ABC News Live Update: $600 stimulus checks roll out via direct deposit, mail

Plus, an explosion at a Yemen airport has killed at least 16 people and injured 60, and heavy rain and snow is expected going into the new year.
12:05 | 12/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: $600 stimulus checks roll out via direct deposit, mail
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update 600 dollar called it relief payments started going out overnight via direct deposits. And paper checks will start going out today. Those payments come after senate majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked two separate attempts from democratic senators. To China boosted payments up to 2000 dollars. President trump blasts in the move on Twitter saying that unless Republicans have a death wish they must improve 2000 dollar payments are a step 600. There's not enough. An explosion has killed at least sixteen people and injured at least sixty at the other an airport in southern yemen's. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast but yemen's prime minister is calling and it cowardly terrorist acts of he insists he and his newly formed cabinet were the target. They're plane landed at the airport at moments yeah. And two New Year's Eve storms are putting millions of Americans in the path of snow heavy winds and even a possibility of tornadoes. One storm brought heavy snow and ice in the midwest causing dangerous driving conditions and serious crashes on the roads. Another is expected to move through the south causing heavy rain flooding and a chance of tornadoes in Alabama. Further north expecting more snow and ice through Saturday morning. The UK has approved another cold mid nineteen vaccine. The Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine is less effective in trials and the Pfizer and me Daryn a vaccines but it's also much less expensive and easier to store. Meanwhile a new strain of the virus first found in the UK has now been detected in the US. An east news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein is here to break it all down for us doctor Brownstein. Thanks for being here we know about this other strain now confirmed in Colorado and how worried should we be. Yeah I doubt it. I mean we spoke about this before the holidays and our assumption why it's the items are each year we know that in this country we just have limited genomics and LG not T prince. Huge portion of the key is that occur so we just didn't know wits here. If we got small number likely. That every single case detectives probably another 800. I went through undetected so it's probably artists writing communities across the country the good news is expected to release which he should be aired in terms hostile stations are severe disease or are we think it's a dozen accidents he symptoms from the data that we've been looking. The bigger issues at its Red Sox rights are likely Oprah 50% more transmissible. So more teaches me more impact our health system and we just had so much bar sporting community just this pushes the abolition of the bar will see more. And this is why should cancel or. As we're finishing out this holiday period be so focused social decency and asked orange to limit the number of teachers and building our. And this patient that we know of with this news training Colorado had no travel histories so. And that yet another indication that this strain is here an already spreading. Exactly so that case did not come from someone who is coming from out of the country we know we've seen this sequence. In many parts of the globe this person cannot travel so let me there was community transmission RTT place and so probably missing thousands of teachers the shock and thousands of kids just because of her limited capacity to identify. And Daryn. OK and send that new variant is said to spread more easily but it is still it invades scientists think at least BM vaccine will still be effective against since so that's a good news. And more good news on top of that is that the the UK just approved. That Oxford and ashes Seneca vaccines today what do we know about this vaccine compared to the Pfizer and Darren a vaccines. Threats we always like good vaccine is and this is more bit out of the UK each AstraZeneca vaccine is about 70%. Are active on defense you're hostels Haitians think yours is the disease in the scene arch she did it looks pretty dead out what are the problems visiting have a lauded Eden 65 and older populations of more to what entrance of the data she. Also it's honestly necessarily in terms of I think if she eight compared to Daryn in parts of vaccine which are not too far and I'm a lot of questions in terms of dosing interval is what some good points about this vaccine is and it's easier to distribute and store because just ours refrigerator. And AstraZeneca agreed to sell with taxing their car but. Read a four dollars dose which means that. They have global impact great we're looking back he could have impact across the globe equitable access this is one of those vaccines so in the US though there's still some of trials are ongoing. If those work out in the data what stood out clearly the US third option. Here and we heard from James Longman not only is the costs lower but then the company itself is trying to make sure that this vaccine doesn't only go. Two developed countries what is not only the cost factor of the vaccine. The company's efforts to make sure this goes to developing countries but also the temperature the fact that they don't have to store it. At these super cold temperatures. What does that do for the prospect of actually getting a vaccine of any kind. Throughout the world. Yeah I mean this is so hornets that of the public health person you have to recognize that endemic. It's a global phenomenon and rates sometimes we forget this search if we can't control this. Virus across the globe we're just gonna lose and when you look at some of the initial allocations of the vaccine from the Daryn. And for Pfizer seat at the wealthier nations had more access and that just doesn't work in a global public health