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BLM co-founder: ‘Sometimes you have to be bold and courageous with what you ask for’; Inside India's 2nd coronavirus wave; 'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: Melting Arctic ice
52:53 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, September 24, 2020
The president and First Lady. Food on the steps of the Supreme Court today we'll pay respects to justice from the Bader Ginsburg. Some of the crowd citing Ginsburg's dying wish of having the winner of the November 3 election. Decide who nominates her successor. Suspect arrested the alleged gunman who shot at least two officers now arrested. Protesters clashing with police over the grand jury's decision. To not charge a local police in Rihanna Taylor's death. Demonstrations in cities across the country and now a Seattle police officers on lead. After video appears to show and ride a bike over an injured protesters had. I think trump threatens to reject the FDA's plan to toughen guidelines for vaccine approval saying the plan quote sounds like a political move. This is both Democrats and Republicans are pushing back after the president refused to promise a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election. A woman police say refused to Wear a mask getting used football game and then refuse to leave. Teaser by police officers while appearing to resist arrest. So inside India's holding crisis how one of the most populated places on earth is handling the soaring infection rate. We'll take a look from the perspective of overworked ambulance staff. Generally take you to one of the ends of the earth and the effects of climate change rapidly changing and threatening lives of indigenous people of the Arctic. As the ice melts snow and as their way of life and his ginger zee reports it's not too late. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. As night falls officials across the country are bracing for more demonstrations and unrest palpable pain parading down city streets across the country many. Angered and frustrated in heard at the idea that there would be no charges for the deaths of a black woman. Only charges for the endangerment of her white neighbors and so they march. Those protests in at least one isolated incident last nineteen turned violent two officers in mobile was shot and wounded. This nation already on edge is now even more divided is Taylor's family demands transparency into just how the grand jury made its decision. We begin again tonight with Alex for arrest. Tonight blue oval and cities across the country bracing for possibly another night of protests after the grand jury's decision to not charge any of the officers involved embryonic Taylor's shooting with her death. Re on his family lawyer today demanding the release of the grand jury transcript which the attorney general has already said it would not be made public today Kentucky's governor however saying that transcript can be released. They want to know what evidence did content cape attorney general. Daniel camera present to that grand jury did he present any evidence all we have for Rihanna Taylor. Okay. That grand jury decision sending protesters coast to coast to the streets most peaceful settlement. Violent and mobile two officers shot and injured as suspect Lorenzo Johnson now facing multiple charges including two counts of first degree assault. Police declining to say whether he was a protestor. In Seattle a criminal investigation requested after this video showing an officer pushing his bike over protesters had. That officer now on leave and tonight more questions about that search warranted that led the three officers to -- on his apartment the night of march 13 authorities have said they believed a former boyfriend debris on as an alleged drug dealer now living in her home was using her address for trafficking. But he was already in custody before officers arrived to her home and drugs were never found in the apartment. The family's attorney says the affidavit to get that warranting a said the postal inspectors office. Was inspecting packages to -- on his home as part of a trafficking probe. Something the postal inspector denies that Kentucky attorney general saying his investigation fund a three cops were not involved in obtaining the warrant. They were called into duty as extra personnel. To effectuate the service of the search warrant. The grand jury charging now former officer Brett Hank a sin now with pre Anna's death but with the wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting aimlessly at another apartment in the complex. Brea and has family attorney questioning why charges for shooting at her white neighbors. But not app Rihanna. There was no wanton endangerment charge of them is that went into brown as a park man nor were there any. Charges of wanton murder put the Buddhist that went into embryonic Taylor's body. North where there are wanton endangerment charges for. Robbery on his black neighbors who have good is going to their apartment above are. Late today the global police union releasing a statement calling the investigation into the incidents thorough and unbiased. Activist and attorney -- equal Reynolds has been here protesting for months. With the attorney general's announcement. Part of our hope that I hope that someone finally would see some would value last. Tonight removal authorities preparing for possibly more demonstrations. The mayor here pleading with protesters did demonstrate please do so in the daylight hours come out be peaceful be heard. Those calls across the country for peace for now let's bring in Alex Perez who is on the ground there in global and Alex those two officers who were not charged and not fired. They're still under review by the police department correct. Yet Lindsay we learned today from authorities that they're now on administrative leave today along with four others are now part of an internal investigation to determine if they violated department policy and they