ABC News Live Prime: Friday, March 05, 2021

Pope Francis visits Iraq; Defense Secretary on Iran: Response at ‘time and place of our own choosing’; Service union president: ‘We need to value care work’
49:40 | 03/06/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, March 05, 2021
In what used to be the heart of the chalice safe eleven years ago this very church was the site of a terrorist attack that left dozens of Christian worshippers dead. Tonight in the first ever visit by a Pope to Iraq. We'll Francis with the message of peace and tolerance and urging assaulted quote looked beyond our differences and see each other as members of the same. Human family are he and panel is in Iraq tracking this historic moment and the major security. Come with this. She may be used to cars racing around this track but tonight the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway is helping our country win a different race. Today was day one of a vaccination clinic there. The governor of Indiana getting his shot describing it as a 2.4 seconds it's. But nationwide some states are racing to reopened easing restrictions and fueling concerns about another surge in cases. The senate also with another step towards getting cold and relief to the American people why it could be a long weekend in Washington to get the bill to the finish line. She embattled New York governor Andrew Cuomo facing new scrutiny about those allegations over how he handled the pandemic. This comes as Democrats in his own state move to strip him of his emergency powers. And ABC news exclusive our Martha Raddatz down with new secretary of defense Lloyd Austin has Iran been given the message that this is not. An escalation. When we retaliate. This women's history month our conversation with one woman making history and right now speaking up for some of the hardest hit during a pandemic and we need to values your own work. In this nation for the first time in history. The rare surgery giving one man devastated by coated a second chance at life. Good evening I'm juju Chang in for Lindsey Davis thank you are streaming with us tonight we begin with the latest on our nation's progress in the battle against Kobe nineteen about one in eleven Americans has tested positive since the beginning of this and damage the cases of now let load and hospitalizations are the lowest we've seen since October. And while experts warn were not totally out of the woods yet. More states are loosening restrictions. Arizona governor Doug DC signing an executive order lifting all colored nineteen capacity restrictions. Maine also relaxing their travel and capacity limits ahead of their terrorism season she. This is president Biden warns that if dramatic action isn't taken to help Americans during this economic crisis it could take two years for us to get back on track our whit Johnson needs a soft tonight from New York. Despite warnings from health officials tonight the growing wave of re openings across the country Arizona the latest to open businesses to full capacity. This state already among sixteen and it either have no state wide mask mandates or just move to lift them like Mississippi and Texas. And tonight the debate heating up on both sides shop owner Julie Roberts in Galveston ready for more customers. Dollar rates first thing we are ready for spring break up very red coming and it's but others arguing were all those there why take the risk like Rosalie Anthony. It's just not time yet he'd let me get vaccinated lawyer. I think both Milan this time it really. Ease up on restrictions. And then the efforts trying to meet in the middle. Starting April 1 if cases are low enough. California will allow theme parks to reopen at 15% capacity and outdoor spectator sports like Major League Baseball at 20%. This after a new CDC report showing mask mandates were associated with the drop in coded cases and deaths about twenty days later. The findings also linked to restaurants with on site dining to a increase in infections six weeks later and deaths two months later. I know the idea relax and ask where are you getting back every day and that Iran or where they are. Seeing this movie book or when it prevention measure. And it won't ask you ala. In Detroit controversy. The city turning down more than 6000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is a very good vexing. McDermott and Pfizer are the best he and I am going to do everything I can to make sure the residents of the city trade get the best. But today mayor Mike Duggan attempting to clarify calling the J&J shot safe and effective. Saying the city had enough capacity with the other vaccines and it will soon offer J&J at a different site. The White House cove the team stressing that all three authorize vaccines prevent hospitalizations. And death. I would take the first available vaccine because the most important thing to do. This to get vaccinated. And not to try and figure out what one may be may not eat better than the other. And the FDA tonight is now issuing an alert about those thermal scanners used at airports schools and businesses. The FDA is saying that in some cases they could pose a potential danger to public health because they could give inaccurate temperature readings. For a variety of reasons the FDA also says that the risk is more likely when the scanners running multiple people through the system at the same time. Jude you. With our thanks to you. None of the fight in congress today to get Tobin relief to the American people before march 14 when millions stand to lose unemployment