ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, December 22, 2020

President Trump issues wave of pardons; America in transition: How Biden will confront climate change; NBA hopeful meets NBA champion from his home town in Cameroon
53:41 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Hundreds of truck drivers stranded most unlikely to make it home. After French shut down its border with the UK forced to sleep in their pants overnight stock for several days. Breaking news from the White House after months of negotiations between congressional Republicans and Democrats over financial relief bill. President trunk now coming in at the eleventh hour threatening to blow the entire deal up saying he will. Less certain concessions are made. Isn't confusing the relief bill for the government spending bill this as the president issues more than a dozen full pardons. The major development on the unprecedented efforts and vaccinated the country when tens of millions of doses might reach the country wide scale. What we're learning about the reported negotiations. Went doctor Anthony about she is saying about that new mutation. Post Christmas coping search in sunny California hospital ultimately would patient concerns over what the next holiday light rain. Softer Thanksgiving. This course on Christmas. Elect Biden's message to the country today pushing unity but showing anger at president trump. Over his lack of response to the suspected Russian then sent cyber attack. She's 71 year old black man forced out of his home by police and gunpoint before you can even put on his underwear we'll we're learning about the incident tonight. Tackling climate change how presidents like Biden plans to undo the trump administration's policy affecting the environment. Not only economic impact fee and you kind of missions. Absolutely and it's been proven so many times over our latest installment of America in transition. Single ball in the NBA expanding its reach beyond our borders to that ended a you can. We're going to hall where a funeral but these don't relieve yourself use of the arts. How to lead is providing opportunities for young talent around the globe and what it means for some of its all star. Com in a news everything. Good evening everyone I'm when. As we come to the end of the year is often a time of reflection. Of course twenty toll will go down in history for a number of reasons chief among them more Americans have died this year than any other year in American history. For the first time deaths are expected to top three million largely due to cove and the projections indicate it will have roughly 400000 more deaths this year than last year in yet. When an international panel of 28 historians were asked to choose the most stressful year in world history. Thirteen 48 won by a landslide that was the year of the black death 20/20. Placed sixth in global history. But as we get ready to turn the page to 20/20 one today president elect Biden warned that our darkest days in the battle against cove it. Are ahead of us not behind us. Among the major concerns another holiday surge and the new cove in nineteen variant. We have lots to get to tonight the president's pardons and threats that he may not sign the Kobe believe bill. But we begin with a pandemic and the promising news tonight the potential for additional vaccine doses Stephanie Ramos leaves us off. Tonight a major deal reportedly in the works to get tens of millions more vaccines to Americans. According to the New York Times Pfizer is negotiating with the US government to deliver as many as 100 in ten million much needed doses between April and June of next year. Now both Pfizer and Madieu and a testing their vaccines to make sure there are effective against the new mutation rapidly spreading in the UK. So far indications are it they both still work. Tonight officials in New York now testing to see if the strain has needed here. We want to test for the variant. It is here we want to know would. We want to isolated. Immediately. But top corona virus task force members warning. The potentially more contagious period is likely already in the U less when you have this amount of spread within a place like the UK. That you really need to assume that it's here already the White House now considering a mandate for anyone traveling from the UK to test negative before flying. Three airlines will begin testing passengers on flights to New York Christmas Eve. Early evidence suggests the mutated virus may be as high as 70%. More contagious but more studies need to be done. Tonight the CDC saying there is no evidence the variant causes a more severe illness or increased risk of death. Viruses mutate all the time. That's what they do. That doesn't mean that a vaccine won't work in a move to boost confidence in the vaccine doctor Anthony felt she getting his lender an injection today. Along with health and human services secretary Alex is dark. I'm want to encourage. Everyone who has the opportunity. To get vaccinated so that we can have a veil of protection over this country. That would end this hand them. That campaign continues to trying to convince Americans to get vaccinated Stephanie Ramos joins us now from New York Stephanie. Tell us more about the reported deal for tens of millions of additional doses from visor in the spring. What is a pharmaceutical say that they need from the US government. Well Lindsey according to near times the government would invoke the defense production act to free up access to specialized products the company would need. To turn out as many as 110 million doses the US is asking for and we just received a statement from Pfizer. They say we continue to work collaborative leave with the US government to get doses of our coping nineteen vaccine to as many Americans as possible. The company is not able to comment on any confidential discussions that may be taking place with the US government and of course we'll continue to follow this plenty of course we know your wealth Stephanie Ramos thanks so much. Despite the many warnings from health officials traveling US is now in its busiest points since the start of the pandemic the TSA reports reading more than four million people over the past four days. The travel is certain to translate to a surge in hospitalizations and deaths across this country. Hospitals in California are now at or over