could now face termination Clinton. Alex Perez on the ground in mobile thanks much Alex. And out of president trumps refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win the election is after he's repeatedly suggested without evidence that the balloting will be fly Republicans are making assurances that the peaceful process will happen. Many without criticizing the president's remarks. Our Jonathan Karl reports in from Washington. Vivid display of org divided nation president trump. Booed loudly on the steps of the Supreme Court. As he pays his respects to late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The boos turned into chance a vote him out. President sparked outrage after refusing to say there would be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful transfer. For a low power after the election. We'll have to see what happens you knew that I have been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are disaster I had. Angle or. Welcome back to making sure hundreds of these little what Harlem where I have get rid of the ballots and you have a very transfer we'll have a very peaceful. There won't Beatrice for a frankly they'll be a continuation. Today we put the question directly to the president's Press Secretary bring very directed very simple question if the president loses this election. Will this White House what this president I assure us that there will be peaceful transfer power to parents are quite an incredibly incidents. The president will exact accept the results of a free and fair election it's not cleared that assurance means anything. The president has gone from warning about possible voter fraud to effectively declaring without evidence. The election is already rigged we want to make sure the election is honest and I'm not sure that it can't be at a I don't know that it can't be yet today the FBI director told congress there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud. We have not seen historically. Any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election. Weathers by mail or or otherwise Democrats have condemned the president's words. What program. Lucky guy. He says the most irrational things. I don't know what to say. That's surprising. Why not include choreography were not injured teen he went the united. States of America it is a democracy. Republicans stepped forward to insist there must be a peaceful transition of power although most avoided mentioning the president by name fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power senator Mitt Romney tweeted. Any suggestion that a president might not respect this constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable. And Mitch McConnell to weeded the winner of the remember third election will be inaugurated on January 20 there will be an orderly transition. Just as there has been every four years since 1792. And Jonathan Karl joins us now from the nation's capital John tell us about that resolution the just passed unanimously in the senate. How will this is something else Lindsay the senate passed unanimously. I'll resolution saying that there must be a peaceful transition. Power something that does been happening every. You know after every election they're better than the United States really since George Washington handed over. Power to to John Adams and 1796. But this resolution said in part quote there should be no disruptions. Of by the president. Or any person in power to overturn the will of the people of the United States on the senate. Felt a need to go on record by unanimously. Saying that the president's or any other person in power should not disrupt. A presidential election. It's something that has not had to be done them no court. And also talk us through this group of the national security officials who are really leaning into the selection at this point. Yet the Biden campaign receives. An endorsement signs of by nearly 500. Former national security. And military officials including 22. Are retired. Four star generals and admirals many of these people off frankly I covered when I used to cover the Pentagon. And had never touched politics before. Are now coming out to endorse Joseph Biden saying that they do not believe. Did that Donald Trump is off to the responsibilities of his job and they in their statement that was put out today said quote. Joseph Biden has the character principles wisdom and leadership necessary to address a world on fire. Some of the names on this list include. That the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who served. In in the early years of the and the first. Two years of the trump administration and also Peter Crowley of course one of the major leaders under President Bush in Iraq. Jonathan Karl from Washington DC tonight thanks John thanks Lucy. And joining us now West Virginia democratic senator Joseph mansion thanks so much for your time senator we have lots to get into tonight do want to. A pleasure for you to be here let's start with Kobe nineteen we of course reached a grim milestone of 200000 Americans dead from the virus just today we learned. 870000. Americans applied for unemployment this week. I'm more than 26 million are currently receiving unemployment benefits do you think you in your colleagues owe it to the American people to. Act on a new stimulus before holding hearings for Supreme Court nominee. I sure do and I think we should have done a long time Goucher never gone out and obviously should stay here and worked right through it. At that time Mitch McConnell had heels act he called he put forth his Republican proposal of one point one trillion. The Democrats are from the house are coming over they were 3.2 they said they would go to 2.2. Syria 2.2 and one point one. No one should have no one should have left until we were able received would come together and find workable solution but we get. We come back after the August August recess Lindsay and he puts a new now he starts out 500. A lot of things that were needed that even he recognized. In his first proposal he took completely just trying to get 51. Votes from a Republican colleagues. It was just truth surely political messaging and it was wrong yes we should stay here get that done it should be our highest priority right now we have 191000. 