ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, January 07, 2021

How the halls of Congress were overtaken; US reputation damaged on a global scale; ADL head: Extremists could disrupt inauguration
58:32 | 01/08/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, January 07, 2021
87 foot tall fence may not be too little but it is certainly too late workers install barrier around the capital a day after a mob of domestic terrorist who call themselves patriots caused a deadly riot in the name of Donald Trump. Soon removed from office the growing calls from both Democrats and Republicans together president trump out. Forty cause any more damage even with only thirteen days left in office many in congress putting the blame directly on trumped for the may life. His closest allies breaking from him while multiple cabinet members and White House officials resigned. She's new pictures and video show the attack on full piecing together the timeline many fine minute what we're learning about the identities of those in the mob. And concerns of the violence is in power far right extremists and white Nationalists to commit further acts. Security failure. Examining what did happen that could have prevented the deadly violence power capitol police so unprepared for a protest they knew was coming. She double standard and why so many Americans are outraged over the lack of a police response after summer when many peaceful protesters. Mend its uniforms. And while Washington is in an uproar. More Americans died today than any other day since the civil war. More than 4000 lives lost in the last 24 hours from corona virus and its relentless friend and this. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us. Democracy dies in darkness that phrase was coined by a judge in Detroit right opinion about the dangers of secrecy in government so in that same vein tonight we wanted to offer some illumination. Behind me are the faces of all of the 147. Republican lawmakers eight senators and 139 members of the house. Who voted to overturn election results in the middle of the night on one of the darkest days in this country's history. Their objections came just a few hours after an artist and song storm the US capitol and despite the fact. That the results had been certified by all fifty states that dozens of judges found no evidence of fraud. And that the results were confirmed by multiple election officials on both sides of the I'll. As a free and fair election. It just before dawn and on the very floor in orcas briefly took over hours earlier. The other 387. Members of congress confirm Joseph Biden as the next president of the United States. A vote senate majority leader Mitch McConnell called the most important in his 36 year history. Tonight coupled with anger and sadness questions remain about how seems like this were allowed to happen a noose hanging from a makeshift gala. And why capitol police with a budget of roughly half a billion dollars signaling blend it all play out. The president has just spoken publicly finally condemning the writers after more than 24 hours of silence. Many in his own party now accuse him of inciting this behavior and members of his own cabinet have begun to resign. Tonight there's even talk among Republicans. If the president would just thirteen days left in his presidency. Should be removed from office I Jonathan Karl leads us off. Clearly. As his supporters swarmed the capitol building president Truman was in the White House Washington. Hold on television. ABC news has learned that the mayor of Washington called the Pentagon pleading for help. Desperate she then reached out to the president's advisors. The same time congressional leaders made the request to vice president Mike Pence but trump praised his supporters even as he told them to go home. So go home. We love you you're very special. But tonight the White House released a very different message the demonstrators who infiltrated the capital. Have you filed the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law you'll today it came as Democrats called on vice president pence to invoke the 25 amendment. To remove the president by a vote of his cabinet because he is mentally on fit. And back and fighting sedition as he did yesterday. He must be removed from office. While it's only thirteen days left. It any day. Can be a horror show for America. That doesn't happen Democrats say he should be impeached. An option some Republicans in congress are privately discussing as well according to multiple Republican sources. Members of the president's cabinet have had detailed conversations about its 45 amendment according to sources familiar with the discussions. Although it is considered unlikely to happen. Today former chief of staff John Kelly said he would vote to remove his old boss. In protest which shouldn't. It ended in it didn't discuss this what happened on Capitol Hill because there's a direct result is that poisoned the minds of people with the what is about. The fraud. Today one cabinet official resign transportation secretary Elaine chow. Wife of senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. She said what happened yesterday quote. Deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside former members of the trop administration. Placed blame squarely on president trump. Former attorney general bill Barr a staunch crop loyalist before he left office two weeks ago said quote. Orchestrating a mob to pressure congress is inexcusable. The president's conduct yesterday was a but trail of his office and his supporters. And scathing words from former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who said after Joseph Biden is inaugurated on January 20 quote. Mr. trump will deservedly be a man without a country there's also been a reckoning among trump loyalists in congress. Outgoing senator Kelly left lurk had planned to objective Biden's elect oral votes but changed her mind after the capital riot. There can be no disagreement that upholding democracy is the only path to preserving our republic. Field for. Senator supported her decision to look at him to president. So did vice president pants still more than half of house Republicans voted to overturn the election. And so did a handful of Republican senators including Ted Cruz. And Josh Hawley who was seen raising a fist in solidarity. With trump supporters. Shortly before they stormed the capital. Today other Republicans called their actions shameful. You have some senators. Back to. For political advantage were giving false hope to their supporters of these senators as insurrection has literally stormed the capital