ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, March 3, 2021

‘Significant Surge’ of border crossings at U.S.-Mexico border; Are animals at risk of COVID-19?; By the Numbers: State budgets during COVID
49:49 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
A burned out truck to launch the rockets at an Iraqi air base were American troops are stationed. Images being reviewed by the Iraqi military after at least ten rockets were fired targeting US forces. The second attack in just two weeks justice foe France's heads to the country of violence are raising major security question. Sitting threat against the US capital tied to Q and on capitol police saying they've received intelligence showing a possible life. Tomorrow today far right conspiracy theorists claim former president trump will return to power. Meanwhile lawmakers today asking national security officials why it took more than three hours to deploy the National Guard on January 6. The backlash over Texas in Mississippi and lifting their mass mandates and allowing businesses to fully reopen. Two states on a growing ballistic use restrictions. President Biden calling it quote. Neanderthal thinking. Meanwhile the president calling on states to give priority for vaccinations to school workers as he in the First Lady bush to reopen schools. New York governor Andrew Cuomo breaking his silence. Not from this time apologizing numerous times today. After three women have come forward accusing him of inappropriate. Almost saying he's embarrassed you can so drawing hundreds of pictures of me kissing people. And wouldn't it is money you. Customary. Way of greeting. Soviet among all creatures where our fellow mammals including our pets standing in this pandemic and Howland called it vaccine development for me. Hero now helping great apes at the scene Diego zoo. Us and highs in the sky world renowned astrophysicist. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins us tonight to talk about his new book cosmic queries. As we tackle some of the biggest questions based in humans and our place in the universe. Sometimes you look to the stars to better understand what's happening right here on for a just summarize that direction sir that. A contender status here. Good evening I'm way Johnson in for Lindsey Davis thanks so much for screeners tests tonight what have more on that new security warning that put the capital on high alert in a moment but we begin tonight with a subject that helped propel former president trump into the White House and may be one of the biggest challenges facing president Biden now what to do about the crisis at the border right now senior DHS officials telling ABC news. There is a significant surge of migrants crossing illegally into the US today we learned the thirteen people killed in a horrific crash in California Tuesday were smuggled through a hole in a border fence before their SUV packed with one in five people. Collided into a semi truck a short time later our cameras have been on the ground along the Texas Mexico border in recent days. Seeing the crisis firsthand. This as the White House is floating sweeping changes were immigration system. Our Matt Gutman leads us off tonight with a desperate family seeking a better life. And the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents trying to contain the search. Helicopter circled low skimming the treetops. Border Patrol agents don't feed to the brush. Helicopters flying low there are number of bands here to pick up. A group of migrants that apparently smuggled across the border and is hunkered down inside this orchard somewhere. It took officials about half an hour to find a sixteen migrants they said hiding in this orchard. And there percent of highway hugging the Rio Grande he were ordered to remove a few things they camp. So what you're seeing is these bloggers being told about their shoelaces that something that there have to do before they're taken into custody. No belts no shoelaces. Moore came filing out of the brush the foliage from their hiding places clinging to their clothes. Border Patrol officers and police asked if they needed water. The new detainees weren't can't they were just loaded up and driven out its process that has become remarkably efficient. Because it has to be. That's quarter now experiencing with senior DHS officials tell ABC news. Is a significant. Surge of crossings be Biden administration has so far not permitted the Border Patrol to. Grant interviews or ride alongs with the media. But the border is so active right now especially near McAllen Texas it's simply following. Border Patrol traffic coming quarters. Apprehensions. And it was near the Hamlet of California beneath the whole key wall. That we encountered this group about forty migrants according to Border Patrol. With children in tow and as we walked up right there he gets hired him we weeping. People are crying right now because they are afraid that they get sent back to their country. No re Sheila Marie Cruz and their children Jesse in Dane is Seeking Asylum in the US. They State's been up fifteen day journey. There was a train cramped car rides in the 5000 dollar fee to car use. What purported that they're saying please don't builds on its back. They showed us the neatly folded note pulled from that zip lock their lifeline the phone number of a family member in Baltimore. The towering wall of steel plate now wax is that giant catch basin for migrants crossing the Rio Grande onto US soil. But who can get no farther north than the wall. Death has always been hazard of this full weight but over the past two years for asylum seekers political purgatory on the Mexican side of the border. Has been another hazard crossing the border we visited this encampment of asylum seekers in month tomorrow's Mexico. Many fees tarps and behind its concertina