ABC News Live Prime: Monday, September 21, 2020

The volunteers protecting the right to vote; SCOTUS expert: Trump appointee could upend decades-old legal precedents; Faith leaders on grim COVID-19 milestone
52:59 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, September 21, 2020
We're gonna vote on the nomination. And live that senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told us what we'd all been waiting to hear this and it really. In fact. Work much different to. McConnell effectively blocked president Obama's. Why he says it's different this time around Democrats are outraged. Why not just come from Florence. Ever since my political party. Consistency be damned reason be damned democracy. Epic battle. Weeks to come president trump reveals today find women are being vetted. He promises announcement Friday or Saturday they want Joseph Biden says the next president. He's been at some Constance. Remember VG attributes pouring in all week for blues Vader Ginsburg and assets. Lying in state at the US capitol. CDC causing confusion abruptly removing guidance on how the violence went airborne transmission. How about counties time to. News tonight tropical storm vein of bringing heavy rain and flash flooding fears as more. Rain expected. The election protection hotline working in overdrive this season ticket behind the scenes as our democracy finds itself. This to be the nerve center of the election protection hotline in an ordinary and an ordinary election but these are not. And finding. Faith in the toughest of times staggering loss of life 200000. Sold. Our candidate suffering and strength of words our roundtable discussion. Different safely. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis. Thanks so much for streaming with us equal parts grief and reverence in the wake of our Fiji's passing and two very distinct calls for action. What should come next. Depends on the US in the interim justice Ginsburg will line propose that the Supreme Court on Wednesday and Thursday in Lyon stated US capitol. The first woman to ever receive that honor a memorial for the 87 year old is growing tonight and fun of the Supreme Court. Andy inside very seat where she delivered opinions and dissents that fundamentally changed our democracy. A country in black. A champion of gender equality of fierce advocate for voting rights. And the liberal bloc of the court tonight. The debate over global select the next occupant of this he is igniting a political firestorm that could have profound implications on the outcome of the election and beyond. President trump is promising a female nominee by the end of the week but critics are calling out Republicans accusing them of hypocrisy. Our Jonathan Karl lead to solve with the brewing battle ahead. On the steps of the Supreme Court to tributes are coming in inside justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat is draped in black. Outside the political battle to replace her is already well under way. About 24 hours after her death president trump appeared before supporters. Who were chanting fill that seat. He promised he would and that his nominee will be a woman. It will be. A woman a very talented very very good. NPR reported that justice Ginsburg dictator a final statement to her granddaughter. One sentence long it read my most fervent wish. Is that I will not be replaced in telling new president is installed. Today president trump implied the statement was a fake. Crafted by Democrats. So they can better win let's say I mean maybe she did it maybe she did. He said he's going to announce a nominee by the end of the week when I'd much rather have a vote before the election. Because there's a lot of work to be done the president says he is considering five candidates sources involved in the process toll BC news. There are two at the top of the list. Both now federal judges. Amy coney Barrett and barber Le gullah. He met with coney Barrett today at the White House she is from Indiana. And a former law clerk for justice Antonin Scalia. She is a devout Catholic with seven kids. And is strongly supported by anti abortion activists. Her faith came up at her confirmation hearing for her current post. That dogma. Lives loudly within you. And that's of concern. When you come to big issues. Connie Barrett insisted she wouldn't let her personal views. Affect how she interprets the law. It's never appropriate Fred judge to impose that judges. Personal convictions whether they derive from faith back. Anywhere else on the lot or -- go as a former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. She was born in Miami her parents fled Castro's Cuba the president seems to think picking her could be a popular move in a state he must win. She's actually and tissue systemic. She is. But terrific woman from everything I know I don't know what are an attempt to Florida as we look Florida and so should a lot of fingers point. Joseph Biden is urging Republicans to hold off on replacing justice Ginsburg. Until after the election. Among the things he says are in the balance obamacare would his protections for people with preexisting conditions. The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to law just one week after the election. The people of this nation are choosing their future right now they vote. To jam this nomination through the senate he's just an exercise in raw political power. And Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington John it involves this looming battle will boost his campaign but Democrats also sends an opportunity to fire up their own base. I mean on one hand the president is allies certainly welcome headline it is not about corona virus. But there is no question that this is already really energizing Democrats. Including. Some Democrats who were less than overly enthusiastic about Joseph Biden. I think that ultimately the impact is unclear but this much is certain it has intensified interest Lindsay in a