ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Incoming President Joe Biden’s ambitious Day 1 agenda; States nationwide on guard for Inauguration Day threats; By the Numbers: Biden’s historic Cabinet picks
51:35 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Well. Here's the emotion. When I die. Don't remember in my home a cheerful president elect Joseph Biden saying goodbye to his home state of Delaware today as he in the future for a getting killed by the food and Washington DC a change from the originally planned Amtrak ride Biden ending his short speech on a poignant. Person. A he's not here. She should we shouldn't use. Duration need the president and vice president elect paying tribute to the many Americans whose lives were. We're taking Michael Wood nineteen making it their top priority here. The pandemic head on what's on the agenda for Biden's first day in the Oval Office. President Charles final night releasing taped farewell touting his achievement. Another administration would have taken 345. Navy and up to ten years to develop a vaccine. We did it in nine months. Trump making no mention vitamin a twenty minute speech. Condemning the capital intact but showing remorse for his style of politics America is not a timid nation. Obtained souls who. To be sheltered and protected. From those with whom we disagree. With the movement we started is only just beginning trump skipping traditional. The handover ceremony. Prison sendoff without his vice president and a top Republican in congress Mitch McConnell slammed shrunk over the capital attack involved. Why. They were provoked. President. And one years since the first case was detected here in this country. Thousand Americans have died. Including a mother dying of Covert after giving birth to her sixth child and the question was heavy doses at newly opened mega vaccination sites. America on alert more than 25000. National Guard troops vetting by the FBI at least a dozen already relieved of duty and I only got some of them sent home. The Justice Department files its first major conspiracy charges connected to the attack. Remain over potential demonstrations turning violated state capitals. It's booming day at the White House beds or strip mattresses are removed mattresses. Come the end and then beds are made behind the scenes including. Total cleaning after as a child spots on the head down and applied. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us what we are certainly on the eve of a historic moment in Washington with implications for the entire world as we are now just hours away from the transfer power from. The trump White House to present elect Joseph Biden. It will be an inaugural unlike any other in modern day history the nation's capital on high alert for security threats and presidential planning to leave Washington early tomorrow without meeting the incoming president. The first outgoing president not to attend the inaugural in 152. Years. And while Joseph Biden's swearing in will begin a new chapter for the nation hill immediately have to grapple with historic challenges of the countries face for the past year. Underscored today by the tragic milestone. Of more than 400000. Americans killed by the corona virus. President elect Biden and vice president Lee Connell Harris marking the moment tonight at Lincoln Memorial. Honoring the lives lost in the pandemic. Also today the nation's capital the transition already under way with senate hearings for five of Biden's top cabinet nominees. An aggressive agenda for Biden's first days in office including that looming impeachment trial. Our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce lead to soft. Tonight Joseph Biden's long journey finally meeting him back to Washington. Landing in the nation's capital with his family on the eve of his inauguration. As America's 46 president. May. And BE. And anger. Can I Holmes. I mean. Weeks. Last half. Biting inherits a nation in crisis his first stop an acknowledgment of the giant task before him. Solemn memorial to recognize the devastating toll of this pandemic. Tonight the president and vice president elect observing a moment of silence looking out over the reflecting pool. 400 lights to commemorate the 400000. Lives lost on the eve of his inauguration Biden sounding his calls for healing. Two hill. We must remember. It's hard. Sometimes you remember. But that's how we he'll. It's important. To do that as a nation. That's why we're here today. Earlier today the president elect bidding an emotional farewell to his beloved home state of Delaware. Biting choking up as he spoke at the National Guard reserve center named for his late son beau. No it won't regret. He's not here. ABC Sri should be reducing in this press. We have great opportunities. Fighting now faces a herculean task healing a country wracked by the pandemic economic hardship. Racial unrest and now reeling from unthinkable domestic terrorism president trumps refusal to accept defeat delayed the transition. And now Biden will be the first president in decades to take office without any of his cabinet nominees confirmed on day one. On Capitol Hill today the first hearings just getting under way. Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen making the case for Biden's one point nine trillion dollar covad recovery plan. The hardest thing we can do is eating. In the longer and at least it benefits for weeks that clause. States leave would cure helping people. We've been struggling for very long time. The work ahead is staggering but tomorrow belongs to Joseph Biden the filling a fifty year Odyssey in public service to become America's commander in chief. Unlike his predecessors he will get no welcome from the man who currently holds the job. No warm handshakes in the White House the display of grace from 11 lady to the next. No images to show the world America's peaceful transfer of power still at noon tomorrow as the constitution requires side it will raise his hand. And take the oath of office. Coffee or car ride certainly not as important in all is that critical old. Of office our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce joins us now soon to be president Biden said to give one of the most important speeches of his political career tomorrow what do we expect in his messages he takes over the White House and at this really tumultuous time. Well this is of course a moment that Joseph Biden has been preparing nearly fifty years for over three runs. At the White House I'm told the speech will be forward looking and optimistic Biden will try of course. To speak to all Americans you'll recognize that we are in a moment of unprecedented crisis that he is talking. To a country that is facing a pandemic. Financial hardships racial reckoning and now of course is deeply divided politics that we saw take such a violent turn. Just two weeks ago but Biden will ask all Americans to join him to trying to unite and come together and face these really remarkable challenges. Together it is easier said than done the fighting will start to take those first steps dealing the country tomorrow right here with. Mary Bruce our thanks to you will see them. Thank you. Of course president trump now just has hours left in office and tonight he is released a farewell video touting his achievements and also saying that he prays for the success of the new administration. But he's facing new apparel with his post presidency now clouded by a looming impeachment trial. The outgoing senate majority leader with some top tourist today saying that the capital mob was quote provoked by the president and other powerful people. So what does it mean for Trump's future here's ABC's chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl. It's been a full week since president trump made a public appearance. And on this his last full day in office. He remained behind closed doors in the White House although we did release a recorded video touting his accomplishments over the past four years. We restored the idea that in America. No one is forgotten because everyone matters and everyone has a voice but his legacy will be forever tarred by his refusal to concede defeat. And his frantic efforts to overturn the election. Efforts that ultimately led to the disaster of January 6. When he urged some of his most fervent supporters to head to the capital. Lying to them that congress and the vice president could prevent Biden's victory from becoming official. In his video message today trump abruptly reversed course wishing his successor well but still not saying his name this week we inaugurate a new administration. And pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We extend our best wishes. And we also want them to have locked. A very important word he is not called the president elect he stalled the transition. And he's boycotting the inauguration. But he's well aware he'll soon have to defend himself pattern impeachment trial. He's hoping senate republicans'. Will not vote to convict him for stoking the flames of insurrection but you don't fight like hell. You're not gonna have a country any. And he hopes people forget that he praised the rioters in the middle of the insurrection so go home. We love you very special. Day he said something very different all Americans were horrified by the assault on our capital. Political violence is an attack on every thing we cherish as Americans. It can never be tolerated but today senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell leveled his strongest condemnation yet of the president. Saint point blank trump provoked the insurrection. The mob pushed Blanche. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. With the clock running out on his presidency trump was preparing a last flurry of pardons and commutations. About 100 of them. Although sources close to the president say he is not expected to pardon himself. Any of his family members or his close associates. Many awaiting anxiously to find out who is on those pardon lists and our chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl joins us now John senator McConnell certainly did not mince any words in his farewell speech as majority leader today. What signal do you think that McConnell sent to the rest of his party and what could it mean for getting the votes needed to convict trump in the senate. Think the most important signal he Sanders that this is a legitimate proceeding. Some of the president's allies are arguing that this was a political impeachment. That is not legitimate because the president is left office. I think McConnell was making it very clear that these offenses are serious that he believes that the president was at fault for what happened in the -- in that capital riot. Doesn't mean that you necessarily will bolt the vote ultimately to convict but it sure means that he could. And Lindsay if Mitch McConnell decides to vote to convict Donald Trump. There's a very good chance that he would actually become the first president not just impeached but also convicted in the senate. Still historic even on his way out of office Jonathan Karl reporting in from the White House our thanks to you of course have much more from you later in the program on the legacy of presidents Trump's four years in office. By this time tomorrow night Democrats will be in control of the senate for the first time since 2015. It's now as the incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee me New Jersey senator Bob Menendez thank you so much for your time tonight senator. You know many Washington residents may not recognize their city tonight it is heavily fortified capital with armed forces everywhere. How concerned are you about safety at tomorrow's inauguration especially given the potential. Insider threats. All I believe that extraordinary precautions have been taken place. Oh. Trust that. All of the law enforcement entities had to by the Secret Service. Have done all the bedding her that is necessary and we will have what I hope will be peaceful. Day and