ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, January 21, 2021

Unpacking President Joe Biden’s big vaccination promises; Sen. Bob Casey: There ‘has to be accountability’ regardless of Impeachment timing; The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over
48:23 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, January 21, 2021
Deadly attack in Baghdad twin suicide bombings targeting a busy market. People rushing to help victims of the first bombings became victims of this second blast. And it comes as well as US troops are on their way home. Despite his pandemic. Game plan. President in his first full day of office vowing to administer 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days. And issuing new mass mandates for public transportation. Finding warning things will get worse before they get better 100000. More Americans dead by next month. Biden slamming into an administration but now on the path forward while this new administration need to tackle first. Sex scene in short supply the agony of having to wait while the virus continues to spread. Many turned away states fight for more doses and a growing concerns of the virus mutations and variance. And questions about whether the vaccines will still work. New developments as the crackdown continues on the mom who stormed the capital. The FBI offering a reward for the suspect who planted bombs nearby. The man allegedly seen Washington DC police officer in a doorway. Now in custody plus the new developments in the senate impeachment trial of former president trump senator Mitch McConnell is now asking. The delay. She's on the same day rioters stormed our capital in Hong Kong pro democracy protesters were being rounded up. President trump made his feelings clear about China was willing Biden administration do. He's the vice president and heard Soros. Setting a course for her younger sisters we'll talk to some of the young women following the vice president harris' footsteps at Howard University. As members of alpha kappa alpha sorority incorporated. She literally walk the scenes steps she might have slept in the same building as but didn't. Harry. She loves the yard space agency. May Gerry Adams is the right. The sky's move. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us you may not remember the exact moment but one year ago today. The world as we knew it started to shift. It all started with a small press release from the CDC announcing the first confirmed case of cove in nineteen in America prompting a chain of events few could have imagined. On January 21 1 each morning to CDC said it continued to believe the risk of Kobe nineteen to the American public at large remained low. Since that day roughly one in thirteen Americans has contracted company nineteen. And at least 408877. Americans have died. As more Americans in the roughly 400000. Veterans buried at Arlington national cemetery. Speaking this afternoon president Biden called this a war time effort and pledged to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated. The virus is now so prevalent in some hard hit communities warning signs like these are now going up cautioning high risk co mid areas. And tonight in doctor found she's first briefing and the new administration he expressed concern over new mutations in the virus saying that. It's all the more reason to Macs and eight people were quickly. Caylee hearts and leads us off tonight with more on the unprecedented effort now under way. President Biden is vowed to make his administration's covic nineteen response his number one priority. Joseph Robinette Biden junior do songs where. His inauguration falling on the one year anniversary of the first confirmed Kobe case in the US through the course of that date 4307. Decent and more Americans reported dead from the virus. To have my word. Who manage that how this march. For his first 100 days in office Biden's second goal of administering a hundred million vaccine doses his administration touting their plan as ambitious but the previous administration has already on par with that police. Recently hitting the milestone of backs needing a million people per day. And yet some say I might not be enough heartbreaking scenes like this in Florida people lining up for hours eagerly awaiting a shot. Only to be turned away local leaders across the country saying these run out of doses now left to wait for more supply. The state of Michigan at a shortfall of fifty thou there vaccines. In mid Derrick county California more than 800 people had their appointments canceled until the next shipment arrives. New York City temporarily closing some of its vaccine hugs and rescheduling thousands of appointments for next week. We have to tell 23000. New Yorkers who had an appoint this week. That they will not be able to get that appointment for lack of supply New York one of many states frustrated by the distribution process. As the hardest hit state that we went from getting 300000. Doses. She's actually paltry compared hot. Got to tell her big house. Seats have been playing a guessing game only learning week to week how much more vaccine they'll get. This not X. Doesn't really help check out how many total first I was thinking. How many second dose C eight. The trend administration set a goal to deliver twenty million vaccines to Americans by the end of 20/20 but ultimately fell short. Of the 37 million doses distributed so far. Roughly seventeen million have been in minister according to the CDC. Biden proposing twelve billion dollars to develop a national vaccination program. Setting up mobile units in hard to reach communities and large vaccination centers in areas with bigger