benefits. The race against the clock has Democrats fending off challenges from Republicans and even some Democrats are congressional correspondent Rachel Scott reports. I read Joseph Biden pushing lawmakers to get Lou as the senate wrangled over his one point nine trillion dollar Covert rescue plan. At least seven and it can't I don't know who eat basis. Thirteen million people are behind. Racked. Rescue plan is absolutely essential. Turn this around. The bill would provide billions of fight Kobe help small businesses and send 14100 dollar direct payments to most Americans. This week in a concession to moderate democratic senators. Biden agreeing to limit those payments to people making up to 75000. Dollars a year people making up to 80000 dollars would get a smaller check. And today democratic leaders offered up another concession. Proposing to extend unemployment benefits through September. But just shrink the payments from 400 dollars a week to 300 dollars that's a bitter pill for Karen Smith. A mom and Jupiter Florida who lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic. Reducing weekly amount. Is horrible weekend. Gone so long with so little and it's so Albert. Work toward stabilizing in getting enough to getter when all dearly. About. Oh you're going to hate your. And Rachel Scott joins us now from Washington racial what bottom line here do Democrats have the votes they need to pass this bill and when might we see that vote. The album right now juju it's really want to moderate democratic senator Joseph Manchin he is holding up this process right now he's not only on board just yet so tonight we of the president Joseph Biden is working the phones he is trying to get as bill. Across the finish line because remember lawmakers here are up against a deadline and just nine days on and let the benefits for millions of Americans. Are set to expire for Democrats want to get as a lot presidential Biden says well toward bench and they are vowing to work during the weekend in order to do YouTube and Rachel clearly today's speed on just another indication of how tenuous governing is in a split 5050 senate. Yeah how we are really learning the power of one senator back and really tip the scales either way you're get that 5050 split in the air in the senate right now and some Democrats need their party to stay unified being even just that united on this in. Soto Republicans are also trying to set a very strong message by an administration they are still blasting out one point nine trillion dollar price tag they say just too high YouTube. Teetering between the parties thank you Rachel Scott. And we turn now to embattled New York governor Andrew Cuomo some state lawmakers tonight are moving to strip him of his emergency powers granted during this and damage to handle. As we also hear from one of his former aides now accusing him of sexual harassment here's ABC's Stephanie problems. He promoted himself as the face of comp tip leadership in the pandemic we are New York. But tonight the New York seat legislature building to strip governor Andrew Cuomo the emergency powers he was granted to handle cove it. This governors inability to see outside of his own ego. Cannot continue to go unchecked. It came as a New York Times reported the governor's staff re wrote a report in Jude taking out the fact that more than 9000 New Yorkers had already died in nursing homes. Today the governor's office said the number was removed because it had not been verified. It's just one of the scandals Cuomo's DC two former aides now accusing him of sexual harassment he and is a textbook. Abuse Charlotte Bennett says the governor asked her about her sex life whether she was monogamists and whether she had ever slept with an older man. She spoke with CBS news. He wanted to girlfriend when he said he was lonely I mention that his daughters have been around. And he's also rejected. It's. Yeah I love my love my daughters but let's I want a girlfriend I thought he's trying to sleep with me. The governor's trying to sleep with me. And I am deeply uncomfortable. And I have to get out of this room as soon as possible. Cuomo says Bennett misinterpreting. Him I now understand. That I acted in the way that may need people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly been deeply apologize for. And juju Charlotte Bennett says it's not a matter of how she felt but of what he did she says quote. It is an issue of his action the fact is that he was sexually harassing me and has not apologized for that. Juju our thanks to step in for that report. Tensions between the US and Iran have been playing out in Iraq. For weeks now. With US troops coming under fire. And missile attacks or second time this week today ABC news chief global affairs correspondent and this week Al anchor Martha Raddatz spoke with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in his first broadcast interview about the attacks and the US response. This week we saw a second significant attack with those ten rockets. Do you know who did it and what kind of responses might we expect. We want to make sure that. But again we understand who's responsible for this the message to those. That would carry out such such Metallica's. You know expect us to to do what's necessary to defenders low strike. If we if that's what we think we need to do at a time and place of our own choosing. Has Iran been given the message that this is not. An escalation. When we retaliate. I think a wrong is is fully capable of assessing. You know destroyed him and that putt our activities. And I mill