ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Christine Brennan: ‘Everything that anyone is talking about is Tiger Woods’; Transgender service members fight for acceptance; Mother demands answers after 6-year-old son accused of sexual misconduct
50:33 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Now we are. That it would Tiger Woods that was involved in that activity. Terrible single car crash and mangled SUV flipped over on the sign of a California freeway from the sports icon badly injured in hospital. Rush right into surgery. The golf legend who has faced adversity and controversy was on the verge of staging a comeback tonight the latest on his condition. Vaccine production then struck latest. Of the 140 million more doses over the next five leads. Visor and the Daryn ramping up is Johnson & Johnson expects emergency use authorization this week. Plus the high. This continues California area now in more than a dozen states member of the White House task force joins us tonight. I'm alarming testimony about the deadly attack on the capital. Former capital. Military style coordinated assault on police. Questions online the National Guard was not immediately deployed and gave the FBI miss any warning sign. The latest tonight about the deadline whose confrontation in Rochester New York. Daniel crude handcuffed and naked and held face down with a hood over his head of state attorney general. Police will be charged. 86 year old boy accused of sexual misconduct by his school while playing with a won't miss female classmates. Harrison and instead of calling them this they first called the police his mother speaks with us tonight. He actually. Broke into the sea. Go to jail or. I couldn't even verbalize what was on his feet. I seem trans in the military president finally. Former president trumps van we'll hear from some trends service members about how they persevere. In the face of exclusion. I'm still here tonight building route. Trace people aren't going anywhere of his June been around for centuries. Good evening everyone and thanks so much for streaming with us on Lindsey Davis we begin tonight of course with a stunning news about a one of the most famous athletes on the planet should Tiger Woods in serious condition tonight hospitalized after a single car crash in California cash his suvs you write their smashed under rolled over several times before ultimately landing on inside each several hundred feet off the roach would zen had to be actual change from the wreckage by first responders the golf legend who transcends the sports world has had a story Cory church and a number of highly publicized setbacks over the years now he is in the hospital with serious leg injuries many tonight wondering if the man who changed the game will be able to bounce back Matt -- going to Sox. Tonight those gutting images now we are getting the confirmation heavily for the sheriff's department. That it was Tiger Woods that was involved in that accidentally one caller rollover accident just after 7 AM. Muir Los Angeles the caller flipped over and crushed. First responders reportedly using an ax and another tool to pull out the windshield it took first responders about six minutes to get to the scene after the first 911 call. No skid marks no break in so apparently the first contact was with a center median. And from there that across into the op opposing lane of traffic hit the curb hit a tree and there was several. Roll overs during that process. Us locals in this upscale Southern California community Colbert wrote notoriously dangerous it's my understanding of idiots. Serious injuries both legs he was the only person in the vehicle. Get on that SUV you can see the logo from the Genesis invitational tournament he was here fort this weekend but he wasn't playing because he was recovering from his fit. Back surgery. Dividend record. 3540 minutes to get the vehicle out of the goalie was about 240 feet game. Mangled cars right every Celtic. So tiger. Seven weeks from today final run of the masters. You've either. Golf self. I had to get their first feel like you a lot of it lot of space on the settlement of our surgeons and about as much their person that ensure that I do it. I don't correctly and this is only back I got. Former NBA star Dwyane Wade who's hosting this video on the course with what was new yesterday I say. The goal he's not called the witty but clumsily to come by with his guy right here meant for many years the number one goal for in the world. The accident comes after a powerful HBO documentary that tells the arc of his life history made at the deep. Personal struggles he faced it shows him when he was a toddler watching his father hit balls and we're neck in the garage showing off his skills on the Mike Douglas show. And the tournaments he won on his way to becoming the youngest number one golfer in the world ever his mom always there. Cheering in November of 20092. Days after tabloid stories broke alleging his infidelity to his then wife U in Nordegren. Woods crashed his SUV near their home in Florida. From there his personal life unraveled on the world stage but he worked to recover apologizing twists fans and family. I am deeply sorry. For my irresponsible. And selfish behavior I engaged in. It 2017 his career still played with pain and had multiple surgeries like tiger was found by police passed out minutes behind the wheel of his car. OK do you know we're going. And then in 2019 the improbable comeback the country that watched him stumble also cheering for his return. And did what many thought impossible. Watching him win he's fifth Masters Tournament at tonight just days after talking about yet another comeback he's back in the hospital. Close friend and fellow competitor