sending out fundraising emails. Jonathan Karl joins us now from the White House John if impeachment or invoking the 25 amendment made both proved difficult would just thirteen days left in Trump's term what other possible scenarios are there on how these final days can play out. Wool one. Thing I had several people close to the president and Republicans on Capitol Hill talked about is to essentially try to box the president out. To basically. Not deal with him in to deal with the vice presidents that is if the vice president were were an acting president of course. That's not how our system works. But right now our congressional leaders are simply not talking. To the president of the United States I know for a fact. Did all day today the four top Republican. But the four top leaders in congress. Have not spoken to the president so they are effectively. You know dealing directly with the vice president and hoping. The nothing worse happens but nobody I've talked who has ruled out either that's when he Fifth Amendment being invoked. Or impeachment the Republicans. Not ruling that out which is really tells you. How extraordinary the situation is. Write a day after day just seems like unprecedented. Territory Jonathan Karl our thanks to you. Thank you. In those take a step back and actually watch that video in its entirety of the president finally conceding which John just mentioned. I'd like to begin by addressing the heinous attack and the United States capitol. Like all Americans I am outraged by the violence. Lawlessness. And mayhem. I immediately deploy the National Guard. And federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. America is and must always be a nation of law and order. The demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defile the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country and to those who broke the law you'll today. We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high. But now tempers must be cooled. And calm restored. We must get arm with the business of America. My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue. To contest the election results. Might only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. In so doing I was fighting to defend American democracy. I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws. To verify the identity and eligibility. Of all voters and to ensure a faith and confidence it all future elections. Now congress has certified the results a new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. 20/20 has been a challenging time for our people a menacing pandemic has up ended the lives of viruses. Isolated millions and downs damage our economy and claim countless lives. Defeating this pandemic in rebuilding their greatest economy and Aaron it will require all of us working together. It will require a renewed emphasis on the civic values and patriotism. Face charity community and family. We must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family. To the citizens of our country serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime. And do all of my wonderful supporters. I know you are disappointed. But I also want you to know that our incredible journey is totally just beginning. Thank you god bless you and god bless America. Joining us now is senior editorial producer Johnson Tucci John what a sharp contrast with the video that the president released yesterday. While the protesters were still in the capital. And now. Nothing. In this speech just now about how the election had been stolen he's only talking about. Smooth transition and conciliatory told can you give us a sense of any kind of insight that you have is to the kind of pressure. That he had on him in order to making this statement and is if it's too little too late. We'll definitely intense pressure and be good evening Ito that this suit in all pay people from last night. You know remember we had several these days of tramp reacting we have between eat data the first statement that came out. A little past 3 o'clock yet Trier here as protesters were storming across the capital. That he didn't advise yours and poke a capital that was not and we had a video everyone against it was not. I think that it took almost 24 hours this president to come out and do something as we have seen. You could not being a great day for Donald Trump member cabinet has resigned almost half a dozen. Administration official pepper our sources Kelly BC news. That other people are considering resigning still sweeping the White House and the trumpet broader administration. But he's been under intense pressure to do that I am told by seniors tour is that throughout the day he lobbied to do this. Trump president daughter and senior advisor she worked in the office right about the local office or Greek. She was one of the people pushing the president to get out here and do something because. Let's not forget when Donald Trump police off their. Shall train the Trump Organization they were so many things that will be impacted here. Because of the damage that was done year history they know that the current gambling is not. Stupid they have become very you know days. From now this. Political neophyte to where they've grown over the last several years they know they were getting old Cole history and you've got to do something you've got to get out. Got it down here and tell your father Dick there's. And I think that Goldstein a year in new video tonight but your second question wouldn't be needed most certainly too little too late and the one name. Among many that is missing from that video bill mention or at least a recognition. Well chilled by it he means is lifting from those two minutes and 41 seconds that we hear present in trump speaking tonight. And so you believe that it's the children ultimately can still do have his ear and able to really influence is our interestingly his children were there are yesterday at says he was encouraging an egging on. If his supporters telling them to be strong encouraging them to be forceful till march there. To the capital and yet in this video that we just heard him where he's saying he's outraged by the result but you feel that it's the children who who ultimately have the influence. Well at this point when deedrick not many people lack. Remember we have been reporting over the last several weeks that the number staffers is decreased unit building around the present use dwindling we reported over the last 24 hours. It very few people have been showing up to work again as I mentioned earlier more people are resigning and got much property and that the day. The lead in the Hamels. Me