capacity and as our Caylee hard Tuttle reports aren't sure what they'll be able to handle what's coming next. Tonight it's shocking look inside this California hospital bursting at the scenes at sick. Amid dire new warnings that a post Christmas cope its search could cripple the system. Patients filling a home waits can be just keep coming I think it's only in network apart it's better. Doctors and nurses running from room to room. Saint Mary medical center in Apple Valley overwhelms. This horrifying video taken by the Washington coast across the country a record 1151000. People battling a virus in the hospital but we saw after Thanksgiving. We're probably and it's worse after Christmas in California more than 32000. New infections today alone here preparing for the worst teary UC Irvine medical center. Building out of cash to field hospital to care for the crush of patients. Warriors building its of that at that time is needed we can the fifty Haitians. The sooners maybe the end of the year we are owns. And with Christmas just days away. California health officials begging people to avoid large gatherings. We will go through this. Each individual decision bank is a license. I holiday travel already setting records more than four million people flying since Friday. And tonight officials confirming the man who collapsed on this flight from Orlando to Los Angeles and later died at -- nineteen. This video obtained by TMZ the CDC now contacting passengers who may have been exposed. In Tennessee Cindy and Rick Lucas won't be able to spend the holidays together he's been fighting for his life in the hospital for the last five months. Every person that we hear house. And not just in. Its first needed at saint any range or. And it is in Lloyd and orient. Not none. Joining us now is the chair of Massachusetts coated medical advisory committee doctor Paul bidding or. Thank you so much for your time tonight doctor just talk us through if you would how the vaccine roll out process is going so far in your state. Likes about the vaccine roulette. All of these major acute care hospitals across the scene all the acute care hospital actually and general across the state and ending an administration programs for their employees out. It has started. In general people that are getting vaccinated are very very happy. However as maybe you would expect there are also some challenges. People who are not. Getting the initial allocations and vaccine. Have been frustrated in certainly my own system. The communication about how this process is rolling out as possible frustration. The past few weeks the average age of those who died from covent nineteen in Massachusetts has been 81 years old. Just today the CDC recommended next in line to the vaccine should be American 75 and older in front line essential workers. Since right now the state is getting limited doses of both vaccines should the priority to getting a vaccine to the elderly or essential workers if you can't do books. It really important. Question and in my own it actually really was just acts this weekend with BC he's new. Guidance so our own committee hero within Massachusetts is evaluating the rationale for why it. ASEAN he made that change brushing different than what they previously recommended. Looking at indeed and and we're evaluating as we speak. You'll still probably take us another six to eight weeks to really don't care infrastructure. As vote BCA international economies are asked him as the state are so. We recognize the urgency of this. We're not quite that pays more yet. So you just took us through six to eight weeks take as a little further down that time line and tell us when you estimate that a normal. Healthy adult would have access to the vaccine in Massachusetts. Right now. The idea is that based on everything we know about supply chain as well as the expected. Cruel additional vaccines. We're thinking that leads spring as the time went back seat may be available to the public name Hussein may June. There are absolutely assumptions now that means that there is enough doubt exceeding manufactured of the two that we know we're approved Madeira and Kaiser. As well is ideally another two or three vaccine candidates also getting a groove and and being able or use. And you're also the medical director of emergency preparedness at Mass. General Brigham the biggest hospital network in the state the Boston Globe has reported on vaccine software glitch is taking place there in complaints that workers who are not directly caring for exposed to come in nineteen patients. Are actually cutting the head of the line to the front line workers to get the vaccine. Would you say that this has in fact happened in and do you chalk that up to the challenges of rapidly rolling out a vaccine was limited supply to a large hospital network. Absolutely challenging jewel and exceeds supply is not large hospital network but we. People's concerns ordinarily seriously we've entrant into the data about who has been receiving their acts seem. Very happy to say that we're not really finding that there were substantial instances of people getting ahead. Who's on the front lines and in fact. It's really whom you. Made honest mistakes and an agreement and they were being given. So we certainly are trying to clear and windy ten. Multiple town halls video man's email communications owners and and the process and sign up and so this is being there and I am very very happy to say there. Vast majority of people who receive vaccinations. We vaccinated more than 4000 of our Frontline workers just in the past four days. But they are the ones who relative let people know we've been targeting. And talk about that new variant of Kobe nineteen discovered in the UK New York governor Andrew Cuomo today urged the US to require tests to enter. Just like the 120 other countries at least two flights from London are arriving tonight at Logan International Airport with no test requirement. Is that a concern to you. We have to learn about this new variants and what it means for overall. Outbreak that we're seeing my new cougar right now and it's already extraordinarily worrisome. We need to be doing with physical distance and we are asking and and really really. With the public is hearing the public health recommendations next also went even at this holiday time. Learn more about whether this new variant is in