Justin Thomas there. Six months summit. You know it hurts. Received one year's semi now my closest friends is Tom. You know didn't an accident in Canada so he's very. Decide its workers kids no. Drew would struggle. Our thanks Matt for that and let's now go straight to Cano whitworth who remains outside the hospital where woods is being treated at a kid play a byte from one of the officials saying just how close is came to being an outright tragedy yeah. While living the interior than captain of the vehicle is more or less intact defining was totally destroying the bolivars everything was destroyed airbags deployed all of them. And however thankfully it and interior was more or less intact which kind of gave him. The cushion to survive what's up otherwise would have been fatal crash and who. And police also went on to say that seat belt probably saved his life here is official on the scene to describe the moments after he first encountered an injured Tiger Woods trick press without officer had to say. Yeah. Right could you imagine being. First responding officer basic ducky Gonzales is the first to arrive on scene he finds Tiger Woods still in the driver's seat. Strapped in his seat belt is on its at Tiger Woods. Identified himself that he immediately knew he was dealing Hui was dealing with here. With all its contents he was lucid and that's why -- Gonzales is able to wait for the fire department to comes. And extricate tiger. Out of that car they had to sort of pop off the windshield to get an out of the car and Lindsay he said. I once they got about the pardon does not able to stand on his own Carroll works. And that he was lucky to be a lie. We get Lindsay so first of all media tries swarms here at this hospital. This Andy Hargreaves Healy medical center. This is a trauma center at its lessons miles away from the accident scene and what officials are calling us. Isn't as Tiger Woods was actually sustainable they were able to bring him here. This trauma center. That he receives her theory is thought you've bought bolt a leg an exit at big as the best hospital for him to be apps you may not have been close its. But in fact it was the bats in private financing. He was stable. This is where they were able to break up. Making sure he tries to get the best possible treatment chino whitworth our thanks to you coach and two more now let's turn to USA today national sports columnist and ABC news contributor Christine brandished Christina Carter was obviously a towering shake your not only in the world of golf but in American culture really overall how a sports world reacting to this accident. Lindsey it is. All the headlines it is everything it any thought united are right now and they sense because it is much more than just golfer used up part of our culture iconic member of our culture and news transcending sports shirt black listed thirty years now it is most people started to hear about tiger or at first base that Tiger Woods tighter she and obviously he has legend. Worse and has made news in the eyes have been so why not let have been buried well tiger over the years as he has. And and injury so many candidates and so I think. This is kind of story that you shutter of course because it. At 25 years of course he's human being pinched and you you hope he's okay or secret that the dad and son and and but you also understand assassination. Because this is a man blue chips coming back and that street masters in nineteen. Dirty you lions seventeen. Shot and inability to walk a straight line in a sobriety test. He just keeps coming back and coming back and I think those are the kinds of things that. That made him a riveting. You're you're an art culture and obviously now someone who are. On everything's okay or. In riveting to be sure and you touched on this in tiger of course is Jason challenges in the past decade as personal indiscretions that ended his marriage a 2017. Do you virus caused by his use of pain and sleeping pills and a string of injuries that nearly took him all children golf course entirely yet amazingly rich he came back to win the 2019. Masters tell tigers couch and his recovery in recent years and what if he is still able to play he would contend with as as a 45 year old still trying to compete. Somebody is a body board that he. Is body's use muscle that match I might everybody has seventy or at least here in terms all the injury surgery after surgery there. Surgery. A knee problems and broken leg. Beckett you let me US open so he's gone through the end I think this one obviously. Is it better. It's yeah. And it both of his legs Richard Hurd and media press conference. Obviously he didn't want it to human hospital. Concern there it is possible leg injury and surgery. Or any. Concern or an apple. And now get out. Changes yes he's an athlete and he. Mentioned. But he is also a human being and right now it's human being tiger Lawrence editor human man not this super human golf herb. That people I think are most concerned about and that's why this story will see in the news broke out fifty cents and well known name and up and there are people born. Thirty years old now who don't remember I'm money aren't aren't tigre words used an art our culture that one. We had dominated headlines and good and bad performers such all along about to actually just a little while ago we showed some video of him hugging his son eleven year old and Charlie each and that father son GMC championship also in Orlando we saw inch perhaps most recently as a proud father encouraging his lunch that his family including his relationship with his own father actually is so much at the center of his time in the national spotlight which does that impact how we -- Tiger Woods today. Softer gentler tiger. You know he