ABC News Live: Summit reaction, AT&T decision, and severe weather

ABC News correspondents are in Singapore, at the White House, and in New York for the latest on the Trump- Kim summit reaction, AT&T decision, and severe weather
23:19 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Summit reaction, AT&T decision, and severe weather
I urban welcome to ABC news live I'm whit Johnson we're talking to correspondents following the biggest stories. Happening around the world including that mega 85 billion dollar merger between. AT&T and Time Warner we'll talk to Rebecca Jarvis to get a better understanding about what this means for you. Also as the World Cup is about to kick off in Moscow. Huge news about the US winning a bid to host the tournament in 20/20 six but we'll have to Sharon we'll go live to mock so Moscow. We get some more information about that. First though we want to transition on the heels of that. Massive historic summit in Singapore meeting between president Donald Trump and Kim Jong Hoon this morning if you take a look at this video this is president's romp. Walking off of Air Force One appearing confident arriving in Washington. After that historic meeting our chief White House correspondent John Karl reports from Singapore. Good morning wit the president is back in Washington this Singapore summit. Is now part of history he clearly believes he has scored a master stroke that will define his presidency just look at some of the tweets we have already seen. This morning he's a before taking office people are assuming. That we are going to war with North Korea President Obama said North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem no longer sleep well tonight. And it is another one he said just landed a long trip. But everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office there is no longer in nuclear threat. From North Korea. Now as you know the devil is in the details here the agreement that was forged in Singapore is extremely general. The north Koreans got a promise from president trump that he won't guarantee their security. They have made a promise to. The Korean Peninsula. But how that is on how it is verified all those questions are yet to be worked out. This is a long long long ways from a done deal. Which. Are Jon Karl thanks so much as you mentioned a lot of questions moving forward about what this all means. Let's go back to the white house here and bring in our cure Philip secure thanks so much for joining us. Wanted to mention what Jon Karl said though the president tweeting. Americans can sleep well tonight after this historic face to face meeting but many are still skeptical what's the reaction on Capitol Hill. Well six months ago remember when I mean did trump was calling North Korea the most brutally repressive regime on earth. And that Kim was it depraved character and while this is going on cam was still carrying out. New tests and so we're told that tone and diplomacy. From folks here while that looked pretty good but when it came to substance. Not a lot of meat on the bone Marco Rubio. Sweeting one more thing about Kim John all well I know that Otis is trying to butter him up to get a good deal. Kim Jong is not a talented guy you remember the president called. Kim a talented guy after India summit. He inherited the family business from his dad and grandfather he is a total weirdo who would not be elected assistant dog catcher. In any democracy. We're also hearing from Republican senator. Bob Corker he put out in a statement he also tweeted it. Well I am glad the president Kim Jong were able to me it's typical to determine what if concrete nature has occurred. I look forward to having secretary Pompeo before our committee soon to share his insights and looked forward. To carrying out our oversight responsibility. So the question still remains when and how much of this was propaganda. And when we actually see proof. Stick to what tribe says is a complete. Denuclearization. Of north court. And cure another source of criticism too has been this idea that president rumpled put a stop to the military exercises on the Korean Peninsula he actually called them. War games and use the word provocative which is one that's often used by North Korea. But there is confusion here about this not only in the US but also from the South Koreans and what this all means. Absolutely at me when the president talked about suspending these war games the ease these joint US Korean military exercises. The president also called them inappropriate. It deftly created a buzz among military leaders here. I this is exactly what the president said to our George Stephanopoulos and then I'll tell you what military leaders are telling me this morning. I'm doing something that I've wanted to do from the beginning we stopped playing those war games it cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every. Number of much would doing war games with South Korea. And I said what's this costing what flying planes in from Guam and will bombing empty amount. News for practice and I said I want to step that and I will step that. And I will tell you as the president saying he's going to stop that that's a big concern. Two retired military leaders that actually commanded that region. Wit they actually told me we need to be doing that for military readiness to be battle ready said they Arabic can be used as well. As to what the president is thinking and saying and you mentioned sort South Korea. Definitely caught by surprise so we're looking for more context. What exactly that the president means when it comes to these military exercises these war games that take place with our joint forces. Absolutely will await more details on that act here also wanted to transitioned to another big story. Some breaking news this morning about former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. You've been following this story what can you tell us. What