fact more transmissible as is being suggested. And more importantly we're gonna learn it has implications for scenario disease. Is too soon to tell right now what public health implications are marrying divorcing. And lastly as a state already testing specifically for this new variant it has this or any other variant been found anywhere interstate. So I don't know anyone testing proved that barrier right now she requires very complicated genetic. Analysis he'll tell the difference between corona virus strains we have Becky Williams certainly we'll be doing it seriously and it hasn't already been done. Again the most important thing is I don't know I just over itself but then I new infections to isolate those people who are infected make sure they get appropriate medical treatment. Really informative doctor vetting her thank you so much and happy holidays to you. You thank you so much. Breaking news now we're just learning the president trump has granted full pardons to fifteen people commuting part or all of the sentence of an additional five people. Most notably the list includes former representatives Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter. Then you probably haven't heard since the Robert Mueller investigation George pop and doppler so. Popping up a list was an unpaid foreign policy advisor to candidate Donald Trump and was a first campaign advisor rested as part of Robert dollars investigation into Russian interference in the 2016. Election. He was sentenced to fourteen days incarceration after pleading guilty to making false statements to FBI agents about his correspondence with Russian nationals. Collins a former representative from New York was the first member of congress to endorse trump in the Tony sixteen election. And was indicted in August of 2018. For alleged insider training he began serving a 26 month prison sentence back in October. Former California representative Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty in December of Tony nineteen to one count of conspiracy over his alleged misuse of 250000. Dollars in campaign donations for personal expenses such as family vacations into allegedly finance section marital affairs. His wife filed for divorce just two weeks ago. He was sentenced to eleven months in prison in March and a want and once called the investigation into him a politically motivated witch hunt. There's been speculation recently exit presidential could move departing members of his own family this will of course be something to watch. In the president's last when he nine days in office. Let's go now to our Rachel Scott Rachel the White House has been. Chanting it taking some of these actions several of these names allies of the president of course. Yeah allies of the president this is the first full batch of part of that we are seeing coming from president trump. Since after the election we know few weeks prior to this he did part in his first national security advisor Michael Flynn your team has been reporting. As in back at the White House publicly urging the president to use martial lot of try. Overturn the results of the election and challenge the results in battleground states of the president lost not. Some familiar nicknamed there Lindsay as you said George pop a novelist who was convicted for lying during the Moeller investigation obviously you're seeing a lot of allies to the president people have been fierce defenders at him over the course of his last four years. Bottom line here Lindsay is what does really does show. Is that president trump while he has refused to concede this election he does recognize that he is on his way out this is something that outgoing presidents do the president is also issuing appointments left and right he is issued more than 100 appointments since losing the election. The president clearly recognizes that. His days last. Are numbered Lindsay. Rachel Scott thanks so much more from you in a little bit in the show let's bring in now senior editorial producer Johnson to G it sounds like he may not be finished a potentially more parties. Time. All Donald trumps Christmas looked has only just begun Monday evening Wear understanding that there could be another way is true for the holiday and before the president is that adult tomorrow Longo to begin the is Christmas vacation. Tomorrow and then right after new year Lindsey our sources are telling ABC news that there could be a very long lipstick comment Donald Trump White House. I've been called by many individuals over the last couple weeks. Any other thing that we're tracking Lindsay is a possibility. That president trump. Could preemptively pardoned members of his family television White House seat and leaving him and now he's been urged to give it. By his advisors an ally for the last several days and that could partly be be could be believed. That when Joseph Biden administration comes in beer could be vulnerabilities. We heard Sean Hannity and other. A conservative media allies of the president on their programs. Saying another witch hunt could be coming to trump family. Don't know yet learned the effect on the list for the trump partner. Right it sounds like Rudy Giuliani may be included in as well a lot of these pardons of course. Were expected any of these names come as a surprise John. None of the names when the necessarily I think that what we're seeing is that she leaves of what took com obviously. The most controversial group on this but there are some of the apple or congress he backing the group but many are gonna begin troop. Is a group that. President trouble getting lobbied on directly. By their families and friends and Fox's news and added these four individuals. Tied to Blackwater to to deprive it. Security firm they were tied to 2007. Killing. Seventeen. Iraqi civilians. And some of them actually just been sentenced to life in prison about a year ago but their friends and allies have been on Fox News they not repeat a lot of attention from commentators on fox who have been lobbying on their behalf. But certainly getter rays some eyebrows. What we're also seeing tonight Lindsay is the coming attractions of the -- investigation we know president trump. As our role railed against that investigation since it began in 2017. We know he is parting his long time advisor and confidant Roger still has. Over the summer and Michael flames but just in the last