wire. About 700 migrants there December 25000. Migrants that have been waiting suburban. For up to two years for their chance to have their cases heard. In US. They were in this place because of the trump administration's remain in Mexico policy. Ordering that instead of waiting for court hearings in the US most asylum seekers would be forced to wait in Mexico. But then came cove immigration courts closed. And that wait for families like blunt cousin John at the ends. Seemed indefinite. Last month a record ice storms slammed Texas and northern Mexico and they froze in flimsy blankets seeing ice form outside. For the first time in their lives. They also revealed the frightful risk. Couple talked in mid January crossing illegally into the US on that date Lanka gave birth to their son Jonathan junior. All so that their instinct would be stamped with a lifelong designation. US cities. But within three days they were expelled right back to Mexico. They waited through the cold in the thick heat of summer. In the camp which hugs the Rio Grande empties the US on the other side to hit delighting the close. But the Biden administration has been quietly rolling back restrictions. Last Thursday Jonathan and lock were able to cross into Brownsville Texas legal. Every day that not to Morrison can't they get small. We watched as it would Chrysler explained to dozens of asylum seekers how the process would go. And on Tuesday we caught up with Jonathan again and we stayed at a motel in Brownsville he was cramped but they had beds and heat and food. He told us the news that we're going to fly to Boston via bailout. What kept Jonathan and Blanca in Mexico is part of what Homeland Security chief Alejandro me or kiss calls the broken US immigration system. It takes time. To build out of the depths of cruelty. That the administration. Before us established. What we your seat seeing now at the border. Is the immediate result. Of the dismantlement. Of the system and the time that it takes to rebuild it. Virtually from scratch. Changes that were. Already it simple in browns mills bus station officials here told us these folks were recently apprehended along the border. And it released from Border Patrol custody. With the promise that they which show up for immigration here X. Now at the station they were being processed but first tested for coping. Since you. Being here on average what is the percent positive of the people coming across from. Let's say from them all that I have and this thing about a 150. And from Eagles at least thirty armed. I see you've had days worth thirty almost that the point 5% of the people come across a Kobe positive yes wow is that is that surprisingly high. Well that's a hypo active in Anaheim. Administration officials say they don't have room for all the migrants they've apprehended especially with Covert social distancing requirements. The backlog growing with the enormous influx of unaccompanied minors. And we saw evidence. Border Patrol operation near McAllen Texas this young man saying he was from Honduras. DHS officials tell ABC news about 9000. Unaccompanied children and teens crossed into the US just in the month of February. Now officials are asking the Biden administration to help them prepare 20000. Beds for minors crossing illegally. Most of them from Central America. The administration says this means it has been forced to house these youth in temporary shelters. As of covad and he took that their sponsors in some cases those are the very same facilities. Aided by the trumpet industry. And to the migrants still heading north this but we CO Anne Marie Cruz had done the administration asking for patience from all those. We are not saying don't com. We are saying don't come now. Because we will be able to deliver. Safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible. Meantime today it was a momentous day for Blanca and Jonathan and her family their first time on a plane. Headed to a place that until this week it sounded on imagine a bleakest. Boston. Hoping that like the baby and block his arms they to won game could call themselves American citizens. Matt Gutman ABC news McAllen Texas. Our thanks a Mac government for that report. Now to Washington the new alert and enhance security after a bulletin with intelligence about a possible militia plot to storm the US capitol on or around march 4. It comes as lawmakers held their second hearing this week about the deadly January 6 riots. Questioning national security officials about the lapses in intelligence sharing and the delayed security response to the capitol attack. ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest. Tonight the nation's capital on Tyler officials warning domestic terrorists are plotting another attack on the capital tomorrow. The alleged land uncovered by the FBI Department of Homeland Security. In an intelligence bulletin overnight seating. An unidentified group a militia violent extremists had discussed plans to take control of the US capitol. And remove democratic lawmakers that threat linked to wolf far right conspiracy theory pushed by Q and on. Falsely claiming Donald Trump will assume the presidency tomorrow in March for. Tonight capitol police beefing up security around the complex the lawmakers are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened on January 6 in the first place. After a frantic call Al Capp street. More than three hours for the Defense Department to send in the DC National Guard. At a senate hearing today the commanding general William Walker telling lawmakers he felt frustrated that its hands were tight. At that point seconds matter minutes matters. And I needed to be ready to get them there as quick as possible when the green light was finally given walker says they arrived with an eighteen minutes. But it was too late writers had RD stormed the