draw their own conclusions. But what they should draw from this again is that we're gonna defend. Our troops and we're gonna you know our our our art our response will be thoughtful it will be appropriate. And Martha Raddatz joins me now from Washington Martha this is clearly a delicate diplomatic balancing act for the Biden administration right now. In how to respond to a rotten. Exactly read you can delicate is the right word these are Ronnie and backed militias not only want the US out of the Middle East there are some factions that don't want Iran to renegotiate the nuclear deal with in US. And the fear things tit for tat attacks. Is that they escalate or that one side of the other over reacts but secretary Austin told me he is keeping a close eye on all of that. And trying to find back ballots juju. Martha this is just clearly one clip you at a wide ranging conversation with Austin he's the first black Defense Secretary to lead the Pentagon. What are some of the other toppings you touched. We we talked about extremism in the military I have actually no general now secretary Austin for many many years. And I think the last time we didn't interview together was in Iraq we talked about where we are in Iraq now how how do you go forward. But extremism and his historic. And as a secretary defense it is historic he is the first black secretary of defense he talked about that what that means to him. And the thing that really moved me is he said he does not want to be the last black secretary of defense juju. Clearly breaking barriers Martha Raddatz thank you push and you'd see much more of Martha's interview with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin this Sunday morning on this week. When we come back Pope Francis makes his historic first visit to Iraq. Our Ian panel is on the ground there with more on the high stakes trip and the security risks that come with it. Also the woman pepper sprayed with us three year old by her side what police are saying tonight about the incidence. And the drama at Buckingham Palace the growing anticipation and expected fallout from Macon and Harry's upcoming tell all in and he. Pope Francis is on the ground in Iraq tonight the first pontiff ever to visit that war ravaged country the Pope calling himself a pilgrim of peace for all the children of Abraham. But it's a high risk visit during a pandemic and with lingering conflict in the country HA BC's senior foreign correspondent Ian panel reports from rock. Tonight cook Francis in Iraq amid unprecedented security. Francis but doing his usual Pope mobile instead protected by a huge cordon of heavily armed troops. Iraqis ignoring orders not to line the streets instead coming up to tear. And I don't look. We check expressed her joy all Iraqis are happy not just Christians we hope we'll be it lasted for us and for all the Iraqi People. The prince is personally insisted on making the visit to show solidarity with Iraqis ignoring warnings it's too risky. I come as a pilgrim of peace he said made the clash of arms be silenced. He was taken by Helmut calm to the church where rice is suicide bomb was killed 48 worshippers in 2010. Join these three day trip he'll come here to the Christian town of camera cost ones over the rumble analysts is militant. Ice is murdered raped and pillaged across Iraq destroying lives and communities driving hundreds of thousands of Christians and easy days. From their homes they desecrated ancient churches and like this one. You can sing when they used it as a firing range destroying these ancient biblical text calm in Aramaic the language of Jesus. So when Pope Francis come several Sunday his message of peace and coexistence will be heard by Iraqis. But don't underestimate the challenge is going to be immense. The pope's trip is a glimmer of hope through beleaguered community. After years of violence war room persecution. Volunteers came back to the shell shock cities of Mosul and Caracol. Diligently printing. For the pope's arrival. This everywhere there of physical skills to remind the people here but the years of war and suffering they've been jeweled. When bush the boy in his father setting a gold star engines for the pope's visit. This is what remains of the aisle to you were church in Mosul Iraq's second largest city. Father Emmanuel Adele is sold priest left in Mosul he's in time congregation were forced to flee for their lines where nice is to scuba. Many have yet to return. Yet still he has who couldn't faith for the future. Will rule in and in this could have Bob we think the Pope for visiting Iraq and hopefully rockets back some of its culture. He's not here just to visit the Christians of Iraq he's coming to visit every one. The father brings with him coexistence and brotherhood with all faiths he puts humanity before religion. With the put no hit perhaps some message that Christians in the region and no longer alone the sectarian divisions can end. But it'll take mold the woods impressed to heal the pain and suffering of Iraq. And in panel joins me now in this is no doubt and historic visit what should we expect to see from the pope's agenda this weekend's. Yet us right juju truly historic something that the people of Iraq have waited for a very long time so early tomorrow morning the Pope head south to the ancient city of believed to be the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham bowl is bring him seen as the patriarch of course of christianity and Judaism and of Islam before Ben heading to Najaf again another holy city here in Iraq but he's also home to grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. He is one of the most influential sheer religious leaders in the world. And just that I. Well certainly one of the leaders negotiate real Islam I think we'll send a very powerful signal around this region and then on Sunday it will go to Mosul Mosul of cools walls web Baghdad he declared the kind of fate devices. He's gonna visit some of those sentences at a crisis occupied including one of the main churches the Catholic Church in the center all vices being badly destroyed we've been in that filming. These ancient churches a shadow of its former self it's where the ice his religious police would based it's also where ice has declared that they were gonna go to Rome to a gun to occupy Rome will instead it's the Pope its Rome that's coming on a pilgrimage to Mosul and then end up here and appeal refused outdoor mass later on Sunday evening heading home to Italy. All Monday. That's a lot of ground to cover in a region that you know and have reported on so Welsh and we just the Pope is getting a little flack today for not wearing a mask regularly. Yes I mean this have been a big issue before the Pope could even to counted because of Coles the pandemic is global and it is here in Iraq and the numbers of infections are going upwards again the lots of questions should the time good together and cut come to Iraq in the middle of bass isn't their risk that when he passed these outdoor mass winning -- in churches and people when crowds gather that that potentially super spreader events the Baskin said they'd taken all necessary safety precautions. People will be socially distancing people won't be wearing masks. And then this suddenly decide to the Pope not wearing masks now we do know that the Pope was vaccinated he's received both vaccines. Sort of both doses of the vaccine before this trip as has -- now Sony's claim the Vatican for its part feels that it's acting safety in accordance with guidelines let's have the next few days go on the stressing me hear an appeal when you've got thousands and thousands of people gathered outdoors or in Delhi outdoors here we sold today in the Friday markets. Thousands of people gathered cheek by cheek no social distancing the mask incite GG. And also their recommendations that even once you get vaccinated you should remain masked think you so much in for your reporting from Iraq. And coming up on crime that this trump appointee arrested in connection with the insurrection at the capitol. Also concerns about getting the vaccine to corners of the country lacking pharmacies we go by the numbers. And and it shortage why the world is running out of this key commodity. But first start tweet in the day. Vienna fell welcoming Mya Chaka the first black female official in league history. Oh. We turn now to come in nineteen vaccine equity and an ABC news investigation finding that millions of Americans live in so called pharmacy deserts where there's little to no access to vaccination sites she gets a closer look. By the numbers. There are a 115 counties in the US where there is no pharmacy particularly in state. Like Texas Nebraska and Montana. Shed nearly four point eight million Americans live an accounting where there's only one pharmacy for every 101000 residents or more according to an ABC news announces a pharmacy locations. Across the country. World pharmacies that serve nearly two times the number of people than urban pharmacies on average. And in rural communities there's only one chain drugstore per 30299. Residents should compare that to one point. Per 9346. Residents in urban areas on average. But even in cities our investigation found that pharmacies and chain drugstores are usually more sparse in mostly black and brown communities. Compared to mostly white ones like in Chicago where one million people live in a pharmacy desert. When there's less than one pharmacy. For 101000 restless. And still to come on crime only fans the subscription viewing service that's allowed some people to quit their jobs are losing their clothes. And the shocking scene on city streets in a crash spilling onto the sidewalk in an outdoor dining at. And the new clip of Megan claiming Buckingham Palace monitored her call us the latest in the royal family drama. But first a look at our top trending stories on From from from. Tonight the growing wave of re openings across the country and Arizona the latest to open businesses to full capacity. This state already among sixteenth and neither have no state wide masked mandates work just moved to lift them like Mississippi and Texas. The West Virginia governor Jim just isn't speaking out on CNN and I don't know really glad we didn't. Rush to get rid of the last Vietnam is because these last second goal. Lives. I know the idea. Where he's getting back Henry dance the young ones. But where they are. The FBI has arrested a former trump administration appointee he's charged in connection with the January 6 capital cities Frederico Klein had a top secret security clearance and drug administration's State Department and was still the government employee when the FBI said he assaulted a federal law enforcement officer during the insurrection what's record set final here on video finally he shot in the right field between doors and officers. Fine clothes and another video Klein was allegedly heard calling to the crowd behind him we need fresh people the tipster told the FBI Klein had exhibited extreme behavior including inflammatory rhetoric about president Biden and vice president Harris. New concern