couple weeks but tonight -- more people. On that list who've been granted presidential pardons. And that includes Alice Bender swan and George puppet topple it the one president at a one point said he did not know we've never connected Q. But getting apartments and a coming attraction Vera Lynn beak. Do weepy Paul medal sport who would obviously. The biggest victim if you will of the Robert Mueller teaching he was sentenced to seven years behind bars he was released. Give the Kobe nineteen pandemic but gill had and that hanging over his head only it served a little over a year and a half in jail. Our sources believed that could be another person we might see or another round truck part of. Yes and sounds like stand by for news to be continued Johnson teaching thanks so much. Is staying with the White House now where tonight president trump is threatening to not sign that 900 billion dollar pandemic relief bill passed by congress saying that the stimulus checks to Americans. Aren't big enough. Meanwhile president elect Biden delivered a stark and of your message in a press conference today. Warning on the pandemic a quote our darkest days are ahead of us and calling the massive cyber attack against the US a grave risk. Rachel Scott is back in has the details on that. In its what are video late tonight president trump announcing he will not sign the code would nineteen relief bill just passed by congress sent me a suitable bill. Demanding lawmakers increased the 600 dollar direct payments to 2000 dollars after they've already left for the holidays. The administration already promising dose checks would go out next week to Americans. Hours earlier president elect Joseph Biden with a stark warning for the country. We're tell you the truth. And here's the simple truth. Our darkest days in the battle against Covert are Oedipus. Not behind us Biden telling Americans the upcoming holidays will once again look a lot different for his mainly to. Saying there is no time to waste in taking steps to turn the crisis around outlining the challenges he will face on his first day in office. Biden saying congress did its job this week but expecting them to do even more from near -- in the new year. It took more than six months for congress to reach this new deal how do you assure Americans that. The relief full content and come soon I predict he will get cooperation to get that. His sharpest words for president trump on the issue of that unprecedented cyber attack on the US government and many US companies. Biden blasting the president for failing to respond when trumps only eighteen his secretary of state and EG have pointed to Russia. This assault happened on Donald Trump's watch. When he wasn't watching. It's still has responsibility as president. Have to defend American interest for the next four wakes. The rest assured. It in heavy does not take it seriously eyes will. Free to Scott joins us again and Rachel the president elect pulling no punches in criticizing president Chung for his response to the Hackett as well as the app pandemic. A week out today in front of the cameras addressing the American people it is feasible for Christmas what this sort of stark warning and think he's going to be blunt. Within the Eric and that we have some more dark days ahead of us even though we are looking ahead and toward that good news with the vaccine. Press the president elect on wind Americans could expect to see that next round of corona virus release we know that it's a congress six months to reach this current stimulus package we know that so many right now. Are in need of relief and those 600 dollar stimulus checks for so many in this country or does not gonna cut it when the median rent is 12100 dollars. I didn't telling me that that will be in his plan he does expect congress to act at the beginning of next year Lindsay. We saw you pushing back here on the president elect regional any resources and news today on Connolly harris' senate seat. California governor Gavin Newsom naming a replacement and also making some history. Yeah in and you Padilla is California's. Current says secretary of state now he will be California's first Latino senator but. And many are plotting this and many are also noting that the departure of public Harris also leads a bull weighed the air in the chamber. Harris was the only black woman serving in the US senate. Lindsay Rachel Scott our thanks to you. And next to the Christmas storms sweeping across the country brought Seattle its first snow of the year take a look at the Space Needle. But this storm is bringing with it heavy snow and rain depending on where you are is it makes its weight east rob Marciano joins us once again. What's in store for us rob. Well Lindsey of the fact that it snowed in Seattle with the storm shows you just how dynamic it is and it's going to be a pretty potent storm. As a tracks to these stars already blizzard warnings are posted for the upper plains and upper midwest and win alerts all the way down into the central and southern plains with this a very strong storm. Mostly rain events except of the northern and north northwestern quadrant of it. There's Chicago Saint Louis Memphis down to the Gulf Coast where strong thunderstorms could be severe from New Orleans to Atlanta to the Carolina coast Christmas Eve. And potentially damaging winds around this low into the northeast on Christmas Eve night as well. And that front pushes east during the early morning hours on Christmas Day for heavy rain in when potentially some flooding. And very windy on the backside and very cold on the backside that's when they'll start to feel like Christmas but beforehand it will be very wet and a very rough ride. For Santa to say Christmas Eve night they're trying to stay safe during this aren't rob Marciano our thanks to you happy holidays. When we come back this shooting caught on camera and now the manhunt for a fugitive who opened fire on an officer. How the Biden administration tackle a monumental challenge of climate change it's our series America in transition. But up next the outrage growing over this video that we first brought you last night of a naked 71 year old black man inside his home held at gunpoint by police. How they're responding tonight. Back now with the outrage over a police confrontation in South Carolina 71 year old black man is now suing police claiming that