ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Asheville, North Carolina, 1st city in the south to back reparations; Economy suffers record-breaking GDP fall due to COVID-19; John Lewis passes the torch to the next generation
54:27 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, July 30, 2020
We want honored to. I had and I'm so grateful. For. Legacy of work and call. The congressional leaders weren't you. But the other way. The statement moment here. One out of done. What's louder. Revitalizing the wall that he was willing to die apple. Former president Barack Obama delivering the eulogy for congressman John Lewis today. And calling to strengthen the voting rights act one of many calls to action today as the nation's sacred line to a man who were. Entire life insurer democracy for all. The virus is deadly rise 32 states now increasing fatalities Florida reporting its deadly his day for the third day in around. The economic fallout. Nearly one and a half million Americans filing unemployment claims last week has expanded unemployment benefits its fire. Congress and taking time. Sowing seeds of doubt president trump tweet about the possibility of delaying the election. Both Democrats and Republicans in congress quickly dismissing the idea. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain dying of Kobe hospitalized after attending president trumps rally in Tulsa. The tropical system gaining strength in the Caribbean could become a hurricane as it approaches the US mainland. Healing the wounds of history how the first American southern city to provide reparations to the descendants of slaves plans to do it. While much of the world is trying to keep Americans out. It to the one EU country where you can still travel without having to quarantine. Good evening everyone on Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Days after his death and just hours before he was laid to rest we heard from congressman John Lewis in his own words today. In an op Ed penned a by the civil rights icon he wrote now it's your turn to let freedom ring. He said his final days if he was inspired in filled with hope about the next chapter of the great American story referencing the protests that have rocked America as an example people using their power. To make a difference in our society and demanding quote respect for human dignity. Throughout his life the son of an Alabama sharecropper and longtime Georgia lawmaker talked about getting into good trouble. And today three presidents and other dignitaries. Made it a priority to physically pay their respects despite the grave concerns and risks posed by the pandemic. President Obama called lewis' death a call to action. It took a shot at president trump who was not in attendance after the current president questioned if we should even hold an election in November. Today was an exceptionally busy news day that we lead off with Steve Olson saw me for the funeral. Of an American humor. Pray and. I know. The hour yeah. This was the tearful goodbye in Atlanta today truly honorable man and lifelong public servant who wants land for the right of black Americans to vote. We thank you god. For the life and legacy of congressman John Lewis who sell that's this much excellent way of life. John Lewis was the great grandson of slaves and at. At his funeral in the middle of this pandemic were three US president who came to pay their respects. John Lewis is a walking reviewed two people. Who thought. Will. Win there yet we know work alone time. Is midtown to Baghdad. He kept movement. This is John I had our disagreements of course. But in the America John Lewis thought for and the America I believe. In and differences of opinion. Are inevitable elements and evidence of democracy in action. His relationship with president Barack Obama was an important one like many black Americans Lewis was in tears the night history was made. And Obama was elected. In his eulogy Obama pointed to this important moment the Bloody Sunday on this bridge and Alabama when Lewis nearly lost his life at the hands of police. While marching for voting rights. It was months later when the laws changed and many in his own family were able to vote for the first time. This idea that any of us ordinary people. A young kid from true. Can stand up to the powers and prince pelvis and say no this isn't right this isn't true. This isn't just. We can do better. America was built. But people like them. Americo was built. But John. The former president argued that forces are still trying to suppress the vote to de right now in November's election. Even suddenly senator. And those in power who are doing their darnedest. To discourage. People from voting. Mike clothing polling locations. And targeting minorities. And students would reflect the Biden loan. And attacking the voting rights but it's good to go put good him. Undermining the Pope hailed but. To an election and that's going to be dependent on mail in ballots so people don't. Outside people watched him wage to. Lewis was beloved and was. Theory tonight in Atlanta cemetery founded by freed slaves here at the time had nowhere else to bury their dead we. Final resting. Thanks for men have so much for. May oh. Such a touching and fitting tribute for a giant of a man Steve Olson Sami was there he joins us now and Steve so many of those speakers honoring Willis. His life with saying that his work. Is not yet to finish what what struck you as you watch the service. Well I was I was struck by the many people who we saw lined up outside in the heat and humidity. Listening to all of those words and people who we saw on cafes. Who couldn't get inside the church because the church was. Being limited to about 20240. People because of corona virus concerns. People who were watching from different places across town and and and the diversity of those people. Not just black residents but white residents gay residents. Women in fact his family made sure that asks his body was being driven through the streets of Atlanta that they made sure. To drive to the heart of gay Atlanta