populations. In Alabama Jim and sandy mariners showed up to receive their shots. Only to find out no one was there to administer them after a scheduling mix up. We long to. Finally years. Munro and an opportunity comes someone to draw global. Restored regular show like many Americans Jim is scared to wait any longer to get Saxony. Are in dire need but the vaccinated but its use ago and. And only want my hand. Earlier this week here in hard hit Los Angeles county we visited a mega site it's fascinating thousands a day. With each shot 65 year old Kathleen dried and it's is one step closer to seeing her 91 year old mother she hasn't seen over year. Well. He's out at a company. Can't you registered for him leaning online games in Canada dry through sneak in and how lucky you feel that this at least this is the easiest maintenance is wonderful. Long Beach near Robert Garcia says it took six months of planning to set this operation up two runs smoothly we are not. Kind of carving up for vaccines and having up next three weeks we are trying to get through every single dose of we have as fast as possible. So I tell people that we run out of vaccine that's a good problem. The mission to get his community vaccine is deeply personal the mayor Garcia. His mother and stepfather both died of coded over the summer but don't want people to go through what I went through its sights I know every vaccine to me about someone's life. Embryonic trig who also lost both her parents just days apart to coping. Her father a front line worker received the first dose of the vaccine thank died waiting for his second shot. We're just like 08 at the base. We're getting and then let me you know but. If we just met at a time. A 120000. People are currently hospitalized with a virus field hospitals like something you'd seen a war zone had been built up coast to coast to manage the crushing overflow of coping patients. Orange County California opened its fourth field hospital this week with 52 more beds to treat Kofi patients. We are seeing close to 3000 new cases of daily. The last week we've seen more than 20000 new infections. Researchers now tracking another new Berry in of the virus in California linked to a growing number of infections. It turns out that he did did the the reason why these variants are emerging they are simply if it simply because we don't have the pandemic under control. Just as more cases of the highly contagious UK variant are detected across the US. Right now from the reports we have literally as of today. It appears that the vaccines will still. Be effective against him. With the caveat in mind you want to pay close attention to it but many Americans are still leery of getting the shops according to a recent ABC news Washington Post poll. Only two thirds of Americans plan to get backs need it. The horror of the issue isn't in a boat transparency. And following the science writer a lot of communication. Answered synthesize. Information. Aren't the public with the response. I don't I was in the ash. Public health officials are actively trying to reach the people who were hesitant especially communities of color science and information doesn't laugh while. With communities who are hesitant your concerns are in our eyes. In the past and say it's really important and he's with the communities. Here with the communities have to say what are they concerned it. What information do they need to ha and the bottleneck in the distribution process has created the biggest challenge. Adjourn and signs are producing ten million doses each week but the lack of infrastructure keep pace with demand is holding things back. They need to be sufficiently slurs. Some were. An adequate. Asking manufacturing. Also getting additional resources to see and local governments because. We have been inadequately resource in the past and really need to ramp up their man their partner were forest. She system. Biden admits that the way forward will be tough the brutal truth is it's going to take months before we get the majority of Americans vaccinated. Still public health experts say Biden's more aggressive response could turn that night. I think you start to see your real bending of this often occur every sort of interest incremental musician who do. Won't start to see impact. Past and so. Within a hundred days I'm very optimistic that all mean out of the pandemic or flu risk. We was he you know a real pretty light. For ABC news life and healing our time in Los Angeles. Some Lincoln potential for better days is ahead our thanks to Caylee for that president Biden has may tap the pandemic the top focus right at the start of his administration today signed ten executive orders. Aimed at slowing the spread of the virus and speeding up getting more vaccines to Americans. The latest let's bring in senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce Mary the president today emphasizes actions to ramp up vaccine production and in trying to get more doses out to Americans and he also outlined new travel restrictions and again. Pushed Americans to take steps to Wear a mask tell us what they're doing they're doing on those fronts. Lindsay and president Biden is urging Americans essentially didn't do their part saying everyone needs a mask up. For these first hundred days of his administration we know that he's now mandated mast on all federal property and during. Interstate probably taking it a step further adding additional travel restrictions restrictions so everyone flying to the US from another country will have to test negative. Before getting on that plane and quarantine win they arrived here in the US. And president Biden also address whether his gold 