over a les actions in Rochester New York. Police releasing video showing an officer pepper spraying a mother in front of her three year old child last month. Officers responded to a call about a shoplifter. She was sprayed during a struggle for child was not. Not officers on administrative leave. But chaotic scene in the streets of New York. As driving rolled sound on second avenue. The white sands smashed right into the back of a Toyota Camry from bin Laden is home. And of course launching the car hit the outdoor dining set up but the problem vicious bar that was closed. Who watched from a different angle when measured children appeared across that crosswalk and a woman was about the zipper coffee that car spun around shooting debris into the intersection of the Indians and second avenue there rag wreaking Havoc for nearly two city blocks and sawing down the street block. Before the white band and mowed down this scaffolding up this building and exploding a fruit stand. Where the worker who had just moved to get warm otherwise. Biden is going to be better. The van wrapped around a pole eight people injured including 25 and seven year old boy who's heard from flying debris. Wall are expected to survive including the driver of the band the police now suspect suffered an eight medical episode. It's a problem we don't expect but the world it seems is running out of stands. You see the Sahara Desert you would think this applying these endless but we humans use a lot of sand. Road construction in computer chips and of course classes mostly Sam with a couple of other. Environmental scientists are sounding the alarm from the global demand for sandy is outpacing the planet's ability to produce it. They're calling on the construction industry for example to using recycled concrete in the building of roads and buildings because they say time is running out like sands of the hour. I. Announcer the story that has both the US and the UK riveted the growing battle among the British royals should. And the new clip tonight from that Oprah Winfrey interview why hairy and Megan had to turn her down when she asked the first time their answer tonight ABC's James Longman at least. Okay. Once celebrated as the future of Britain's monarchy tonight Prince Harry in dutchess Megan fell the widening the rift between the two families. In an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey Megan claims palisades intervened when Winfrey asked for an interview moments before the 2018 wedding. Internal Dell nicely and said. Perhaps there'll be another time when there is the right time and what is right about this time. Well so many things we have the ability to make our own choices rule in a way that I couldn't have said yes T event that wasn't my choice to make. Joining the royal found any means not sharing opinions. That may get it seems found that two restricting. It's really liberating to be able to have. The right and the privilege in some ways to be able to say yes. This nuclear comes just as Buckingham Palace took an unprecedented step. Opening an investigation into bullying claims against the duchess it was dip into intensely difficult the working environment. A Megan's office is called to report a smear campaign. Critics. Also asking if the public is going to investigate the duchess one up also look into Prince Andrew who faces even more serious allegations. Around his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein under who's who was denied any wrongdoing. In little kick Prince Harry acknowledging the challenges of leading royal life is being on them until the two of those victims are children. And James Longley and is here with us now James we have any clues about why they are investigating those bullying allegations against Megan all and what's the latest on Megan's friends coming to her defense. Did you the Tommy does feel a bit all and it does feel he could be in reaction to the big sit down into view. With Oprah but you know to have didn't these allegations swirling around to sometime around Megan's behavior. Alleged behavior in the pilots who organized by customized -- that beautiful wedding. That we'll Sorin 2018. This investigation circles around an email sent about five months off of that wedding from. That does no private sector has the palace to Buckingham Palace here behind me saying he needs to help us here at Kensington Palace with allegations of putting need to come July agent and they talked about in I members of stuff feeding court humiliated. That being emotional pure cruelty. Directed towards some stuff and we had a time to their several PA seated next. The household completely and the HL apartment was involved site. But that's what that investigating. The difficulty is of course that they can be a whole kind of ones opened and on the principles of a senior member there'll Tommy could end up being involved so investigational succumb to tread lightly and house of Megan's friends always seen a number of them. How old co stalls from six come out on Twitter very vociferously. In her favor saying that basically the role found me the monarchy is outdated. It's overrated. And everyone should believe Megan looked both sides are gonna come out very strongly on this I don't know if the if this interview is gonna help you know change anyone's minds old just that lets people to narrow in camps. Vandals who at them on the weekend. Well may get inherit clearly have had a tough break from the ruff Stanley since they stepped back how this investigation. Yeah do you think impact their fractured relationship