got its revenge it is a machine. That we saw two years I sit as a compliment. Even though the machine is it's is not this human. Tiger was almost super human and was doing things we never believe you eat lunch and with so dominating and an essential for worst. That was hardship and also on a one. Time you to get in and out of an -- that tiger. Now is the tigris changed and he is a much a person who thinks Sean B and a career seemed a couple times. And I think he's under melody and become much more debt and his daughter son so both they are that meant that when he nineteen masters of lives and when you think there are some question when they major sports so that's tiger we're talking about now. Or human error and it sure tiger. And that's obviously the persons in trouble tonight. Christine Brennan are staying next year and turning now to the rest of tonight's news including some promising news on vaccines front executives of the major drug companies tell congress shtick could not vaccines for 130 million Americans by the end of next month but the pressure is on to beat the variants that are spreading which like California Barry at news studies determining just how much more contagious it might be she is a pilgrim has the latest on the. Tonight vaccine makers vowing to get doses out faster to meet that promised timeline enough shots for all US adults by the end of July. Pfizer doubling the pace of production cutting manufacturing time from 110 days to an average of sixty. We anticipate that I'll get up to thirteen million doses a week by the end Marcia McDermott expecting to double its current shipments by April and are targeting delivery of the second hundred million dollars more in. By the end but medic and a third hundred million doses by the end of July a full two months ahead of schedule. And now a third company Johnson & Johnson releasing. Saying it can deliver enough of its one dose vaccine to immunize twenty million Americans by the end of march. Just about half of what they were contracted to deliver by then. Johnson and Johnson's vaccine could be authorized as early as lead Friday. We're prepared to ship immediately and art emergency use authorization. I'm nearly four million dollars or. Welcome news after winter storms caused vaccine shipping delays and shortages this as two new studies found the California bury it appears to be more contagious. The more research needs to be done. These results are are quite concerning because it it suggests that bush we have identified the emergence have been Newbury and data spreading very rapidly in California and also. Better appears to be more infection. Meanwhile more Covert restrictions easing in some states in New York sports arena is reopening for the first time in nearly a year at 10% capacity. Madison Square Garden will welcome 2000 fans Barclays allowing 300 tonight. To attend a game fans need a recent negative Kobe PCR test rapid tests will be available at the arena masks and social distancing will be required. You can see this seat that we've designated as socially distance seeing pods groups either to report. Eve our thanks to you I'm joined now by doctor Karen Webb the senior advisor on the White House cub in nineteen rests on steam from the university of Virginia school of medicine and thank you so much for joining us tonight doctor. So more than 44 million people have received at least one dose of the code of vaccines and foreign executives from Pfizer in Derrick testified today that their contract to produce enough doses church 300 million Americans by the end of July with an additional 100 million from Johnson and John Lynch if they received FDA emergency authorization each of the big challenge of course remains distribution. What do you say right now as the greatest hurdles to getting those doses out to Americans as quickly as possible and look at improve this process. Well there are a couple of things I think person inform us in making sure it. We have really good channeled through sixth. Take not only do that there was this from the manufacturers. Also get them from the State's into the arms of the folks era are sit high and so. Making sure that we're we're always getting this vaccine doses of the blaze and any good permanent serial current debt that's kind of our you're. You automation that happening. But I I think it's proceeding on schedule listing as as he said we're slow ramp up into this is every week you know since. Came into into the White House Ria Cortesio Wear out by certain percent so light where. Where things are going terms of the trajectory and we should be priestess to get those doses to the three million people on and current president port. You sound rather optimistic but certainly anyone who's tried to sign up for a vaccine or how to relative to do so has faced the challenges actual the current system should the Biden administration be doing more to try to streamline the distribution and sign up process on the federal level that it's not so she's healed from city to city and state testing. Well in India want to Elena timber that that optimism because anything to choose the matter is we have. To work hard to stick us on exactly needs to be done in this state but yeah. A little bit differently. I think there is lot of coordination from the federal state putting the seats certainly been ministering I didn't vaccine also we have these federal site reusing well we're complementing the process in the state with these New York federal architects we set up our large community vaccination centers. Our regional pharmacy programs our health center's programs or trying to make sure there are more and more news vaccination. And what I always mindful folks. The huge matter is we are currently in that moment when we're