he was humiliated and feared for his life. Body camera video shows officers holding him at gunpoint in front of his home without any clothes. The officers say they were searching for young suspects burgeoning Norman reports. Tonight disturbing video showing an innocent elderly man naked ordered out of his South Carolina home at gunpoint by police. The video from June 2019 show 71 year old Jethro debating standing in the doorway telling police he lives there. At the officer points and Garnett him so he's done nothing wrong. Oh. What it's. All. Well I'll. They couldn't do well. On it. Police are reportedly searching for four kids who'd allegedly broken into a car nearby rock kill police releasing a statement saying they thought the kids could of run inside would appear to be an abandoned residents. An active Bane was detained by officers for safety the video coming to light just days after body camera footage from Chicago police showed officers storming into the wrong apartment with guns drawn. Chicago's may your issuing a formal apology to social worker and Jeanette young who officers handcuffed while naked in. Her home no wasn't happy experience that. DNA Norman joins us now from New York today are the officers involved in this facing any discipline at all. How Lindy at this point the officers involved have not been disciplined and giving has filed a lawsuit. His attorney says he also wants a formal apology. And he also wants officers there to have to go additional training. Lindsay and of course outrage outrage is also growing tonight over a troubling police incident caught on camera that is now gone viral and in this it man handcuffed by Virginia police while he was eating. With his family take a listen. Yeah what do you do. But he did nothing further we don't even have a black tie. Black's rock. We have got I didn't game but it's. Live fully. No I don't think we look at this yeah okay but don't go what do you do its. Usually yeah. And AM of that family. Yeah. Originate you talk with that Koppel what are they saying tonight and then what about the police. How will Lindsay Jamar and his fiance say that they were humiliated one minute they are eating together with their children a thirteen year old and an infant in the next Jamar is handcuffed for something he didn't do he says. That he was scared wondering what was happened next what would happen next as he was led away from the Stanley. He also said after this is all Sutton Danny watched the video back that he cried thinking about so many other videos that we've all seen of encounters between police and black men that ended very differently and they tell me that they're worried about their thirteen year old son they say this was traumatized in forum and they worry about the lasting impacts at this point. The police chief says that the officers who were films not wearing masks will be disciplined for that. Lindsay. Page named Norman our thanks to you. Still ahead here on prime the American who broke quarantine and was sentenced to serve time in the Cayman Islands finds out if she'll be allowed to return to the United States. If I'm the few pieces of legislation that routinely receives bipartisan support these days allies of president thinking about vetoing it. And will miss being the first time congress overrides him. And we've been talking about that 900 billion dollar Covert relief bill but you may be surprised about what some of that money is allocated for we'll take a look. By the numbers but first our tweet on the day. The moment California governor Gavin Newsom broke the news to his secretary of state Alex Padilla that he will be California's first Latino senator replacing. Vice president elect Connell a Harris take a listen and we'll be right back. Can you imagine Donna quickly. Not only thinking now is I ask you if you wanna be an excuse the United States. The great stating California. This period this. Is the official. Release is they asked Miller. It comes honored dead. And I'm humbled. Become of them you can go to comedy dedicate my bet sort of answered figured he'd scrambled. How to provide work for it. To me many many years animal data about them statement. Welcome back after months of the stalemate congress passes told the relief bill last night to bring billions in economic aid to Americans but tonight president trump is saying he won't sign the bill calling on congress to increase those stimulus checks to Americans to 2000 dollars per person. Salutes in signed the bill passed by congress. We take a look by the numbers the 900 billion dollar coat and relief bill was passed along one point four trillion to fund the government through next fall. The grand total of 2.3 trillion in spending making it this second largest spending package in US history. Though 600 dollar direct payments to most adults and their children means a family of four could soon see a check for 2400 dollars. The bill also provides 300 dollars per week of enhanced unemployment benefits through march for those still out of work. As well as 2.5 billion and rental assistance and thirteen billion an increase nutrition assistance. To tackle a virus there's 25 billion dollars for coding testing in contact tracing and billions to help states with vaccine distribution. And industries hit hard by the pandemic are getting another lifeline including 284 billion dollar suit paycheck protection program. 82 billion for colleges and schools. Fifteen billion for performance venues forced to shut down through the pandemic. And fifteen billion dollars for employees of the struggling airline industry. The bill also includes some welcome measures for low income Americans including seven billion dollars to help increase broadband Internet access. But want provision is drawing some ridicule it tax deduction promoted by the president. Covering business lunches which some are calling a three martini lunch giveaway that won't help restaurants seeing few in person business meals right now. But all this may be offended if president trump refuses to sign and that bills stay tuned for more on that and we still have a lasting answer here tonight on prime. Married with a successful clear and tonight her story has gone viral. After she counted how she felon while the man behind bars who some call one of the least polite people honor. The FDA is trying to expand their global reach tonight our look at the