moving forward. It's not gonna help to you I mean that I'd and if you can just see behind me that you concede a balcony Buckingham Palace. Every semi see pictures federal Sami normally it's a barrel now about to meet waving at all of us down there screaming we all union jacks. I can't see them being invited back compliment about marketing anytime soon. Thought remember Camilla. Remember how ostracized she lost ruled as years. Now she's not she's part of the found me again such as does this to get as ugly is it could get and I think it's gonna get ready ready ugly. As always a way site we keep our fingers crossed. Like your optimism family drama thing he James. Turning now to the phenomenon of only fans a subscription service at stake in the gig economy to the adult entertainment industry with plenty of mainstream crossover and between each and you're about to meet some people who are using only fans did build their audience and their branch. Some household names. And some folks you haven't heard at least not yet so it helped my friends it Nightline on that show we present a portion of the cooler documentary. Only France selling sex. If you look there's a Bush's peacock motifs here and I have a peacock Comodo so I just want. Using that against them somewhere toned underwear shoes. Only has cleared its seems like there's a desire for like the variation with pornographic type stuff you know. But then there's also this large interest in like people doing everyday activities but like in their underwear were like me can. I like these the reds in the kitchen to assault probably do some red underwear. Here so people are full time only fans creators and I know their accounts that make an excessively 101000 or smothering us. I don't know something but I'm not part of the things. Mom and I are very open with each other my parents are not just missile people sold. Anything that ideal that's no let's talk to mom somebody like I've never get a person before it's sold. I've SkyWest and her opinion on if M mildly curious yes sign him. And I know I'm gonna make money on news that I immediately Indian. I like your fears that I'm right right right after what I appreciate. Should. I couldn't afford Christmas gifts for my Fam leave so. I dropped one little video of my blade I have a thirteen drones that date and then just kind of went from there. Should. Yeah one point three K subscribers. From top one point 2%. I guess a lot of his he's appealing to people's imagination like pieces to be intrigued by the concept of being present for of these like private type things. It's only ten start in the summer between sixteen was. Primarily at last used by fax her parents only did the subscription based flat aren't people pay anywhere from five to 25 dollars a month. In exchange for left being used to get access to enter the contest on their means if you could messages that make yourself known through tips they could actually create things specifically for use only hands keeps 20% and content creator takes on 80% of their earnings. Only fans is massively a part of the pop culture zeit Geist right now. Party be joining an only and as was also huge. He started right around the release. Why not the sands may give us. What was her smash hit in when he twice and he's just a few. Cart maybe he's probably sitting the first person to get. People's eyes and attention on the site and the way that didn't have to do with sex or sex word Carty he announced. Her claim strongly fans and is in scram post she also made clear that she would not be using it. Show her naked body or anything like that Nanette you know I'm staying. The best thing that she posted was a behind the scenes of the filming of the video for walk. In which she see for example her and meg in the stallion this girl flying over me like I'm having snakes and put on their body. Maybe I am I'm Chris Brown so you just in this which man. Only saying it please do it Lonnie love Michael Jordan's mustache. His name was Murphy the only fans come is that they have it at all and only. Belt harness probably the most infamous celebrity to join. Fell off actually getting totally re talking on about it. Big name stars changed so dramatically my income went like this 201819. Tethered life. Only then. Broke out in a very big way 120 this is the year of disconnect. People are dying sport into the sea their craving connection. One of the most fascinating ships just how in the last two years you've seen every day people getting a platform where. On my I'm only AM. And watching them in the movie it's wrong this is look bush branded it let me finish issues and that is. Just found people there's no camera people who know angles soon literally brought into the lives. But first a lot of workers this is their full time job that only keen to make money yet to know how far he would go and where you're not willing to go. You can we come from realize that you put your fans and money and pressure pushed you farther than you wanted to go you can't take that back. You know the exciting news this word regular. I dated someone made me aware that I plan is nominated for milk performance year. I just like being recognized for my work which is nice. So what this is really scans pages and as you can see on just the home page everything I post. I offer a variety of things I offer them. Custom picture is custom videos. Contests and has been this year and giving away its date with me I sell merchandise on my saints fan this is great heap of hundred people. Fifteenth after continued who I think need. And I have sold a