was interesting just yesterday I was talking to. To Michael Collins and he seemed very calm. Very transparent in our conversations that that he's basically. In a waiting game right now and then this morning we were able to gather and I'm getting the exact where its year from our our our sources. Age that have been working this story is well we kind of all brought our our thoughts together and just a short time ago. It looks like we are able to confirm the resources misses coming to ABC news that Cohen will no longer have legal representation. And what's interesting about that when it is that. More than likely that means he will cooperate with federal prosecutors. Means we are told that. Sources are also saying this development which is believed to be imminent. Will likely hit the White House specifically. Family members staffers. And councils. Pretty hard now why is that and I can tell you will be following that all day from the White House here is because the question all along has been. Will Michael Cohen flip on the president what exactly does Michael Collins no. We know about the hush money payments. That was made to stormy Daniels but with the Muller investigation. Going forward there are so many questions about. How close was Michael Cohen and his financial dealings two the president is there a connection what did the president know. What was Michael calling do doing that the president but did know about or not know about. There's so many questions lingering so. Alternately. Everybody I can tell you here is wondering what will Michael Collins say what will be the outcome what does he know what does he not know. And so now this is signaling by not having representation. That he is cooperating. With New York prosecutors. And trying to work out some sort of deal here now when it comes a flipping on the present and that question. If you look back at a tweet from April 21. Of this year. The president tweeted out most people will flip if the government lets them out of trouble even at. It means lying or making up stories sorry I don't see Michael doing that despite the horrible witch hunt and that dishonest media them. Stay tuned it's going to be a busy day to hear at the White House actually are way it. And we know the president demands loyalty and Michael Cohen has been as loyal as they come to the president our Kara Phillips of those big developments thanks so much we appreciate your time. Thanks way art we're gonna transition to another story a lot of people are following AT&T in this massive 85 billion dollar merger with Time Warner. Sometimes I think for people out there wondering you know what this means for medium what does this mean for consumers and mark my bills in the mount hot and I can have access to you. We'll get all of that just a moment first though want to bring in our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis Rebecca always a pleasure to chat with you yours put things in simple terms for us. First walk us through this judge's ruling and what he's essentially saying here. Absolutely went good to see your tear gas it here point. This is going to mean a lot of big things for consumers but essentially what the judge has done is he has cleared the way for this 85 billion dollar deal where AT&T takes over Time Warner. Meaning AT&T is not only a wireless and streaming company but now it will also own assets like HBL and T and he. And CNN and Warner Bros. so it becomes this Magid giant company as a result of this judge saying that the deal was cleared to move on. And we're we got how we got to this point is because AT&T back when they initially 1618. Months ago. Made the choice to try to buy Time Warner. Not only did then candidate Donald Trump object to it but so did Democrats in the senate Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders all on the grounds. That it would be anti competitive that it would harm consumers the Department of Justice took the same stance eventually. They did not agreed to the deal they did not approve it AT&T turned around and sued and AT&T has won that lawsuit again. When it clearing the way to this 85 billion dollar deal happening which means that about a week from now AT and he is going to own HBO. And CNN and Warner Bros. And Rebecca again to that big question people out there are asking what does this mean for me what does this mean for my bills what does this mean in terms of the con tent I can have access to. So the future is going to look more and more like this deal. And what I mean by that is if you think about it when you think about Netflix and Amazon in the way that we now. By common intent it's so much all of cart so what happens here is when AT&T owns all of these companies. All of a sudden they can offer special deals to their customers for example an AT&T customer could potentially in the future stream. HBL. Or TNT on their phone and not have to pay for that Dana. While AT&T could charge someone with out an AT&T plan to stream the very same services so the whole future when you think about what what things used to be like when we were kids went remember you would get the basic cable plan and if you're lucky maybe your parents Scott at upgraded cable plans he could watch Disney and Nickelodeon. And maybe if your parents were really special they got the HBO in the showtime plans as well and they piled in all on. Will now the world that we're transitioning into is that if you want to watch all of those various things you're gonna have to buy them from all these different places. AT&T is one of those places but sour Netflix so or Amazon. There are a lot of companies now that are moving in this direction and for consumers. What that can't mean is two things it can mean you pay last because you say you know what. I don't really care about back contest I'm not gonna pay for. Or it can mean you pay more because you care about the whole swath of contact you wanted all you're gonna