ABC News Live Update: American troops attacked in Iraq overnight

Plus, at least 13 people are dead after a semi-truck hit an SUV by the U.S.-Mexico border, and the Washington Football Team makes a groundbreaking hire.
27:06 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: American troops attacked in Iraq overnight
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks restraining with us in today's update breaking news American troops in Iraq were attacked overnight. With at least ten rockets blasting an air base hosting US soldiers our team is there with the latest on the response and the investigation. Also ahead president Biden has a new vaccine timeline. Rear weren't tracked him enough vaccine supply. For every adult in America by the end of man. How the Biden administration is planning to pull it off plus Biden still push to get teachers in front of the vaccine line has eleven states loosen restrictions and Texas plans to reopen 100%. And at least thirteen people are dead after a semi truck crashed into an SUV packed with 25. People most of the victims were Mexican nationals investigation now under way into whether this was a human smuggling operation. But we begin with that breaking news oversees Iraqi special forces are now leading the response and investigation after multiple rockets targeted the base hosting American troops overnight each it's the first attack since the US military strike on the Iraq Syrian border last week. And it comes just days before Pope Francis is set to visit Baghdad in panelist on the ground in Mosul Iraq with the latest good morning in. Yet good morning Diane that's rice American forces in Iraq came under rocket attack again this morning. A spokesman for US forces saying that initial reports say ten rockets were fired at the Al Asad airbase has about 200 miles south of here. At 720 local time now we're told a Iraqi special forces and leading the response. And the investigation. Meanwhile an Iraqi commander who's at the same term. Telling ABC news at the rockets who applied by pro Iranian militia groups including this one Cole cut teen Hezbollah now if that's true. It's the same group blamed by the administration for a similar rocket attack again against US forces but his time in the north of the country. You'll remember in response to that president Biden ordered a US led as strike a gains this militia does. Full series on the border between Syria and Iraq. But he also issued a warning to Iran that that would be consequences for its support of these groups US forces were already on Ohio before they salacious incidents I think it's. No doubt going to put more pressure on the administration to respond. Perhaps more forcefully to this threat from these Iranian backed forces here this tip the times appears to be escalating. And it certainly raises the stakes on both sides especially. When America is trying to re engage with Iran diplomatically and politically over the JC POA remember that was. The nuclear deal. So attention certainly remain high US forces remain on Heil it's in the question I think now for many people here in Iraq. Is how and when perhaps the US administration responds. Diane. Variety in panel there in Iraq Forrest thanks CN. And president Biden now says there should be enough vaccine supply for every American adults by the end of may. That's thanks in part to a blockbuster deal between Johnson and Johnson and Merck to speed up production. In the pilgrim is at the backs mass mass vaccination site at Yankee Stadium with more. Ahead of schedule president Biden announcing Tuesday that the US is now on track. To have a vaccine for every adult in the country. This country will have enough vaccine supply a city and for every adult in America by the end of may. Buy into me. That's progress important progress. The president already halfway to his initial goal of a hundred million vaccines in a hundred days just 37 days then. He's now pushing states to prioritize teachers school staff and child care workers. Also using the federal pharmacy program to get them appointments. On our girl goal is to do everything we can't help every educator receive the shot. This month the month of march the vaccine ramp up a possible in part thanks to a new partnership Merck and Johnson & Johnson teaming up to make more vaccines faster enabling J&J to now have its 100 million doses ready by the end of may. On Tuesday the company single dose vaccines already making their way into the arms of Americans. The name and and one shot and I'm anxious I just don't like this is what I had to do. The country seeing signs of progress hospital admissions dropping nearly 50% in the last month. But the daily case average is rising increasing 4% from a week ago. Despite the uptick at least eleven states have either recently loosened restrictions or plan to in the coming week it is now time. To open Texas. 