predicting a number doses that are available. We'll get to a point where we have a lot more doses are available yet to make sure you shall cherish to accommodate gotten I think we're I think we're heading that direction so I think that owns yes it is still a lot of people I think the hope is it. You know in the next weeks and months we should have a dynamic where everybody who's over sixty who has certainly outlawed in any beyond that we'll get we'll get to the we're everywhere and what. And if so equity issues related to tackle in October of nineteen and we've certainly seen headlines in recent weeks and despite efforts minority groups are still not being vaccinated each at the same rates as white Americans want to just one of those headlines from the Wall Street Journal yesterday on the situation California and the headline is California is losing its campaign to an accident racial minorities equitably each and the article notes at black and Latino Californians collectively account for 59% of the saints reported to in nineteen infections but make up 19%. Of those who have been vaccinated in contrast. White residents account for 20% of infections and 33%. Of Maxine principi and first just tell us what you're seeing from your position on how prevalent each of these types of disparities are when it comes to equitable vaccine distribution and why these gaps still persists. We're seeing these guests must place old country. They're one of the first things we call cooers is good data in terms of what the vaccination process looks like in states and localities. All over the country in months we have that in a nation we can see exactly what does it look like Google where they don't all these communities. We need to diagnose problems that rule one of the challenges that we're happy. And certainly we talk about vaccine has since he's become a common trees across the country but it really boils down to a couple of different dynamics who won his competence in the vaccine. You know its safety and efficacy. The institutions that are distributing it and then ultimately the reasons why that you know government officials are telling you take the company he's. And then there's the convenient piece that's actually. Access two places to get back needed and automation have. A vote of confidence they have. Access to the vaccines it was the dynamics that were constantly contending it my fingers if you are vexing hesitant communities that we see in. A level organizational hesitancy in terms of understanding what has begun to get out there and get those. Those vexing to the communities that have been hardest hit highest risk. Who work on all fronts to make sure you know we now you know. Wrestling what. Most important steps of the Biden administration contained to help close scabs and ending she'll that enough is being done at the federal level. But there's always more than can be done I think importance to us or taking is that we really used equity in every secular vaccine. And so you look at all the federal vaccination programs that exist are communion vaccinations senators. These are out equity I didn't really listeners are our regional arms he sings church seems true as our our community health centers were making sure that aren't using equity and making sure those it was doses are going to the community and hardest hit. Every. Way I'm one of the most important things is feedback from the communities that have been the hardest hit I think he'd be a mistake charter designed this and execute our constant amount of feedback I directional input. You know into what this program is gonna look like consumer continuing to see battery during a series of stakeholder round tables this we can actually engaging with the latter day. Immigrant reiterated continued to get new and better information to make sure reaching the community. They can't have been the hardest hit their highest risk and I and that's our that's our clip that's our promise to the American people want to make sure this. Doctor Cameron web we appreciate your insight and thank you for return. Vickie. On Capitol Hill today we saw the first public hearing into the January 6 capital assault with a former leaders in charge of capital security discussing the failures before and during the attached including missed FBI warnings are Chief Justice correspondent cheer Thomas has those details. In Washington today the three men in charge of protecting the capitol in January 6. Pointing the finger at the FBI. And other intelligence agents. Telling congress they were never worn. Band of violent insurrection is just coming to our lease chaos in the name of former president Donald Trump. These criminals came prepared for war lawmakers hearing from the former chief of the capitol police Stephen sons who resigned after the right. And none of the intelligence we receive predicted what actually occurred. We properly plan for mass demonstration with possible violence. We got was a military style coordinated assault but the FBI did send a militant on January 5 one day before the war riots. Warning right wing extremists we're heading to Washington preparing to fight a quote war. And officials testified saying that information was sent any email. Or email they did not see. I think if we have inspiration that's coming in the day before a major event. That that has that level of specificity. That eighty get a little more attention than Peter just been handled either through an email. Or electronic. Foreman the failure to plan for the mob left capitol police officers like captain Carnie sue Mendoza. Vastly outnumbered captain and also who's also a veteran telling senators the insurrection is used military grade tear gas. I received chemical burns to my face is still have my heel to