presidential campaign. Or interest is really already off the charts. Indeed all right Jonathan Karl reporting in from Washington tonight thanks John thanks to. And on Capitol Hill tonight both sides are preparing for a bruising political confirmation fight in the sun today Mitch McConnell vowing to hold a vote with less than 45 days to go until the election. About two dozen sixteen weeks not months to go until the election McConnell did not allow a floor vote for president Obama's nominees Merrick Garland but. At this moment when a possible vote would take place is anyone's guess they're groups on Capitol Hill. With the very latest. On the floor today Republican leader Mitch McConnell with an unequivocal promise that it will vote on this nomination this year but that's not the position he took and when he sixteen when he refused to consider president Obama's pick to justice scalia's seat months before the election. Let's let the American people this McConnell now says this is different because the senate and the White House are both controlled by Republicans but senator Lindsey Graham as recently as two years ago said Republicans would not take up a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year no matter watt. Yes. And. Opening comes in the last year of president trumps term. In the primary process is started. Will wait to the next election and I've got a pretty good chance. Of being the junior on the record yeah all right hold the tape. But now despite the tape he's calling for the judiciary committee to quickly consider the president's nominee. Telling Democrats I am certain if the issue were on the other foot you would do the same Democrats say it's blatant hypocrisy. Why say it's this rule or that rule and then do the exact opposite when it suits your interests. Why not just come to the floor and say I'm going to do what's ever best for my political party. Consistency be damned reason be damned democracy began. Just admit it. For Republicans would have to break ranks and joined Democrats to block a confirmation. So far two senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska both say this decision should be up to the next president. And Mary Bruce joins us now married got to imagine that Mitt Romney is in there as one who could possibly break ranks with their colleagues who else might be among that group but if that does not happen to Democrats have any power to stop the confirmation. And Mitt Romney certainly is feeling some pressure here he of course famously voted to impeach the president earlier this year so a lot of eyes on him and wondering how he is going to play this also corn Gartner. He is up for reelection in Colorado that is a state that trump lost and voting on this before an election. Could potentially hurt him politically we also just heard moments ago from senator Chuck Grassley he was someone who is considered to be a possible swing vote but tonight he is making it clear he supports moving ahead with the confirmation process saying in a statement make no mistake if the shoe were on the other foot. Senate Democrats wouldn't hesitate to use their constitutional authority and anything else at their disposal to fill this seat as for what Democrats can do. Lindsay they simply do not have much power here at the best tool they have at their disposal as a try to pressure these key Republican senators who may be potentially on the fence. And simply to try to delay the process Lindsay we contentious indeed Mary Bruce thanks so much reporting from the nation's capital. Thank you. And to further drill down on the judges on president trump short list and how it trump appointment could reshape our laws with court deals a law professor and former Supreme Court clerk. Deborah Perle Stine thanks so much for joining us professor. To be you so list or would judge Amy coney Barrett what really know about her judicial record and also her thoughts on hot button issues like abortion Affordable Care Act. And it is voting laws if there's to be a contested election. So I don't judge parent. Has on the bench for very long but she has been on the Arab mentions 2017. She was is Scalia clerk herself when she was the Supreme Court and before she is hurt as a judge she was an academic. So well she on the bench trigger lock her trio is pretty rich she publish a lot is academic. I'm I think there are few things we can probably rely at least I mean she certainly conservative Catholic. And and based on her confirmation hearings another statement seems like quite reliably. Doesn't support a right to abortion necessarily. It unclear whether she would vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade but she'd have written directly on the principles very decisive that is. Can Supreme Court how bound is the Supreme Court white's own prior decisions and she's positioned American democratic. That if the Supreme Court should feel less downed. Then it has historically by prior decisions all of those. Things her alarm bells for people do a would be worried about Roe vs. Wade. And she describes herself for has been described as an original it's. And and and somebody you strictly adheres to that text. Both the constitution and statutes. I'm I think is that pretty reliable concerted she's likely to vote with the conservative bloc on questions like. Statutes like you for health care acted an ally. So it's it's harder to say when it comes to statutory interpretation a little bit. But I think conservatives who view her as a very solid vote. War particularly on social issues they were most out. And that same question been directed at a judge Barbara Lugo who spent far less time than judge coney Barrett on the federal bench what might we expect from her. Absolutely so our god is been on the federal bench for less than a year she served on the Florida Supreme Court old fertilized sitting here. And an armed Florida state courts before and that. I'm ended her career and she was at federal prosecutor to