lot. Personally and my only fans I see about a 151000 dollar and come. City there are messages here from this isn't new user here so. He's just gotten what my guidelines are for my site. He can message me back and forth but I do ask if you're going to send a picture of your penis which does happen he loves this anonymous nine. I also had two thing ranked college my boyfriend for the week so they'll receive a little extra special attention from. Little things just anything to make you feel like you're spending more time we need anybody else gets because my time is incredibly. Valuable snow yeah it's thanks very need to go to price tag. On that talk. A big thing about studio work that you do is sometimes you just say I got a grin and bear it any deal lot of things you don't want to deal her. I love it but. Only fans allows me to be my own director producer Booker everything I have the ability now to say now I know I can make just as much money sitting at home doing my own stuff. Then I woods getting eight hours on a sat. Working for director let probably don't like. So be successful. On the only change you have to market yourself if kids 24 hours things sometimes and the goal is a hushed and 50000 by my one year mark if there's not I'm. Appreciate. If you ask me who you need any kind of scream dominatrix. So my job. It was to book corporate travel for business travelers at first I was working in Singapore and then I came back to America. It wasn't until I name only friends that I realized that I was kind of wasting my time. I was making more money. Client might scored videos on the only thing is denied was at my age not. So much debate is by making 101000 once I am quitting my jostled by February cyclist. I felt was now might all right. Maybe this really isn't a full maybe this is something that I can actually. They river low. I think within our city it's another summit 2000 my goal is reached now anything else like extra monies until. Weight off my shoulder that's at least the bare minimum but I want to reach frontlines. Think some action plan on thinking you. Colby it we didn't know Biden Seoul march. At the time I was leading I just quit my job Blake. Is it is it going to be over because people were losing their jobs and I'm like okay what's gonna happen. When I tell you that one culprit hit that was my highest paid month it was crazy. Bingo and pads so that's why I say get in now will make your money because we don't know how much longer and trying to be there. Thank specially for sexual tryst. Our thanks to my friends at Nightline for that and now we turn to one man's second chance at life after a devastating battle with corona virus doctors performed the fourth ever post coded lung transplant in the US and we got a rare peek. At 43 male can steal was love and life. As a husband and father active healthy with a zest for life and a sense of humor. But in the spring of 20/20 coated ripped through his household by may mail wound up in the hospital put on Finley. Transponders all this should be that it the option of last resort. Though free of Povich. The virus essentially destroyed his lungs meaning the organ simply couldn't recover you know your lungs are pretty badly damaged from the virus but a rare and risky double lung transplant turned out to be his only hope for survival. Fair and okay. Yeah me feel like you've you've gotten stronger in the last few days. Doctor funky for rot of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago is spearheading the effort. He was the first ever to try this surgery on a coded patient in the US. And just six days after Leo was listed for transplant. There's word of the potential donors. You're heading out. Take a look at the lungs and give a thumbs up. Okay great can you please send me some pictures. Great pride that's great you know so bad the lions aren't usable and it's going to be a gold. Suddenly it's go time. Doctor brought immediately heads delay has room with the life changing news after a harrowing surgery Mayo survives but is still not out of the woods. There is a long brutal recovery ahead. Instead he wanted to hamburger and you get better since his Danvers. Please. They didn't. It went to. You're the best. This. And we followed Lagos recovery for months now and it's been nothing short of breath taking watching his robber action meanwhile doctor Robb has now performed twelve such Kobe lung transplants lay out you'll recall was the fourth and doctor Brad has consulted with other hospitals who in total have now performed more than fifty of these surgeries nothing short of pioneering Madison. Well march is women's history month and one woman making history right now leads the union representing two million service and care workers those so often deemed essential workers who were hardest hit during the collude and shine Mary Kay Henry is the international president of the Service Employees International Union each the first woman to hold that position in the union's 100 year history each thank you for joining us Mary Karen. Glad to be reviewed well let's talk about who makes up the SE I U for your members and and what unique challenges that they faced during the pandemic. Our members are on the. Front lines of Peltier in every shedding hospitals nursing homes and home and community based care. We are in air or downtown office buildings. This janitors and security officers. And we're in public services many of our unemployment claims processors slept overnight. In their offices are processed on any gains during the pandemic and we have our best restaurant