where. These streets are covered the crosswalk is covered and in a rainbows. A rainbow painting that was very important it was Stanley and you know one other thing that I should say that was also brought up a number of times. Here at the funeral. Was about concerns about the upcoming election in November. You know them the last primary election we had here didn't go salt well it wasn't smooth at all and part of that was because of the corona virus but there is a great deal of concern that many of the issues that this congressmen. Was fighting for going to play themselves out. In this upcoming election and so we heard the message over and over again encouraging residents to vote by mail and. Vote early yes so many of those speakers saying if you wanna continue his legacy vote RNC Boson summing thanks so much for your apples and and now Washington we're just hours before the service began for John Lewis president trump sent out a tweet suggesting that Election Day be delayed. That set off a firestorm and a rare move Republican leaders joined Democrats to dismiss the president's suggestion. Terry Moran has the latest. No president has ever said anything like it but president trump behind in the polls with a crate hearing economy and a pandemic out of control tweeting today with universal mail in voting 20/20 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA delayed the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. Later the president tried to explain what he meant to I wanna see a date change you know but. I don't want to see a crooked election this election will be the most rigged election and history. If that happens that's of flip flop in April trump said this. I never even thought of JJ the date of the election well what I do that November 3 two good number. No I look forward to that election trump Saban today about delaying an American election was shot don't immediately by Democrats and Republicans senate majority leader Mitch McConnell in an interview in Kentucky. Everett ministry of the country's. Through wars and depressions. And the civil war in Korea Burton not out of earlier the federal election all. But Joseph Biden has been warning for weeks trump might try to used a pandemic to delay or delegitimize. The election. My greatest concern. My single greatest concern this Dresden trying to steal this election this a guy who said that all mail in ballots are fraudulent. Voting by mail while he sits behind a desk in the Oval Office who runs his mail in ballot to vote in the primary. The former vice president certainly not pulling any punches they're Terry Moran joins us salutary ABC news reached out to election officials in all fifty states about whether they're concerned about mail in voting front. Of those states say and I don't real concerns about the difficulty of counting so many likely absentee ballots. It's a huge challenges in the no question about it that secretaries of State's top election officials we've heard from 27 so far across the country and not one of them Republicans. Democrats not one of them. Our I have expressed any concern. That mail in voting would cause any significant fraud not the difficulty in counting them we've already seen that in some of these primary elections it's hard. These are physical ballots Hollywood they've never seen these numbers that are expected on Election Day president trump says. If it's not counted on election night it shouldn't be a legitimate election law. But most elections in American history we didn't know the results on election night because there wouldn't television there wasn't radio. Gordon until I believe 1920. That the election was decided. On election night for the American people so there's no concern there as well but this is this is a challenge logistically. But not according to the top election officials visited towns to the integrity of the election. And we saw both Democrats or Republicans dismissed the idea of moving the election entirely but let's talk about the concern that the president is undermining faith in the election with these constant attacks. Yeah that's huge I covered the election of 2000 the bush gore election was thrown into the courts and there was a great deal of anguish about him even though there weren't any really desperately pressing issues. People got hugely upset that should the other side was trying to steal it it seems every time. Since then there's been a growing number of people don't trust the election processes at all. Obviously this is one of the aims of the Kremlin and other American at recited adversaries to undermine the legitimacy election. And people are concerned that president trump. Wittingly or unwittingly is playing right in to that plan of our adversaries to weaken. Americans' trust in their own democracy that's why these senators are state and top election official visit we can do this it's going to be hard but we can do. We can do it okay Terry Moran thanks so much for your reporting. And while the president is claimed in recent days and much of the US is corona free and today once again asserted that students should head back to classrooms. Here's a look at a map faceoff of the White House's own report showing which states are in the so called red zone in which are in the yellow only one state was green. I was a green mountain state of Vermont 21 states had a outbreak severe enough to be declared red. The report compiled for state leaders along with evidence that encouraging masks and closing bars was helping. All this is the death toll soars more than 151000. Americans dead that's the equivalent of 59. Elevenths. Our Victor tango has the latest now from Florida where for the third straight day they broke a record in deaths. With the corona virus ravaging so many lives the devastating to pull on American livelihoods is growing in Los Angeles today long lines for food. Walpole. One point four million people filing for unemployment last week just as those emergency 600 all the benefit checks for thirty million Americans expire. We are approaching our food bank that we go in