there's much less not only many fewer opinions to look at she's issued. He is since she's been on that eleventh circuit for less than a year she doesn't have a singular record of academic writing that we have for Amy funny there two it's much harder to discern. Sort of exactly what her dues are now that said I think there are some themes that emerged right she's seems to be known as her opinions are consistent. With somebody who is pretty reliably pro business. Most of her cases on the federal bench so our had been in criminal law federal sentencing and certainly with her background as apparel prosecutor. One might imagine her views. Remain relatively pro prosecution. As well I'm. I think it's again harder to say based on record judicial opinions how she would vote. On not so much economic issues by the social issues like abortion. That in that remain such hot button issues for conservatives and rest of the country. About all of its its stake in the Supreme Court has certainly had. Conservative majorities before but now we could see a six to three split how transformative would that be for the court and the country. Yeah it's a great question in a really complicated when I think. This takes the court are pretty high before him really for decades now while it's been quite conservative court. There's game. At least one swing votes so you had circumstances where there could be negotiation between the relatively more conservative justices in a relatively more liberal justices. Over a single justice is and it had the effect up off and certainly with Justice Kennedy now again we see with chief Justice Roberts in powering. A single. More moderate view. As as answer this decisive factor on the court. Without the need to negotiate with a more solid majority in one direction or another there's a risk that the court will be less cautious. Will overturned more precedence will move more quickly will be less concerned about institutional issues and so that's a set of questions that. And to the extent these nominees. Whoever's nominee becomes book or this and it. A confirmation process would certainly want to focus on. More broadly for the country. We can just on the current court and could last decades about. Powell likely it is that presidents like Roe vs. Wade cases from the 1960s and seventies. Will survive but with a very solid conservative majority asserted six to three. I'm and justice is already on the bench who are known to want to opt elevate. The rights of corporations and property and reduce the ability in the power of the federal government to engage in regulation three and administrative agencies like the environmental. Like the EPA the FDA and read that it rested federal agencies. We. Are 1930s. Really OnStar to be called into question in the transformation we have. On court for a long time professor Rothstein thank you so much for incitement really greatly appreciate that. You. And now the latest on the corona virus as we get closer to that milestone no one wanted nor imagine 200000 American lives lost in case numbers continue to grow in dozens of states. To keep yourself safe how far apart should we be from other people initially we were told six feet then the CDC suggested. That's not far enough now they're giving us more mixed messages ABC's Steve us in summing. Tries to make sense of it all. It's heartbreaking figures scientists at Johns Hopkins University are reporting this evening that nearly 200000. Americans. Have now lost their lives to the corona virus the president today in a phone interview says his response has mostly been very good. Beckel and public relations I get myself would be on the job itself. We take it a plus. Joseph Biden was in Wisconsin today giving the president failing grade speed fail to act and and America's favorite worst person any nation in the world. Today the flip flop of information from the CDC continues which isn't helping people trust this important agency. On Friday they finally acknowledged what some scientists have been arguing for months. Posting updated guidelines saying that tiny droplets with the virus. Can travel more than six feet in certain settings like choir practices restaurants or Jim's with limited ventilation. We've known for months the cold it is transmitted when people cough or sneeze but also and they talk and brie and two air assaults this afternoon the CDC took it all back saying this was posted in error and apologized. CDC for back. We weren't ready to put her not the quality of information from these agencies becomes more important. As the weather gets cold. The number of cases is growing at 29 states and the island of Puerto Rico the American people rely on the CBC for clear gotten. Including how the virus is France. And this flip flopping which clearly is about political interference in the scientific process. He makes it much harder for Americans to know what the right things are what they need you to keep themselves. And let's now bring in Steve osu and Sami Steve do we know when the CBC might publish new guidelines. We're not sure at this point there they're not saying where they're going to it when they're going to release these new guidelines but. One thing that public health experts do tell us that all of this underlines Lindsay. Whether it's six feet or sixteen feet that the tiny droplets spread. This points out that wearing a mask indoors is really the best suggestion Lindsay. And saved from your carry those who work at the CDC described themselves as really be an impossible position. You know it it's truly impossible you can't seater here right now because we're on the other side of the building. But on the other side of the CDC near the main entrance there is a protest taking place right now. About a couple dozen people who are outside holding signs. Essentially. Pro testing the president's. Involvement in the CDC a lot of the people who work here complain that they are frustrated that they've never felt so