100 million doses in in 100 days is enough. US doctor fountain today in a briefing room about the pace of vaccinations. What did he and the president have to say well. They certainly believe that a hundred million vaccinations in a hundred days is achievable that puts you they say on pace are about twice as many daily vaccinations as well as the goal under the trump administration but then the question is will win while the majority of Americans be vaccinated wind and we all return to some semblance of normalcy doctor about G said that he thinks between seventy to 85% of the country. Could be vaccinated by the fall that would allow you to maybe get act a little bit of that normalcy. But he also had a lot of its to that a lot of cab beyond saying of course one of his biggest concerns. It it. Even if that's achievable he still to get people to be willing and interested in getting that vaccine he is deeply still concerned about a hesitancy to vaccinations which is part of the reason why part of president Biden's goal here part of his strategy here. Is not just a slow the spread of of this virus and also boost distribution but also outreach getting folks onboard. With this plan is a big part of the strategy to exit. And the Biden team also said today that their efforts to tackle pandemic from day one had been made more difficult because of the lack of coordination with the outgoing trunk administration. I think were very surprised by what they were inheriting here in fact they have said that it was far worse than what they were expecting they've been surprised by just the lack of overall coordinated distribution plan and supply issues. As well that doctor fact he was pressed on this and he made it clear look it's not as if the by the administration is starting from scratch. But he also made clear that they are going to have to build up and boost their planning. In a very big way island's eight. Mary Bruce reporting in from the White House thanks so much Mary. Thank you. The White House was fully focused on the pandemic today the wheels so late developments on Capitol Hill tonight regarding the timing of an impeachment trial for former president trump in the senate. Our Richard Scott joins us now from Washington Rachel initial caught wants to push the trial until at least February at this point bring us up to speed on that. Yeah let's break this solid down Lindsay so you have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees she said that article of impeachment is now. Ready to go as we were expecting her to senate over to the senate by the end of bill week. But she's the senate the sort of formalize the rules of the trials and now you have. Minority leader Mitch McConnell coming out and saying that he wants that trial to be pushed back to mid February he says. This would by the president more time to prepare his defense he was just in peach one week ago he sort of struggled to got to put together a legal defense team we're learning tonight that he has hired his first lawyer. Democrats though to agreed to this so now that Democrats have control of the senate is going to be up to Chuck Schumer to sort of get on the same page here with McConnell and Democrats and Republicans. He's saying that he's gonna be reviewing McConnell for polls bull but this actually play in the democrats' favor this would give them more time to sort of confirmed Biden's cabinet nominees we know if that impeachment trial were to move forward it would be a lot for these lawmakers to juggling. Now we can imagine Han okay Rachel Scott thank you. Joining us now Pennsylvania democratic senator Bob Casey senator thanks to lunch for your time tonight. First would love to get your reaction to news now that minority leader Mitch McConnell is proposing a delay in the impeachment trial until February to give former president from time to prepare his defense. The senate obviously has a lot of work to gets you right now on the pandemic in Biden's cabinet picks. So would you support a delay or anything that the trial should start sooner. Owens he couldn't do it did I think that's a determination that has to be made. By speaker Pelosi and conjunction when it's. Majority leader Schumer so I'll let them work that out. But I don't think the timing. Is necessarily. The most important issue that we've got to confront we have to make sure that we have eight a trial that is thorough. But expeditious. But it Trout that presents the evidence. Of the president's culpability here there's just no question when it when you look at the evidence that we knew. In the hours after the mob stormed the capital that. Maybe even more so and the subsequent days the president was able to enraged and incite a mop. Succumbed at the capitol. To seek out and have the intention of killing. The vice president and then and the speaker because they were that they were the two counters the two people counting the electoral votes are aware of that process. So there has to be accountability for that. On the president's part whether he's in office are out of office. Turning ounce of the pandemic for a moment in president Biden's ambitious one point nine trillion dollar stimulus proposal. Senator Romney said this week that he's not interested in a new stimulus in the immediate future arguing that the senate just passed 900 billion dollars in spending senator Murkowski echoed that same sentiment as well saying that the ink is barely dry on the 900 billion dollars passed last month. Now they're took a more moderate Republicans obviously in some argue that one point nine trillion is a huge amount. So how can president binding win over Republicans on additional spending and if not or are Democrats