soon. Those checks and food banks a lifeline for Scott's again does Bailey in New Jersey he was laid off more than four months ago. We're not asking for. You know anything we. We want to get out of Norris what has me stressed out the most news running out of money. For the virus no end in sight California North Carolina and Florida this week. All hitting record daily death tolls. Making matters even worse here in Florida with a tropical storm approaching statewide. All public testing sites like this were Miami Beach they're shutting down today through the weekend. During that same four day stretch last week nearly 350000. People were tested. Kobe taking it stole inside Houston's united Memorial Medical Center what are you gonna get we. Teen scene one of their own nurses sic into a harness and that's how confident. Doctor Joseph furloughed giving her a hug in full protective gear the doctor feels like he's fighting two wars there won't argue. Public. Under warrants yeah. He's frustrated seeing people on the streets not wearing masks or physically distancing. We keep on growing our business Abrams be bottoming get a not a rash of people that are moving in exactly the hopefuls into what looked really good move to. An association of medical colleges no warning if the nation doesn't change its course ensued just could be well into the multiple hundreds of thousands. But for duke opened patients a second chance doctors at northwestern saving that would double lung transplants after the virus destroyed their lungs. Brian Kuhn spent 100 days a life support the 62 year old says it's a miracle he's alive he admits he thought the virus was a hoax. Lineman or mask and often do you feel like. Homeland. Slammer and I had I was perfectly healthy. She took me down hard. And tonight some news on the vaccine front Johnson Johnson is moving it to human trials. After releasing some promising to at all on monkeys showing that its vaccine given in just one shot. Can't protect against infection. Lindsay. Promising news there indeed our thanks to you Victor and at one of those more than 151000. American deaths due to coated. Herman Cain the businessman turned former Republican candidate for president shared this photo of himself without a mess that president trumps also rally late last month. He tested positive for cove in days later and passed away this morning here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Herman Cain the former presidential candidate. Who tested positive for rotavirus. Nine days after attending president trumps rally in Tulsa last month has died. Local health officials had pleaded with the president to cancel the rally where Cain appeared without a mask. The joked also rally. I was bare Cain said the campaign took precautions distributing hand sanitize or at checking temperatures. Even though it was of crowded Roma people if they took a cautions. Probably not going to be a big update it's unclear if Cain was infected at the rally but nine days later he tested positive. And two days after that he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where he spent nearly a month. Cain grew a war but made a fortune in the restaurant business the CEO of godfathers pizza. He launched an improbable campaign for president nine years ago with a catchy economic plan remember the 999. Is that Madison business flat tax 9% personal income fat tax and announce a Nestle sales tax. And even more improbably he briefly emerged as the front runner perhaps the most successful black Republican presidential candidate in history. And tell his campaign was derailed by sexual misconduct allegations. Still Cain is remembered as a political celebrity. And became an enthusiastic supporter of president trump. Certainly a big supporter of president trump even in recent weeks Jonathan Karl joins us now and John the president weighed in on canes death earlier today what do you have to say and immediate all mention canes attendance at that Tulsa rally. Well no we didn't mention that Tulsa rally at all in McCain's attendance of course it was just days after he went to that rally. But he tested positive for corona virus the president did not mention that. But he did offer his condolences to McCain family he called Herman Cain a wonderful man and a dear friends. But no reference to the to the toss around. Jonathan Karl forests in the nation's capital thanks so much John. Millions of Americans have been personally feeling the impact of this economic downturn and today we learned that the US economy as a whole measured by real GDP contracted or record shattering 32 point 9% last quarter. To break all this down what it means that Brit ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis thanks so much for joining us put this nearly 33%. Drop in to perspective mean how does this compare to other economic lows and how hard it will be to get back to pre pandemic growth. Well Lindsey its historic no matter how you look at it is worse for a single quarter than we ever side during the Great Recession it's worst than we ever saw for a single quarter. During the great depression and if you think about it it's not entirely unexpected the economy here in the United States was entirely shut down. For most of the last. For months and really when you think about your own spending if you look at your credit card statement for example your seat. A reflection of the fact that you weren't going to the gas station you weren't buying copies very likely and you probably weren't shopping. For very much other than food and that's the thing we are a consumer driven economy consumers. We're told to stay home they were laid off in furloughed from jobs and that's exactly what this is a reflection of the big question is what now now is things begin to reopen what kind of rebound will we seek we will see some sort of rebound but in order to climb back to where we were pre pandemic. That's going to take a while and the Congressional Budget Office which is nonpartisan crunch the numbers and they believe that over the next ten years. This pandemic will cost our economy