100%. I. In Texas the governor ending the statewide math mandate and reopening businesses at full capacity starting next week. Mississippi doing the same fully reopening tomorrow but health experts are in criticizing that now is not the timed to ease restrictions if we. Not. Only suppress. This. We will continue would Jim be challenged. Liberians. Which have a way of coming back to Biden says they say. The CDC is still asking that's made people to Wear masks and socially distant it public. But they are expected to green light allowing those fully vaccine people to have small gatherings in their homes. With other vaccinated people some time this week. Diane. I didn't pilgrim at the mass vaccination site a Yankee Stadium thanks Steve and let's bring infectious disease specialist ABC news medical attention to your doctor Tyler and doctor Allergan morning. I. Murder even so president Biden now says that there should be enough vaccine supply for all adults by the end of may but does that mean. We'll all be able to actually get the vaccine by NN. Do you all remember I mean this is very good news remember availability doesn't always mean immediate accessibility. We're going in the right direction and you know we're giving nearly two million doses at eighteen individuals. We've seen historic partnerships. Between rival pharmaceutical companies I think what I'm seeing is that. As we work together more coordination and collaboration I do believe that we are going to be able to offer the general population the cold in nineteen vaccine by some bar and I think this is this is exactly what we need her to crush this virus. A Texas and Mississippi are you eleven states now loosening restrictions Texas governor rabbit says he's dropping estates mass mandate an opening 100%. What do you make of that and what should states consider before lifting restrictions. All right well Diane you know my answer is going to be we've we've talked enough. I worry oh opening up completely and telling people ignore their masks we just heard where doctors found she said about the possible your bearings from now we're still happy about 161000. New cases of the day that's twice as many from the peak of this of the spring a year ago so we really need to make sure that we. To schlep in the current war before we start opening up everything completely white think we can go ahead and open things more cautiously yes I do the same point if we see things going in the other direction we really need to reverse course quickly also we should still be masking as much as possible even if were vaccinated when we go to public. And we heard even mention that the CDC is expected to release some new guidance for fully vaccinated people and whether they can gather together what do you expect to hear their. Well. You know again. He's going in the right direction I mean imagine the that we can have friends over who didn't actually in four homes and and you know as long as world actually we can take golf or masks we don't have to physically distance again that's predicated on the fact that you're not going owns a trial is not going onto the public with L masks. But I believe that what we're seeing is that vaccinated individuals who get together ha. I do think we're going to see AER real new normal and getting actual we are we were in the pre pandemic way. But again we have to mess when we go on public shouldn't change. And so well when are we gonna see that next level that point where if you're vaccinated you don't have to Wear a mask in public and you don't have to socially distanced. It reminds me of the Olympic doctorate she recently published a new normal I mean you know it's very important for us to realize that we're probably never going to be exactly back to where we were weekend and that's not necessarily adapting meaning I I think we're going to see people don't realize when they going to cry or places they're wanted to ask you get this he's changed its guidance you don't. Far down raw or so I think we are. Was important that we don't want to be judgmental we want to allow people to have individuals safety measures that big thing but for now wanted to clear yet whether you're back seater unvaccinated if you're going into public you need to mask and you're going to crowded spaces. You need to mess when you go into wars unless you're around a group that you know that when vaccinated we still want to master. And I why he with a New York question because it this lends an interesting one. One they want to know if it's possible we've already reached herd immunity and two when will we know when we are there. It sure is a really insightful questions so I'm not an easy answer but let me see us when we've reached herd immunity. The case counts are going to continue to decline. Sole right now we've seen cases declined significantly. But it started ruling plateau in some places even increased Colombia so it's unlikely that we've reach herd immunity on the national level. I do believe there herd immunity in part is responsible. For why the case are coming down remember herd immunity includes a number of people that have been vaccinated. Plus the people letterhead and natural infection but I also think that is the masking the physical distancing avoiding crowds and may possibly some of the season Allen. Right remember remember viruses cheek and then they calmed down and you can always seem winter left when you think of influenza. You know that she she and and the decline. Doesn't