program fast the ball without borders and two players. Want to star in the other prospect from the same country. We've got to meet for the first time. And the last coated free place on earth. Sadly now has komen but first a look at our top trending stories on From from from. Number. Millions of vials shipped and hundreds of thousands of doses injected across the country gained just two weeks. In the dirt and Pfizer vaccines here now giving America its best tool to fight back against the corona virus. I'm doing it because I want to symbolize the people the importance that everyone gets vaccinated for a new layer of defense for doctors and nurses tornados and the bucks is like opening a brisk and wounded nation battling its worst month under pandemic averaging more than 2600 deaths and day. People interact with other people upcoming Christmas holiday and New Year's holiday and and we really risk Guinean some place where the hospital systems are completely overwhelmed. Hours the corona virus has now reached an all seven continents. And Argyle was the last continent untouched by the virus until now 26 military personnel and ten maintenance workers and testing positive on the Chilean Antarctic research base this military crew has now been relieved by the 20/20 one crew and quarantined before traveling to the frozen continent. The national defense authorization act or NCAA has passed congress every year since 1961. For this year's bill 740 billion dollar package includes a 3% raise for US service members and new housing provisions for men and women in uniform and additional legal assistance for veterans of the house and senate passed it with the overwhelming bipartisan support and good for weeks president trump has threatened to veto the bill and don't have a timeline freon gets grants -- yeah lawmakers to include a measure to repeal a law that gives social media company's broad legal protections from lawsuits Democrats and Republicans said that does nothing to do with the military. And trump has until Wednesday to sign the NCAA or Vito and and send it back to congress. Urgent manhunt under way to 22 year old suspect at large Pennsylvania police considering Kobe Branson's. Armed and dangerous after the shocking surveillance footage showing him shooting a police officer at point blank range from. The officer opens the door of the cruiser to bring him into the police station the officer Terry Athens. It's now in stable condition at home sampling. Skyler Mac waking up behind bars for a weekend after breaking open ninety quarantine rules for the Cayman Islands and using year old traveled to the Caribbean island on November 27 members required according -- fourteen days but according to officials just shootings and one negative Covert tests later she allegedly removed her wrist monitor and left fourteen to watch her boyfriend compete in a racist. Both Mac and then ran youth who was charged with aiding and abetting or would you change and initially ordered to pay a fine and served forty hours of community service. But prosecutors appealed to calling the ruling that you paint and a higher according to grieve the sentencing. Until four months in prison blues. Today to sentence for Mack has been reduced from four months to two months in jail. One lucky family getting what seems like a look into Santa's workshop this. Very lucky family we'll be coming to FAO Schwarz and having a holiday sleepover we're gonna have all those various experiences that you can enjoy at FAO Schwarz and without any crowds it's all personalized for them. This special night came from a collaboration between the famous toy store and air BA BE which listed the event earlier this month he had to live in New York City because obviously we didn't want people to feel they have to travel for safety purposes. So with the filming out of New York City and they were the first people it is. Sign up and meet the credentials of living here and. The lucky ones he chooses family had access TV in tire store including this giant step on keyboard. Seen in the movie being they also got a shopping spree. Welcome back talking now about climate change it's been referred to as the greatest challenge facing our planet even bigger than the pandemic and five weeks from today. How we confronted is set to undergo a dramatic shift. President elect Joseph Biden says it he'll make the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a top national priority but. What's in his plan and will it help or hurt jobs the bigger question is it still possible to bend the climate curve at this point. Devin Dwyer has another installment of our series America in transition. After forty years of Donald Trump's hands off approach to climate. Are she piper says the horrors to his family are only getting worse. Over nineteen his it's a big problem for the country the economic situation. Around but. There climate really news right up there beyond around and you at skipping. We first met piper when he came to congress in 2019 to demand action on climate change. Fight wait until I'm. At a high school like. That baffling it's gonna be too late he's one of nearly two dozen young climate act. Issues so wildfire smoke. I'm nick and increased wildfire seasons ask her health and at risk in jeopardy point one it was the worst fire season the west has ever seen more than five. Million acres burned. Both in the Atlantic it was a record breaking thirty named storms mother nature taking an increasingly destructive tool. Thanks in part scientists say to a rising global temperatures. This year is one of the hottest years on record. Michael Mann as a climatologist and author of the new book the new climate war. More years of damage tremendous damage that's been done your domestically in United States when it comes to climate action but it's not too late now. To take the actions necessary to keep warming below truly catastrophic left. US carbon emissions which contribute to global warming have been on the decline last year reaching the lowest levels since 1992. This year they'll dip even lower thanks to reduced economic activity during the pandemic. Our regulations are meaningful. Received reductions in greenhouse gases. And you know should we go further we're going to the extent that the law allows us to go at the agency. Outgoing EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler says the country's