here in the United States sixteen trillion dollars Lindsay. And this data covers the months that we were in lockdown the president's spokesperson today pointed out that we shouldn't assume that the economy will stay this way and that more than seven million jobs were created ones businesses reopen so what economists say about that. Well those are hurting in this latency is that as we've seen the economy reopen and some people have been rehired and in fact they were rehired especially towards the middle of may and Juno and at very quick rates. The problem is that that hasn't held on and in fact today the other data point that we got in addition to GDP is the number of layoffs that we saw last week and that number it's climbing we saw more than one point four million Americans filed first time claims for unemployment that means. One point four million plus new layoffs last week and the number of unemployed Americans. Happens to be climbing now as a number of states returned they roll back these reopening. And also consumers. As we've talked about so many times here before we as consumers have a lot of control over what happens in the US economy if we're not spending money. Then the US economy isn't growing and when jobs are at risk when health and our our health is a question mark. People spends differently and that is bad for the economic growth of this country. Rebecca Jarvis thank you so much for your time and just explaining in a way that we can all understand we appreciate it. So many American families already on the brink and tomorrow those enhanced unemployment benefits 600 dollars a week set to expire we bring in ABC's senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce in Washington where. Lawmakers are scrambling to pass another stimulus thanks so much for joining us merry today congressional Republicans hastily called a vote to extend those benefits. What happened and I haven't the Democrats respond. Well this literally a last minute attempt by Mitch McConnell and senate Republicans are trying to extend these unemployment benefits but instead of the 600 dollar amount. That millions of Americans have been receiving a wanted to bring that down to just 200 dollars and that is simply not going to fight with Democrats they called this move that callous. Political little let stunt that Republicans and they say that weeks now to come up with a more comprehensive plan Democrats of course released in their bill more than two months ago Republicans who have struggled within their own party. To get on the same page and now with east. Critical unemployment benefits set to expire those checks had actually stopped coming for millions of Americans Republicans were trying to do something today. To try and prevent some of this pain from hitting so many Americans. But it's simply doesn't appear. That it's going to work at this point Democrats say they don't want to do this piecemeal they want to focus on a large comprehensive stimulus bill. The Democrats want to keep those checks coming at that 600 dollar amount. And in congress is of course that's a recess of the end of next week is there any hope for a plan before then and what happens if time runs out. I have to die you Lindsay right now it is really hard to see how the two sides are going to come to an agreement especially since. The Republican Party can't hinting to come to an agreement within themselves. So even if and win it they can actually agree on a broader package here it looks like that could take weeks. And that means that millions of Americans. Are going to take a hit it's also likely to take a huge told on the economy. Mary Bruce our thanks to you. The hard hit island of Puerto Rico has been battered yet again take a look at these images of the life threatening flooding causes tropical storm. Put Rico's National Guard rescuing people from the water it is the last thing the American territory needs right now and now the storm is gaining strength and could be a hurricane near Florida the last thing that they need there. Our rob Marciano is there and files this report. Tonight tropical storm east IDS has Florida and the southeast US in its sights as it flashes the Caribbean with nearly a foot of rain. Powerful winds. In my where as Puerto Rico children some as young as three months old theory to safety by the National Guard in high water vehicles this is floodwaters raged through neighborhoods. Across the US territory widespread flooding. Downed trees. And mudslides blocking roads near San Juan authorities opening up multiple floodgates on this damn. To keep the runoff water under control transformers exploding before dawn. 400000. Customers losing power. And at least 150000. With no running water tonight. Bordering goes been under a pretty bad drought the last couple of months but clearly too much water in too short a period of time and it's still raining there. This evening this center of this thing is trying to reform north of the Dominican Republic where they're now tropical storm warnings posted for. That island the Turks and caicos and watches posted now for the Bahamas and right here across the southeastern. Coast of Florida for tropical storm conditions in the next 48 hours here's a forecast track now for the National Hurricane Center bringing it to hurricane strength now because. If you think it's gonna take morbid easterly track and that doesn't and incentivized. Some strengthening. Saturday is a strike somebody five mile per hour category one storm getting abreast of say Miami West Palm Beach Saturday night's. And then traversing up towards northern Florida during the day on Sunday in them potentially in through the Carolinas. During the day on Monday the will be some limiting factors to get it to strengthen much more than a category one but there is very very. Low confidence in not just the intensity but the forecast track our computer models right now we're showing a pretty tidy tightly clustered bunch. But how they initialize where that senator Reid performs tonight. As a re emerges north of the DR will be key as to what that track