the same as an American. And as army veteran it's sad to see S attacked our fellow citizens. And losing the charges keep coming former new York city police officer Thomas Webster has been arrested accused of beating police with a metal flagpole. During the January 6 attack. In what prosecutors are calling. Lindsay a fit of pure rage. Here are thanks to you and when we come back to major update in Rochester New York incident involving a man handcuffed naked and held chased down with a hood over his head. News on whether the officers charged were faced charges he Daniel intrudes death. The family now demanding answers after their six year old son was accused of inappropriately touching a little girl is first grade class should their fight now get his record cleared. But up next after Bible reverse drums ban on transgender members in the military in ten years after Don't Ask Don't Tell is repealed and what transgender service members told us about how they're being treated. Stay with us. Welcome back in his first week in office president Biden slowly lifted his predecessors ban on trans gender people serving in the US Miller church tonight we share from those who continue to serve even as some top military leaders wanted them go watch and we slip questioned one decade after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell she is military service in this country now finally LG BT blind -- Devin Dwyer. Navy petty officer first class Brock stone takes pride in his family and his fight really big about. Jumping in there and doing what needs done stones a highly trained cyber analyst at the forefront of evolving threats to national security side here today because I want. I am part of my family. 12017. He joined an ACLU lawsuit against president trump to allow transgender service members like Kim to keep doing their jobs. What did Afghanistan. Always staying. Mean what does that all mean that tells me I'm not welcomed that tells me that I am not respect. As all. The Pentagon under Trump's a transgender people could only serve at the effectively suppressed their identity assuming the gender role of their assigned sacks at birth. We came an endangered species. There weren't going to be any more of us know when you could come out no one knew could get Ian. Those that stayed describe a psychological told. Biggest risks. Is weird. Something out there and an ordinary Taylor. Ku is a thirty to a job. Late last month president Joseph Biden ended the trump policy starting a new era of open service in the US military. But now trans service members and their allies how wondering how quickly tolerance will take hold in the ranks and whether the policy of inclusion will be permanent. I'm not worried about being able to be gone it's a question about it senior generation. Come can. Can start to embrace this evening and shattered way. I think it'll move along. Retired general James Cartwright former vice chairman of the joint chiefs. Says there are lessons to be learned in the decade since gays and lesbians began serving openly a cure being. Ask a live a lie. And downed wires. That wars are ticking time bombs that brought us to where we were when we came to repeal. In 201012011. Car right helped lead the ground work for repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Over concerns from some of his peers. When assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units. Has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level. In your view was with zinni and that borne out the studies were all. All conclusion that one there was no operational impact contract it was just the opposite now just say there were issues. You know incidents not that would be wrong or were and signature but just stated had operational impact. That turned out cannot case it was a nonissue there. You can either how the career that you committed her life to. Or you can be honest and you could not help but. Retired army lieutenant colonel Todd Brazil who is gay says the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell vindicated military values of honesty and integrity. In May 2010 from a base in Afghanistan Brazil penned a riveting anonymous essay that went viral and helped change minds. I want to tell the guys I ate lunch with every day about my partner he wrote at the time I've become so good at this lying game each set my soul. I was able to pour out my heart a way that it may get real for people almonds hold. Seven months later they. That makes. My seventeen years under Don't Ask Don't Tell fuel held a lot lighter. But knowing that the we have generations now Goteborg that it that it won't impact. The success of that transition cleared the way for President Obama and twenty sixteenths to allow openly transgender troops are for the first time. Your country needs you or your country wants you. An estimated 141700. Trans service members were an active duty or the reserves before trump took office. The majority were transgender women less than a quarter transgender men. They've served in all military branches in war zones for years and soon tenant colonel brief tram will bring her expertise to the new US space force. We're in the Pentagon I work for a new boss and I won't admit I was more I was in Arden. And about ten months later you retire and books or eat any meaner or and he said you know what. You broke my stereo. Job. To work and getting been charmed on every aids used to national. Asian. Who won transgender person Beers. Fram is the highest ranking openly transgender officer in the Department of Defense it helps lead a growing network of trans active service members called Sparta. One thing I can point to is he I've held command positions several others have as well. And the challenge there is not just