politicized. These are career scientists. Who feel that their work and their credibility. Is being jeopardized by all the back and forth and by all the influence that they're seeing from the administration. Writing. Lots of change and back and forth is right OK Steve us and summing thanks so much for your reporting is always. A rough day on Wall Street today stocks closing sharply lower the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling more than 500 points plan just about 27000. Points that's a loss of one point 8%. The S&P also fell dropping one point 2% today both were on the verge of correction territory. Dimming hopes of the new stimulus plan from Washington fears of a second wave of the virus both here and in Europe contributed to the sale the Department of Justice has. Identified New York Portland and Seattle as quote an darkest jurisdictions. And move comes as the request of president trump who. Aims to strip federal funding from cities and permit anarchy violence and destruction. Or taken steps to get on the police mayors of all three cities in the movie is unlawful and unconstitutional. Now the fight in court. When we come back from this out after she her two year old were bumped off of flight. As a child would not Wear a mask which now wants airlines to do. States of emergency as yet another tropical system takes aim at the Gulf Coast more than a foot of rain expected in some areas. We'll have the forecast and on the ground report but up next. The small army of attorneys working to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can do so. Have their vote counts stay with us. Ovals police chief is declaring a state of a rumored to. Team for his department in advance of the Kentucky attorney general's update on whether or not charges maybe filed in the green on a Taylor case. Taylor as you remember was gunned down inside her home by local police officers who were executing a no knock warrant. Sources tell ABC news decision could happen this week as we're learning that six mobile natural police officers are under investigation by the department's professional standards unit. For their role in the shooting. Election Day is just 43 days weigh in tomorrow. Is national voter registration to switch closer look at the small army of legal volunteers standing by right now. To help you navigate those near constant changes in rules and procedures is here. Devin Dwyer reports that may have up ended our routines but it's not stopping a major effort. Now under way to ensure that everyone who wants to vote still can. So Chris that this would be the nerve center of the election protection hotline in an ordinary auction. And an ordinary election but these are not ordinary times the voter call center at the lawyers committee for civil rights under law is normally buzzing as he stopped packing twenty to you that this is where. Thousands of volunteers this season election season are fielding phone call seven days a week take a look including your name and. Anybody calling about. Twenty Swanee with a tidal wave of voting changes caused by Covert the virtual hotline is busier than ever before. Christa Clark who oversees the program is one of the nation's top nonpartisan election blears. We tend to get a lot of calls from black voters from Latinos and native American voters. Who pays disproportionate rates have voter suppression and voting discrimination. We tend to get lots of calls from states like Georgia and Texas and North Carolina. In army of 121000 nonpartisan volunteer lawyers are working to hotline from home. More than double the number signed up to field calls for years ago we've gotten calls from that. Tens of thousands. And we definitely seen a shift we definitely are getting. More calls from people who are trying to figure out how to vote absentee for the first time. Nadine non premiere is working nightly shifts from her Brooklyn apartment then going to keep you. A little peek into what a remote hotline that's like I have my lacked and I have my monitor here. Or call the hotline and you're not only warning you weren't very well it's on what he certainly by all I only student. I doubt it Iraqis are you calling. Let me it's what old aunt all of them well and Whitney. What are some of the biggest concerns you're hearing right now from voters. It will all but let me you quoted. And I let the credit about it when he. At about eight but it affects me or your local lawyer likes the we'll. Or the pulse of life. Six states have so called use it or lose it laws the cancel registrations of inactive voters. All states are required to clear out voters who have died moved or otherwise become ineligible. At least seventeen million people removed from state registration lists between 2016 and twenty T alone. Advocates say making sure your registration is up to date an active as a key step to take right now. The times folks think about it a little bit too late in the game and so what's good this year is that we. Early and he cancer registration deadlines with people just making sure thank you for calling much protection this is John. John Bennett has helped voters in the hotline for twelve years certainly did that lead up to the action news lock these. Are -- got a lot of questions about the Postal Service there's definitely been folks calling in expressing some concern. Or even Nixon in this. Are advised kiss if you do want to vote you know request your ballot this season. Raising the stakes a tide of misinformation. About mail in voting. Is now 45 states plus DC allow anyone to vote absentee this election as a result of who would nineteen. President trump sowing confusion by recently suggested that voters who mail their ballots this year. Should show up in person on Election Day to vote again there ballot is already in the system. It's never were able to vote twice. That's correct. There's a swirl of unfounded claims about fraud voting by mail has been a regular part of American elections since