last the entire winter so endorsing a number of factors at play here. And then and we're seeing airlines starting to prepare furry Bible and travel when you expect travel. Levels to return to normal and when can we do that say. Rice who want to do that in concert with CDC guy and so right now because there's still 60000 cases date because there are variants that are surging you know the recommendations that we limit travel as much as possible remember. Flown in. He's still is seen as we travel we know that there's very little transmissions and airlines because of masking and optimize got Malaysian OK we're not seeing a lot of cases they're that's good news I do believe as more must get vaccinated and once the general population. Once most of us are vaccinated I think that things are going to open up including. Airlines and I think the CDC guidance will change as well in the positive direction. All right certainly hope so doctor Ellen great to have you as always thank you. Teachers and and Homeland Security is now investigating a deadly crash that killed at least thirteen people to see if it was a human smuggling operation. And SUV packed with when he bite people inside collided with a tractor trailer and ending US Mexico border. It's not clear why so many people were in that SUV or what caused the crashed. But the Mexican government has identified ten of the victims as Mexican nationals ABC's Kinney hard time has a latest. This morning at least thirteen people dead. After this horrific crash between a Ford Expedition and semi truck near the California Mexico border. He has many look at you can hammer out rate now. The Department of Homeland Security now conducting a human smuggling investigation. 25 people were packed inside the SUV early Tuesday morning when officials say it pulled directly into the path of the big break pulling two gravel trailers. What do you see as the biggest challenge in this investigation. Really the biggest draw despite never identify who all the hopefuls were in the most vehicles and nobody in the Mexico. Officials revealing several seats have been taking out of the vehicle to fifty extra passengers first responders finding twelve people dead at the scene. Including the twenty year old driver of the SUV another person died after being rushed to the hospitals at least ten of the victims confirmed to have been Mexican nationals. Some of the victims were or inject a political. So was critically ops and several of the thirteen survivors quickly airlifted to hospitals across the region. They water have been confused over what happened today some of them more talkative and what are able to communicate to us. A little bit of a story Ed rays of injury Zoller head trauma or Soviets a lot of orthopedic injuries. And Diana sixteen year old driver of that big break he survived he's hospitalized right here it does a regional medical center. I'm told he's been able to speak with investigators but. He's going to need more medical attention the more stable condition before he's able to give them a full statement as a Highway Patrol chief here told me it's unfathomable. How 25 people were able to attack and about one suvs. Nine people safe Diane. Sad story caring hard time Palm Springs, California thank you. And capitol police say they're beefing up security due to intelligence that conspiracy theorists falsely believe Donald Trump we'll somehow become president again. On March 4 the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled FBI director Christopher ray yesterday in his first public hearing since the assault on the capital. Ray called the attack domestic terrorism. Saying the majority of people arrested for breaching the capital can be cattle are categorized as militia extremists. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest from Washington Rachel good morning. Diane good morning this really was alarming testimony from FBI director Christopher ray saying that domestic terrorist cases had been the taxes sizing around the country. The number of open FBI cases now roughly 2000. That has doubled since when he first took office. In 2017. Authorities are already on high alert overnight capitol police saying that they're going to be stepping up security around the united sates capitol. After learning of concerning intelligence linked to a far right conspiracy theory that Donald Trump would assume the presidency tomorrow and that of course is false and there are already threats to attack president Joseph Biden's upcoming speech to a joint session of congress. FBI director Christopher ray also made it clear that it was violent extremists behind the deadly insurrection on January 6 saying there is no evidence to prove that big trump supporters. Plotted that attack. Diane Murray Rachel Scott thank you know. And you know we're watching in Washington today at 11:40 AM eastern First Lady Jill Biden and newly confirmed education secretary Miguel Cardona. We'll tour public school in Connecticut as the administration looks to reopen the majority of schools across the country. But in their first 100 days later in the day they'll tour another public school in Pennsylvania. At 12:30 PM eastern