an example to the world that despite everything that's happened here. And the insurrection that took place at the capitol. That our democracy prevails our institutions with how and there will be peaceful transfer. Our tomorrow in from the eyes of the world. Now aided here Republican colleagues in the senate as you know voted to overturn the results of the election hours after the mob stormed the US capitol president elect Joseph Biden has talked about the need for unity going forward how you balance that with what many in your own party say is a need for accountability. Both for those members as well as a president. Well I I I'm not sure that their irreconcilable in terms of having accountability what form that accountability chases the the question but I do think that the effort to put the nation together. It is incredibly important as one of the most important thing is that the president elect Biden will have to do much in order to be able to deal with our co big challenge in terms of help issued to deal with the a fall out of the economic consequences of the Kobe challenged to meet. Our. Issues of our economy. As well as meeting the challenges in the world but I must say I just spent says several hours says sitting at the nomination the is secretary of state Tony -- him and I saw are generally speaking 88 different attitude in what I expected at his hearing I think part that's due because of easing Greek. You know nominee for secretary of state part of wrist and I hope is that our Republican colleagues had turned the page. Now president elect Biden will be the first president in decades and not have any of his cabinet nominees confirmed on day one. And late today Republican Josh holly said that he will block a vote tomorrow on Biden's pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security. In contrast president comes DHS nominee was confirmed on the first day of his presidency. How do you think it it'll take to get cabinet positions confirmed by the senate especially those that are critical for national security. Welcome and they should be done tomorrow or today after at the worst. You know the b.'s national security positions us secretary of state this secretary of Homeland Security the Department of Defense the secretary of the treasury. Big clay critical roles in terms of our national security and to delay them without good cause. At the end of the day is to undermine in my view. The risk. That is further perpetuated in terms of the national security the United States transitions in general. Are dangerous times for our nation even when there are done under the best of circumstances. That's when adversaries wanna if they wish is arm wanna test and see what they can do self I would just search my colleagues I I I know I know senator Polly was testing their you know pumping his fists with the protesters who Hulu came into the capital. And was a mob. I think he should worry more about having a Homeland Security secretary I can make sure we deal with so white supremacists. And others who acted that way in her in a riotous away. Vs being concerned about. Mr. my Yorkers is you know border protection issues. And as you mentioned just a moment ago your committee of course conducted its first hearing today for Biden's nominee for secretary of state Tony blinking this came as outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo tweet it a parting message part of which said. Multi cultural a zone is not who America is. Now as the incoming chair of the foreign relations committee curious to get your reaction to that statement from the outgoing secretary of state. Well I'm I'm not surprised. By a mr. Tom tales this statement. I'm not surprised. Because that's the way he acted as the secretary of state both at home and abroad and are obviously he doesn't know the great wealth. Of talent should that exists in the diversity of the nation I guess that he believes that someone like me I shouldn't be able to rise in B the chairman of the senate foreign relations. Senator Bob Menendez are saying see you again the incoming chair of the foreign relations committee. Appreciate your time tonight. Tonight Tony 5000 National Guard troops are on duty in the capital to ensure tomorrow's inauguration goes off without a hitch. And there's growing vigilance about possible threats from within the ranks at least twelve of already been removed from the mission to after vetting for extremist links. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reports on this. Tonight all bridges leading into the capital shut down one of the final pieces of a vice like locked down. Ahead of tomorrow's ceremonies 25000. National guards men many armed ringing the capital. And today concerns about threats from within the ranks at least a dozen Guardsmen have been removed from the mission. To send home after vetting for extremist links found suspicious comments. Any reason. That somebody's name is brought to the attention of the command. They're being removed from the line we'll ask questions later. Yep BI concerned about lone wolves and warning law enforcement about Q and on conspiracy theorist allegedly discussing plans to dress as national Guardsmen. Tonight the Justice Department filing the first major conspiracy charges. Connected to the right Thomas Caldwell described in an affidavit that includes images from a video to support the government's case. As the commander with the oath keepers militia he's accused of organizing the squad of up to ten members for the role and the assault on the capital. Prosecutors alleging late today that while the couple attack was under way. Carl well received the FaceBook message telling him to trap members of congress and the tunnels below the capital. And to turn on the gas investigators are also using recovered cell phone data. Even GPS location information to build their case it's against rioters. Overnight Riley Williams taken into custody authorities are investigating whether she may have stolen a laptop from Nancy Pelosi office. In an effort to sell it to Russian intelligence. Those arrests continue Pierre Thomas joins us now from Washington share some of the -- 5000 Guardsmen will be staying after inauguration tomorrow correct. That's right Lindsay is a sign of just how serious this threat and that it will be ongoing as many as 6000 National Guard. We'll stay here for up to thirty days. After the inauguration. Pierre Thomas our thanks to you. We now shift our country's ongoing battle we cope with nineteen today marks another grim and tragic moment as he surpassed. 