prepared him to go this alone. Well first I think it's important that president Biden when he proposes plan he was president elect Biden. The American rescue plan. This I think it was important that he went big and bold because this crisis below the virus and all that's involved in that including. Vaccine distribution and vaccinations and so many other issues. As well as the the other part of this crisis which is jobs in the economy. This is a kind of double crisis requires. A robust response from Latin east. He Wednesday now we don't know Belinda. As a legislative. Proposals. But I will say this it is it is a little bit ironic. And that's an understatement when Republican senators. Are talking about how expensive this. Rescue. Plan is when they were willing to vote for a tax bill and seventeen. Which was an obscenity in my judgment it giveaway that started big corporations and rich people do nothing. For the middle class or workers so I think it's it's it's it's a little bit there are critical of Republicans to say that. Rumor we're facing crisis that there were told that just in terms of black or Latino families. Hats half those families struggling to pay for food and rent it's about time we help them. Now it appears that there is some bipartisan agreement to work together at least on infrastructure and will also obviously cost a lot of money. You think he'll be able to find consensus would your colleagues on issues like this despite the high price tags. I hope so I hope Republicans early as interest that is Democrats in the senate are helping to rebuilding. The country they did nothing for four years when they had a president and for part of that or yours. When they have the house senate but there seems to be some impetus or some. Interest to move in that direction I hope we can because. Whether it's traditional infrastructure like. Roads and bridges but maybe more importantly and exposed by this pandemic. Brought in an act productivity. Kids can't do their armor it is as simple as that Jews hated bill do their homework and he brought him. Now you course represent Pennsylvania including president Biden's hometown of Scranton. After a turbulent first few weeks of 22 point one thankfully everything went smoothly security wise at the inauguration yesterday I didn't mean to see Biden take the oath of office for you yesterday after seeing his lifetime of service. Audio as this are surprised though those of us who Nomo long time in a personal weight that those votes through in my case was. Like him born in Scranton I was raised its friends still live there. So is personal but I think the biggest I'm emotion many Americans that was released. That we finally have a president who's going to focus on the most urgent priorities. The virus the economy lifting up families and a time of crisis the worse are the worst set of crises or challenges that any president has faced since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. So it's it's a sense of relief. And also a sense that we finally have a president with a plan to take on these crises so. We have a lot of work to do but I think he's headed in the right direction. Lots of work ahead that's for sure senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the show. You have to thank you. And now to the security situation in Washington DC and the continued fallout from the siege on the capital. Tonight authorities are still searching for information about those suspected pipe bombs and upping the reward. And the FBI arrest of the Georgia lawyer what that attorney brag about doing in the sharp review committee gone from a judge here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. Even as the arrests of those involved in the capital insurrection mount one key suspect remains elusive. The person who planted those two pipe bombs. At the nearby a democratic and Republican headquarters tonight the FBI and ATF increasing the reward to simply aren't thousand dollars for any information about who's responsible. But as the hunt for the bomber continues. We're learning chilling details about other suspects arrested. Including authorities say this man. Seen crossing DC police officer Daniel Hodges in that dual. Patrick McCarthy of Connecticut remaining in custody after being arrested following a tip to the FDR from a child could spread. Also being held William Calhoun. Who allegedly bragged on social media. But kicking down the door to speak Tupelo c.'s office part of an angry mob which he said would have torn her into pieces in denying bail to Calhoun who's an attorney. You just described him as a threat a man whose mind had been poisoned. And who has no respect for the laws of the United States. And. Many involved seemed to have no regard for the law we're joined now by Pierre Thomas and here when this increase reward for information what are authorities hoping to learn. Well they are looking for more information about the bomber they want to know who was involved in setting up those bombs and also whether there is a broader plot Lindsay. And we learned today that Christopher ray will continue on at the FBI and leave this investigation. Yet he's been under threat of being fired by trump for months so he's going to survive the White House said today he's staying put so now he remains knee deep in that Capitol Hill investigation. I can imagine okay Pierre Thomas thanks so much. And when we come back the terrifying moments leading up to a deputy being rammed into and the charges of that suspect now faces. The latest job numbers are in what can be done to turn things around but up next. The research underway to help those battling komen for multiple weeks or even months. Take