about me but about bringing people along and being able to do this from a position. Even higher visibility. Chief petty officer melody stack our Virginia the senior enlisted leader in her navy unit says visibility is key. No one at the things that senior analyst and leaders CE. Is. Sailor doing her best to be excellent. Sailors and into all things she'd answers do. The fact that I'm chance at least instinct thing about your were worried about grasp married and violence it may always be. You know something in the back or my mind. And certainly you know inmate. In the junior ranks when people are still developing that network and don't necessarily have that. Same mobile support structure they may be more concerned about it. Groundbreaking new research commissioned by the Defense Department finds LG BT troops face an elevated risk of harassment. An abuse. Over 80% of RG BT service members had experienced sexual harassment. Compared to about 50% of non on GPT's service members is a really important for stock has just trying to understand the lived experience is an algae BT service members of that we can shape. Services and programs and resources around what they need. Eighteen countries including allies Israel Canada and the UK have allowed transgender service for years and could be models for America. Those case studies backed up independent research in the US which found allowing transgender troops has minimal impact on readiness and health care costs. Might do you think that. More time that passes. We it's a group of people being visible and demonstrating today. Our first class citizens route just like their ears just like everyone else harder it is to put the toothpaste back in a tube and reversed those gains. Today 66%. Of active duty soldiers sailors airmen and Marines say they are comparable serving with transgender peers. The issue open transgender service saddle. I'd like to believe that after forty years of this administration. The concept of military service without transgender people were being just is unconscionable as it is without. African Americans with how women without lesbians gays and bisexuals. But we're not quite there yet we're still at a place where a new administration. Could flip assuaged. And return to us being banned from service. For at least the next four years that switch is on acceptance allowing transgender troops a chance to be their best selves. And show how they helped make the country stronger and safer in the process. In the community at large and certainly are results Tom. It has been released but I'm still here are and aren't going anywhere. For as people aren't going merchants who have been around for centuries. Free BC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that report and still ahead here on prime the massive fireball an investigation. After a train hauling gasoline. Plowed it into a semi truck. The family now demanding answers after their six year old son was accused of inappropriately touching a little girl is first grade class. The next New Jersey mate comes the latest state to legalize marijuana we'll take a look at the efforts nationwide by the numbers. The first hour -- of the day the only man to win more major golf tournaments and Tiger Woods. Jack Nicklaus like so many in the sports world shocked about Tiger Woods crash. The well wishes now pouring in. Welcome back everyone and now some marijuana. New Jersey has just joined the growing list of saints and fully legalize it we look at this transaction by the numbers fourteen states in DC it now legalized both recreational and medical marijuana for all adults 21 an older. With New Jersey the most populous north he's state to do so. Age 36 states and DC marijuana is now legal for medical use. Voters passed all six marijuana measures on the ballot in November in states like Arizona Montana and South Dakota. 126 million dollars a year that's of revenue legal marijuana industry is expected to generate for the state of New Jersey once it's up and running according to New York Times. We will of course take time. Two years that's how long it took Massachusetts open dispensaries after recreational Canada's became legal. 68% of Americans now support legalizing marijuana that's the highest support in five decades of Gallup has been polling on this issue. The house passed the first ever building decriminalize marijuana on the federal level but it did not become law. Still lots to get to you tonight here on time more fallout tonight from last week's winter disaster in Texas. The actions toward top executives from the Texas power great company took. The major French star accused of rape and sexual assault what we're now learning tonight about the accusations facing Gerard Depardieu. Plus the family's fight to get the disciplinary record of their six year old cleared after he was accused of inappropriately touching another child. Why is parents believe race was a factor. The first a look at our top trending stories on From. Now we are getting confirmation heavily from the sheriff's department from that it was Tiger Woods that was involved in that accident they want car rollover accident just after 7 AMT near Los Angeles car flipped over and crushed the first responders reportedly using. Actually had another tool to pull out the windshield. Zinni and the series increase flexed he was the only person in the vehicle. And on that suvs you can see little logo from the Genesis invitational tournament when he was here for this weekend but he wasn't playing him because he was recovering from his. In the neck surgery and everybody wants to know how you're feeling what you're doing this has come on your visits back operations. Don't write about you'll find them though I'm Clovis Demps. For many years the number