the civil war. Is there are particularly. Pernicious piece misinformation. That is really kind of started take hold. I'll. I'll. I'll let there will now let it. Not that I out. Well what oh what snare. It out by both Smart. And that that in your vote at. It's a matter of also making good I spent a lot of it keep it quiet. Beat on the ballot Nate you but. It it. Don't let migrates to sign at the bottom. Voter advocates are confident in historic surge in mail ballots this year can produce a fair election outcome. Many worry that some voters might miss out. Make a plan now. You know don't dad caught by a deadline that snuck up on you. That blocks you out from absentee voting make sure you know that deadline for getting registered to vote. Make sure you know when early voting is happening in your state. This year we're encouraging people to not so much stink about November 3 it's election today but really think about October as election season. A season that starts with beauty registered to vote for ABC news live Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that if you've questions about voting is here that hotline number. Is 1866. Our vote still ahead here on five new round of evacuation from one of the largest fires in California history. Allen has returned to TV during this of negative accusations surrounding the workplace culture on our show. Does say about it all and we've put so much about. How much or how little time there may be to confirm a justice with just 43 days until the next election. Well drill down on the history of confirmations. How long it's taken before. But first our post of the day four year old Emmy winner Sunday. Making history. Welcome back everyone and reached out to the battle of the Supreme Court vacancy left by justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Closer look by the numbers at this historic precedent for who nominating and confirming Supreme Court justices. During an election year. Since 18100. Aired in only thirteen election year Supreme Court vacancies. And only six of them were filled the same year but never turn on zero times as a senate nomination and confirmation have been this close to an election. It all of American history only to Supreme Court vacancies came closer to Election Day and in both instances replacement nominations happened. After Election Day on average it takes about seventy days from a Supreme Court nomination. To a final senate vote but for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg he took only 42 days. President trump is expected to announce a nominee late this week about. Forty days before the election. Still lots to get to hear on private NYPD officer. Rested accused of acting as an agent for China and later on compensation which faith leaders. As our nation grapples with the unimaginable. 200000. Lives lost. To Kobe's nineteen. But first here's a look at some of the trending stories on What. Well. It's just a little over six weeks until the November election in two issues what Tony could tip the scales and ultimately decide who wins the White House. After the passing of iconic liberal Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg president trump his vowing to Silverstein will for an Election Day. I'm from the shuttered half more than sufficient. Crossed. I'll. Friday when news room religions and but we're amazing moment discriminated against because of her gender over and over but she never gave never gave up. Ultimately being pointed to the federal court who went to the highest court in the land where she continued her battle for everyone especially for women. To be treated equally. The justice Ginsburg's body will lie at the Supreme Court Wednesday and Thursday and then if he was capital on Friday he Condit interment service next week at Arlington national cemetery is also planning to. The bobcats fired more than doubling in size from last week according to the LA times it is now one of LA county's largest wildfires in history putting from as many resources as we possibly can and fired over a 105000. Acres and only 18% contained in the blazes look at how them destruction in the San Gabriel Mountains plains inching within a few hundred feet from the mount Wilson observatory. Home to southern California's TV showers and fire officials say the earliest they expect full containment is the end of. Yeah. Yeah. And Rachel start Davis had been ought to work driven Florida winter hurricane Sally moves didn't. She was finally able to get a flight home to New Hampshire when her child wouldn't Wear a mask. Yeah. I was exhaust and iris England's innings of the game and it certainly we're not done I don't your policy I can't force zero where amassed an amendment and his base. And I'd like common sense and human decency has ending its hero. And end zone these are all easy. To get her unborn from the flexibility. American Airlines tells ABC news to ensure the safety of our customers anti American Airlines requires all persons two years and older to Wear an appropriate release covering. We've reached out to the family to learn more and and to address their concerns so. The season eighteen in the Ellen DeGeneres show. Addressing allegations behind the scenes of her show was a toxic work environment. I learned that things happen here that never should have happened in Bloomington and very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry and he gold Northampton. Offered an apology to her audience applauded the people understand what I want loss of 270 people and number 270 people help me permission only it is to us. Musical artists that bunnies dobbs in New York City traveling one surprise concert. And he's saying he wasn't moving us. Advani told the party from Yankee Stadium tops our moms. This show and handed outside of Portland hospital to the tribute performance dedicated to health care centers and I also marked the third anniversary of the hurricane Maria making landfall in his native Puerto