have to buy it all piecemeal. And Rebecca what's been interesting to watch all of this it seems like it's been just case by case there have been other mergers were a judge says no you can't do that and then this huge one the judge says yes you can. Will this case inspire other companies to move in this direction these views future mega mergers were yeah tens of billions of dollars. It's going to be a land grab when it it's absolutely a sign Q all of corporate America right now that if you want to get a deal done. While the Department of Justice may stand in the way. The courts will ultimately. Side with companies that are trying to do deals like this now traditionally speaking the Department of Justice only blocks transactions when they happen in the same industry so. If your a phone company and you want to buy another phone company that's going to be a lot harder to do. But if you're a phone company and you want to buy it he meat company. Historically. That has not been something the Department of Justice has had issue that was one of the reasons why in this case with AT&T buying Time Warner. A lot of people were really surprised when the Department of Justice stood up against it. But the future now which you can think about every single mean you know. All of those companies now are looking for new assets to buy and they think we're clear to do it. Absolutely of course that TVs and telephones are now becoming one in the same ups though Rebecca Jarvis our chief business correspondent thank you so much we appreciate your explanations and insight thank you thanks. Our let's talk about another big story we're following we mentioned this yesterday on our program here another primary night in America some key states having races. As were marching towards those all important. Mid term elections coming up. In November let's go back to Washington Rick Klein are ABC news political director to cut out walk us through all of this. Some significant headlines here but I wanted to ask you first about Mark Sanford grab that infamous affair or losing the primary last night. A remarkable turn of events we only the second Republican incumbent incumbent of either party to lose his or her job this year. And it is amazing to think about the fact that Mark Sanford was able to keep his job after the hike on the Appalachian trail that didn't exist lying to voters. About his whereabouts for more than a week an extramarital affair he kept his job as governor and he ran for congress and reclaim the seat that he once held in the 1990s. He was able to do all of that but he was balanced by Republican voters yesterday. In his home district. Essentially because he was insufficiently loyal to Donald Trump he has had a habit recently of speaking out. Against president trump when he is straight from conservative dogma on things like deficit spending on things like tariffs he has become a go to voice for people say wanna say. That the president is not necessarily a true dyed in the wool conservative he has expressed concerns about. Aspects of the president's personality. And he ran up against a woman who made that being number one issue and ultimately he has lost his seat in congress. As a direct result of a primary challenge inspired by Donald Trump though the woman who won Katie Arrington said. You have to remember this is the party of Donald. Dad Rick if you could talk more about the trump dominance we're actually putting up some of the tweets lawyers speaking there. Last minute trip tweets from the president supporting some of these candidates propelling them to primary victories how crucial will that be. As we head towards November there. Is no daylight in B in the Republican Party between eight nomination and president Donald H well that is remarkable given how fractured the party has been. How comfortable so many elements of the party were with him back and 2016. President trump owns the Republican Party period end of story that as the dominant storyline in the primaries and that means sometimes that his endorsement. Means a lot oftentimes. The raced out from each other means that the president found support someone in the other candidates say well actually I'm Donald Trump's best friend. And there was another remarkable result just yesterday in the state of Virginia one of the vote most prominent purple states in America of course Republicans would love to defeat Tim Kaine. Hillary Clinton's running mate the candidate that they're going with is a man named Corey Stewart who. Almost up into politics in almost waiting to governors. Nomination a year ago he was successful despite the fact that he spoke up. In favor of continuing to display confederate monuments he spoke up in favor of protesters in Charlottesville he is appeared at public events with with. White supremacists are white Nationalists. And all for all of that the National Republican Senatorial Committee the official arm. Of Republican senate efforts is not commenting on his nomination and whether to support him at all one person who is commenting. President trop he has congratulated. Corey Stewart is said that he believes he has a chance to beat Tim Kaine. And this is a mandate to have the backing of Steve that in very early on even though Bannon has faded out right now you have him standing as a Republican nominee. I replied forests live in Washington walking us through all these primary results thanks so much we appreciate it. Thanks let all right let's transition to some football or soccer as we say here in the United States of America the World Cup. Getting ready to kick off in Russia tomorrow in the meantime though today huge news. Soccer's governing body announcing that the United States will host the World Cup coming up in 20/20 six. But they will share of the tournament with Mexico. And Canada so an interest in result there are let's go live to Moscow to talk to Sebastian Salazar with a little bit more on this Sebastian