building. Today lawmakers from both parties asked. Why the delay I just. Keep thinking of the hours that went by and the people who were injured all agreed that once requested it took far too long to the National Guard to arrive general walker said senior army generals were concerned about optics the army C. New leaders did not think that it looked good it would be a good optic they further stated. That it could for it could incite the the. Crowd the roughly 340 National Guard troops that were requested by DC's mayor. We're signed to traffic control and crowd management not defending the capital. But he stark contrast. Over the summer when the killing of George Floyd prompted thousands take to the streets walker said it took minutes. Not ours to deploy the National Guard. Was the issue of optics ever brought up by army leadership. When it you'd DC National Guard was deployed during the summer of twenty to money lose never discussed. One of the things raising a lot of questions from today's hearing Rachel Scott joins us now from Washington and Rachel. We got late word that the house is now changing its scheduled because the potential threat what are the new plans and just give us a sense of the security presence on Capitol Hill right now. But wait we know that authorities and lawmakers are taking this theory seriously of the house changing its schedule because of that security director trying to get lawmakers out of Washington DC by tomorrow but still tonight you have this increased level of security here on the capitol grounds miles long the razor wire fencing and you also have 5000 National Guard troops still on sites not. Many on edge for tomorrow Rachel Scott forests in Washington thank you. To the pandemic now and new concerns over reopening president Biden is calling the decision by Texas and Mississippi to lift mask mandates and all restrictions on businesses a quote. Big mistake and Neanderthal thinking Marcus Moore is in Texas what the fallout. And the latest on the race of AXA neck. President Biden tonight reacting to news that Texas and Mississippi are lifting all restrictions and mask mandates. I think there's a big mistake the last thing these Neanderthal thinking that can be charming spot takes off his mask. Forget it. His public health officials also doubling down pointing to one another uptick in cases and deaths would variance threatening to quote hijack our success. I think that was ill advised it is really quite. Risky. Camera has warm and he is winning every individual has added our current year are. But all eight I. At least eleven states recently moving to relax restrictions now. In Texas and across the country we now have the vaccines. Vaccines to protect. Texans from cope it. But in reality Texas ranks 48 and diminished in vaccines per capita. The average daily deaths here have nearly double. And daily cases of increased by 75%. Over the last ten days new infections now more than they were when the statewide mask mandate went into effect last July. This is about he's not really readily available. As only vocal blew open almost better risk and while some celebrate if you wanna Wear a mask your more welcome. We're gonna require any other absolutely not others are wary. But nobody is anxious bombings as well thank you few more weeks months maybe whatever number maybe shouldn't hurt anybody. Jeff tie Frazier tells me he will keep following CDC guidelines what happened in the first global pandemic we have to sit down again. Containing the virus crucial as the race to Saxony picks up speed nine FEMA locations opening around the country today from Pennsylvania to Florida. I did this one in New York. Long lines before doors even opened the first bid if they knew that a well I did my net renal. And this is what it looked like inside the Javits Center it can now all but around the clock that site able to backs an 88000 people a day. I don't. And that is certainly progress Marcus Moore joins us now from Dallas Texas and Marcus we heard president Biden today repeat that promise of a new timeline for having enough vaccines all American adults. By the end of may. The wit he was in a virtual meeting with members of the house Democratic Caucus and he touted the progress that has been made with their help saying that they have. Been able to go up a point. Of very little supplied to being able to vaccinated every single adult in this country. By the end of may wish he added that it will take time to get shots ends arm. With Marcus Moore that word from the president thank you. Not a First Lady doctor Jill Biden on the road today helping to make the case for schools reopen in the administration's first 100 days doctor Biden a teacher herself also weighing in on what it's like to teach virtually. ABC's senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce is traveling with the First Lady. It may be his toughest challenge yet president died in now racing to fulfill his promise to reopen most schools by may. His new strategy backs in the teachers as soon as possible. Their goal is to do. Everything we can't help every educator receive a shot. This month the month of march. It's something many teacher unions have been demanding even though the CDC says vaccinations are not a must for them to teach in person. And and today the First Lady stepping into your debate visiting schools that have successfully reopen. Cited says that the teacher herself she gets it. I I picture I am teaching virtually. And last week I think it might didn't. Hit guys. Aren't you do it. And they had not been we're okay we're OK. But we can't wait to be back in the class. According to one analysis just 45%. Of K through twelve students in the US are attending in person school every day. This Connecticut districts Joseph Biden visited is still a hybrid of online and in person learning and for parents like