Rico. Welcome back next in the state of emergency along the Gulf Coast as yet another storm prepares to make landfall in Texas take a look at slow moving tropical storm beta. The Galveston area has already been inundated with heavy rain and is under a flood threat act up has the latest. Tropical storm peanuts will be swapping south Texas. Water rising in parts of Galveston streets submerged we are going to be on the dirty side of this storm system. At least through Wednesday the season's 23 named storm churning surf that range to wait part of the popular 61 street pier in Galveston. It washed up onshore hundreds of yards away. This is the seawall the divide Galveston from the Gulf of Mexico now. Stares. At about fifty yards and act directly in his where that shoreline. You give me but now it's been consumed by next doors are. Made us during huge swells in the gulf. Captured by a polluted near well servicing rigs over the weekend. And that storm surge already in in gaining Surfside beach on Sunday Texas and Louisiana both declaring states of emergency for bait. And Lindsay actually to CDO mayor's powers to track here in Galveston. Actually ripped from the jetty which might see a few hundred yards away you see them splintered wood here but not much damage here in Galveston. More in taxes but. What we're going to see over the next 48 hours or so is data slowly grind its way up at Texas and Louisiana coast going. Right Albany area that virtue Laura. However with rage and wins personal 40000 people in that area without power right now Lindsey. Still 12 punch right matter things you engineers is tracking the storm forced gender another huge rainmaker during this exceptionally busy hurricane season. Lindsay it's already been a slow mover and going to slow down even more bade them very near landfall already pushing a ton of water as he sought toward that Texas coast but now it's going to be dropping a lot so and it makes landfall. A line to take a look those tropical storm warnings that although it from Matagorda bay. Over through Louisiana so south central Louisiana including camera and included the late Charles that got hit so hard at Laura and a flash flood watch. All the way to nearly in the wild and so Keith and Diane all this water as it starts to drop and drop slowly as I mentioned it's the route tonight. Tomorrow. And even on Wednesday. Thursday it's just barely alone that's trying to make its way out of the weeds he canceled me dealing with what's left that they effort couple days at best the gusts will be thirty by forty miles per hour. And really think it's going to be where those heavy hand sent up to six to ten inches. And a just north of Bolivar peninsula. Just north and east of Houston so watch that if you're traveling up to Louisiana. Then we had to check on Teddy a true hurricanes still out there in the Atlantic it looks like it'll impact directly. Canada but here along the East Coast anywhere from South Carolina to mean that season I certainly it's 713. Feet Lindsey. Our thanks to you ginger and NYPD officer has been arrested and is being accused of acting as an agent and take orders from Chinese Government officials at the consulate in New York. Authorities say that community affairs officer allegedly offered to give them inside information about and YPD. Gave them access to senior police officials and reported on activities of Tibetans living in New York City. The officer also serves as an army reservists at Fort Dix. And a suspect has been arrested for allegedly sending president trump a letter at least with potentially deadly rights. Suspect appeared in federal court in buffalo today the FBI arrested her she tried to engine USA from Canada. Letter according to investigators was intercepted at an off site mail facility. And when we return marking America's milestone few 100000 dead in squaring that loss with faith. Stay with us. We hear the bells there tolling at the national cathedral in Washington DC. 200 times over a twenty minute periods of market 200000 Americans. Who've lost their lives she covered nineteen. 200000. Lives lost but more than a number of David in your reports on who they work. Doctor Adeline Fagan from Syracuse, New York. She was just twenty years old and she dreamed of being a doctor since he was a little girl. Ring cooperation. Yeah. And CE. Hugh Grant tacked at. Larry change. She walked across the stage at that's. Also crowd because. You know with perjury and. She was starting her second year of residency in Houston delivering babies during the pandemic and treating Kobe patients in the ER. She started feeling sick and had fought the virus for two months her parents traveling to Texas. I'm cool. Ones he she is an. Instant Easter and you know this. Who she. Meat you eat. Arm. So now she's eaten senior you as well we and even some. There have been so many families forever changed. Helen Jones bullets a trombone player she was a founding member of the international sweethearts of rhythm that's her or on the right. Again again. The sweethearts who the first integrated all female big bands touring the country in the Jim Crow era and during World War II we had breakfast six. 6 o'clock and we start rehearsing at seven. We rehearsed Almeida you know in Florida to more like him was just nine years old they call her kidney. She was going into the fourth grade this year when she got sick. Her mother precaution she it is very. Clear that it just really really appreciate interests. Mary C. Is their careers Jermaine Stevens was a defensive lineman at California University of Pennsylvania. He would have turned 21 years old today he died of a pulmonary embolism ten days after testing positive for Covert. We were sitting in a hospital talking about cold they'd responsible. Kinds of celebration that we continue for his are betting. So to go from that to the kits of the hospital then stay in his mind. And South Carolina twenty year old Dmitry a banister. A third grade teacher singing during a field trip with her students. Should beat this video for students last year animal allowed it. Weighing. But this year just a week after the start of virtual classes. She tested positive. She died three days later Tyler of Bergen was 29 but youth hockey coach in north Texas he began playing hockey. Just seven. At it was through hockey he would meet his wife came. Etoys brand this players. Did he stay and that human beings on the Hazen on. The days he left behind two young daughter widely. And to youth teams mourning their coach. Billy Gilman was the winningest coach of the U Duberstein Houston's history. We need 160 games or southwest conference championships. And leading the cougars to eleven bowl appearances it was that surprise we had to cobble. 