolerate the salt in the water the trees on this side are dying old. A new ready with plaintiff here and do a lot better but still feeling the effects of cell. But still production on his farm is going down they do. So a lot less I grow a lot less it's. If that. Dying trees on your property. For this second generation farmer it's personal this property special it. The labor love now but it. Paid a lot of built there but it's it's an important part of us. It would be hard to see ago. Then in. Battling a water crisis here more violence rages to the south but it's going to be tough to be a farmer anywhere in California. Whether public autos that are. Wilbur alfalfa or lettuce or what have you he says the best thing you can do is keep your support here in San Diego. Two great Sam remembered. I don't know it's and we're still buy commemorative I don't care if local craft beer or farmer you know support local in the heart of valley center Jennifer Della Cruz ten news. And the USDA has warned that it could withdraw orchard inspectors from Mexico if the violence continues our thanks ABC affiliate KG TV for that report. And finally we are celebrating Black History Month with a little fact about the sport of golf. ESPN's bill Rhoden explains for the undefeated. Doctor Georgia plant was not look in the history with the political team. The Harvard class and prominent that this was simply trying to make a hard game in this frustrated with golf and plays and cost. Before the T office had to carry buckets of dirt from home to hold and build small mountain on which to place their golf balls. All they had to do was pushed to small home she peace and live in the wind and put the ball on its content. Brett pens that the first tee at eighteen men. Probably ignored. The his intention to change call your. Adams for golfers are grateful for that when that was railroaded for ESPN the undefeated great story built banks. And that doesn't for tonight ABC news all access I'm Diana stayed out and this is ABC news lives.

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