one golfer in the world he's. The action comes after a powerful HBO documentary venue from housing market his life. Just days after talking about getting another comeback and he he's back in the hospice. Five members of air cots board of directors have resigned and the company that manages 90% of the energy grid in Texas and come under fire from massive blackouts during last week's vicious winter storm. The resignations coming on the same day residents filed a class action lawsuit against the agency alleging that it won't fail to plan for the cold weather despite multiple clear warnings in Arlington resident Carmen Ty Williams told us about their 171000. Dollar building. We're just five days of electricity and this is beyond sticker shock I'm Lauren from Texas allows power companies to charge variable pricing. Keeps prices lol when demand is slow. But prices can spike astronomically when demand goes up. What has lead power company told you on this not let me tell you they won't answer my phone calls. Tulsa you call me everybody called a multiple times they don't answer it when they pick up the wizard beyond high call volume and then it just rings of the her next here to the fiery collision on the tracks in Cameron Texas a train hauling coal and gasoline colliding with a semi truck exploding into a massive fireball. It's pretty world. Several cars catching fire in neighboring homes damaged families and area evacuated Clark. No one was seriously. It's emerged from French actor Geron dip on June was indicted in December on rape and sexual assault charges. The acts were allegedly committed in the summer of 2018. DiMaggio is loyal in a statement said he took the disputes and an accident when she is accused the 72 year old has been nominated for bronzes are best actor award seventeen times and winning twice. Once up and coming rapper Bobby she turned out was paroled today after spending more than four years behind bars. Florida is best known for his on the hot boy and that's money dance video from the rap artist was arrested and when he fourteen and charged with gang related crime some new ultimately pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession. Welcome back next to the major update in the case of Daniel prudent you call the body camera footage of him he handcuffed and naked and held face down with a hood over his head coach the actions of the officers on the scene that night it led to protests and scrutiny ever since it's not answer on whether charges will be filed Stephanie Ramos has the latest. Tonight there are no charges against the seven Rochester New York police officers involved in the death of Daniel crude. We presented the strongest case possible. But today and the grand jury decided not to indict any police officer on charges related. To Daniel prudence death crude an unarmed black man suffering a mental health crisis died after being in police custody last march. One recognizes the influence of race Eric garner. To Mir rice. Rihanna Taylor. George Floyd. And now Daniel truth. Did you print Stanley says they call 911 on March 23 to get help for the 41 Urals officer's finding him naked and bleeding. Disturbing police body camera video shows officers in March covering crude head with a skit hood. Later pinning him to the ground before he stopped breathing pru died seven days later the medical examiner calling prince death a homicide. Lindsay tonight the Justice Department announcing it will review the New York attorney general's report. Into the death of Daniel fruit and will determine whether four other federal response is warranted the Rochester police chief out with his own statement saying the officers involved will remain on leave pending an internal investigation. Lindsay. Stephanie our thanks for that and next to the parents searching for answers after their six year old son was accused of sexual misconduct shook his parents say the school alerted authorities before even calling an aerial Russia has more. A Massachusetts family says they're seeking justice for their little boy after their son was accused of inappropriately touching a little girl. In his first grade class. In November 2019. Lobbyists say she got a call from the school. Claudia says by the time she was notified the school had already alerted police who filed a report which is now sealed. It's important to distinguish between a child being you know sexually curious it's not sexual in the sense. An adult sexual interaction. Under Massachusetts lot children under age twelve cannot be charged with a crime. But his parents are concerned the little boy now seven. Now has a permanent record on file with the state department of children and families and local authorities his parents say the boy just six years old at the time had no history of behavioral or disciplinary issues at school. Sexual abuse is is a public health issue for our children by certainly you don't want to over reach an overblown situation. And certainly make it into something much more damaging and criminal when in fact it could have been handled. At the level of the school between the parents. Somerville public schools telling ABC news our teachers and staff have and are expected to follow all necessary reporting procedures and obligations. As required by all relevant agencies and authorities. Adding our district and our school committee are also fully committed to continuing big deep equity work that we have bid intensifying over the last several years. Which the school vowing to do better but what does that mean for right now our thanks to area Allen joining us now from Massachusetts is Islam a Koran the boy's mother church and the family's attorney sugar Han thank you so much for joining us tonight each slot and like to start you