and believe in loyalty we talked a lot about 00 or the courts. This is seeing scenario that we can witnessing. Take over Washington. And it ended the day. Donald Trump family is his closest advisors it will be only birds with him they are glide. Actor this is all over silk. Being hacked to be the ones could go to their father in case you need to do it and it's part of the White House inner circles concerned I mention which. He'd just gotten simpler mark meadows packed a Bologna the White House counsel CQ. Only to neutral indeed work it creek in the Oval Office yesterday. Who knew what the president to do something because that you were built one. Taking calls from Capitol Hill president trump though he spoke to some people yell leader Kevin McCourt because the credit on her yet it would George Stephanopoulos. Jake get through the president many people that we're trying to call the president. Could not get group Chris Christie also told us that you tried from twenty by next to get her to the White House to ward occurred. He's something at the National Guard troops doubt they and that the one indeed looked at like everything else that we reported are. We're Donald Trump over the years it's gonna require back act. What he can't read the top the video that he immediately sent the National Guard that is simply not true art sources. Static we have pulled out at the president wrote up the effort should and the National Guard. It took almost two hours after or. After the house and place closed down accurately people all. It sounds like it was my cat litter that ultimately did that it was the vice president Vickie that signal. It yet that's exactly right now it now writes for the president rebuffed it in Vatican in Connecticut but it wasn't that. Com put it in the paper ordering it could Lapierre. He didn't stand in the bay and as you said once the warm to actually think the troops tickle the capital again this constituency under control. Johnson Tucci reporting in for us thanks as always John. The scenes from the nation's capital yesterday really surreal to watch unfold our Martha Raddatz was on the ground throughout the day and tonight brings us new images indeed tales of what went on. In the halls of the capitol. This is the moment this siege began a violent month of Trump's supporters swarming the entrance to the capitol grounds. Overwhelming police officers milking barricades to the ground or. And surging towards the seat of American democracy and I'd trump flags and waving in the air. Do not they converged on the capital stealing the scaffolding surging ahead amid clouds of tear gas. Taunting screaming swearing. Hurtling themselves towards police again quickly overpowering damn smashing windows. Climbing inside. And letting the hallways of the capital a reporter from I TV in the thick of the melee. Weapon of morning. LeBron. Still it for a month. They broke into the. Office of the speaker of the house holding up the sign they had smash. This man caring all off the speaker's podium itself and Richard Barnett of Arkansas. Putting his feet up on Nancy Pelosi is desk and then making off with an envelope with her letter hand yeah. Upper corner on. Yeah. Her for congress members themselves hours of sheer terror. Below OC vice president Mike Pence whisked to safety lawmakers barricaded inside that chamber. Officers with guns drawn trying to keep the rioters out. Members ultimately finally now. Rushing demonstrators. Some wearing gas masks over their heads to protect themselves. Seeking shelter in their offices. We are heard them outside. We are concerned they're gonna break down that do work. The end I picked up a baseball bat that's all I had to and protect myself in the event they broke into the office. As the violence and looting continues. One of the women who was shot dead by police as she tried to climb through a window. Tonight we are learning her name Ashley Babbitt an air force veteran. It is still hard to believe that it was the president of the United States himself who sent this crowd to be capital. In citing big day of rage. It walked out and I'll be there with you we're gonna walk down. Because you'll never. Take back our country with a weakness you have to show strength and you have to be strong. But trump did not go with his followers he went back to the White House to watch the events on television. He had hoped to prevent the inevitable congress counting the electoral votes and certifying Joseph Biden as winner of the election. At 8 PM with smoke still hanging in the air. Congress went back in to session determined to complete the people's business let's get back to work. Lawmakers clearly shaken. Utah senator Mitt Romney unsparing. As he denounced the chaos as an insurrection in sided. By the president of the United States. We gather. Due to very selfish man's injured pride the best way we can show respect. For the voters who were upset. Is by telling them the truth. Lindsey Graham once denounce trump only to embrace and defend him at every turn. But of violence the wrong of trump supporters storming the capitol was a bridge too far. All I can say. Is count me out enough is enough Joseph by. And Connell and parents are lawfully elected. And will become the president and the vice president. And in the United States. On January 20 and did the wee hours vice president Mike Pence made it official. The votes for president of the United States are as follows. Joseph. 306 vote. Donald. 232. Votes. Our thanks to Martha for that enjoy this now is California congresswoman Maxine Waters congresswoman thanks so much for your time. Figure Collins Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both calling for vice president pence to invoke the 25 amendment to remove the president if that does not happen. They have threatened to impeachment is impeach a president in just thirteen days a realistic option. Well let me just say that. Not only the members of congress and lead a closely. Are just absolutely. Outraged and our product by the attack on the Asia. Plumbing. You know mobbed yesterday. And yes they're going to try. Everything that they possibly can to make him accountable and so yes attempting to try to invoked. The 25 amendment is something that should be try to. Be impeachment that is being talked about. If there are ways by which teach get the impeachment resolution upon the talks without having to go back through committees and of the kind of organizing that was done. When it was tri band you know perhaps that can be done. I support what ever it. The whatever attempted I don't hold the president accountable yet just got to be difficult. Which such as