a look at these disturbing images a woman accused of stealing a car tried to escape authorities when she rammed into a deputy. The 23 year old driver was quickly arrested and is now facing second degree attempted murder charges. That deputy was hospitalized and fortunately we're told is expected to be okay. We turn onto a troubling come in nineteen mystery why some people all ages seem to recover and then suffer from long lasting debilitating symptoms for months. Here's ABC's Jew named Norman on what we're learning about these so called long haulers. Tonight the crippling health impacts and debilitating side affects thousands of Americans are battling months after recovering from cove it now is panning. There is time wrath like Elvis and die. They're called long haulers people who experience persistent symptoms long after having -- it including fatigue depression. Joint pain and even heart problems. Gabriel and you'll are a 28 year old Connecticut soccer coach is one of them. He caught a mild case of cold but in March. By June he says far worse symptoms hit making it tough to even get out of bed dizziness I just had period in. For about success among. Sell every day every day. In Chicago sixty year old Mahmud a jerheme said before getting pulled it he was healthy pulling on long distance like Wright didn't running half marathons. But for months afterward he's undergone rehab to regain basic skills. Isn't it what are the most difficult expresses ahead and more than 24 and a half million Americans have tested positive for covad nineteen approximately one in every thirteen Americans. And EUK study estimates that 10% of them suffered from long term symptoms experts are now warning a new health crisis may emerge as this group grow. User data a severe health and accident keep people from parking keeping people from living a normal lives. And the most part allegations is that you know just Arnie and series. Still so much we don't know we're joined now mind you name Norman and hitting with so many suffering from these long lasting symptoms. They get how bad is a treatment covered by insurance. We'll ending this is going to be a big issue never going to be watching for awhile but new post -- would care facilities are popping up around the country here in Connecticut the culprit recovery center will Gabriel is being treated says they have more than 500 appointment since opening back in October. Anyone interested in treatment of one of those facilities should check with their insurance providers regarding coverage Lindsay. Aren't very helpful information there is Jeanette Norman thanks so much. Still ahead here on prime former president Chung consider them our biggest threat that what I didn't think of our superpower rival China will examine the complex relationship coming up. Someone in merrily and is worth several hundred million dollars and there's still another massive jackpot out there. Near a billion dollars up for grabs. And it's one of the world's toughest feeds climbing K eighteen this savage mountain as it's called especially during the winter. We'll tell you incredible story of how it was just done. By the numbers but first our treat other than day. Too much Bernie to choose from. Welcome back everybody came to. Is known as the savage mountain straddling the border of Pakistan and China it's one of the world's deadliest and yet most alluring peaks and and he'd never been conquered in the winter until now hear the astonishing details by the numbers. Take a look at ten nepalese climbers receiving a hero's welcome today after becoming the first to summit K two in the winter. Nine of them aren't sure about people known for guiding other mountaineers of the planet's greatest heights but we'll until now have never been credited with the most prized of first a sense. Rising 128000. Feet in the sky K two is a second tallest mountain in the world after Mount Everest. The world's fourteen highest pigs it's the only one that had never been climbed in the winter and that's because temperatures dropped him. Minus seven. 125. Miles per hour. And he is safe for months one climber dies for every former who reached the summit of K two. Less than 400 people have ever remain safely to the top about a tenth of the number whom summit of Mount Everest. These incredible climbers saying that nepalese anthem as they PT Kati you fifteen leader today said quote if you unite together. Anything is possible congratulations. To them still get to tonight on time the global realignment now underway due to the Biden administration so many resent. Our conversation and a purple sore arms from the same chapter as vice president Connell Harris when they think about this moment. But first a look at our top trending stories on From from. Number we'll remember when. President Joseph Biden's opening his first full day in office focused on tackling health and economic challenges caused by the corona virus pandemic. Our national strategy is comprehensive. It's based on science and politics it's based on truth not a denial it's deep to help. Why didn't signing an executive actions including triggering the defense production act to make Kobe nineteen supplies and requiring mascot here Portland and requiring international travelers to show proof of a negative coping test before writing stateside we also aims to establish a testing or. These plans come on the heels of light in having the US rejoined the World Health Organization we have. We again. The majority of Americans 75%. Vaccinated by then we can have a degree of herd immunity that would get us back to normal the best case scenario fool me is that we get 85% of the people vaccinated by the end of