191000 airline workers are going to be furloughed in two weeks if we don't do something. We've got people they kept me direct we've got people that basically don't have a job yet so unemployment that's running out. We've got people are losing basically on her rent and nerve their mortgage payments there's so much he should be done. Let's turn mountain president's comments yesterday refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if Joseph Biden wins the election. Republican Brit Mitt Romney likening it to belarus' in a tweet. You serve on a Senate Armed Services Committee the military has said that it is not its job to get involved what does happen if president trump. Refuses to leave office. The first two I went to the floor today I get a resolution. And it is unanimous consent and it passed not a not one person objective. Essentially what it get it reaffirmed the sentence commitment to the orderly and peaceful transfer of power. Called for in the constitution of the United States. I would hope that my colleagues on the Republican. Side of the my friends over there. Surely put the politics aside Democrat Republican. Lecture better angels fly don't be afraid to speak up this is wrong and we can't even entertain. Don't be afraid to say something about it we are Americans and I can tell you right now that is the bedrock of our of our democracy. Which is a peaceful orderly transfer of power. It's problematic if Skoda is ends up deciding the election if the deciding vote is a scotus nominee that president trump has just named. We should any nominee to the Supreme Court commit to recusing themselves from a case that could ultimately decide the election. Oh absolutely I think her with it was a being cheaper pitch right now losing justice Ginsburg. And I'm going to war speech trying to replace justice Ginsburg. You know I can't believe the hypocrisy that goes on the blue all of my colleagues on the Republican side. Back in 2016. When Mary Garland you know just DeLeon died in February 2016. Her Garland was put on March. And everyone of them to a chi said that people should have a right to have say in this and people West Virginia on in my colleagues. There are one to have the people of West Virginia have a say in that it was very important. Even though it never been done before like that. And now all of a sudden the same. The same senators are saying oh no no we have a responsibility and duty we need to go ahead and do it now. So which is it people don't know what to believe any mormons who they really don't they're confused. And senator you've said that you're not for expanding the court are getting rid of a filibuster Michelle Obama of course famously said back in 2016 when they go low week though high. What do you say to your colleagues and democratic voters who argued the only response to Mitch McConnell decision to allow a vote on a nominee before Election Day and not giving one to Merrick Garland. Is to blow up this system and did they have a point. You know everybody the easy thing to do was blow it up we've proven that 2015 their nuclear option. And then mr. column comes right back and does it even to a greater degree. And taking away via. The option as far as the sixty vote threshold on filibuster and the cloture vote and goes to 51 simple for this Supreme Court so. Blowing it up is pretty easy Lindsay. What is hard is the intent of our founding fathers are warned us to be bipartisan. That's the purpose of the senate. The house is the hot tea sometimes you can drink and when the sent off because a simple majority in the house. Then it goes over to the seven census obstacles to tee off so can be. Can be turned cinecast that a balanced and that's a balanced than we are the balance we should be to balance. Can end right now we're not acting is that at all and having the president. Basically so he sees a discourse and discourse inflaming. An infant and fanning does this seems but division. It's something that none of so there's always seen from the leader of the free world to see what we're dealing with. Never ever my life. And this is I voted for a 161. Judges. The Donald the Donald Trump has put a 16178%. Of the time more than any Democrat in the senate. I'm the most bipartisan senator Arlen for anywhere I can to work with my president no matter who he or she maybe. Of course you just send your bipartisan you're the most bipartisan senator of course you are the only Democrat to vote to confirm Brett Cavanaugh to the court. Oh vote is held before the election on any nominee. Are you a guaranteed now. I am voting no on the process it's a shame that somebody that might be very qualify would come up in this absolute a toxic time. But the process you've got to stand for something Lindsay you get just say okay. Short will go ahead I'll be part of breaking. You know changing the whole demeanor of the senate. For 230. Years we've helped us at some decency and fairness. And all of a sudden it stopped the wind and I'm gonna vote. To put a stamp of approval and set a precedent this should never be set I can't do that I've been very fair with everybody. Senator Joseph mention really appreciate your time thank you for coming on the show thanks very much appreciate being with you. Tonight president time is now threatening to overrule the FDA if he does not approve of the FDA's tougher guidelines on a potential vaccine. Today doctor Anthony found she said I would back the scientists in some states are now saying tonight they don't trust the federal government. And they'll have their own review of the vaccine are Mary Bruce reports. After touting a corona virus vaccine by Election Day president trump is now threatening to reject stricter safety standards that could slow down its release once again