heavily Morales corona it's a juggling act. You have those days where you think I don't know how good is. And it may signal that it you're questioning are you going weren't good at bats joke there are usually what is gonna actually. Make them right Port Authority and that's a tough questioning him circuit. High school history teacher Lauren Mancini average is eager to get back to normal but on one condition what can it take to get there. Vaccines for every teach you keep saying it sort of the linchpin to this it is getting teachers that vaccine the CDC says. That's not a prerequisite to have anti tobacco master. Now that they would feel mark Compton. And Mary Bruce joins us now from Connecticut Mary the White House was press today on white teachers should be prioritized over other front line workers. And whether any politics went into that decision how did they address that. Well with the White House insists that this is not a partisan or political issue that getting teachers vaccinated they feel is a key piece to reopening class is getting students back in those seats at schools like this one and it that is he of course to getting all of us back to some semblance of normalcy helping parents who of course are juggling so much right now but. The political reality here is that this White House has been under tremendous pressure from any of the teacher unions let insisted that teachers be a priority for these vaccinations before they bear willing to return to the classrooms they say that is critical to do so safely even though the nation's top scientists say this is not a must do its not a freeway were three requisite for teachers to be able to teach safely so the by the administration is trying to walk a fine line here and insisting the you can do both prioritize getting teachers vaccinated. While also trying to reopen schools as you attempt to achieve that goal and reopening schools has been challenging on so many different fronts but I want to ask you about Democrats looking to pass the president's one point nine trillion dollar would retreat bill. They are making some changes though were to think stand tonight. What we are down to those final negotiations as Democrats in this and it now try to get is finally over there hurled over hurdle and soon the president's desk. Here's where things stand the president today made a major concession to try and get the support of those team moderate Democrats who's been supporting me in order to get this bill passed he is now agreed to limit. Who all received these 14100 dollar direct payments it will now only go to Americans who make less that 80000 dollars a year or households. Who make less than a 160000. Dollars a year last minute tweaks as they try to get this done for some of these key benefits expire in the middle of this not. And of course so many Americans just desperate for that relates Barry Bruce forest thank you. Next to the rocket attacks on American troops it's the second type of incident like this in just two weeks both linked to an Iranian backed militia group this is tricky for a few reasons first challenge it poses to the Biden administration. That is expressed openness to re starting the Iran in nuclear deer and also the hope is on his way to Iraq. In just the next two days Ian panel is there are now and has this report. Tonight the hunt sold for those responsible for launching at least ten rockets from the school flatbed truck. But US and coalition soldiers that's on LS had to face in western Iraq. New troops will hurt but an American contractor died of a heart attack was sheltering from the attack. It's the same base hit by Iranian missiles in January last year seen in these dramatic images just released. The president now awaiting US auctions where Madonna fine. Who's responsible and a white judgments. Remember when. This group also accused of attacking and airports here in Libya last month which houses the US and coalition troops that killed a contractor and injured several Americans. It triggered the first military action under president Biden. With as strikes just across the border into Syria that killed at least one Iranian backed militia member. At the time president bulletin warning Iran. We can't act quickly impunity. Repair. The US is wary of escalating cycle of attacks in the hopes of re starting delegates Iranian nuclear talks. You panel joins us now from Iraq and Ian Biden's first military action as president was in response to a similar incident his team is also interest in restarting the Iran nuclear talks this is a diplomatic tight rope to walk here. Yet no absolutely it's class if you like between the political and diplomatic ambitions on the one hand wanting to restart the talks trying to re engage with Iran selling them many people in Iran also wants. But on the other hand having to deal with these militias on the ground and also significant elements within the Iranian military who don't won't ring arrangements with America and I think we're seeing those forces at play here yes that as striker was authorized by prism but in the first military action by the new administration was designed to try and deter this kind of attack but the message. Has been sent right back by these militias or at least what his debate these militias according to Iraqi commanders on the ground. Well the US administration is saying for now though is that they don't know who's responsible an investigation is underway. Couldn't actually that's what the finger of blame is going to probably point ending in all of this happened as you mentioned with the hope coming to Iraq on Friday I would imagine the security concerns must be enormous. What can you tell us about that. Yet awestruck to mean a security concerns already enormous I mean don't forget the Pope is making the first ever papal trip to Iraq. It is is -- hugely historic events