someone. Joblessness on the trying Z 900000. More Americans filing for benefits last week he winced as certain about this summer is that none of the holiday data is included theirs that was kind of the first week of clean Dana. That we've gone and and it shows that quite frankly we're still struggling from a labor market perspective see how close you. The sixteen million Americans receiving song form of unemployment benefits we are now 44 weeks. In cheers this downturn and facetime call me. Say it may take another two weeks to get to the miners trapped after an explosion at a gold mine in China. Had already been trapped for eleven days and ten are still alive and communicating with rescuers. Wanted to confirmed dead after suffering head injuries and ten more are still missing was. We have a winner yeah. A winning powerball ticket worth over 731. Million dollars was sold at this convenience store and loan company Maryland called coal mining town with a few jobs and people now known for selling the fifth largest powerball taken ever remember Omar just in the state to block some over half. Half a billion dollars from Marilyn allows its winners to remain and not and that's so we may never know who witnessed. Story ever gets more about a million dollars he's result in New Jersey the winning ticket for purchase and had revealed little Woodbury heights. And Monmouth junction. I didn't and if you miss those chances tomorrow night's Mega Millions jackpot is the third largest ever is now worth roughly 970. Million dollars. Dear president night and we put. Call Amazon com yeah. Asking our young Americans what they hoped for in this new administration and. One thing I hope for from the new administration. Is that it does he get currently under himself and make sure to save lives and losing her. Oh yeah. These people and he. Allen yeah. Even though I can't is under current. It was video streaming and vice president comma here as they weren't excited about. Yeah yeah I have. Yeah aren't nice check. Yeah Cyrix edged heat team in the running backs president Omar staying warm possesses nice. The east and middle EO I think my name's Steve Lyons in the middle east of old and Carlton pulls. I. Eleven year old Charlie Pat Quinn was lucky enough to meet reality here is multiple times you stomach you. Looks like me has this same dream a Middle East as me. The vice presidents. Should she says Anita person I don't it'll and that is my eight rose you. Or how little. It stats. Welcome back Joseph Biden's inauguration was a new chapter not only for the United States but also the world. New administration making front pages news worldwide headlines from Latin American Africa Europe and Asia quoting the president's words for claiming. Democracy. Has prevailed. However president Biden faces an uphill battle when it comes to various global issues and relationships. ABC news senior foreign correspondent in panel brings us the latest on the laundry list of foreign hurdles already facing. Our new president. Lindsay if you thought president Barden and had a long shopping list of domestic policies to deal with while the shopping list kid and your up. In in the Americas in Asia is even Longo a lot of countries have been waiting for America to return to the fold waiting for American involvement. For American leadership. But I doesn't mean that things are just gonna go back to the old days the world has moved all of and that raw opportunities but the rules of problems we've already seen. President Biden sign on the dotted line to show that America will rejoin the Paris climates accords that of course is being broadly welcomed here in Europe. But the wrong many other urgent issues not just climate change would also how to do with a corona bars. America's signaled that it will join in this Kovacs program to provide vaccines to countries at a moment. I'll sit ago without and in the future don't have the konduz supplies to try and stamp out this pandemic but people are relieved I think that some woods the the evening about what's happened and looking forward to getting home with pizza as. This talk about G-7 summits climate summits here in Britain late to this year the hope prism prism Biden. Would be able to attend that that there are the old dias anniversaries Russia Iran and China I think Russia it would it will probably be largely business as usual I don't see any warming of relationships. Old that Russia is hoping in America on the -- may it will comply. With re signing on to the starts is perceived strategic. Arms reduction treaty. However I think president Biden Biden administration who heard the whole glass amid hooting. And the Kremlin follow more accountable. Then he walls are and president trump. I think around they've already signaled that they want to rejoin this new Korea on the streets the oldest nuclear treaty did JC BO way although that will be conditions based. I think above old. The main foreign policy challenge is going to be China there's going to be front and center for the US administration on just this one. But there's going into the future China is now a whole hearted strategic compact step China has consolidated. Expanded. While president trump has been in power. Urich has not had America's leadership in the same way to new midseason tough language for America rules are gonna say the Europeans finally come on board. And join in with America to try and pressure and control in coinciding. China's expand some. Right to the other side to the world. It's it's as central and South America there were also some very very immediate problems. Who've already seen so called caravan this is thousands of migrants. Many of them fleeing the violence