just what happened when the school called do what reduce what it tastes and what was your reaction. Well to me the wrong sort shore and I'll call him the dean of students at the school saying that. My sons had sent little girl in his class cursory class in appropriately. And they out were required. To report all instances of sexual harassment. Shoot state authorities not specifying who were whacked they couldn't explain. What exactly. Happened let alone wet. Could it six year old didn't do that would constitute sexual harassment. I don't ever let the policy question I requested more formations are imitation but they reported in order alleging. They never provided it. Yeah I ended act and unpleasant thought I was released I called Ed. I don't panic and set. To go get our song as Ecstasy he should do. And you say that your son had no behavior a disciplinary issues prior to this incident why do you feel that your son was treated this way. Unfortunately I think it's there are an example our. Young child but we're TO quarry in a classroom. Engaging in developmentally appropriate behavior and being sock they look at Hammond. They CEO or eight they see something pathological criminal in the need to engage force. It's not only air race issue I think it's also an issue of gender. Mom and it is textbooks schools prison pipeline. And he's sitting in for differing accounts just what happened the next first grade classroom what does the school said about that day and who or what is preventing you from finding out the trips. Britain that did the truth wouldn't app that the truth right so this initially was strikes me as sexual harassment. It was weak so our son stool current. Almost two weeks we wouldn't return him because he talks he was say. And prior assistant to slow this district expo and Bryant turned millionaire's. It was in that meeting that the principal Glenda so so urgency or use. The billboard rap but little ribeiro and Brad are. Satin the next day or detective who also used the word. Grab. Write songs had allegedly. And moreover why not say what he did you indecent assault and battery even though it was the sharks crime. The what was reported to stay out while her authority as is alleged. Sexual abuse is here. And what was that her urgent that Middlesex district attorney's office outlets an allegation of sexual assault. So it what is our many things that has been. Difficult. As spin this it big. We narratives. House this is described arts school personnel meeting regionally. X uses Rory and severe language that they used to characterize. Us one moments. Interaction. Leading to little kids were friends in the class or at least as something that. Can have great consequences. Shadow. If Sharon going to bring you in here in your opinion could this have been handled in the classroom instead of calling in authorities. Of course this unit and handled classroom. Should have been done. This should have been a teaching moment instead. The behavior and a six year old lawyer colorless criminalize. Signet high. And police were all child welfare agency was all. For word and all of that our police or order her world and child welfare agency. Well they should have done us. Call Paris where the parents. Working with the students and made his teaching moment not an example of the school. And what's the next course of action at this point Peter. What we are seeking an early isn't policy. It's funds from other areas within the police aren't a child welfare agency. A senator she went into the local school district. And we will keep all legal options on the table we are all ended cola. Those items that I just explain. Resolve. If thought he would tell us about your son how is he doing it and how did help him process all of this when he talent. My son is an amazing little boy any mother thinks her child is an amazing. It. Unfortunately. You know it's been hard work days you know you. I didn't have a choice but there. Go outlook is equal say. They spent over here strikes you six this suit various. Legal state local channel. And this Smart thing. When we talk to him because the conversation. Is very. Com president locally you know people now and it's. This morning if I didn't show you. She actually. Wrote it's you can see. Go to jail. The couldn't even verbalize what was the speaker. But she is up three. He is a little six year old boy who is straight that the police are going to grow in the way in GM is channeling. She is ten year old sisters fourth graders he. Is a free that they couldn't. T who Jim current him away from us. It is. It's been a long straw. It is a trauma. I am or worried about my children. What this means for their rocks or how emotional notes. Com I'm monkey attrition. Do whatever angle to do you care to children. But this is entirely the result both the incompetence. And the egregious. Week. We're wrong actions are part of this school. And the police that passed inflicted tremendous harm and a in remarks and are. Clearly traumatic. We sinking so much for sharing your story with us Lani a qureia and Peter hunt we appreciate your time tonight. You. Think. We'll be back in a moment stay with us. Before we go tonight our image on the day congressional leaders join together this evening to hold a moment of silence on the capitol steps to honor the 500000. American lives lost in decoded nineteen to house and senate's top leaders leading a bipartisan group of 160 members. Holding a lecture candles. And joining in of rendition of god bless America. I. That is our shelters are Richard stay tuned to ABC news live from work context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey didn't think you so much a streaming with us and have a great night.

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