sharp timeframe. But I think the American people want to see your response they want to know. That we are as outraged as they are and that we are attempting to make him accountable. And you said that you had an hourlong conversation with a capital chief of police for days ago where he assured you that they were ready. What happened. Absolutely absolutely. This conversation that I had with it and what the result. Of my bringing up the issue and the Democratic Caucus meetings. Where. You know we needed to know more about what the security plan wants. And so you know aloft brand who is a chair of our administrative. Committee. I had him call me. And this is but I had the hourlong conversation within the first thing SAT him is. You have to make sure. That they do I just the plaza. And he's good don't worry about that we've got that covered they certainly will not. I've raised about you know managing other questions within including me. You know whether or not. He was going to secure the buildings and perhaps have. Police on top of the building because oftentimes that's where strikers go the attempt to assassinate our to target individuals. He said well they can't get up on top of the building they would have to go pro the building. At ought to get on top but then of course we saw that they scaled the outside. And they broke the windows and knocked. Over the doors and got into the building. One in the chambers of the house and the senate. Statutory. Ruled that we have without the statute and it expects to her home Lee college and general arm. Yes we had this conversation it was Lance Bass I question him about not only the and you know securing the building to. What also questioned him about whether or not he knew. Who what by large armed break a terrorist organizations. They becoming. The I told him and he should have known that the cowboys were already in channel. I doubt whether or not he knew what other organizations affiliated with they attempt to keep out. Some of these domestic terrorist organizations. Such as what you saw and South Carolina. Anxious rhetoric rhetoric Sandra. Adam. He'd get not have been named the group. He said they have approximate that which they do permit change. And they do not have to identify as a Kook an individual can come in and and fill out the paperwork and get assigned to an acceptable. A location for protest anxious that they don't ask bar. A location they will choose one for them. I questioned him about whether or not they would block all. The this street. In front of the cannon building and the longworth building he told me know that we're not going to do that. That that the Second Amendment Rights. Had to be picked at first amendment rights until I had to be protected I asked him about gun. And whether or not some of these. Individuals who come from gun Kerry states. Could possibly be bringing guns then to the vote as you get well it we see a gun if they declared guard we will arrest them. I was a little bit of easy about that and since I've got no indication that any surveillance are intelligent. There was being done but. He did say. And ensure me that they had it under control to the point where even if there were opposed and organizations. The police would be stationed. On the grassy area in ways that they could pre bid. Any confrontations on and on developed through the police chief Eddy can we got it we got it on the control. And lastly congresswoman I read something yesterday and it really struck me and has stayed with me written by a black person who said we're not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us we are asking you to not shoot us like you don't shoot them. You certainly been in congress thirty years seen a lot. What are your thoughts on the hypocrisy and double standard that so many are talking about in our society as far as if the rioters yesterday had been black how the outcome most likely would've been much different. Well I'd read it as something of similar to that part I've basically tweeting. If they're connected black slash Max. You know acting in the way that. A BOP group and the proud boys and a white privilege prayers. Had scumbag capital. What you think would have happened do you think you know in essence they would have gotten completely pitch. And you know I've got to kind of response is where you know everyone was head of course. We know they headed and so many weight blood would be all over the plate they would be killed they would be shot. Everybody believes. And knows that blacks are treated differently even when they're people believe protested. And show. We also know that. You know why to feel more comfortable. End their protest that they will not be shot and killed that's why they were so braid had going into our chambers. And the one that went into and and that it will resolve this instead in the chair. On Iran and aren't they don't think but one minute that they've got to be killed. In the way that we know that black. Possibly could be. Representative Maxine Waters and thank you so much for your time glad you're safe. You're welcome to you. Law enforcement says that they're working to hunt down the rioters who stormed the capitol building but there's some tough scrutiny over the stunning security failure in Howell was even permitted. Even after signs it for weeks some attending the rally could pose a threat here's ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Tonight federal agents and police releasing these images. And a desperate hunt for the people scene inside the capitol during the siege. Do not good. You last night. And tonight grew learning just how dangerous the situation was. More than eighty people arrested five firearms recovered including a military style assault rifle. Two powerful folks in pipe bombs an eleven Molotov cocktails. Which authorities say were quote ready to go and there may be national security implications. Federal prosecutors saying today patrolman items stolen including potentially sensitive information. The new details coming as their tough questions about what was by all accounts a near total collapse of security. The men and women of the metropolitan police department went into a situation that was already out of control through a post warning of violence both social media. And right wing web sites from groups like the book blue and the cowboys. To anti defamation league put out a release earlier this week. Outlining specific threats to members of congress as early as December 19 president Tom encouraging supporters to come tweeting. Be there will be wild more than fifty officers were hurt clashing with the mob. But they're also videos