workers who are demanding fifteen Ani union. And yet I suspect that they suffered disproportionately. Throughout the pandemic. Yes in wis teary Mary tough year on daily I would receive names are members. Our local leaders and see all across the country any candidate Puerto Rico. We're getting reports have our infection and death. And at our convention we scroll a video tour it for a minute with individual name. To honor the lives that we lost and to rededicate ourselves to organizing on their happened making sure that every service here worker is respected and protected and paid when there were. And yet during the pandemic so many of the jobs lost were by women infected many were calling it does this she session on the SE IU is such. Overwhelmingly female in fact almost 70% female well it take do you think to get women back to work. I think it's really important test in the next action of government. Then there's an investment in here jobs and child care and own your show that. Women who are working our can leave with ease of mind knowing their children and that their parents or their family members with disabilities. And stay safely at home in each year or by a provider. Can also cure for herself we need to values. Here infrastructure in this country like we did Otto in EO job of the last century and that's a way for every Shanle truly benefit from running and recover. You mention minimum wage and as you well know the senate is currently debating the covenant relief bill and as of now raising the minimum wage is off the table won't raise in the minimum waged have meant for people that you represent an eye on what is next in the fight to secure an increase. 725. An hour and nine dollars and when he sent which was going to be the first step. In raising their way up to eighteen dollars by 20/20 five and already. 42% of the American were on that path. We need congress to do its job. And raise wages for the other 60% of essential worker six in Canada through our women. Need more money in their pocket so they can provide for their families and let our children can do better than me. We know the federal covenant relief bill will offer assistance to millions of Americans except for one group and that is undocumented workers who are not eligible she yield argued strenuously for path to citizenship for those who arch. I'm here in the US undocumented what SCI you due to moved this is censorship act forward. Well we in a link our demand for eighteen any unions include a path to citizenship we made that change of order. On rewarding and honoring the sacrifices are essential workers by creating a path to citizenship her five million essential workers who've been showing up during matched. Pandemic who remain on document in. And we fully support have linked arms with our immigration movement racial justice. Women's group. In demand. Comprehensive immigration warm in this country and we're gonna use this moment. Where we showed up in record numbers in November of Y need to demand from elected officials all cross. Our party Republican independent and Democrat that now the time. To make sure that the eleven million undocumented families in this country have wrap and ship we can't crush a virus. In rehab. Workers and families excluded from public benefit and Peltier in this nation and we have to raise wages. For all workers across servers and are sector including every immigrant work. And before I let you go I want to ask you about some news involving Amazon one of the biggest employers in the US. As you know nearly 6000 Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama will be voting whether to unionize the first time this has happened at the company's history each amid d.s warehouse workers do you have enough votes to former union well listening for the future cameras on and and for the future of the labor movement. I think those Amazon workers represented a fearlessness and courage of workers who are on the front lines. I'm showing up to work every day and doing their very best to make sure those of us who have the privilege of staying at home remote at an packages. That we need and I think when they are to form their union in the largest corporation in the world. On they will send a message of hope every Amazon worker can't frankly I'll lose 33 million workers that we're just and I eighteen. It's a message of hope that when you joined together you can make sings it seemed impossible pots and they each are going to be in it out and about bargaining table. And create a job that they can raise their families on and expect that she will do better than they've done and it's huge huge step forward for the American labor. Well as CI EU international president Larry king Henry thank you so much for your time and for your insights. Thank you. And we right back with our image of the day. And before we go to night we want to send out a huge note of gratitude to everyone for taking part in our special stop the hate speech here on ABC news live and now streaming on Hulu should it was a massive undertaking and we receive such wonderful feedback from all of you said tonight should we leave you with this as our image of the day each the lights from a vigil and Fountain Valley, California. Community volunteers forming the words stop Asian hates sharing that message across the country. Tonight as we hope you did the part in spreading love and stocking a hates. That's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories each Angie Chang thanks straining with us.

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