undermining his own health officials. Well actually what we're looking at that of that has to be approved by the way it has we may or may not approve it. Yeah that sounds like a political move. Tonight for vaccines are in their final trials but new rules from the FDA would reportedly require drug makers to monitor trial volunteers for an additional two months. Doctor Anthony found cheek coming to the FDA's defense. They look at it and saying we really feel strong we should go this way. I wouldn't act the signs is I would have to do that as a scientist. Saatchi said they may not need the additional monitoring it the vaccine is overwhelmingly effective. But stressed if they go ahead with it it is only to ensure the safety of the vaccine seek get rid of completely. Any further weaving the safety I think most sciences was saying you know you've really got to be careful. The FDA declined to comment on the president's threat. But just hours earlier testifying on Capitol Hill the FDA commissioner was adamant they are being guided by science not politics. Our thorough review process c.s and signs will guide our decisions. FT will not permit any pressure from anyone to change that a vaccine could be authorized as soon as next month but it is not expected to be widely distributed until next spring. With concerns that the White House is increasingly injecting politics into the pandemic response New York today announced it's going to conduct its own review of any vaccine. Frankly I'm not going to trust the federal government's opinion. And I wouldn't recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government's opinion. Tonight at least five other states and Washington DC have also said they would conduct their own evaluations before distributing a vaccine with 200 in 2000 Americans now dead officials are predicting up to 23000. More dead by mid October. And now we're learning about a large study out of Houston that does not peer reviewed as saying the virus mutated and could be more contagious. But so far there's no evidence it's more deadly. While potentially even more contagious than we originally thought Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington some wearing what's the bottom line here does the president have the power to overrule the FDA. Pulling that looking into this and it seems essentially yes he does have this power when the FDA puts out these guidelines. There what's noted the policy document that is then reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget which is an extension. Of the White House so the president does have some power here in authority if he wants do. To overrule the FDA here but we didn't hear of course today from the had health and human services secretary Alex is our insisting that politics will play no role whatsoever. In the production of a vaccine and yet you are seeing this growing number of Americans skeptical of this entire process sceptical of taking a vaccine amid so much makes messaging. Now even so many states. Taking matters into their own hands saying they will do their. Own reviews Lindsay come right Mary Bruce thanks so much. Now to an incident at a know how I don't middle school football game a woman who refuse to Wear face mask teaser and while resisting arrest police into the school district requires all spectators to Wear a mask but. Alicia kids repeatedly refused. When an officer said that she had to leave or face charges Aspen police say she started to put up a fight the officer used a taser on kids after struggling to put her in handcuffs. She was eventually coughed and removed from the stand to the shock of many spectators. Police stress that kits was not arrested for refusing to Wear a mask but for trespassing. And refusing to leave. And when we come back on mother father and children. Inside their home when it explodes. The investigation that's now under way. Plus Mike Donald Trump's niece is suing the president and his siblings are claimed fraud is not just the family business it is quote way of life. But up next India the second most populated nation on earth to struggling to contain soaring -- infections. Our journey with an ambulance worker on the front lines and welcome back right now Europe is battling a second wave of cove in France just recorded its highest daily number of cases yet. In Israel prime minister Netanyahu is imposing a complete lockdown saying they are approaching the edge of the abyss. But perhaps there is no nation on earth with a bigger crisis and India and they are on track to overtake the US as the nation with the most cases worldwide. How did this happen in a place that initially achieve success containing the virus. Our Ian panel brings us this in depth report. Come used to speak to India's capital to save his living. Today committee braces to collect that day weaving through Denny's pulled street's bull DC police didn't want some good information. New brakes to slow the spread of the disease canceled through Tuesday as it now has the world's fastest growing rates of infection and death. Today eat their coup in nineteen casualties in a rented to the rule 100000. Dead. And move heartbroken families with smooth and include. Accidental. Ford will we day is indeed gets hits by a second wave fall more vicious than the for us. Trading on the most vulnerable today Muhsin have to pick up the cruelty of the three year old girl who put it. My heart breaks. Thank everybody. I have seen so many guys. It's beyond his dream it's the most and make sure the little pill is laid to rest and didn't. I thought that he man. The family is poor and cannot afford a cremation is called this man from an Ngo to come and help pay for assembling a look wasn't. It's the grimaced at jobs exacting terrible told the police keep piling up. India seeing nearly 2.5 million new cases and just these past months. In this day. At this time that we're seeing more patients and deaths. Picking up seven to eight bodies on a daily basis he answered it pretty hard onto the graveyard pretty lucky