that appear to show promise is moving the barricades aside. No another one in their wired herself the bipartisan outrage. Senate majority leader McConnell saying steps have to be taken to address the quote shocking failures. The couple's security posture and protocols. Peter Thomas joins us now appear those weapons found so this actually could have been much worse than what unfolded ultimately what concerns does law enforcement have about the days and weeks ahead especially with inauguration. Less than two weeks away at this point. Does it does concern is very real law enforcement officials say that they will be deploying an additional 4000 National Guard. To the city by the weekend law enforcement is taking no chances. With the inauguration coming up Lindsay. Our thanks to Pierre Thomas and Joseph this now is the CEO of the anti defamation league Jonathan Greenblatt who wrote an op adding time magazine entitled. Whites of premises and he is a domestic terror threat that will outlast trump Jonathan. Thank you so much for joining us now ear op Ed you write while the attack was shocking it was not surprising. In the five years since Donald Trump descended the escalator at trump tower. We have seen an unprecedented and abnormal rise of violent right wing extremism in the US and beyond. The president is leaving office in thirteen gains meaning that he's gonna lose that bully pulpit. If it's his words that help inflame the situation why do you think that this threat won't just go away when he does. Well. White supremacy existed before Donald Trump and it will continue after Donald Trump leaves office in two weeks. I think the challenge we have is that he does so amplified. This issue. He has literally given free rein to these individuals and embolden extremists across the board. White supremacists anti government activists boot using its Q would not. Conspiratorial. Theorists. All of and he has encouraged. She egged them are at the steps of the capitol yesterday. To the point where they literally stormed deceit our democracy. What's worrisome is that were reducing chatter two nights. About how white supremacists and extremists. Want to disrupt the inauguration. In two weeks. So when. Ray and many people have been. Concerned now about the inauguration and this certainly though is not just an American problem as evidenced by that horrific mosque attack in New Zealand were 51 people were killed so. Would you agree that this is much bigger than president trop. It is much bigger than president trop I'm optimistic that president Biden. One of the first since he will do as clear as day and his inauguration. We're particularly this big global terror threat. And leverage the full force of the federal government as you said it's a domestic and global problem. We need to Justice Department and the state are. The FBI and the CI because there are links you know there were European white supremacists marching in Charlottesville. I'm guessing we'll find out they were here yesterday as well so we've got to realize this is a terror threat and needs to be treated its. Now we believe that many of those riders who ransacked congress are now leaving Washington would you recommend that they be charger have these groups been so emboldened that that might not even move the needle does. No unarmed black US are probably this was an act of terror and every individual who participated. Who stormed the capital. Who desecrated as are sort of temple of democracy. They should be identified. Arrested and prosecuted. To the fullest extent of the law the only way that we can turn back the type on this violent extremists. Is by reversing what Donald Trump has stuck. I mean he is responsible for this for elevating these individuals so what we need to do who's to say to Bennett typically. Do policy let alone through statements that violent white supremacy has no place in the public conversation. The who's who engage these activities well based on all force of the law and that America is no place. And beyond that specifically any other thoughts as far as how the Biden and Harris administration should tackle this. Well again I think you're gonna want to see a full investigation. Of what happened on Capitol Hill because. Indeed law enforcement in some of the capitol police officers fought bravely and they were assaulted. Brazenly and in broad daylight. By this by this mob in this organized attack. At the same time I don't understand why the federal government wasn't better prepare. I cannot grasp how the waited law enforcement response from black let's matter protests they basically we're not nearly as well prepared for yesterday. Well I should say one other thing. You've government cancel the all of whom alone we need a whole society approach and social media companies need to step up. They spoke in Twitter should bin Donald Trump. Not for twelve hours went for two weeks they should be kept him permanently. Because access to those platforms is a privilege. And I got to tell you inciting violence against the US government I think you lose that privilege and he should lose it permanently. Jonathan Greenblatt thank you so much for your insight we appreciate it. Thank you. And when we come back to global shock after the capitol was ransacked by Americans has has tarnished our image abroad for good. Copper prices is only getting worse for the first time we have crossed more than 4000. Dead in just 24 hours as that mutant super cope restrain. Is detected in even more places and up next so many calling out what appears to be a racial double standard would how law enforcement handled yesterday's riot. We take a closer look. Welcome back with so much chaos and confusion yesterday we want to take a step back and look at exactly. How the day unfolded how the halls of congress were overrun so easily. And with that renewed scrutiny over how police responded to the rioters compared to sell many troubling scenes and our nation streets in recent months. Here's ABC's juju Chang. When the day dawned in DC the nation expected a very different kind of drama to play out with some Republicans planning to object to the Electoral College vote count. By mid morning thousands of trump supporters were gathering for so called save America march not far from the White House. There to protest president since November election defeat just fourteen days before Joseph Biden's inauguration. At noon the president took to the stage fueling the fire of anger in dissent. We will never give up we will never concede it doesn't happen. He called on congress to reject election results and election he lost by seven million votes but continues to