takes over the next five days. Lindsay. You know lots of concern right now for the south to be start thanks to you Ron but when we come back to early morning jolt. Felt across Southern California and the aftershocks that continue to fumbled. Second former marine convicted in recent weeks and a Russian court during a trial of the US ambassador they're called absurd. Are Americans being targeted. But up next a journey to the southern city that approval reparations for the descendants of slaves as possibly a Brooklyn. For other communities. Welcome back the national debate over reparations for slavery reached a historic milestone this month as Asheville, North Carolina became the very first city in the south and only the second in the nation. To formally approved financial restitution for black residents tonight. We did a closer look at what the so called reparations would actually need and ask for the city beat a possibly a model for the rest of the country. Here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains Asheville, North Carolina is a bohemian retreat it's become a bit of a Mecca for people to gather. That have a moral you know liberal sensibility to the city's arts and architecture scene drawing tourists from all over the country. Do we have a very. Diverse culture here where it's not like any other county this near year. It's unique history also reflected in a shrouded monument towering above downtown. And granite obelisk erected for a local confederate leader in slave owner now a symbol of racial justice and demands for change. Well this monument is. Used to be the market where they would trade slaves. Just before the civil war public records show 283. White residents and Asheville owned more than 19100. Slaves. Asheville native Rob Thomas says the time has come for reparations. A lot of people say well you know slavery I wasn't around he wasn't. OK but what about how we have been systematically. Bill Frist in our economic floor destroyed nationwide. Through different government programs policies. Procedures. Predatory lending rate lining clot busting I mean the list goes don't. Asheville City Council this month voted to remove the monument it to formally apologize for the history it represents two we have a motion. I sort aren't Alicia. A reparations resolution which passed unanimously. Promises financial restitution for slavery and decades of discrimination that followed. A lot of people just think reparations that is about writing a check and that's not what this is about this City Council says it commission will develop plans to promote black homeownership. In business opportunities but the amount of investment is still unclear. What we have committed to do in this resolution is invests in and create systems and programs and structures that will allow. Those community members to have the same opportunities. Offered economic mobility to build generational wealth that white people have. This city says it won't raise taxes to pay for the programs and also won't make direct payments to descendants of Asheville slaves. Residents are sharply divided. You're gonna pay reparations for all of me. Things do we now do you should be bad overall. Roland McFarland. You know. Resort have to pay back world. When I wanted to get over the debacle didn't do something about it. So it in my mind is that it's a great thing that they did something about it there. Not racial equity capital by any stretch of the imagination we are bad poster child for our. And that they send. The median income for all Asheville families is over 42000. Dollars but for black families it's just 30000. The wealth gap is even more staggering nation wide the net worth of a typical white family today. Is ten times greater than that of the typical black family. Advocates see Urban Renewal programs have compounded the problem. Rudy black families and businesses including many along Astros historic eagle street Thomas says redlining by banks the denial of loans to creditworthy people of color. Kept many from coming back now. You know let people can't even afford. The protests for racial justice this spring brought Asheville like so many other American cities to a boiling point. Black and white voices shining a light on the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Pressuring local leaders to express the racial economic divide. Providence, Rhode Island in Richmond Virginia the former confederate capital now looking to follow Nashville's lead. Last year Evanston Illinois became the first US city to fund reparations for black residents. How are we gonna go up not doing this in a meaningful way want to see actions not just work correctly you'll half payments that go to individuals. Where they may be DeMint and that that best. And then they are also still under the control. A government entity has the pulse through allowing that people of them now. To use those funds in a way that benefits them back. Several leading economists say direct payments to African Americans are the most fair and effective way to bridge the wealth gap. Some estimate at thirteen trillion dollars. Local whole efforts are good element however. Well intentioned and however desirable. Are not reparation by him. Duke economist William Garrity says the federal government should reimburse black Americans for slave labor. Just as they paid native Americans for their land in Japanese Americans for the indignity of internment camps. During World War II the federal government is the global aren't because saluted as Oracle. Listen to the in the process. Maintaining. Labor most of the local initiatives are a variety of forms. Fooling. Which is essential. But it is very very different. Illegal. He's right this is in reparations in this truest form but in order to reach what he is talking about. First we have to do it on the local level. Some cities move forward reparations proposals in congress the so far field to gain widespread support. Just 31% of Americans in a recent ABC news Washington Post poll back direct payments to descendants of slaves. Most Americans 63%. Are