400000. Deaths. Now take a moment and look at that number on your screen a number that represents parents grandparents front line workers teachers and so many other human lives. Earlier today a ceremony in our nation's capital memorial flights honoring those lost within a touching rendition of holly by the great gospel singer you Wanda Adams. Take a listen. The it. The movie. Turn now to our Steve though since on his record on our nation's heartbreaking loss. Together at these faces equal an American tragedy more than 400000 people in this country who would be alive today if it weren't for the pandemic. Bells are ringing in every corner of America tonight the victims. In California the family of Veronica K Vera he wrong as beyond heart broken. Their sister release behind six children. She was eight months pregnant when she tested positive for the corona virus and died just three days after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. We can give all the love and or at a irony given. We're never going to ever amount. Of the mother she lives. In Michigan bill signed mekki as a Covert survivor one of nine people and it's Finley who got sick after celebrating the holidays together. His mother died and he told the doctor that he believes it's his fault. It I know I gave it to Wear pretty sure did. And he said no. He said bill. Lee shouldn't have to go on a ventilator for two months someone reached in all due out from the other side. As you Morgan well. Said shall I think she was here with the. The president is getting much of the blame ABC news Washington Post poll shows that only 38% of Americans approve of his handling of the crisis. Where early on he predicted that fifteen cases would go down to zero we are doing a great job it will go away you know it wouldn't you know it is going away. And it will go away now there are new strains including one from England that could become dominant. And could be up to 50% more contagious. And another variant responsible for new outbreaks in northern California. They're now worried what effect this will have on the vaccine. Our thanks to Steve Havana and now until more on the concerns of the vaccines including the slow roll out and share New York the mayor says by the end of the week. The city will be out of vaccine are Caylee hard time report. It's. Tonight Kathleen drug addiction among the first to line up at this vaccination site in Long Beach. Shot. She's one step closer to seeing her 91 year old mother. She hasn't seen in over year. You see all my heels. Like I'm part of the solution so. They're very. Mega sites that can backs thousand today opening up across LA county today. Incoming CDC director detailing president elect Biden's vision to give a hundred million doses in his first 100 dates these will be community vaccination vendors they will be mobile audience. Until then states getting creative. Connecticut transforming an old Broadway into the State's largest drive through vaccinations. And Washington State turning to Starbucks and Costco helped boost distribution. But as Morse like open up across the country the supply of shots is quickly running out. The state of Michigan short follow if 2000 there vaccines. Without more shipments this week New York City may have to start canceling appointments we will hand literally. Nothing left to give. As of Friday. Back in Long Beach here Robert Garcia's mission to get a C vaccinated is deeply personal his mother and stepfather. Died of Covert over the summer. But don't want people to go through what I went through its arts I know every vaccine to music someone's life some. Certainly plenty of motivation to get that vaccine pounding into people's arms or Caylee Parton joins us now I ain't Caylee near there Los Angeles county where. It is become the epicenter our health officials hopeful that opening mega vaccination sites like the one where you are will help get this virus in check. And they are Lindsay at certainly the hope I mean right behind me we've been watching it happen all day shot after shot. This place has been working nonstop. In Long Beach and interesting conversation with the mayor here who told me that he spoke. With the by the administration and he says that they understand their need to be changes made to the distribution process we're hearing so many stories from across the country. As more and more of these sites open up. And at the doses are running in short supply now of course the supply is up to the producers. Made turnout and five there and then of course we know Johnson Johnson in AstraZeneca and get their vaccines approved to give us millions and millions more of those doses. But right now there is a recognition that the supply is short but here in Long Beach Lindsay being really are working at maximum efficiency the mayor here explaining to needed. He's theory all along his name next time the number of people who you're giving shots to any day. Don't hold any back he would rather have to tell somebody that they've run out of shots because they've given a mile out. Indicated their story Simon Fraser but here things are running efficiently Lindsey and the hope yes is that an LA county has already sites open up it will help us turn corner. Desperate to turn that corner there Caylee hard tongue our thanks to you. And when we come back the American soldier accused of betraying his oath to help crisis. Georgia teen jailed in the Cayman Islands for breaking quarantine speaks out. Which is now