call Briggs despite zero evidence. We're gonna walk down. To the capital. Ever take back our country with a weakness you have to show strength and you have to be strong. Meanwhile at the capitol armed crowds gathered and police would grossly under prepared for what was about to happen. Despite the known threats posed by some protesters. Not a big America. The vice president at United States. By 130 the house and senate broke off to debate separately. After GOP representative Paul goes Sar and Texas senator Ted Cruz objected to Arizona's Electoral College votes for Joseph Biden I rides. Quote for myself and sixty my colleagues to object to the counting of the electoral. Ella from Arizona. On the senate side majority leader Mitch McConnell bluntly confronted his Republican colleagues. Orders. The court. And the states. But all spoke. If we overrule around. It would damage our republic. For over. As debate continued inside. Outside president some supporters were arriving and the mood had distinctly changed. Demonstrator soon climbing the walls and scaffolding violently confronting law enforcement. It was clear that the crowd was intent on causing harm to walk officers by deploying chemical irritants or police. While inside the vice president was in this two week by the Secret Service. As the mom who. The entire capital when it's a long day. But protesters were already inside. Some carrying confederate flags. The law enforcement presence was no match for the sheer size of the invasion. And now many facing criticism is images of them showing little or assistants are emerging. This man taking a cell feet with a capitol police officer as other police stand nearby. In the house chamber lawmakers huddled in the balcony as armed security barricaded the dork. At one point shots fired a protestor hit she eventually dies they brought out a woman on a stretcher rushed her inside we did see. A blood gushing. Smoke coming from over brother now. For hours while his supporters rampaged through the capital breaking onto the senate floor in to Nancy Pelosi office the president said nothing. By 4 o'clock president elect Biden publicly called on trump to stop the mom. I call on president sharp. Go on national television now. To fulfill his oath. And defend the constitution. And demand an end to the. They see each. This later trump released a video statement full of lies about the election but telling them to go home he was eventually taken down from all social media sites. I know your pain. I know you heard. We had an election. That was stolen from us. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you are very special we love you. You are special. Little worse the president about the people that are just stormed the capitol building. So it very strange turn of events. By 5 o'clock law enforcement had started reclaiming control of some parts of the capitol grounds. Multiple sources telling ABC news president trump repeatedly refused to send in the National Guard before finally agreeing in the late afternoon. 6 o'clock a citywide curfew ordered by the mayor went into effect. A total of just fourteen arrests by capitol police thirteen for suspected unlawful entry into the capital. DC police saying they carried out 26 arrests on capitol grounds but much of the trump supporting mob simply walked away. A stark contrast from the past summer in Lafayette park. We're largely peaceful black lives matter of protesters who met with the military shield force. Physical confrontations. Heavily armed and are merge national Guardsmen lined up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The double standard on how law enforcement responded glaring me a parent's and not only in the nation's capital. Over this summer in Kenosha police officers at a protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Gave armed white teenager Kyle written house water and they shot in fields to. People. His lawyers say it was self defense. NBA players had protest of Blake's shooting last summer by walking off the court. And again last night dismayed by the perpetual double standard when it comes to police response. The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat walking off the court before the game. Teams issuing a joint statement before returning to play saying the drastic difference between the way protesters this past spring and summer were treated. And the encouragement given to today's protesters who acted illegally. Just shows how much more work we have to do. Our thanks to Judy you and your cell is Rachel Scott inside the capitol building she was there at yesterday's right and also laughing it's wherein several other major black lives matter protests over the summer. Regional can you compare for us the major differences between what you saw with how police handled yesterday. Vs some of the events over the summer. Well Lindsey the size of the demonstrations were similar but the response. Was completely different we saw a law enforcement here at the US capitol yesterday just completely overwhelmed when we on the air together. Just this past summer as protesters took to be very seeing streets protesting and in the inning for racial equality in this country we saw a massive law enforcement presence is on National Guard suited an armored up ready to go the entire perimeter around the White House was fenced off and and you had gotten one day when the president. Decided to take a walk over to saint John's church that area completely cleared. Peaceful protesters forcibly removed so tonight so many are asking what if those protesters and rioters here in the capital yesterday had been black many say that the outcome would have been totally different Lindsay. Different entirely we can imagine Rachel Scott our thanks to you. Thinks. And here on. Or at least a glimmer. Hope in the latest economic numbers and that we take a look at the red mark. Full career of the next potential attorney general by the numbers the first. Our tween of the day a blistering statement from Michelle Obama part of her statement reads. And for those who call others un patriotic for simply taking a knee and silent protest. For those who wonder why we need to be reminded that black lives matter at all yesterday made it painfully clear that certain Americans are in fact allowed to denigrate the flag and symbols of our nation. They've just got to look the right way. Welcome back everybody now take a closer look behind the numbers it Biden's nomination of judge Merrick Garland for US attorney general he could soon be leaving the investigation into the siege on the capital deciding whether to pursue. Prosecutions. Of trump re imagining racial justice and so much more. For 23 years Garland has been a federal judge in the nation's second highest court the court of appeals for the DC circuit. Before that he served eight years in the Justice Department that he's now poised to lead. Comprised of more than 113 thousand federal employees the DOJ has been at the epicenter of countless controversies during the trump administration. And has been the target of repeated attacks by trump himself. In 1995 Garland led the Justice Department's response to the bombing that Oklahoma City government building killed 168. People. And resulted in the execution of bomber Timothy McVeigh. And of course many will remember garlands 2016. Nomination to the US supreme court for our record setting. 