opposed. And when you talk about. Mike in restitution. Had you make restitution for folks that are not here people that were hurt. Are go home people that pale heart don't. And so in my opinion we ought to look toward the future work from here and quit daily and on the facts we all kinda. Agree with that this is sort of a missed placed both for financial reasons and for historical reasons. Would say yes. It none of us were there we were involved in and so. Why should we Perry. Resistance to reparations comes as some white pass for residents to the death of George Floyd in police custody this spring led to an epiphany. It was just such a bold and hands. Unmistakable. Example of the the kind of brutality that that has been happening for centuries I think David greens and spoke out in favor of reparations before the City Council making a moral case. Wait people in this country. Need black people to get reparations. Because to the extent that we have. Been complicit in this happening. And we are. We carry the moral injury of that. For now Daschle's history making stat is mostly just words on paper a blueprint for reparations the city hopes others can follow. A less and I would I would hope other local governments tape is you can do this. It's not just about writing a check don't let yourself get boxed in by people who want to box you and that way. Look at. Look at the broader system. And look at what you can do to enhance investments. Until those investments com Rob Thomas says he'll keep up the fight. The community that made him now depending on him. What made me dog is all the seeds that my eldest played it NY aid is the youth that I didn't listen to at the time and then once you know. What south able to cultivate my mind and actually feed those seized the proper nourishment now I have these beautiful trees and bushes that are producing the proved that you see today. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Asheville, North Carolina. Such an interesting look there are things to DeVon for providing that and still to come while most countries are fanning American travelers. We take a trip to Croatia one of the very few letting us and it just how difficult is it to get there. The family of murdered soldier Vanessa Guillen went to Washington to demand change what they asked for and the president's response. Speaking of president trump as he continues to express concerns about the election. Our look at the other difficult times in American history can you guess how often we've changed the timing. Other presidential election. Our tweet in the day for the first time Oprah not on the cover of her magazine in honor of free on a Taylor. Welcome back everybody in light of president trumps tweet suggesting that we delay. By the numbers. A federal law passed in 1845. Makes Election Day the first Tuesday of November only congress can change that law the president. Cannot our constitution makes January 20 the last day of a president's term something president trump also cannot change never. Zero times in our country's history has a federal scheduled election been delayed the election of 1864. Was held in the middle of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln won reelection in separate the war was about democracy to democracy should never be suspended according to historians. Federal elections also happen on schedule during the 1918 Spanish flu and twice during World War II in 1942 and also 1944. Today election experts tell us we can hold a fair and accurate vote during this pandemic in nearly thirty state election heads. Reached by ABC news expressed no doubt in their states' ability to protect election integrity with expanded mail in voting. And 201633. Million Americans voted by mail in or absentee ballot to voting this way is certainly nothing new. And still lots to come here on five. Fort once one of the world's strongest now. Most nations won't let us and is Kobe cases here are sore Howard journey until one of the few nations still letting us visit. And why they say it's important that we come. This spectacular launch and the long journey to Mars what we hope to learn from this mission. Later John Lewis was just a young man when he risked his life for change and now there's a new generation taking up the mantle will hear from the few. But first here's some of the trending stories on From from. For. Final goodbyes and funeral service representative John Lewis and taking place Thursday for closing an historic chapter in American. Former president Barack Obama delivering the eulogy paying tribute to lewis' life and legacy. Us let me bounding up. The all. Our. Two other former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also attending the private funeral we live and a better help our country Damon has a job Lewis. Kept new. He hoped for and a magna and live and work and moved four. Is beloved community. We always knew he worked on the side of Angeles. And now he gets what happens. And he pressed. Florida marking its third day of a record number of deaths from club in nineteen. We are below Los box and we have mismanaged this virus. In a way that I think much of the world's. Simply can't believe. In Minneapolis Minnesota indoor bars now shut down with young adults making up more than 50% of new cases in New York once the epicenter for now dealing with a slight uptick in cases. Governor Andrew Cuomo says bars and restaurants not following code in nineteen restrictions continue to be citing. On Wall Street the Dow dropped more than 225. Points after the Commerce Department reported. The American economy contracted nearly 33%. Compared to a year ago it's slightly lower than economists were expecting but still the biggest decline since World War II the figure covers April may and June when much of the economy was shut down due to the pandemic whether the recovery is as quick or robust as hoped depends on the virus which has surged in much of the country. The number of new layoffs is increasing one point four million people applied for unemployment benefits last week. Mother of army private