goes. It's unimaginable loss for a country and its relative initial success in containing the virus. Beckett most India join too much of the world in shutting down. The world's second most populous country gave just four hours notice before losing one of the most rigid look Dan. You pay go deaths were related to local pet hospitals in your report and the US. But the Q1 point three billion people are we too quick to reopen. Desperate to revive its economy businesses received some public gas prints are. What we will act didn't tell you. And I eat and deep and up and doors won't lose their lights do not done within likely be on the need. Migrant laborers from the poor and there is coming back into the city's policy to blame for the taken infections and by some of the pandemic was ravaging its way through the nation's capital. We weren't in New Delhi hospital this past June doctors in full PPO patients attempts offensively. Couldn't get a picture of the vote. The deepening Italy seeking pooled the soundtrack to a cross. Stanton gets us there are reaping more immediate cases was starting to Klein. This situation is unlike anything we. Quote. Communities pregnant and then you can do you. But he has accused of. This situation wearing only corpses but yes it. Closest point. Read any news. You need is a more okay okay okay. Good today and medical professionals in the country as sounding the alarm. Bear most of the burgers aren't. School who aircraft could be. Good and it's got deep awkwardly serves. Patent is still relatively well equipped cities struggle. The pool areas of finding it even harder to Tampa the surgical infection much of the front line camp calls over the shoulders of Valenti is like to push attention less deadly. Two women with some medical experienced. Them through the door and father who. Some of our yeah. The town's only announced for damage but it might as well be years away. Don't his medical equipment seem Ken Olsen did meet short supply in this densely populated area so prevention is key. It's don't with the most dimension holes with contact tracing children and had. Any idea what that's different here about it because insensitivity. Women runs how many people giving each household would do away with the day. Making their rounds through neighborhoods like coach asking people it's different symptoms. Checking temperatures it's a community effort when one person answering questions can mean the difference between life and death. I'm excited to have not. I don't know. Are in areas with poor education station that day spreading awareness about disease and many still know little of fast. Much to me he's allowed him to me I'm happy I'm happy about it yeah. But nothing. Producing ultra violent changes could touch yeah I did most and a lot of it rather than there are only two hospitals. One barter part in one and directory both catering to a lot of villages. Two hospitals in so many villages if it spreads here. It'll be terrifying. What. One folks it's a time problem audience's time these are the workers are willing to take the risk to save India from the virus. To loosen the tape doesn't let so. But he gets home he tells his wife rules of patients with even more difficulties. Everyday he transports people movie today graves and they couldn't stay with him her. What's ahead there was a chick who died this. He was just five or six years old sons as his parents didn't go near him but usually hard a lot of I felt so much pain in my heart that I was standing and crying. Because we're the ones that we don't bring the body will you we're. This thing doesn't allow me to sleep at night. A kid is dying but the father is dying what kind of diseases. He's killed brings him pain but he finally you know it's those who key Frontline work. He tells us his family was scared of what she was tuning being so close to death but now they're proud. Proud that he's doing he's pitched to save others from corona virus. ABC news life. Our thanks to Ian for that report and still ahead here on prime. All the headlines about the rapid and potentially catastrophic melting ice in the Arctic has many concerned genders aide tells us it's not too late. Harrison Ford once again cleared to fly you may recall his prior aviation incidents including this emergency landing but that's not why he was grounded by the FAA. Officers and of serving time for crimes of their convicted we'll take a look. By the numbers but first our post of the day then you're a list. Paying respects his work of art called king Chad and Chad with Bozeman now on display in downtown Disney. Welcome back everybody with news this week that no police officers being charged for Rihanna Taylor steps we take a look at just how rare it is for police officers to face criminal convictions for on duty violence. By the numbers. About 1000 people are killed by police each year in the US that's according to a Washington Post database. Now this does not break down which killings were justified for self defense or potentially criminal. Still only 121. Non federal police officers nationwide have been arrested for murder or manslaughter from an on duty shooting. Since 2005 that's according to research from Bowling Green State University. Of those only 44 officers were convicted for any crime related to the shootings and since 2005 just seven officers have been convicted for murder. That's the charge that some activists have been calling for in cases like George Floyd and also embryonic Taylor. While criminal convictions of police are rare. Large monetary settlements are less subtle twelve million dollars has been awarded to bring on a Taylor's stamina enough money comes from the city of global. Not from the officers and New York with the country's largest police force. It's more than 100 million dollars each year. And police misconduct settlement. Still lots more to get to hear on primark conversation. Co founders of the black lives matter movement channeled the anger so many feel right now he did change. And this coming