293. Days senate Republicans refused to hold confirmation hearings they said it. Because it was an election year but when judge Amy Connie Barrett was nominated just 35 days before an election. The senate confirmed her to the Supreme Court. In record time. And we still have lots to get to hear on prime tonight how. Cardwell what happened yesterday make it for our nation to talk about the benefits of democracy to other nations. You won't believe how long some patients in LA are waiting in ambulances before they can be seen in any are. We now have a new world's richest men. At least for today but first a look at our top trending stories on Like all Americans I am outraged by the violence some lawlessness. And mayhem yeah cost. Yeah presidents. Growing calls for leaders from both parties to invoke the 25 amendment to remove truck for off this just thirteen days before his term next. Hires I'm very dangerous turning and Jeanne not abandoning them and while. He may have only thirteen days left as president. But yesterday demonstrated that each and won every one of those days. His threat to democracy. So long is she is in power. When you know senator Schumer says that they have vice president Grimes refuses to take action on the cabinet members and decide not to vote to force the president out. Congress should reconvene immediately to impeach president drop. Former attorney bill are low got against his former boss in the violence saying quote the president's conduct yesterday it was a betrayal of his office and then some borders meanwhile more top White House officials are being added to a growing list of resignation moments ago we learned that Tyler good speaker and chairmen of the white house council of economic advisors will step down and so is that woman owing child. She's gonna Lieber post as transportation secretary. Special envoy to NORTHERN IRELAND former White House chief of staff amicable Brady says he is also leaving and that that president and deputy national security advisor. And China expert extraordinaire Matt plunger. Also resigned. And so chief of staff Maloney and trauma and former Press Secretary into the president Stephanie Gresham as well as the White House national social secretary. Bring Venus stayed out and White House deputy Press Secretary Sara Matthews. FaceBook community program marks blocking the president's account yeah definitely in a post like FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg says it is shocking events of the last 24 hour show the president strongly intends to use his remaining time in August underline a peaceful unlawful transition of power in a series of local extend the Longview he's laced on Trump's accounts indefinitely and at least for the next two weeks. Until a peaceful transition of power is complete. The latest jobs numbers show the corona virus is still taking at all on the labor market and it was 787000. New unemployment claims last week is slightly less than the prior week but jobless claims are stuck at historically high levels while the pandemic ranges and businesses and consumers pulled back needs a Fuller look at the economic consequences of the virus comes Friday when the Labor Department publishes its monthly unemployment report. Economists expect no show jobs were created at a much slower rate than in November's. It has losing Ilan mosque is now the richest person in the world. Net worth about 185. Million dollars plus unseeded Amazon's Jeff Hayes knows who was worth not a 184 billion plus begins 120 worth 127 million dollars by the rising. I was not healthy infant alms box. I love that they star on the Hollywood has act you're free beyond those men making history the 29 year old speaking on her historic hiring has some minor league coach by the Red Sox. Becoming the first black woman to become a professional baseball coach from. I'm happy if my story can inspire. Now other women other than color of their people color are really anybody. I don't know what I did anybody's inspired by the story and even better. Baseball is in her only love. Smith grew up playing soccer then turn this softball before falling in love with a baseball while playing for Dartmouth. My aunt introduced me to the game. But I have to give and give credit to those any checking out the nineties there. Virginity or saline into the outfield I thought those and I continue to pile up that the game. A day in US history that has left our allies in shock as our adversaries may rejoice but. How detrimental is this for America's image is the bastion of democracy joining us now to discuss this along with. More reaction from around the globe is senior foreign correspondent Ian paneling in you've traveled the world covering wars and uprisings. How harmful. Was this for the United States' reputation as the ultimate example of democracy across the world. What they festival many people will now. Be a contentious towards that's that assertion. That the US is an example that it is a bastion people who gonna say we'll hang around you wants us to follow your example. Look what happened naturally show you couple of the from pages here in the UK and I think that answer to question. They key in the USA. And that's what people are saying that's what people lifting gate I think there is a sense of shock and horror and front pages around the world whatever language whatever consonants. You'll Rome this walls from page news. So I remind here in the UK over thousand people just to hide from corona bars and one day that's huge number. For relatively small country and gets it was defense in the United States that dominated the headlines that we see in reaction. From a lot of close friends and close allies of the US some with. Object cholera and a lot of them directly blaming president trump Regis this particular tweet from Angola Merkel who closest speak German chancellor she said these images made me furious and