1980 that is straight hair. Yes that's right he sought bills. What he gave his word he gave the man totally solar recruit and he would be there to coach and he was security. He got many offers to leave you rates for a whole Lotta money. And his answer every time was I told these players I would be here or recruiter. And that's what India. Gilman was inducted into the college football hall of fame in 2001. In California Brenda Sanchez fought covad nineteen alongside her mother pieces. Fred that made it through her mother picked up her mother was just 54 years old. Sam singing her happy birthday. Okay. Two when Rhett had long worked as a nurse she was living in a retirement community in Florida when she got sick. And which was taken to the hospital for not year old husband Sam getting into full PPD. To see her here. One last time. Innocent. You sweetheart. They were married for thirty years funny Judy. And then after all he's. Brian Sadler from ridgewood New Jersey he worked as a paramedic for 36 years not eleven racing to ground zero is some Thomas. Keystone people and no one dies on my Andrew wants no one dies. In my hospital no one dies under many. It was last year at sixty years old Brian fulfilled his dream of becoming an icu nurse then the pandemic. He was right there on the front lines and Beazer built pop what did you trio was just a year away from retirement. After thirty years as a respiratory therapist at a Dallas hospital. She went into work priestly. Despite knowing how dangerous it was in she kept going and for daughter telling us she would always send gifts and messages and videos. Or is it. Isabel became a grandmother last year and it was fitting that the grandmother would send so many gifts. The last skipped arriving after she passed away for her granddaughter blew up. A pair of shoes. I'm not included know that my mom was he here and that. She stops at nothing to be here foreigners. Our thanks to David. As our country deals with what would have been unthinkable some but just months ago 200. Thousand Americans dead from -- nineteen we check in with three faith leaders to see how their communities are handling this challenging time. And the grief of course it comes along with the joining us now reverend Johnny green. Who presides over a Baptist Church in Harlem New York he mom W Deen Sharif an imam in Irvington New Jersey and rabbi Rachel Payne who leads a synagogue in Manhattan. Thank you all so much for your time. Of course community is so important to the grieving process how challenging. Have these past six months banned for for each of you and your faith communities especially given your limited ability. To see people face to face it like to start your reverend green I understand your congregation. Has lost thirteen members to cove it. Asked Lou thank you tread on me today. Certainly we artists steal rebounding from such any significant allows an. We have continued to do. Out worship and our total church ministry. Of virtually. We have lives to some restrictions we. Only last week we. Made it possible to have funeral services and out church where it's a limited number. Loads participants. And rabbi came to sit question you just to kind of give us a sense of of the challenges in the past few months. Over the last several months very cool there has been. There have been members of our community who have lost. Loved ones to cope and and from other diseases and over these last several months we had to engage in virtual ship buzz. Virtual funerals. We are keeping lit them on trivia there have come out Kyle Love your neighbor as yourself friends and send out. So we're. Taking me conservatives small C approach. Q how we engage in worship handing nobody at the vinegar and how we've had to say divided people over these last six months is a complete anathema. To have Judy isn't normally engages in the morning rituals normally we're together as a community bearing a prison. As soon as possible we've been using technology as best as possible and we're trying to remember people. Imam Sharif the same question to you interest in the difficulty in and how you've been coping the last few months. Thank you floor this writing me to express some concerns there we have. Around what is happening here immune currencies of America and in our hearts this certainly our condolences go around to all of the Graham remembers grow loss. Members of their family and friends. To this school in nineteen disease to 200000. There we are affecting the lives of people are more. We attempt to do is a game. Reach out as my as my colleagues in chili pepper in Paris and we reach out on the bridge desert mountain which we call me really needs. Can we tried to provide social services. In reform or food for people that may need meals. Might be that people sometimes will need in order to pay their rent. All of these are factors that we have to take into consideration and civil. We try to provide some compassion is psychological relief to people in a formal providing social. Our networking that is associated with delivering messages that will hopefully give people hope in the midst of all of this despair. And imam lie I have you just would ask you as