discovering a low in New York I heat and then came you will not believe the details of this one but first. Here's some of the trending stories on From a. The demonstrations continue in Louisville, Kentucky following the grand jury indictment that resulted in notice oranges it directly linked to. From the Rihanna Taylor's dad. Dozens of people arrested overnight public safety. The word racial equity and justice can and must co exist. To Louisville officer is shot during the violence from the major Aubrey Gregory treated for gunshot wound to the hit was released from the hospital and officer Robbins as Roche is underwent surgery after being shot in the abdomen he's recovering this suspect Lorenzo Johnson now facing multiple charges including two counts of first degree assault. Police declining to say whether he was a protest. Rotavirus cases are on the right isn't this going excuse me it's the CDC forecasting the country could reach up to 206000. Deaths in my mid October and another wave of first time jobless claim an 870000. Americans on foreign money and benefits last week. Slightly up from the we will have more. United will be the first airline offered Kobe nineteen tax meat warm boarding up slightly -- rapid tests with results back in fifteen minutes to know that everybody takes one is negative right now only on flights from San Francisco and Hawaii and concerns that the White House is increasingly injecting politics into the pandemic response to New York today announced its going to conduct his own review of any magazine. Frankly I'm not gonna trust them from the federal government's opinion. And I wouldn't recommend to New York purple base on the federal government's appeal. President Johnson niece is suing him and his siblings alleging fraud and conspiracy theory trump sent the president and his sister and their late rather gloomy picture out of tens of millions of dollars she was known as a teenager after the death of her father Fred trump junior who. He swindled her the lawsuit says they conspired with her trusty maneuvered to steal her money and line tour about it. The accusations mirror those in Mary trounced bestselling book published this summer and we'll White House has rejected her accountant from a lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Satisfying a sweet tooth while you're waiting on line at the grocery store is going to be a lot tougher at least in one city. The City Council in Berkeley California has voted to ban foods high in sugar and salt from the check out lines. And replace them with healthier snacks. The ban is not to be the first in the country. Actor Harrison Ford cleared for takeoff from the FAA completing its investigation. After Ford mistakenly crossed a runway act California's Hawthorne airport in April while another plane was on it just. He could be heard up apologizing to the tower. Bob Toledo underground I want right now I don't you don't pour cold or veto it and I'm. Exactly. Terribly hurt. The 78 year old has reportedly completed the remedial runway incursion training course this is not the actor's first flying incidental and it means when he fifteen Ford suffered engine failure just seconds after taking off from Santa Monica airport. Not so pleasurable task for police a condom confiscation. And Vietnam. 345000. Of them scenes. Not new. Use these bags are wrapped up condoms have been reportedly used before. The woman detained in the operations said she would boil them appreciate them dry he answered every rap it's unclear how many were sold tall. Welcome back shock and Harpring calling a tragic home explosion that rocked parts of Oklahoma City. A fourteen year old girl was killed her parents and brother were badly injured. Neighbors say the father who was burned in the blast was in shock saying repeatedly and days and it happened when he. Plugged in the coffee pot. He says he was electrocuted. And then his house Lola. Investigators say the cause was a propane along lighter inside the fireplace that was not up to code. We want to turn back to the unrest over the Rihanna Taylor case in this national moment of so called racial reckoning. Shortest tonight is Patrice colors co-founder of the black lives matter movement. Now one of the largest movement in US history she's also. An artist a political strategist and an author who is releasing a young adult version of her bestselling memoir when they call you but terrorists also. Currently on the cover of time magazine for their 100 most influential people issue. Patrice thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me. So let's start with the Rihanna Taylor case no police officers been charged in connection with her killing only for endangering her neighbors. What's your reaction and does it make a difference at this was the decision of a grand jury made up of everyday citizens and not by officials. My first reaction is deep disappointment and sending all envelopes. And solidarity to be honest Stanley and the people Louisville, Kentucky based had to bear. On this pain. The last supplements and this is just yet another dagger. I'm that goes straight into their hearts. And it's deeply unfortunate. Attitude problem that we don't have any form. Accountability. Asked for law enforcement. Who her army chill our communities we need to do better and our elected and are twins officials will local Lee. At a national level must stand for lack lacks. What I'd get into a little bit of nuance I guess intended difference of between hope and expectation. I could imagine you hoped for a different outcome but did you expect a different outcome. I hoped I prayed. I am witnessed. So many people. From bull brown. Chiu who was Vanity Fair. See who dozens and dozens of celebrities. Choose regular folks scenery on his name. And call for a very suspect and and I really. Witnessed all of that maybe this time. Dell will be some reckoning. But yeah this this is the unfortunate acts. Results that are expected to. And so many times like people stacks. Results that is a result that