Vanessa. The legislation calls for new ways to address reports of sexual harassment and assault in the military. A search for the twenty year old began in April her body found. On June 30 very near lake the FBI and the DOJ announced. Two got them. And the people at Fort Hood where it took place a very much in. We didn't want to have this swept under the rug which could happen political into the very powerfully. Her alleged killer took his own life as investigators closed in on him. Early warning alarm friend mother nature this morning in Southern California people are on edge here in Los Angeles after being woken up around 430 by jolting four point two magnitude earthquake all about a couple of significant aftershocks there doesn't seem to be any real damage or injuries. Hero and relations firing into the sky from Cape Canaveral this morning. I'm biggest most sophisticated Mars rover ever built is now on its way to the red planet NASA's perseverance launched into space. Aboard an atlas five rocket today it will take about seven wants to travel 300 million miles. Seven month to one way trip all Russian court sentenced a former US marine to nine years today in the trial the US ambassador criticizes quote. Theater of the absurd. Trevor Reid was charged and convicted of endangering the lives of two police officers he said he could not remember the incident that took place in Moscow last summer because he was drunk. Today to former marine said this after the verdict. For congress my president and one in the United States State Department. Secretary of state in your home. Those that have an excellent development. I'm asking for help out I was hoping that this wasn't a political innocence and maybe just police wanted money maybe it was. Someone wants some new stars but it's clear to me now live this is the political fifth. Reid is the second marine convicted in a Russian courting just the last month. Both convictions have spurred speculation that the Russians are interested in some type of prisoner swap although both sides denies such talks are taking place. According pandemic their were very few countries where Americans could not visit will now is cases continue to soar they are very few countries that we can't. Today the European Union reaffirmed its ban on US citizens but the rule. Is non binding and want EU nation Croatia tourist hot spot is still allowing Americans and if you can get there are Maggie ruling did. And filed this report. With over 3000. Miles looks stunning Mediterranean coastline. Its rich history. And medieval city walls that inspired game up rooms filmmakers. And attractive thing it's nearly 90000 people alone come right here every single year to fit. On the real iron around. Croatians popularity is exploding with more and more Americans making the trip including more than 600000. Just last year. And now the country's offering and a waste sits for a locked down we re Americans. Becoming the only country in the European Union to welcome tourists from the United States without a quarantines. Aaron Harris and it jumped at the chance to travel abroad this summer has as Croatia has always been on her bucket list but getting here wasn't easy. It took weeks of planning including as stressful week for Kobe test results that she had to get just 48 hours before her arrival in Croatia. I was at my new. Your quick turnaround time my LC the antibody tests on double preparing a matter what. A transfer in Paris where she was unsure for American passport would be an issue I'm passionate night I. Asked him proud. They'd finally after more than twenty hours of travel she landed in Dubrovnik. We were there to greet her as she got off the plate. How is your flight. After showing her negative Kobe test a Border Patrol and providing proof of a hotel where she was staying very upbeat all clears. I can't believe after all that went through to get here. I'm here I passed and now I can go explore the beautiful country beautiful people. The process she went through is a far cry from years past but Americans were able to seamlessly jet set before the pandemic. The US passport was one of the world's strongest providing visa free access to a 185. Countries. But because America failed to get a grip on cove in nineteen movement has been strictly limited. And now people with US passports are only permitted entry into about thirty countries. That golden past for now all of a sudden it. Like action action action you know to make sense of these ever changing restrictions every turn to an online community of travelers led by crushing their McCain. What is the most high. And question from Americans what I struggling with. What kind of an accommodation do I have to get ready because they moan they had information that they can come. So everybody's asking you know what should I prepare because actually the homework is most important. Croatia the newest member of the EU but it's the first to break ranks and allow American tourists to visit. Officials here tell us that it's worth the rift opened up their borders because American tourists bring money and it's of their last chance to save the summer season. The mayor of Dubrovnik one of Croatia's most popular destinations. Says that Americans are the number two source of income for a city right behind him UK. Tourism is a very very important. It's 80% of our economy. They've been tourism and want to send a message to America that Dubrovnik has made it work. It's nice and beautiful and the three. Now live bill would. But he says it's a balance the health and safety are the priority. After all Croatia has a long history with MX. The first quarantine in the entire world was started right here in the city of Dubrovnik in the thirteen hundred later they built this building just to keep passengers who were traveling in. From infected countries separate from the rest of the city. Today they're ruling means about history even using an old measurement the cubic. The link every being this medieval knights arm to social distance. Of the best model of social discontent have ever had with chocolate. Local