Pope John Paul the second back at the turn of the last century satire is ambitions to trying to come to Iraq it was an ambition that he never managed to fulfill so this is something that the paper C has wants to do for a long time why well Iraq is mentioned more times in the old testament than any other country apart from what we now recognize. As the states of his trial Abraham who seemed as the father of christianity in many ways was born in Iraq there are many historical sites it but also his mission is one of trying to unite different -- trying to bridge the sectarian -- which is cool so much death so much suffering similar war inside Iraq but incredibly we were in Mosul today we went to the Al Baghdad he mosque. This is where. Baghdad these are down Lori moss went Baghdad each stood up and declared how effective crisis. Polk Francis is going to go to that very sites in the next day but yes of course there are security concerns because of these latest attacks because of the threat from mice is the pandemic is at least going through his second if not its third way here in Iraq and is also social instability more whistle from the ground over the last 24 hour is there ramping up of a massive security presence there's going to be a virtual lockdown across large parts of the country sending bits that he's going to visit for the duration of these trip. But if it goes ahead I think the message that he's trying to deliver it is one that Iraqis the certainly very willing to see a lot of its. When we come back breaking his silence New York's governor saying he's embarrassed or the accusations he's facing but the one thing he says he won't do it. Royal rumble Buckingham Palace weighing in on those allegations that may get Markel may be a bullet. But up next our animals including our pets at risk from covic stay with us. Welcome back the crowd of viruses that the past year spreading around the world from its human tissue meant but it's also affected other species as well including our fellow primates at the San Diego Zoo. After an outbreak among its guerillas the zoo did what most of us are doing right now but I sought out a vaccine. Will Carr reports on how our tests and are less domesticated animal friends have been affected by the pandemic. Inside the San Diego zoo's safari park the group the troop has a way of acting just like guns. Leading to playing to keeping getting sick and most recently deep gorillas can't that would come in nineteen lightly after interacting with the asymptomatic employ. What was your mindset when he found out that they had tested positive it was just nerve racking because. This was the first that we knew of so we started seeing a lot of lethargy and then coughing and sniffling. The biggest concern when they tested positive for code it is a guerrilla name Winston he's a silverback Keyes 49 which is considered elderly and he has an underlying heart condition. We felt strongly that we needed to know what was going on how was impacting him so we knew exactly how to treat him in so that we could. Make every attempt to make sure that he would recover quickly and resume his important role in the true. The silverback is critical to their social dynamics and so the balance of how they work together as a family. To help the zoo kept the guerrillas in quarantine for roughly a month closing off the exhibit to the public. Now they're all back get it in good health swinging in smiling in front of mass park goers. They're not the first animals to contract the virus. Keep in mind the World Health Organization believes cove in nineteen started in in animals can jump to humans. Since then we've seen a small number of animals contract coded in the United States. And including body to seven year old German shepherd. Body was caught being he was having trouble free Damon. You just not really like himself and the dog can never been sick he tossed a daily a wildlife reporter covered buddy story last year for National Geographic. His owners woke up and he was coughing up blood he was so severely ill that the decision was made to euthanize but he. The big mystery here is that in the final days of buddy's life. Doctors and veterinarians thought that it was most likely that he actually had lymphoma I would just a type of cancer and that's probably explains it's really severe symptoms and us and that's probably ultimately why he died but what we don't know is because he had this underlying condition and whether it acts was linked or whether that made him more susceptible to getting Kobe. That's though including doctor Julio Lopez say it's unlikely venture tail wagging best friend gets Coe vintners. Then about one year now since we first learned that dogs could become infected with Kobe nineteen. The first case in Hong Kong we've had this whole gear. To determine whether or not it was gonna become a big issue and so far we can see that are only been rare reports. Our dogs and cats being affected with Cody nineteen. Thankfully to pandemic is largely spared our pets but there are still some considerations. People don't realize that dogs and cats and animals in shelters and zoo animals full between the cracks. Any federal agency mission statements and therefore they are not under any form of surgery and once. Traci MacNamara professor of veterinary pathology police at the federal government needs to team up with the private sector bats to pay close attention to cove its impact on animals. Listen to Ken Pollack I won't fly snacks you know I'm gonna snuggle with my cats no matter what but maybe you wanna rethink about. Getting a tongue bath from your dog Axel it looks dongle did. Probably not the best thing right. In other species are even more susceptible. Animal pharmaceutical companies are what is says it started developing vaccines for dogs and cats but been shifted development to the