it is endemic in some parts of some Central American countries like Guatemala Honduras. And and said the migrant caravan has been moving towards the border the Biden administration's Medicaid dollars and warm them to come. It has may already some important changes I said that he will hold some others deportations of separations of we soul. Under the trump administration. There is a review underway. But the problem of people arriving on the board especially now the president has changed is going to be a very real world problem. President Biden has promised a more humane Paulus a but in practice we've gotten to see in the coming days and weeks war really really looks like Lindsay. Ian thanks so luncheon is all in lean out containing China will be a challenge in the Biden administration the Chinese Government sanctioned several high ranking officials who work for president trump his administration was. Coming to an end in a sign of just how intense the relations have been com. So is two superpowers go from here could relations get worse and what does this mean for the pro democracy movement in places like Hong Kong. Pre clinical reports. Beijing's crackdown in Hong Kong reaching a new crescendo. A dramatic predawn sweep of the city's remaining pro democracy advocates police arresting 53 of them at their homes and among them American human rights lawyer John Clancy. The first foreigner to fall foul of Beijing's new security little enacted six months ago. The 79 year old using his crutches he's escorted out of his office in downtown Hong Kong and a third surprise. Both that this search and also about the charges that Clancy a former priest and most of the others were released on bail without challenged. They passports confiscated. I didn't have any plans to leave before this happened I have no plans to leave right now. The crackdown is linked to an unofficial primary poll back in July to select opposition candidates for now the spines legislative election. All of the primary candidates were arrested in the sweep. Since the security law was introduced last summer Beijing has become increasingly emboldened. They say the crackdowns goal is to return stability to the city off to the 2019 demonstrations. Get down on the ground in the incident. And even residents. The reality in today's Hong Kong is that the Lao oldest voices in the democratic camp carried him in jail. Org in textile. The raid in Hong Kong came just hours before the insurrection at the US capitol. Chinese state media had a field day or the footage of the rice's storming the capital playing the narrative of its rival's super talent. In turmoil. Drawing comparisons between the US insurrection and the 2019 break in of Hong Kong's legislative chain that saying the statements. The US mainstream media unanimously condemned the protest calling us and incidents of violence. The rich woods today used to describe the violent protest is in Hong Kong a beautiful sight to behold. The increasingly strident tone on the school as the challenges the Biden administration faces from the get go. Does the current unrest in the US strengthen Beijing's hand in it crushing dissidents opposition at home crop. The problems in America right now GM's aging. The opportunity. To take a tougher position. Worry that you don't look at what she during. Professor David strike has been a China expert who more than fifty years he says China will be open to bettering ties. Will it do any. Shoe shrine and it makes any concessions. My. They're waiting to see what Biden position. From trade to security issues the trump administration has taken a more hard line approach to China than previous administrations. China too has flex its muscles on a number of fronts. The order skirmish with the Indians. They're. Tougher relationship with Taiwan. A crack down Cong. In recent months the former administration has significantly. Stepped up support for Taiwan. Which China sees as a breakaway province Taiwanese military seen here in the drill on Monday aimed at repelling a Chinese attack. Beijing views the Taiwan issue as a red line one of the many potential points of conflict for the Biden administration. Doesn't like other Tron policies they plan to stick with much of Trump's pressure including tariffs and sanctions. I also believe that some president trump was right in taking. Eight tougher approach to China. I disagree. Very much with the way that he went about it in a number varies but the basic principle it was the right one and I think that's actually. Hopeful Anthony Brington Biden's pick the secretary of state says what will be different is rallying allies around US leadership America at its best still has a greater ability than any country on earth. Mobilize others for the common good. But the bond and administration will start from behind. With US alliances on the strain from Trump's taunts and tariffs. And former secretary of state Mike Pompeo calling China's policies on Muslims genocide. China in king two major trade packs in the last few months. With the European Union and with 14 Asia Pacific countries even we have allies. Biden who already has a working relationship with Chinese president cheating pain from his time as a bomb as BP. Many find his options are especially limited on Hong Kong what I didn't she should do. March. Sikes says the few options the US does have may end up cursing more than helping. What do they do you do. More sanctions. Straight to. Treat people who. And easy they neglect the NY hurting people all. I curse America ebitda is it. Back in Hong Kong activists like Clancy are keeping the faith don't have anything to say don't call people. It's a work toward democracy. For ABC