saying about what she did but up next this time tomorrow there'll be a new president. And Biden says he has plans to hit the ground running we'll break it all downplaying coming up. Welcome back aides to soon to be president Joseph Biden say soon after he's officially sworn in tomorrow he'll take immediate executive action on his top priorities and campaign promises from. The pandemic to immigration to climate change. The new president has an ambitious to do list for day one it's what's on that list and how much can they actually do on his own. Here's Devin Dwyer. The nation's 46 the president. So sure all. Y. Vowing sweeping action news first day on the job. We get to work it to him results right away on day one. We're gonna reversed trumps role backs of 1400. Public health and environmental rules. Joseph Biden plans to sign a dozen executive actions just minutes after taking the oath. Including one imposing a nationwide mask mandate for 100 days they'll start. Are at my side in order on day want to require mass where I can under the law. Like federal buildings interstate travel on planes trains and buses we need your help. Wear a mask for just 100. Days. BC thing you can do to reduce Covert cases hospitalizations. And death. With the stroke of a pen Biden will roll back some of Donald Trump's most controversial policies. And even the national emergency at the southern border in freezing new construction of the wall the barrier some border residents have been fighting to keep from their backyards. There's no way to Beijing bench. There's no Christ is no national emergency and national emergency that we now exit and get. There were stored dot gov for young undocumented immigrants pause all deportations. And reverse a travel ban and visitors from thirteen countries. I'm Daewoo now and troops unconstitutional Muslim men. I'll push congress to pass. Hate crimes or slash. And two years after trump ended that controversial child separation policy Biden will create a task force to heal those families still broken apart and. Immediately on day one I'm setting up a special commission we're gonna find nosed kids. How are you not typical of prayer. Sources say president Biden on day one will affirm global alliances like NATO and the United Nations which trump openly criticized. He plans to immediately rejoin America to the World Health Organization and re signed the Paris climate accord. Autumn day you want when I'm elected treasurer not going yeah. Enlightening all all of the members of these terrorists according. To Washington DC on civil rights Biden move reinstate protections for transgender Americans which trump rolled back in health care education in the military. His team also preparing to immediately extend a moratorium on evictions it on payments for federal student loan debt. Welcome relief for millions of families especially those of collar. It's a burden on families it it rips through Anthony's communities generations. These are generational curses and we are fighting to break break now. And as Covert response falters nationwide Biden vowing to activate emergency resources to create thousands of community vaccination centers. My first day in office cell instructed Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. To begin setting up the first of these senators. But some of Biden's biggest campaign promises won't come quickly or easily. To gun owners out there who say well by an administration means they're gonna come from my guns Ringo or your right if you have an assault weapon new gun controls elimination of the trump tax cuts forgiveness of student loans in citizenship for millions of immigrants who all require approval from congress. I'm the first thing I would do literally I've already have one written. I'm day one I'm sending to the United States congress. A immigration bill providing a pathway for eleven million undocumented and I who make sure every dreamer is protected. Sources say Biden's immigration bill lays out an eight year process to legalize undocumented immigrants after paying taxes and pass a background check. Millions could keep green cards within five years in citizenship three years after that. The plan would need Republican votes to pass. The Democrats only control the senate 5050 with the tie breaking vote going to vice president elect Kabul Harris. So the question of whether they can do everything they want to view is very much up in the air and facts they probably can't do everything to you. And first Biden will need is nominees for the cabinet confirmed by the senate. The confirmation process already lagging behind delayed by runoff elections in Georgia in the changeover in party control to Democrats. President elect Biden will really work to try to turn the page on the divisive nests. And the hatred of the last four years and really lay out a positive optimistic vision for the country. And and lay out a wave Atlanta path forward that. Really calls on all of us to work together. After his inaugural address Biden will take a symbolic step toward setting that new tone. Joining me Obama's bushes and clintons for a tribute at Arlington national cemetery where we'll. I. As president Biden moves quickly and an ambitious agenda for his first term. For ABC news live and Devin Dwyer in Washington. Quite a lot on his plate already are things today and for that and still ahead here on fun. Clean the lighthouse that once failing moving in and another town especially during a pandemic. We asked me experts. The baseball general manager fired just one month into his job the team's owner declaring their should be zero tolerance for what he's accused of doing. President elect Biden cabinet look like if everyone is confirmed we take a look at by the numbers but first start tweet on the day history will be made when Sarid Thomas becomes the first woman. To officiate a Super Bowl. Oh. Welcome back everybody aren't I this inauguration eve we take all of by the numbers its findings diverse cabinet picks and they history that will be