is that we didn't do not receiving justice. Let's also address the violence and some of these protests like the two will oval police officers shot last night. How to make sure that your message of nonviolence is followed and in a larger sense. How much control or influence do you any other black lives matter organizers have over the demonstrations at this point. Block one you know really tough to folks who are out in the streets contesting been protesting. Hundreds of days now since that that the murderer George Floyd and somebody can book that their bodies on the line. To show for black eye exactly. Am. That our movement has always cult horror I'm justice he'd always peace. We always knew the names that's our work is the work and Sherry and a lot of sports thing. Is peaceful and law enforcement doesn't hurt and continue to you chill our community members. LA you launch the hash tag defund the police and you're also working on federal bill called the breathe act to that reallocate police funds to community care programs. How can be sure that this type of divestment won't make communities less safe and in many people are already pointing to a surge in gun violence in America's largest cities. Well does the surge and those are questionable statistics I wanna. You know be careful about what we say he is being sad because what we do know is that public CT. Does not boil down to. I've gotten a courtroom art. Or jail and public safety actually boils down people. Access to healthy sued. Having access to housing having access to jobs they access to mental health care and drug and alcohol treatment. Those are the things that our community so desperately needed. And we are often not receiving it instead if you are about to speak follow city. County state and national budgets are budgets are largely. Giving you more and more dollars police. And law enforcement and we got to change. And while we're talking not defund the police what you choose those dramatic words instead of perhaps more subtle language because as you know it's the word defund the police that some people have a hard time with and then in some cases. It causes them to dismiss the black lives matter movement altogether. Absolutely I want to say that seven years don't let it. All wheel leasing and I said last class matters and started black clients matter people who are also very dismissive of trees people not. People it was did this isn't that you don't even acts what results is teachings and laying. Now seven years later Amazon and Netflix and everybody around the globe is using black white Saturn so sometimes you have. People who preaches and what he. War and the deaths some people may not be immediately. Class people to recognize that over leasing. And eating all apartment eight at least forces is not the way to get us to public safety. And let's talk about your new version of your best selling memoir when they call you a terrorist you share your personal stories you've. Certainly overcome a lot growing up in poverty senior feeling mistreated by police in the league in home in an early age. How your background informs who you are today as a performance artist and also in your activism. I raised about grew up in New Hampshire Los Angeles, California and over the least. Neighbor had to policing was largely the alt least seriously I had. And I saw the devastating impacts of hammock community and my family. And I knew that something different and you that we deserved more than what you're getting and so. And my activism and my artwork are extensions of my political values I believe that. All our lives matter only that we deserve to not just live concert I cry. I can't believe that can thank her opening community that was not seeding I'm very match from our local government and our national government. And you're writing of course to young children this time around it what kind of racial justice do you thing that these young people could achieve in their lifetimes. Along the young people out of acts. I was a young activists. And this is a love letter to Jens ears and younger millennial saying she going icu. I'm your work matters don't lose don't give we have your back. The young adult version of when they call you a terrorist is available now Patrice colors thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate it. Thanks for having me. When we come back what we need to know about the law also vice it's happening around the globe. Yeah. Interesting story here New York's metropolitan transit authority inspector general has uncovered something highly unlikely in the depths of Grand Central station a so called. Man cave this one quite literal take a look at these photos released by the MTA authorities say this unauthorized set up included. That futon and counts there flat screen TV mounted on the wall even. A refrigerator with a half consumed beer. The office of the inspector general received an anonymous tip back in February of last year claiming that. Three metro north workers have been used in the tunnel surprise break room to get drunk and party. They denied the allegations but have been suspended without pay. We turn out to the Arctic just this week the national snow and ice data center announced this year's Arctic sea ice straight to the second lowest in recorded history. And it's not just polar bears that will suffer. In this week's it's not too late or genders he takes a look at how native indigenous communities are fighting to protect their land. Hi I'm ginger Z and it's not too late. Alert if it. When you talk about a hunk of ice that sits at the top of the Northern Hemisphere. Between Canada Alaska Greenland and Russia. The inclination in its gonna feel like it is too late. This week alone that Arctic sea ice and opportunities act in the lowest level since there'll satellite records began 42 years. Let's get this records go back even farther and they shell that the rate of knocking. I'm accident. Though the legal right to look. You're cried out in three years ago have use things like