first just talk us talk us walk us through this major announcement today the United States getting the World Cup once again. Yet there was a lot of it. Tension in the room when he announced it was finally made this is a really close race or at least most people thought it was going to be. Morocco vs the United States Mexico and Canada. And yet when the final votes for tally US Mexico and Canada to hand. Got two thirds of the vote it was euphoria but also some relief you have to remember folks on the United States cited its bid. Have been here before in 2010 bidding for that 20/20 two World Cup the US had the best bid in the in the game. And unfortunately it went to Qatar some internal the politics that playing their part. And because of that I think there was quite a pittance in. I don't know how to say it politely but skepticism. About how this though would turn out but the US Mexico intended -- get the vote and really the numbers were were surprisingly having on their side. And it's interesting I remember of 1994 World Cup fondly when the World Cup came to the US for the first time it really launched. Youth soccer to a whole new level a cure that MLS came soon after. But we've seen US soccer hit some bumps in the road. And here we arts when he eighteen they didn't even make that's part of meant. Yeah absolutely but this will. At least give some folks say a positive. Moment in what has been a brutal year for US soccer ever since qualifying for the World Cup in 1990. It's been pretty much a steady progression for the US until October of last year. When a loss against Trinidad trash them out of potentially qualifying for the World Cup but this is a major moments to bring a World Cup. Back to North America for the first time since 1994 in the impact that that World Cup had as you mentioned launching Major League soccer. And converting a whole new generation of fans and now I can tell ya I was. In the stadiums in 1994 I was every American kid I liked all sports and I played soccer pride heavily to follow. When I set a stadium and watch the Mexican national team with my Mexican mother. I gotta get it changed my life it's why I'm here holding this Michael look at that you guys and talking to you from Russia and so that potential for a hold another generation of American kids. Is really exciting there's also that's a romantic part there's also the pragmatic part of this US soccer needs to spend more money they're going to be competitive and always be qualifying. For World Cup their budget right now as round 125 million dollars. Now everything revolves around US soccer suddenly just because this announcement is a little bit more valuable in raising that budget will be a lot easier moved forward. Hi I have to share some of the same fond memories that you do from 1994 remember watching the US lose to that game against Brazil. One nothing at Stanford it was just incredible such a great moment for US soccer transitioning go to this World Cup happening it's when he eighteen. The US isn't there but who's your favorite to win at all. So the Germans are the defending chance men and it's always tough to bet against Germany I think that they will end up doing it Brazil's and other top favorite Spain was one of the favorites guys but literally this morning. Just a couple days before their first match they fired their coach so. I think you can may be dropped them from the list of favorites but Germany and Brazil right now the to clear favorites if you're asking me for my pick. I'll go with the German. But the Germans are ongoing with Brazil I watched them win the Olympics at Mata cannot stadium for a and in Rio twenty sixteenths that they won the Olympic I was there absolutely that was an amazing game great rivalry those two countries have. Sebastian selves our thanks so much for looking forward of the big kick off tomorrow. Our let's transition talk about whether especially out west we've been seen these dramatic wild fires popping up from California to Colorado let's check in with our meteorologist ginger easy for more on that ginger. Thanks Whitman got to get straight to those weather headlines celebs got his start with the wildfires that are 45 large wildfires burning across the nation many of them in Alaska but this Albany California also Arizona and Colorado seat all the action going panicked thousands and thousands of acres burning. No matter where it looked in the southwest at all thank still a lot of heat and dry air markets like Phoenix and Tucson that haven't seen rain in more than three month. Cindy on the fires and I got an excessive heat warning next couple of days you can see temperatures about 110 plus in some of those deep magenta colors on the map. A 109 Phoenix and 111 Paul springs I don't want funny in the forecast for pumps thanks to you know it's not. But then we're gonna see it break up and this is why you've got but still turning in the Pacific Ocean is moving northward in a passover Kopp both style and a weaker tropical storm. And then a low pressure system as it moves in the southwest bringing. Finally some moisture so at least some cloud covered take down those temperatures will knock them down. And bring some rain possibilities so that's good news out of what could be at Tora Al horrible situation. Now we've got went any severe storm reports talked about in the last 24 hours moving through today we're gonna have severe storm forecast along that cold front. Is he atmosphere really start to energize and damaging wind is the primary threat for buffalo thing Hinton right down to Pittsburgh. And northern West Virginia. I ginger thanks so much for more on that story all the stories we're following here at ABC news you can go to Or you can download. They ABC news apps for all of your breaking news alerts in the meantime that doesn't from real quick shots and this is ABC news lives have a great day.

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