mink after huge populations have become infected with Kobe it. That's back at the San Diego zoo's safari park reached out to so when it's after the guerrillas scare with coded. They would you guys feel helpless so. That's when he provided today seemed to them do. On a panel basis for the truck. The zoos and administered that vaccine to some of its other great apes to prevent a similar outbreak meanwhile the guerrillas that have recovered from corroded or doing well just like illness or eight Alamos also get diseases and they need to be protected just let me do but the efficacy of vaccines being used on the animals are still being studied from the hope don't visit healthier way of life. For all mammals. So they think it's really important for people to remember that as we protect plants and animals and and habitats and environments that they live and for also protecting ourselves. And it really gives us an opportunity for all living things to thrive together. And in San Diego will com ABC news. Even the animals ready for this to be all over our thanks so will car for that report she still ahead here on try of the internal pentagon investigation into former White House physician Ronnie Jackson's conduct. But the Pentagon says about allegations he created a hostile work environment for women. And as the senate deals with the massive Covert relief bill we take a look at the financial hit cities and states this book by the numbers. But first our tweet of the day the Yankees and the baseball world sending well wishes to their manager Aaron Boone's. We had to get a peace maker today. We turn out to the hotly contested part of the code released bill now being hashed out on Capitol Hill and that is federal aid to state and show. How much do they need this stimulus we take a look of by the numbers. Total state tax revenues nationwide decline just one point 8% from April to December Torre twenties. Compared to the same period in Torre nineteen. According to a study by the urban institute spent overall one point three million state and local government jobs have been lost. But the pandemic impact on state and local budgets has been widely uneven across the country for example. Alaska state tax revenue plummeted 42 point 5% during the pandemic and Hawaii another tourist hot spots. Saw 17%. Decline according to the urban institute. Florida's tax revenue has fallen eleven point 3% and taxes on ten point 4% drop and New York State's tax revenue declined 4%. But it's hard hit metropolis New York City. Now faces a projected ten point five billion dollar revenue shortfall for 20/20 through 20/20 two according to the mayor's office. Meanwhile some state governments are doing well Idaho saw 10% increase in tax revenue during the pandemic few saw an 8% rise. There's still much more ahead tonight here on dry and dozens dead the violence on the streets escalating an update on the crisis in Myanmar. Plus what New York's embattled governor is saying she will not do what has he faces mounting allegations into his conduct. They had all surety for the stars with the one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson. But first a look at our top. Trend stories on But from the from the. Did we have obtained intelligence officials of possible plot to reach the capital security has been increased and the US capitol after police confirmed to they have what they call a possible plot by a militia group to reach the US capitol tomorrow capitol police received intelligence outlining a possible long to reach the capital by militia group on or about Martin Lawrence police said they are aware and prepared for any potential threats toward members of congress or towards the capitol complex. Coalition of free for centers were told us thinking about a diversion tactic like detonated a bomb. Are all law enforcement officers away from the building so it can be open to an attack. While in glasses BM are claiming more lives personnel say at least thirty people protesting the military can. Killed by security forces today. Today most of block just eight. A number of personal faith prayer beads. Probably 1200. Abuse look at our mouths you change I'm. Maybe I don't know where the and then there's always Marlins are. Protesters have been on the street virtually every day problem. He served as the presidential doctor for both Obama and trauma and famously raving about tribes health. As amenable horrible detail here dire the last dozen years and identity 200 years old and a new report from the Pentagon's internal watchdog from condemns doctor Ronnie Jackson's leadership of the White House medical office. Saying he quote from the established a workplace where fear and intimidation what kind of the hallmarks is his command and control of his subordinates a new report alleges that now retired two star navy admiral. Sexually harassed female subordinates. One of them recounting events in our trip to the Philippines in 2014 of them when Barack Obama was president and she says Jackson pounded on her door after 1 AM. You can smell the alcohol on his breath and and he leaned into my room and said I need you. She told investigators are calling and I felt really uncomfortable. The report also alleges doctor Jackson took the sedated and we don't long overseas flights from raising concerns about his ability to care for the president. The report stems from allegations of misconduct surfaced after president trump nominated Jackson to be secretary of veterans of the bears' 2018. He eventually withdrew. In a statement Jackson denies the allegations saying they were resurrected because he refused to turn his back on the president from this. Laurel new details about a report. Poured that claims that Megan. Or harassment in the workplace statement follows reports and Megan drove into personal assistants and out of the household while living in