made if they're all confirmed. Twelve of Biden's nominees are women that's exactly half the number of cabinet level positions making this the first in gender balance cabinet in US history. Eight is the most female cabinet members to have ever served all at once which happened during the first Clinton term and again in the Obama administration. And if all mighty nominees are confirmed it will also be the first US cabinet that's majority nonwhite. Biden streets included six black people among them retired four star army general Lloyd Austin poised to be our first black and Defense Secretary. Before Latinos. Three Asian Americans and one native American dead Holland tapped to head the Interior Department which includes a Bureau of Indian Affairs. But since confirmation hearings just began today Biden will likely have. Zero confirmed cabinet members on day one in contrast president trump had three cabinet nominees ready to go on inauguration day with a GOP controlled senate. And President Obama had six members confirmed by democratic controlled senate on his first day. And we still have lots to get to cheer on prime tonight the work being done to protect state capitals ahead of the vine an inauguration. It's been an unprecedented. Four years Arnold bash at the trump presidency but first a look at our top trending stories. On Number. No when. Who number between shot down in Dodson yeah let a shot and allies. And a dark years. We'll long remember who shaker full reflection. Remember all we lost. The order of business for the president elect when he arrived in Washington today visited the Lincoln Memorial along were they Americans killed in the pandemic that death total. Now stands at the little more than 400000. Americans do every. To vaccinated sputtering along with state officials opening up mass vaccinations and jurors in hopes of speeding things up we including five new ones in LA county U plus this site in Connecticut we have the National Guard we have the department of public health we have a loss of players. An active duty US soldier is now in federal custody authorities say he plotted with someone he thought was affiliated with the nicest to attack a New York City landmark and fellow troops overseas we'll hold James bridges is charged with attempting to provide material support to my sister and attempting to murder US service members. It's an ongoing wildfire emergency in the west red flag warnings across California. Fires forcing hundreds to evacuate and Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county's firefighters battling more than a dozen fires in the area and the last 24 hours. Wind gusts and parts of the state amassing ninety miles per hour and utility companies warning they may be forced to cut power to more than 2151000. Customers. This was yeah. Totals priceless. The New York Mets have fired general manager Jared mortar his termination coming one day after ESPN reported he sent explicit text and images to a female reporter each morning sixteen when he worked for the Chicago Cubs and Mets owner Steve Cohen says he has zero tolerance for this behavior. We know about who's been so little or your charter. Remember blues holds musician and Porter reportedly acknowledged texting with the woman but denied sending explicit photos. Anger this is my hands are just now. Only eighteen year old American woman jailed in the Cayman Islands for breaking quarantine can't admits she was wrong. There announcement in Iraq stay in the from the blue. It's Sox you know what you mean you get it didn't sound. Skyler Madden was supposed to quarantines for fourteen days after arriving on the island November 27. But after just two days she took off for geo tracking bracelet from reaching quarantines to watch her boyfriend's. A professional jets here competed in a race. The Kabul ultimately spending and 32 days including Christmas main engine new years behind bars. Land the EE KO and assure them that I didn't learn her. Sinai medical school in New York found evidence that suggests Smart watches can detect Kobe nineteen symptoms before a person isn't even aware they're infected with the liberty early signs of an infection is inflammation. When that begins the body responds by slightly altering blood flow in which can be seen in changes to a person's heart beat me in the study the pattern detected the virus at least a week. Before symptoms showed up. And welcome back while all eyes may be on Washington DC and tight security there tomorrow saris in all fifty states are now taking steps tonight to make sure their capitol buildings are safe and secure our cover -- is in Lansing Michigan where rumored large demonstration over the weekend. Really didn't materialize but Trevor I understand that officials will be prepared for anything tomorrow. Absolutely Lindsay getting meaner they insist law enforcement the National Guard Michigan state police to all of them say that they are going to be on top of things tomorrow as. This State Capitol and all of them have been facing these credible threats to the Michigan state police and the guard here have been flying relatively low for the past two days because we haven't had demonstrations but. They are going to be out likely in force tomorrow we know they have. On number of large forces on handed while they aren't entirely tipping their cards is set. How they will be covering the capital we likely got a bit of a preview to what they'll be doing on Sunday where they closed off many blocks all around the State Capitol they had. Armored vehicles surrounding if they had. Hundreds of National Guard members and police as well it substantially outnumbered what turned out to only be about twenty or 25 pro trump demonstrators. And the police officers that I talk to you they told me that they took that siege at the capitol a little bit personally especially with fact that. One member of the capitol police was in their words murdered by that mob they insist they are going to keep this building secure. They're gonna let everyone