streaming. Sediment quarter. I quarter. And together the history of Kirk yeah ice. And we know from this one particular record it used all of you readers. Again you're pre teens to get eight is on resident per it would need 800 years. Not only lawman threatened with sad polar bear pictures for most different lives but. Every time one of beans is posted the skeptics and arts. He'll have someone still saying we do now that there was a time when the Arctic was tropical. Why couldn't we just going back into and natural cycle 125000. Years later. No there is an actual record that we are currently in could when he. This three change we are experiencing today the warming up the arts a lost at the area being objects yeah. It's just there's no natural cycle would line up. It it's its rating changed. So it is happening. We need are accelerating. And it's nothing not just from the tap but from the bottom to it. Where does most. The team that. He's going on in the Earth's environment says so by a solution where it is most let go into the ocean. Warmer water underneath the ice he's changed. The whole water structure. Of the Arctic Ocean. And even more importantly the quality of the ice is not the same. The age of the ice basically summer this is very strongly correlated. Sad loss of the multiyear ice Bieber plays like for your rights which is much better. It's much more susceptible. To being rocked it. Now that all that out of the ways we can focus yes less Arctic sea ice is a problem for that's got. What more urgently. Fred baron. Temperatures in the Arctic are warming more than twice as fast as they are here in the middle at a tickets so the impacts are greater fort v.s real people. With real rapidly changing lives. There's significant act of sea ice that is occurring. I'm in the region it's further out in what we're used doom. So a couple of generations. You know they're risking their life for food security school where he. We certainly out of communities. In Alaska. That or imminently threatened with not being able to be there are one's normal way. Everything goes wrong and those communities. Will not be in trouble and they are. They're almost a 150000. People in small native communities that have been around for thousands of years in the Arctic. And some of them have seen their water sources drain from erosion. We're currently seeing a building that was. I'm dividing between the moderates are in the ocean thank you relatives and higher rates for a dreams ladies and rich. And that's that's big deal because now we only a couple of months until they are not and until you. Our only relying on your water storage container. There's sources of food increasingly difficult a hot. Ease our community. Our whole life is connected with the processor dean ends. Changes where experienced. Community. Is. That changes in its patterns. In. And it was. See we. He ice conditions are just too dangerous and life as they now it. Changed for after. We are very most Yates during when your appearing theme which is between Russia and and want to eat. Community he'd be lying when it struck a TI added an error you'll comply in the ice during the winter because her rhetoric. But because BI agents who sell low. Open water. New Year's seeing all of you in UT's. Bid along the Arctic is happening all courts here. The plight of the people who take the brunt of our changing climate are featured in the last ice it's a documentary directed by doctor and mix salad for National Geographic. In these things to yours. To be our country has become beard mark. It started as an environmental film we want to see what was the effect of the loss of eyes on the angles. I'd eat it and that being a film about indigenous rights but the lively what's the faltered that's of these terms of the easily. Canada and Greenland and oh climate change is affecting them and of course the animals Ironkey. Cougar traditions and their livelihoods and and there would system so. EED's all about Phoenix. And that's just it. These folks have adapted for millennia it's up to us now to help them adapt and to slow our carbon role. Our indigenous cultures have been here are adaptable. By their repeated yet to change that were seen now. That's going to be a stress on all you all. Where people who are not from the Arctic. Either you can take our person friend he's faceless. Thing you really cannot speak out. Ballistic. Connection. It's still an experience is silly and it's always going to be re currently sit weird uniting into. So here's the part where I can look at you with a smile and greater confidence saying. It's not too late. Even we phase out fossil fuels and you invest in renewable energies you can we change that we we reviews would both online and the ocean. End ward with indigenous groups to protect. At least 30% of the planet may 23 event we have a chance off. Slowing the warming of the planet. Ended east the realization of the climate returning. To a place with more violence more predictability and more stable conditions for error for human life boats and human bean. I'm incredibly. And comedy or comforting to know that we do have some heart and. Being out of working really hit her and she inquired oh. Suggesting how much of a role in an outlet fossil fuel emissions is going to play in the evolution of our future Arctic so. I think it optimistic in Akron art we still haven't Sheehan the earth and it ominous. Europe's Euro X. I'm dangers the and it is not to wait even with Arctic sea acts. National Geographic documentary the last ice will be released next month and we should mention the National Geographic is a division of the Walt Disney company the parent company of ABC news. And to forgo tonight our image of the day reminder that elections are now under way in more than a dozen states if you live in one of them make sure your voice is heard and if you need to. Still register to vote. That is our show for this are sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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