also said I regret very much a president trump since November has not conceded defeat. I'm not guess today are either. Doubts about the outcome of the election was done and I think that is the sentiment from many people. Who absolutely support the United States and light the United States but the horrified and that will lead them to question their relationship and how powerful will kind of impact US foreign policy can have going forward. And talk to us and he would about both the reaction of our adversaries in other countries that you found to be surprising Howell. Large what's the magnitude of this impact. I think the biggest prizes comply how quickly everybody ran to demean last night everybody of course was glued to twitch and due to that TV screens. Watching ABC news and other networks. But I think people were written. Genuinely surprised by how quickly everybody responded we haven't seen any official reaction from the Russians have partly because its orthodox Christmas on Thursday. But around the world from China to Iran to Venezuela countries that have. I've been -- that's cool towards the United States all countries that the United States to sect itself against. Have reacted strongly want to read you this one. Particular comment from the Iranian president's how Sam run on a and he said what we saw last night and today in America. First he proved what do they get the western democracy is and how fragile and weak its foundation is in other words the event so we're allowed to happen on the ground and now being used as a stick to beat back the United States and its influence around the world. The US as you know has a long history of getting involved in other nations elections and democratic movements do you think now that other countries might think twice before calling on the US to serve as a support. Yes -- getting involved not always a welcome to get him -- I think the biggest problem with the democratic movements in particular to movements which underway right now which we've covered and you know lead just that we spoken save in Hong Kong and impala routes that people have taken to the streets and they have looked towards the United States I've seen people in crowds in Hong Kong waving the stars and stripes saying they wants American support. They once American backing looking to president trump and others. To give them both physical support for these moral support that seeing America as you said Elliott is that deacon Allman hailed as a shining example what they want to achieve a home. It's now much much harder for those movements to try control suck up. From the United States. Because their detractors whether it's Alexander Lukashenko video authoritarian ruler batteries all the Chinese Government with say. You're trying to align yourselves with this version of democracy we don't walk this here. And it discredits there's very movements of people on the streets who risking their lives to bring a wrapped the kind of democratic change unfortunately. We've all taken team. Granted right really sad that the large impact as. A small population really in panel thank you so much. Now to the other crisis in our country more than 4000. People lost their lives from cove in just the last 24 hours in. The danger only continues to grow that mutant cove in strain has now spread. Even more widely Caylee hard time has more. Tonight for the first time since the pandemic began. More than 4000. Deaths confirmed just 24 hours and now new signs infections will only grow. I highly contagious staring of the virus now found in eight states including Pennsylvania Connecticut and Texas today. Paramedics in Southern California say hospitals already look like war zones. We rode along with EMTs in Los Angeles ambulances are waiting up to seventeen hours outside hospitals and running out of oxygen for their patients. They literally had the oxygen tubing product and that there but few patients for using basically the same oxygen thought the same time. So it resources are really is that was your best option that was the only option. Exhausted crews working around the clock telling us they feel conflicts. I saw a beautiful 95 year old woman. Who was in pain lying in the back of an ambulance for twelve hours there was absolutely nothing we could do. To get her into that hospital as there was no more room of the hospital. Just disastrous situations playing out in those hospitals their Caylee hard time joins us now I Caylee. Take us back to the front lines if you've been covering this prize is now from the very beginning for us. While we've been watching these scenes play out in Washington tell us more about the scenes of desperation playing out there in California. The Lindsey I spoke to one man who's been an EMS for more than thirty years he said he was deployed to Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Rita but guess what's going on LA county right now. This is the worst disaster he's ever been involved and you hear so many stories. From these men and women ages make your heart skip at beat I spoke with one EMC branding great he told me. He was on his 57 hour of the sixty hour shift when I was talking to a he thinks said Tina those hours. In the ambulance with one semi critical patient just waiting to get her I bet you think about those long wait in line. Those parking lots just stacked up with ambulances eight. It was in those parking lot not knowing how long they will have to wait. Not knowing what to tell their patients in those moments and he's about the role living EMT from there on doctors may are trying to transport that PC. From a moment of trauma from the moment of desperation to get in safely into the hospital and they have no other choice. In so many scenarios but to wait. We hear these extreme numbers and they're so hard to wrap your mind around but Lindsay average. It of itself they say 567 ambulance is it any given time are stacked up in a parking lot and their waiting a minimum. Of three hours it's just hard to wrap your mind around and every day every hour through the day and night that's what paramedics are dealing with right here in LA county. Really as you set a hard time. Wrap your mind around us all Caylee are tongue thank you. Before we go tonight our image of the day and it happened in the early morning hours democracy prevailing over mob rule. As congress officially ratified the fair election of Joseph Biden the next president of the United States. That he's our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from work context analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. And good.

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