news live in Hong Kong Rick Clements. Our thanks to Fred for that coming up com. Harris may only have one biological since much is certainly has many sorority sisters will talk with some of the young women and outside camp out a sorority incorporated. Following the vice president's footsteps. Yeah. Howard University show time marching band escorting its most famous alumni yesterday. From the White House vice president Connell Harris showing love there. To each BCU where she went to college. So much history that we have witnessed first hand just in recent weeks monumental moments for our country. Now the swearing in of Kabul Harris is vice president this week is being celebrated by millions of women across the country. Tonight on Devin Dwyer introduces Austin some of her sorority sisters who say that she's now inspired a new generation of women who will continue. To shatter glass ceilings. Day care. Then another glass ceiling shattered vice president Kabul Harris inspiring millions of young black. My name is great power line all schools are all ready for a current anchor Judy senior. Sisters of alpha kappa alpha of the nation's oldest blacks and forty Howard university in Washington DC watching one of their own reach a pinnacle of political power. She always approaches. And every challenge to people with what we call excellence which it is doing the best and can hold yourself to a certain standard and can she do. Harris pledged AKA at Howard in 1986. A storied sisterhood that includes Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison and actresses Felicia Rashad and Roxy roker. This is just it. But he's like a lifetime so it doesn't just stock in the four year this is something that will be a part of for the rest and relax our children will be again. And link is my beloved alpha kappa alpha. Our divine nine and my HB CU Brothers insist. That family including tennis great Althea Gibson first black big city mayors Sharon Pratt. In scores of civil rights advocates authors musicians and journalists. Do you feel pressure. And he'd be among the best of the best and seeing so many from your lineage go on to do pretty amazing things I don't think it's precious it's justice stated just how would soon I interest in education and I hope to incorporate. And changed its it education in the conscientious and strangled anything it's possible. Release along its hardware or the AKA sisters in the class of 20/20 one telling us Harris has raised the bar high. Her grace did just. Just inviting what it truly means to be among those gracious lady I just I just out you know overjoyed and just honored and it's just a reminder. You know that as a black women were able to do anything. And the road ahead will not be easy. But America. Is ready. She literally walk the scene steps she has slept in the same building has slipped in the quarry at Howard she lost the yards. In the same. May Jerry it does speak like. The skies through legal limit. Harasses his store cassette captured in this month's historic cover of Vogue Magazine the green and pink backdrop proud colors over AKA sorority. The newest generation of sisters still absorb read what they've witnessed. Lot of times it's black women island heritage agency yourself into his power and the highest levels not a familiar feeling. On its own and nobody is really powerful fleet street actually somebody who wants to be glass ceiling breaker and found the first to do something to black women. I just remember thinking to myself like this it's eaves and direct mere reflection and on the everything that I. SI Yates who want to become. They know the road ahead won't be easy. Especially with the nation's still gripped by a painful reckoning with race. I can surely believe that can be gone team being in the second highest position in the country but I am Barry Mary G. Understanding this he is well it. Are you nervous does anybody worry for her either for personal safety in this high profile position at this time. Or just for the attacks and under scrutiny that she's likely to face as a woman of color in this position. ET this year and vice president name in the same sentence because he's got bestsellers isn't very courageous wanton terror I definitely don't eat that. We were deafening huge support her. And network of black women seem to begin living historic journey. Hopeful president Biden and vice president Harris will be able to bring Hugh lean where others have failed. They're huge and it's only right now I'm arts news and making the right steps towards progress the biggest thing brass and it's getting close. Boy Susan Steve. With seats at the table in a TrailBlazer in the White House a proud moment for a pioneer in sisterhood. Founded more than a hundred years ago could they ever have imagined. One of their own being in the White House. To be honest because of that time I really don't think they realized. What they weren't laying the foundation for. And I think if they were alive today. They wouldn't be so very proud and absolutely amazed at the strides that we have made her. His back. We're ABC news tonight I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. So many sore skiing me yesterday in solidarity our thanks today on an for that and before we go tonight art image of the day. Workers began removing fencing near the National Mall one day after the inauguration of president Biden. Our capital still on alert after that mom Bryant but we hope that this is a sign that. Better Danes are ahead. That is our show for this our mission to stay tuned ABC news live from more context analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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