companies are selling hygiene hotels promote their new co would secure cleaning tack and guarantee hygienic rooms. If trampled wasn't a luxury before the pandemic world has made him want. Stacy in Daryn shot traveled 26 hours from Arizona on three separate flights the long journey and the risk they state was worth it. I need a break. I think a lot of people after dissonant time just need something different you know we felt this. You know we take the right precautions if we do everything right for you having by the book. This is not something that's going away tomorrow. Everybody's distance in the restaurants there's no conversation. Celebrity hasn't restaurants everybody wears and we felt more safe. Most small businesses in Dubrovnik tell us they'll take all the safety precautions needed if it meets they can open back up. But fewer people in less money has left many having to cope with what little business they can get some places have already had to shut down. We have to pay you won't have prevented pay electricity salaries. You worrying. You'll be able to keep viewing employees. Some visiting yes we were glorious thing god they have. You of the Americans are back at. The nurse says his goal for this delay tourist season. Is to make 30% of what they made last summer this is by the broad looks so you this beautiful because. We the tourism incident. Be kept Dubrovnik like it was in the past. He acknowledges it's a delicate balance. What grace's numbers have remained relatively low since the outbreak began concerns over their open borders have led some countries like the Netherlands to heaven to their horns a list. Recommending anyone who has visited Croatia to QWERTY when they get back home. But the mayor says he doesn't think things will be back to normal for at least another two years has as the country can't wait while people lose their livelihoods. For now those Americans who take the risk it make their way to Croatia. Have a once in a lifetime experience of walking through one of the world's most famous cities without its being this crowd it's. Maggie really ABC news Dubrovnik Croatia. Looks. Lovely our thanks to Maggie and when we come back good trouble then and now. And finally tonight is congressman John Lewis is laid to rest the last living splinter from the 1963. March on Washington. It's not passing that it's on to the next generation of today we spoke with a one of those young activist. The set to speak at the next march on Washington the end of August and promising. To keep up lewis' call to make would trouble here's ABC's David Wright. Today it. As the nation's celebrated. Lewis and my word violence have the last word himself. It is so fitting on the day of his service. He leaves us our marching order. Keep moving. A posthumous message published in today's New York Times addressing young people. Though I mean not be here with you as you and highest art and it should be. 23 year old Ariana Evans now is your. Lewis was courage when he spoke at the march on Washington the youngest speaker back in 1963. I've been through freedom I'm. Didn't I think I'm leading. He knew that the fight for civil rights through birth right. And a burden passed down from one generation the next he makes so much as yet. I. Will write Israeli group. Should eat it's not even eat. Food generation on. Hold you. That I. Really genuinely. An Louis also knew the need for good trouble as he put it didn't stop in the 1960s. But will be carried on. By Americans like Arianna and air force veteran who has raised her voice since George Floyd's killing. Yes and I first time protest thing. That we've been tired I've been tired I've cried over this for years we've been fighting this same battle speaking out again. The polarizing presidents. You don't what are every time you anything act you're out of I would hate and hate. The young people marching for black lives matter today and Manning the barricades and Portland and other cities. John Lewis his message still resonates. He is glad I regret. That he was able. Who today President Obama. Vote for villains of the civil rights era in Alabama saying the work of Bull Connor and George Wallace has also been passed down. To a new generation. George Wallace may be gulf. But we can witness. Our federal government sending agents to used tear gas and batons. Against peaceful demonstrators. Absolutely I'll using an old our courts and here's to be poorer citizens sedition. It's not okay it's never been okay it was not located felt back then Wallace may have been governor of Alabama. But on Bloody Sunday. African Americans and an ally in the White House. Arianna Evans for one he's not sure that still true yes all the parallel. Google also. His position of power. All. He's sort of witness while. And she believes there is as much at stake now as there was in the 1960s. Are you worried about it. You know. I'm not in a way. John we're. Absolutely. You. Didn't already Soledad I liked. The torch carried so bravely by John Lewis and his generation. Now passed to a new generation. Or ABC news live I'm David Brock. Our thanks to David and before we go tonight our image of the day the first game of the NBA will restart in Florida players. With the New Orleans pelicans in Utah Jazz kneeling together arms locked around the black lives matter low low on the court during the National Anthem competitors. Presenting a united front. And that is our show for this hour ventures seeking to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us but before we go one final tribute to an American humor. We just. Bob. Good luck laden he was. But nearly doubling in international law and democracy. We. Why we cannot stop everywhere not. Admitted. No vote doesn't crash all Mowlds slate creek. It is the most problem more nonviolent. Jewelry around they're creating a mole perpetuity. We must matched up well. Mike nobody available pull off. It is showtime. You must find. Oh waved again in the way you must run away again and traveled looks up. Memphis seven crap out.

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