continue to demonstrate peacefully because that is their constitutional right. But they say as soon as somebody starts that break the law to step over that line they're gonna make sure that is put to a stop. Politics and you said he talked to some officers we know you also talked to some. Trump supporters who did show up to protest over the weekend is their message to you ended they plan on coming back again tomorrow. I would think it's likely that they're going to be back here tomorrow Lindsay they are steadfast in their supporter president trump by head talked to one guy he said he is going to keep protesting. For the rest of his life if he has to. Having said that they did start to at least. Com begrudgingly to terms with the fact that Joseph Biden is going to become the president tomorrow and perhaps the most importantly. None of them seemed to endorse the seas at the United States capitol none of them were calling for violence. And while a number of that were armed all of that were peaceful and that was the case. At all of the state capitals where we saw some. Minor demonstrations on Sunday there about half a dozen states that saw that including Texas people with long guns. Who were peaceful which again is their constitutional right to do that in places where you can open carry that is the case. Here in Michigan but I would assume that we're gonna see more demonstrations here tomorrow and it is important to note that while we talk to peaceful protesters here Lindsay. On the far right discussion boards on the Internet and a number of those social media web sites there is still. A lot of cries for violence that are being aimed at high ranking officials most recently today. The senate had net of majority leader Mitch McConnell for saying the president some sort of excited that riot so there is plenty of reason for law enforcement to be alert even though we saw minor crowds on Sunday and law enforcement insist to us repeatedly that they will rise to that occasion they will keep all of these state capitals six. Gracie great reporting other Trevor and stay safe thanks so much. As we wind down on the final 24 hours of Donald. What may have possibly been the most fun orthodox and most tweeting presidency of our lifetimes. ABC's chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl is back in brings us a recap. The trump shell. All right Donald John trump do solemnly swear. His First Act as president Donald Trump delivered to darkest and most ominous inaugural address in American history. This American carnage stops. Right here and stops. Right now. The carnage would com. And it would be brought on in large measure by trump himself just never. Take back our country with the way this democracy assault today the capital invaded by followers of the president. Who refused to meet he'd lost. Between his tumultuous first moments and his disastrous final days. Donald Trump treated the presidency like the world's greatest reality TV show. Commanded the world's attention along the way. There were success is three justices to the Supreme Court a legacy double last long after trump is gone. Three years of economic prosperity a record setting stock market. And he brokered historic deals to normalize relations between Israel and for Arab countries. There were bold moves as when he shocked the world by meeting one on one with dictator Kim Jong-un. Even becoming the first president to step foot in North Korea. His White House was anything but stable at home the man who promised to hire the best people churned through top advisors at a record rate. Four chiefs of staff for national security advisors for press secretaries. For defense secretaries and on and lawn among the very few advisors who made it through his entire term or family members. Daughter of vodka and son in law Jared many of those who were fired or quit trashed the president they served. Calling him on disciplined stunningly uninformed. Lacking mature leadership. It was a presidency littered would low points. Reaction to the deadly protests led by white supremacists in Charlottesville Virginia but you also had people that work. Very five people on both sides the separation of shouldered from their parents on the Mexican border. A relationship would Vladimir Putin is so close it mystified his own advisors. Especially when he said he believed potent over US intelligence on election interference. He just said it's not Russian. I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be. He was ultimately impeached for allegedly trying to get another foreign leader Ukraine's president to interfere in another presidential election. By withholding military aid to get dirt on the Biden's but the darkest moments of the trump presidency came in 20/20. Including his response to the killing of George Floyd. Protesters were forcefully removed. Trump hold a photo op board of saint John's church. Thank you very much everybody. With a Covert nineteen pandemic Kate he minimize the threat that this is a slew. It's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear but it was later revealed trump knew the truth he'd even told Bob Woodward. I wanted to only play it down. It was perhaps the most damaging lives of a presidency filled with lies and why did you lie to the American people why should we trust what you us. Terrible question and the phraseology. And in life trump himself was infected by Covert nineteen. Returning from the hospital in a made for TV moment where he ripped off his mask his mishandling of the pandemic had deadly consequences. Nearly 400000. Americans so far killed by the virus they are dying that's true. And you have it is what it is with the virus raging trump campaigned hard for reelection. Is that a lot of people there. And 2:30 in the morning on election night he made it clear he'd never accept defeat frankly we didn't win this alert. After dozens of failed court challenges and his own attorney general declared no widespread election fraud. Trump refused to give and. We will never give up