environment and so AstraZeneca coming with the vaccine it really can be distributed. Are so many nations need that we were actually have a real weapon in the fight against this virus. And we also of the UK is now adjusting. They're roll out plan for the vaccine instead and giving both doses. Two people were receiving the vaccine there actually waiting longer and giving more people. Just one dose for now at least what do you think of that plan. It's very innovative plan there's been a call from a number of scientists to push this sort of one dosage. It was many people as possible rotted and reserving no second doses. You seem pretty good protection from that first dose from fifty to 70%. Lot more data is needed. But if you think about it for first shows can limit you don't thirty to 40% of the teachers. Have a measurable impact on the pandemic and so number of countries arcs were innocent he is out now with that approach Canada has now weren't as well I think you were clinical problem and we understand it you're in US. I think it makes sense if the idea to get this accident does many people get them the protection they need it's it's it's an approach worth thinking about year. And if that just that one dose. Ken. Keep people from getting this that Kobe more seriously keep them from having to be hospitalized. What does that do for our hospitals being overwhelmed. Exactly so if you think about yet. What we're trying to cheat is the key hostels from overcrowding because it's seen as they get overcrowded inch this is when the bad things happen people die unnecessary or is it dot. First dose yet people that protection from having some new disease need to begin a mild of course an illness that can bring us you know get Latin and the curve that we've always been talking about remarks at a super hornets I think it's a strategy worked export meat you don't get that 95%. I think it's yet of the key. When he gets you that protection around your disease and so I think again I think he caves that you are moved an inch the number doses. Parents mean that said in this country at least our problem right now is not a lack of doses that it seems a lack of distribution and we heard operation barbs being say twenty million by the end of the year. We are well well well below that number. What should we expect from all of this. Yet it. Super disappointing right we know that about eleven million. I doses had been at center around this country but only just over two million have been administered and we know you're leaning toward that. I twenty million number of people are made by the end here there's of course no weight and how and that deadline in the past and will probably get to twenty million. In January and so yeah at this hates me that 80% of that of the US population. Year's rate so that there's just no way. We can achieve this with the current distribution to vaccine he won it yet million vaccines delivered every week. The leaking yet where there's work to be darn. Right developing new vaccination clinics mobile operations to get back in two honorable operations there are strategy but it starts with unique funding to state and and local public health which are charged with the minister and its taxiing across populations. They are red cellophane we're just dealing with its pandemic. They need those resources and funding so this is not just the issue which is a federal funding issue on its seats need to resource and mr. And miracle although we can get herd immunity by the second half next year but it it seeks and serious work to get to or. But even with the vaccines when you get both of them. It's a two week wait between getting that second shot and when you actually get the full efficacy of the vaccine. Right what that's. The second shot right you are probably had about 50% protection but to get 95 percentage yes you have to weigh you know weaker tube for you really see that protection. And as you know even beyond that what we don't fully understand. It's fired since December we know that it protects you against. Mild or severe illness but what it but that chance and instability in the whole name of the game at least number of cases apostles Asians. So you need a point in time where we have to Wear masks social distance until we see those numbers hostile stations go down and and finally we can start to live normal like we're all looking forward to. Very much looking forward to that doctor Brownstein thank you and happy new year. What year and for your latest science and technology headlines here's ABC's Kenneth. Mountain fit today's tech bytes apple suffers a significant legal setback a federal judge in Florida has thrown out Apple's claim. That a security research firm had violated copyright law. With its software that software helps researchers find bugs and other problems and apple products. The tech giants next move in the case it's unclear. Consumers around the world spent more than 407 million dollars on Christmas and Apple's App Store. And on Google play bass a new record and it's nearly 35% more than was spent last year. Outside of mobile games tick tock was the top hat and consumer spending. Finally the robots from Boston dynamics have invaded the dance floor. They're seeing getting down to the song feel left me during the mashed potato and that twists the performance is done for the company's fury of video. Lizard tech bites Diane Eric I'm we show these robots. What are they doing the robot. Back to you. That's a great point Kenneth moment some should teach them that they have their own move. Cannon mountain thank you and that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana's Dana thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis stay safe everybody had a very. A solemn funeral service for president Gerald Ford the nation's 38 president has just ended at the capitol in Washington. The president will lie in state in the capitol rotunda until Tuesday. It's aboard died in California where his casket began to feel this morning. Tonight he's back working dedicated decades of his life to public service.

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