Kensington Palace also. That she would undermining. The confidence of a third staff member who was spokesperson for the duchess who calls the accusations it calculated smear campaign. The times reports their moral sources approached a well respected London newspaper believing in the public should and the insight into their site and this story before Prince Harry in Megan's sit down with Oprah Winfrey. In an interview airing Sunday. A lot of people and I'm wondering why would you defend Rachel her command when Chris Harrison broke his silence speaking to good morning America's Michael Strahan a longtime host of the bachelor franchise addressed his racially insensitive comments he used to spending the past actions of contestant Rachel Burke now. It was a mistake that I made a mistake. I am an imperfect man when I made a mistake. From an I don't know. The full interview airs tomorrow morning on Good Morning America. We're back now at New York governor Andrew Cuomo speaking in front of the cameras for the first time in days he apologized. But said he is not resigning after three women have accused him of inappropriate behavior. Here's ABC's Stephanie Ramos with the governor's words and the reaction already coming N. Tonight after a week out of the public I embattled New York governor Andrew Paul will emerge to deliver one of his trademark Ko victory feet. And what was overt he addressed the sexual harassment allegations of threatening to. A I shouldn't say anything. When you have a pending review until that review is over I understand that. I'm a lawyer to. But. I want New Yorkers. To hear from me directly. On. Cuomo apologized. I now understand. That I acted in no way that may need people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly been deeply apologize for. I feel. Awful. About it. And frankly. I a am embarrassed. Buy it. Two former aides accused the governor of sexual harassment Charlotte Bennett says Cuomo made it clear to her that he wanted to sleep with her saying she asked about her sex life. Whether she was monogamists and whether she had ever slept with an older man. If they were hurt by it I apologize. And if they felt pain from it I apologize. I apologize. I did not tempted. I didn't. Mean it that way the governor then declaring this want to know this from me directly. I never. Touched. Any one. Inappropriate. But another former aide Lindsey Boylan says the governor gave her unwanted hits and a third woman and a well who met Cuomo at a wedding. Said the governor took her face in his hands and asked to kiss her. You can go find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people. Men and women it is my usual and customary way of greedy. Cuomo says he's not about to quit. I wasn't elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of state in New York. I'm not going to resign. Perrier of the governor says he's staying put and Stephanie Ramos joins us tonight from Albany and Stephanie Governor Cuomo says. He's learned a very important lesson those were his words tell us about the reaction though coming in now from two of his accusers. Well let the governor's former aide Lindsey Boylan tweeting how can New Yorkers stress you to lead our state if you don't know when you've been inappropriate with your own staff now the lawyer for Charlotte and it also releasing a statement saying that the governor's remarks. We're full of false cards. Quit. Separate Ramos Horace thank you. And when we come back Neil deGrasse Tyson gives us his take on the chances that we are the only planet with robust life in the universe. While the pandemic may have caused some to ponder the meaning of life and our fragile existence on earth our next guest she has been tackling those questions for many years in on a much larger scale -- his new book cosmic queries start talks guide duke who we are how we got here and we were going world renowned astrophysicist. And director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson takes a look at the biggest mysteries of the universe should mr. degrasse Tyson is joining me now thank you so much for being with us and and speaking with us I want it your book in just a moment but source I'd like to ask you about one of the big scientific stories out there that many had been following out of course is the Morris perseverance rover action as it explores the red planet for signs of ancient life. What do you hope we're going to learn from this mission. The so to consider that this is. In a long sequence. So rover. Grown invasions and markets from Earth's that have been going on for decades now and what we learn in each mission. We then sort of improve upon we sharpen our questions we retool the experiments. And so we have evidence that there is once liquid running werder running on the martian surface no longer is that a question but wherever there's mortar at least on earth there is lights. Perhaps microbial but there is like if you follow the Warner on the hope of souring of tracing back the existence of life's then you can create the next generation of experiments that can then. Form those chemical experiments and perform those digging experiment in order to then address that very question so. I let me also add that this rover has a helicopter. That's that's that's a bad ass thing they have some because I don't consider that yet to these images are great. Fans. Which a helicopter you can go in and out of craters. Over alleges that the rover could not have done before so. I'm yeah it'll be against that much closer I think if there's a betting man that's right if there's life on Mars and I'd be deep below the surface. Possibly and aquifers where the Warner has settled down. That remains to be determined. Now now speaking of the existence of life you explaining your book that there is something we often get wrong always think about the idea of