polluting less even as he rolled back dozens of environmental regulations including fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The minister wheelers right and 120 US greenhouse gas emissions will be substantially lower than they weren't 2019. But that's not because progress that the drug administration has made in reducing emissions that's because we have more just economic recession and a generation and that's a that's not exactly a a cause for celebration. You doing knowledge that climate change is a problem. It's just a matter of priority. We are certainly do a lot here in the United States Britain allowed the problem of the greenhouse gases. Is as a worldwide that she. We are problems with China in particular new missions coming from China. In other countries China is the world's biggest polluter but the US is number two. And experts see the rate of decline a US carbon emissions has slowed dramatically. And remains well below what's needed to stave off catastrophic climate impacts. Let's be clear. We need to bring carbon emissions down to net zero within a couple decades and we need to bring them halfway there within the next act that requires massive action and our heart and on the part of every other country. In the world president trump rolled back major carbon controls including rules on power plant emissions and methane leaks from oil and gas wells. The five biggest rule changes combined could add one point eight billion metric tons of greenhouse gases by 2035. If they're not reversed. That's more than the combined emissions of Germany Britain and Canada in one year. Let's roll backs combine. Have already animal continued to o'clock in place to go and ask gases in the atmosphere. Further increasing global temperatures hampered or global all's. I've always known as an issue and it's a problem. You know taking a look at for example some of the modeling. So think there's some real serious concerns on the modeling. On what the impact should be and when they might occur. President elect Joseph Biden insist the science is clear. The damage from climate change is already here. Unless we take urgent action. Will soon be more catastrophic. Vowing to rejoin the Paris climate accord on day one in naming a team of top climate advocates. Including former secretary of state John Kerry is special climate envoy former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy as domestic climate Sar. And North Carolina environmental regulator Michael Reagan to lead the EPA. To get there. This team will ensure that there are about justice. And human impacts. Our top of mind as we tackle is tough issues. Biden plans to push major new investment in renewable energy ask congress to set targets to reach net zero emissions by 2050. And restore tighter fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks. The good news is since the election. I'm hearing from lots be professionals that EPA and they're eager to get out there are eager to right the wrongs and think they can do it. Probably much faster than I would originally. Carol Browner led the EPA for all eight years of the Clinton administration share one Eddie until but good stories of the last four years has been the action and states in green more than two dozens states now that have established some sort of clean energy standard and said you know what you're seeing is elected officials. Being responsive to their citizens. California has led the way requiring all vehicles sold in the state to get more than 51 miles per gallon by 20/20 six. It defies president trump who set a national standard of just forty miles per gallon. And in every way we think it's going to be terrific and we have a lot of support from the car industry. The big US auto makers are preparing for a big change. And they know that we're looking at this lower carbon teacher. It was certainly mean greater availability of electric cars I think. And he's seen as me you know somebody his decrepit attic. About these are your goals around the environment and climate changed and they need to protect American jobs. And you know grow the economy here. And you ambition. A challenge. Absolutely and it's been proven so many times editor we had been successful in making investments in technologies to reduce. A dangerous pollution it is not a job killer it is a job maker. Biden says his plan would create ten million new jobs in clean energy the pandemic has hit the industry hard half a million jobs eliminated this year's so far. Trump CP chief says he believes Biden's plan will kill jobs in oil gas and call. Sweep through government act. To address climate change. Force those jobs to close those jobs customer per they're gonna happen. There's gonna happen in China or India or other countries instead of here did one open question is how aggressive lied movie extremely well do whatever radio that is build my plant arena debate brewing among Democrats is young activists like Ozzie piper. Promise to keep the pressure on us. Are we haven't seen you real. I'm strong action. Done. On another incremental steps we have taken and while those incremental steps are guided this still just not enough. It feels like going for the long all like doing a small things eventually. We need. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. And our thanks to DeVon and next to the what do you gave up everything for the notorious farmer brown. Her interview an Elle Magazine is now going viral Diane Macedo has more on what the former Bloomberg reporter says she did it all for love. He's best known as the farmer Perot the man who in 2015 raised the price of a life saving drug nearly 5000%. I really cared about people in the Ben into when he seventeen Martin's Grilli was found guilty in an unrelated fraud case light streaming through the verdict with a beer in hand. Later sentenced to seven years in prison. And Wohlers is New Yorkers there isn't. This after today's. Some say now a reporter who covered his trial is speaking out. Telling Elle Magazine she saw a different side huge rally and fell in love. Christie smythe was happily married when she started covering Martin's Crowley for Bloomberg. News. She just. She. Incredibly Smart learn to talk about literature. Our. Stations while she started visiting squarely in prison. Within a few months she left her husband and her job. I told Martin I loved him Smyth recalls and he