we will never concede. Trump's rage became his supporter raid. Bryant on the capital. In a first ever second impeachment of an American president. Quite a four years and thanks to John for that and when we come back. The first family out and the new first family in with some extra security precautions. In the age of Covanta. I. Welcome back early tomorrow morning president trump in the First Lady will depart the White House in the nation's capital for the final time heading. Tomorrow Longo in Florida. Or from one of first family to another is always a time intensive affair and this year it's vastly more complicated due to the pandemic. Kenneth Moulton has that story. It happens every four years. What that if the occupants are lucky every eat fat White House handover from one president to the next five. But the transition from trump took Biden anything but peaceful or traditional I'll lay out my first step. Hard feelings mix with the raging pandemic camp teams preparing for a change over like no other. Mostly now with this code bid situation that adds another layer. Far responsibility. That they have. Who really collect eulogy claimed. Anita McBride was First Lady Laura Bush's chief of staff. But she's experienced presidential transitions up close back to the Reagan administration. What is that energy like. For this period of transition the. Best way to sort of describe it is now back transition. The house isn't organized chaos every single person on that team on the White House residence team won't have a role and a job and responsibility. The movie trucks already on site boxes packed. Normally dozens of White House staffers including butler's ushers and meet its crews are responsible for deep cleaning. The 132. Room mansion which only five to six hours to do it. All of the items the outgoing president will be boxed apple be loaded up hopefully some things have already left. The clothes taken out of closets closets are clean the beds are stripped mattresses are removed new mattresses. Come the end and then beds are made and you know. Arms there are ready. Or wrong. Won't this time because of the krona virus. Cleaning reinforcements are being called in Virginia contractor has been awarded the job but deep cleaning in the White House national based restoration company serve pro. Has cleaned tens of thousands of facilities across the country. When you look at the tight quarters of the executive mansion where it goes into a deep cleaning. Bob building as unique as the White House is is gonna require an expert to really review the facilities in order to provide an accurate estimate and it actress without consultation and designed for her what do Kobe being I'm. Service would entail. The General Services Administration says Clady will include but it's not limited to all furniture flooring window treatments hand rails door knobs light switches. Counter tops elevator buttons restroom fixtures and dispensers. Door handles and fish plates and lighting fixtures. High quality professional cooling servers how. Really trying to. Or experience working in bio hazardous environments. Along with specialty equipment Ian chemicals that can be applied in such a way. It will will kill the corona virus also be safe to the people who subsequently re occupied. Government contracts reviewed by ABC news show before the Biden's movement more than 200000. Dollars is spent per creased White House senatorial and housekeeping work. Including nearly 75000. Of taxpayer dollars. Just to clean the carpets and curtains another 150000. Dollars to pull up to replace worn down carpet. From the west wing to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door compared to the Tony seventeen transition there were no deep cleaning government contracts. The work solely handled by the White House staff. Prices for these kind of services are going to be here and it's surely based upon the complexity of the job our job is be much more complicated and is gonna require much more resource now let me. The deep cleaning comes out from multiple large mostly Mascoll is in person events at the trump White House in recent months. Defense were linked to at least three Kobe in nineteen outbreaks dozens of Trump's staffers and allies testing positive. Including the president and the First Lady Biden and Harris. Are people who stuck to strict no pandemic protocols. And then the promise not so much you don't see much mask wearing that was happening we've had several outbreaks in the White House. So we're seeing two different types of administrations here when it comes to how they're handling the pandemic that's gonna play out. At this new White House. Or vague unease stagger the numbers of staff that actually war. In the complex is opposed to work. Remotely. I think that will they be required to Wear masks while they're in shy. And the White House in their office says. It definitely will be a marked difference. From what we have seen the buying team has already said it won't have all its staff in the White House right away saying the gold Covert safety first for everyone. And a reminder the bite is half received the vaccine for Cooper in nineteen. Do you think the Biden's have anything to worry about when they move ahead. I'm an internal point of view of the White House being prepared and ready to receive them I am not worried about back. I think everything will be put in place to make sure it's as safe as it can possibly being. As the fight administration works to kick off a fresh and clean start. Kenneth smoking ABC news Washington. Our thanks to Kenneth through that and before we go tonight part image of the day. Yeah. The bells of the national cathedral. Bringing 400 times won rings symbolizing each of the thousand lives lost in a pandemic it was only last month at the bell told. 300 times for that milestone. That he's our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us up next our inauguration special anchored by my friend TJ Holmes.

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