alien life what is that. While Hollywood gets along. Trucks and we want to blame for all this Hollywood I think they wanted to pay an actor to be in an alien costume which means we alien has arms and legs and walks in his head and most life on Earth's. Doesn't have that and this is light with which we have DNA in common trees but man and his you know mean soon I'm disappointed risk. These expectations that people are placing on aliens console based on our human bodies if you look for lights he got to look at it in a very open way look for general bio chemistry there could be going on she went cameras into something crawls out. There are all. Cut. Especially and helicopters should cut. Let's us deeper in your book here because it you've written many of these before we we've heard you speak before below what was your motivation for writing this one and what do you hope to accomplish by addressing these huge questions. The other big questions and Mike podcasts stark talk has a very popular format from among what we do it's called cosmic queries and and it turns the tables just like it's not me telling you what I think you should know did you asking me. What is driving your interest and curiosity in the universe and its hugely popular but some of those questions don't lend themselves to a podcast format like what is mark why might hear cardinal again Powell at all and and so that elevated to this. And I just wanted to emphasize that this book is based. None on. Questions we have answers to. It's based on just questions that are the deep just once we've ever asked him civilization so some of them have peptide answers others the answers are kinda ready to move were candid about that. And others we don't even know if it's the right question to ask yet so it's a celebration of curiosity and wonder. Directed the twin engines. Exploration. Speaking of those questions in chapter seven new explore the question are we alone in the universe and you quota tweet that you wrote last year saying this quote you would be inexcusable he egocentric to suggest that a birth was the only place in the observable universe with life among the hundred billion galaxies each containing a hundred billion stars orbited by a hundred billion planets yet how terrifying only lonely it would be if true so if it's not easy for anyone to believe that were alone in the universe what does that mean for human understanding of our place in the caused -- Searched if we're the only wife in the universe that would just be QB lonely put my first thought will be that's weird. Because we're made of dairy common ingredients. Hydrogen and oxygen and carbon and nitrogen this stuff is everywhere. In the U members and on earth might got started almost as quickly as it possibly could have within about a hundred million years the short compared to the students in the history of the earth so. Why would earth be the lucky ones for this to happen let's not it's not a realistic saw so our place in the universe would be wouldn't be interesting to note that there's other life forms. That has our same chemistry. That would give us a sense of belonging I say I think what we've got to all keep thinking that we're special. If you're different. But maybe you can be special because you're the same. Maybe maybe were special because we're made of the same ingredients as the stars. Has other life forms across the universe just a bit to feel bigger rather than small. I do want to bring you back to earth a little base here because I think a lot of you were going through so much right now so what do you say it is someone who asks why we should spend time trying to understand what may happen in the universe millions billions and years and especially what we're dealing with so much more in terms of immediate crises impacting everyday life and survival here on earth from. The pandemic to climate change. If you wanna say why are we spending there when we could be down here just go back 30000 years in marine McCain east and you poke out to cage door to change endorsed poke out the door and just to you know it he said there's a mountain valley in its skills and and and streams and flowers and launched and you go back to the cadence. I want us to explore that. And one of the cave people saying no we have caved problems that we have to salsa Ers can't we became until you saw the K problems and lead them to they might chew out. That's when it looks like to the explorer. When you're saying. I have problems I don't have the luxury to explore the unknown news the unknown is the source of all of our modern enlightenment and likely the source. Solutions to problems that either we confront with nature or problems that we create for a cell. So sometimes he ought to look to the stars to better understand what's happening right here on threatens our rusty just summarize and thank you should assume that. Contender status and exact brook and you can quote me already given permission but Neil deGrasse Tyson thank you so much we truly appreciate getting the book is called cosmic worries starts talks guided who we are how we got here and where we're going it's on sale now thank you once again. All right before we go tonight our image of today. That sign sadly says it all 168. Million students absent worldwide since the start of the pandemic the 168. Desks there place by UNICEF and sort of the United Nations trying to call attention. To this crisis most schoolchildren around the world like sheer rely on schools is a place where they can interact with their peers and among other things get a nutritious meal. This pandemic can't end soon enough something I think we can all agree on. That's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm whit Johnson in for Lindsey Davis tonight. Thanks for stream of the tests connect.

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