told me he loved to me to. There. You are but. She's readiness. When I send you are not. Smyth says those future plans also included one day starting a family she. At present when united when he center. CN it being. But since she went public's Crowley has cut off all contact with Smyth telling Allen a statement. Mister Skelly wishes ms. smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors she didn't. That story you in her arms really ends. And it. She just in July her personal life anymore. She thinks that it. They mask our intent. Smyth says she still holding out hope. Telling Jia made a statement I know I did things that are controversial and that many people would not agree with I followed my heart though and ultimately I don't have regrets. He is a person who can and I believe we'll do amazing things if he has an opportunity to redeem himself. Fascinating story there are things to Diane for that and when we come back. Two NBA star is born outside of the US is that game continues to expand its reach will show you how. The NBA tips off another season tonight and one of the league's most generous players is opening his wallet again this holiday season speaking of the holidays. Milwaukee but true holiday announced that he will donate the remainder of his game chanted Tony Tony small black owned businesses and nonprofits. Adding his son's a holiday is earlier generosity in donating scheme checks from last season is expected to be at least a five million dollar donation. And as the lead tips off tonight eclipse to the future of the NBA we spoke with one young college basketball player about his journey from Cameroon to Waco Texas in pursuit of his dream. And the efforts made by the NBA to untapped talent in the far reaches of the globe what surprises lie ahead Kenneth mountain explains. It said basketball doesn't go character. It reveals one expert Jonathan -- watch statue his character pluses game landed him right on this court in Texas at Baylor University. And a potential prospect for the MBA. The college sophomore a product of the NBA's global reach into places like Africa so you're from Cameroon newsroom. You like light up you might imagine you're. Familiar I don't move the ball and basketball. How would you describe your playing style. Oh. Paul aren't any magic Brian O'Brien. 100 change gonna need. What is the defense. Defense position really read a little just imagine you can. Jonathan noticed then molded over the years that the MBAs basketball without borders camps. The program is and countries and Africa Asia Europe and the Americas. That young man from Cameroon earned a coveted spot in the first class of the MBA global academy. An elite basketball sinner and Australia. Or the Coulter shot going to Australia. We definitely. Didn't do anything you might. Oh. I really don't. I'm sorry I a trigger. Go through one dude you're how old are you. Since then there are trying to gain an MBA academy works with pros like MP journey man and another Cameroon EM. Luc Mbah a Moute to locate and develop high school aged prospect he's been doing amazing Joseph just give back to the community homes by doing news about what to camp. And kind of grew during the can't. Aguilera little modesty said he did pretty good in the game I urge you get outstanding. Who owns the well there Dugard in this year at the NB featured a record tying fourteen NBA players. That hill from Africa. We talk about dreams talk about your home country talk of I'll Burke's family. What this means to you knowing that they know where you are dory. Integrated. Kuroda who like effect on our prisons seem like archery. Especially a marine's family there was data. How did you see yourself playing a role and help gain. More. Clears and Africa joined MBA are being these programs you know basketball without borders of sorts in the NBA academy. Some monsoonal. As congress ruthless. If you were drafted Jonathan we're joined fellow countrymen and alumni of basketball without borders Philadelphia 76ers star jewel indeed. And NBA champion Toronto raptor Pascal see ya come. It's exciting to know that hotly gave us has been growing unit and in the country and and comedy we're excited to mean Alba is this this amazing so when you CD's players from Cameron. So not a burka but from from your country. What does that mean to you. Earning a good term limits burdens blew through you do Jonathan has never met Pascal one of his idols. Until now what would you say pastel he had a chance to talk to. Get that. No. Oh yeah. There was some whom I met. Her daughter Jonathan Quick to tell him that they're actually from the same city in Cameroon where your crow. Door blot out tailored to your day go without selected. From one hometown kid to another its message is simple. Work hard and believe in yourself beacon. Put all the hallway in Albany you don't believe you assault is going to be hard to matchup against his grades out there is a young man for camera from your home country. Wasn't mean to hear that he's doing so well at Baylor is indeed programs or so well. Are mean and interpreting an indemnity and dishing out sage advice to Jonathan that the challenges are not just battling for roster spot but also stereotypes. I think obviously I've Africans you know when we come in. You know we always did label right away you know what I you either big and you run its business and you Doug and I think that that's always on with state Marron and laughing and players. Pascal knew that he could do more. And he did. I'm never imagine now we'll have to Ford Lincoln and EU dole me you know I was. Differently or somebody that you know anyone commodity game ops took allure. Nominee now watch some of you want to pursue I gotta find out Baylor find Baylor game no muzzle. Two basketball standouts trying to make an impact a world away from home Kenneth Bolton for ABC news lives. We will be watching our thanks to Kenneth Panetta before we go tonight the image of the Dana you may have heard about the so called Christmas star but. This is actually what it looks like through a telescope that Saturn and Jupiter last night they came closer than they had at any point since the Middle Ages. But if you missed last nights show you still have time they should remain closed for the rest of the week. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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