you try to be a pillar of strength in your own community who or what. Do you lean on in particular as a source of strength for you. Where our our primary source of strength of course is god and new media means by which we. Do for you we'd be begin to give that source of strength of course is primarily through prayer. And so for us in the Muslim community. Here we have a prescription or are praying five times a day and of course this Kroger in nineteen situation. Has limited our access to. Not only being able to come out to the mosque fortify prayers and we're checking armies are sort decimals important factor is to make sure. There regionally in Orange other we demeanor on god in region meet on the bulk business owes you we're giving guidance to a fate. And rabbit and the same question to you if there's a particular person in particular prayer. That you have. And relied on an and lean on in leaned into during this time. I think people I leaned into our morning and afternoon and evening prayers similar to what he months and then. Idea that we come together our neighbor Tina ritualized basis even though people aren't coming together physically we've been able to remain connected virtually. To say the morning MO EUR and ING morning prayers and amp OR and I Angie morning prayers together. The ability to think about what are the prayers and we're trying to lift up and over the last month. We've been. Is sounding the show far is that ram's horn as a call to action that. Where we are right now is a world is not where we want to be and we need to use that show far that sound to. Change our own pays. And to know where we need to go and then just think where we going as a community and so being a little rely on the scientists and doctors in my community. Has also been a tremendous source of strength for me. And rabbi while I have you as well of course our country. Continues to mourn all of these lives in so many right now particular. Are mourning the passing of our BG. Is there religious significance of her dying as the sun set to begin Russia Shana and begin a new year the new beginning. And the loss of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was. So painful hurt us for all of us as Americans no matter where you are in the political spectrum. Her tenacity. On and when she gave to so many in this country in terms of the qualities I think that can't be understated and having her diet and Arab pressure Shana of the Hebrew phrase in the evening ready before it means two things for me for some others that notion that she let lived if the lights are bright side the apparatus anyone who dies. Rate before Russia China is known is that he everything is on Russia shun and we ask to be written in the book of life. And that means last year RV he was written for an entire complete year humans given the smallness of the year to live out her legs and I hope that we can live on her values. And reverend green of course you know. All two wells we go back since the idea of this pandemic king a black Americans and especially hard you've said that you've never seen anything like this. How do you help your congregation makes sense out of all the loss at this time. Well. You know but colleagues who owns line and in ministry would meet today they have both stated what made major tenets of our streets is Torre. End we do a lot of training in our irrigation I do a lot of personal. Trained and just knowing that this world. Is not the only a world that we have hope created in Oscar to see is if in this we're older we apple. We are mean and women most miserable and so our hope is built on nothing less than and in the love of god and is righteousness. And we draw strength from out. Conviction would cranks. And he mom next question to you it and we'll probably end here to register the reverend talk about hope. And of course you've you've all been talking about you know the word how how that gives you hope for those two or who are looking. Four for some hope right now what would you say specifically a month. And one of the messages that we've been focusing on during this time of Kobe ninety. Recall. Throughout is the refinement of human character. In that is to developing. The position. Or people with morals and ethics in character. So that the best arm are human character or shine through. In the midst of all this darkness and I think that is a light that sometimes people who are looking for. They're looking for someone to care you're looking for someone to have empathy. And in looking for someone that will bring them best sense of connection to the human family. And I believe that the message that your delivering today. Is also a listing of hope. Meaning that you have three face coming together in Europe 33 leaders of states that are coming together to deliver a message of hope. And hopefully everybody within these universal damaging relate to. And universal family is right rabbi aim will get ill last word here as far as those looking for hope what do you say. Every week we say a prayer for our country we say a prayer for peace and somebody wants that to me rabbi why we keep saying these prayers if we don't see a lot of change. And I said then and now we stop betraying his and then it we've lost all. So I'm really continue to pray those words I'm gonna continue to hope for change and then I'm gonna get to work. Which my fellow community members to make tomorrow better than today. Our faith leaders in. Our universal family we thank you so much for your whiz Don and for your time tonight. Fair if you think you. And before we go tonight our image of the day a statue of a fearless girl with a lace collar honoring a fearless woman this is one of so many tributes that we're seeing this week. As justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is remembered and that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks much for streaming with us and good night.

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