white house Press Secretary Jen Psaki will hold her daily press briefing. And that 1:45 PM eastern president Joseph Biden will hold a bipartisan meeting on cancer with vice president Harris also attending. And lawmakers are pushing to strip New York Governor Cuomo of his pandemic related emergency power. After a third woman came forward accusing him of unwanted advances just when we come back have a state attorney general is expanding the independent investigations. Also ahead the embattled Washington football team is transforming its cheerleading squad. How and why. They're shaking things up on the sidelines when we come back. Welcome back to people essential Greece got a scare today after being hit by a strong six point two magnitude earthquake. People in the city of lewis' evacuated buildings and tremors could be felt as far away as north Macedonia Kosovo and Montenegro's. Still so Barton no reports of major structural damage. Or injuries. And New Year's state lawmakers are moving Giorgio governor Andrew Cuomo's temporary emergency powers granted the start of the pandemic. The move comes after a third woman came forward alleging Cuomo made unwanted sexual advances toward her at a wedding in 2019. Now they're growing calls for Cuomo to step down ABC's Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning New York lawmakers working on legislation that will remove governor Andrew Cuomo's pandemic powers. The governor granted special authority one year ago as New York's first fight included nineteen but now lawmakers taking back control. This as the investigation into those sexual harassment allegations against the governor can. Is expanding the New York attorney general including the latest accusations by a third woman at the office not limiting their scope in case more allegations are made against the governor today the most recent accuser an abrupt joining former aides to Cuomo Lindsay Boylan and Charlotte Bennett claiming the 63 year old governor made inappropriate and wanted dances. The governor has denied these allegations. Rob who didn't work with the governor provided this photo to the new York times of the nine she met him. Adding New York City wedding reception in 2019 according to the paper book says Cuomo put his hands on her bare lower back. When she removed his hand with her own the governor remarks that she seemed aggressive and placed his hands on her cheeks. He asks if he could kiss her on Tuesday in New York senators Kristen Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer saying they support the investigation into these accusations. But stopped short of calling for the governor's resignation but in New York City demonstrators gas. Third outside almost Manhattan office demanding he step down. With three allegations of sexual harassment against the governor in one week so far just one New York congresswoman is calling for his resignation while most Democrats wants those allegations investigated first Diane. All right Stephanie Ramos thank you. And the Washington football team has been a center of multiple controversies over the past year from changing its controversial names as sexual harassment allegations in a front office. But now teams trying to discredit to the ground breaking higher and a revamped cheerleading squad. L Russia has more. This morning a major shakeup underway for the Washington. This time it's on the sidelines. I am bringing the NBA flavor to the NFL. The franchise hiring veteran creative director pay each herb Pope. Who spent decades revamping NBA entertainment to totally redesigned the NFL experience and she's promising to fundamentally transform it when you think about what's my Daryn. It's that its inclusion in its diversity less. Let's move writing tips when he 21. And can be that team. The franchise trying to reboot it's image after a year of controversy that involved a demand to change its of racially insensitive former name. Allegations of sexual and verbal harassment in the workplace and a recently settled case from former cheerleaders who alleged they were unknowingly taped an appeared in lewd videos. Now as the organization tries to turn the page they're turning their cheer teen into dance team and making coed quit looking forward to creating an end inclusive team. That's very diverse and with amazing choreography dance he's hottest tunes on the charts. Pope has a history of re imagining sideline entertainment she's been working in the NBA for more than thirty years. Yeah and has taken the LA lakers the New York Knicks the Brooklyn nets and the LA clippers to new heights and I was so excited to be I really. She even appeared on the reality show LA clippers dance squad. I feel I have a huge responsibility when I worked his women and I wanted to percent to be their best. To do that so he's pulling out all the stops she says she wants her team to beat close super athletes can do. Acrobatics and find hip hop which tricks and stocks as he would like this to be content and it will be come at the Eagles standard which in Haiti NFL. And Pope has sent some lofty goals saying she wants every game to feel like a Super Bowl experienced. Guy and you know I found an area thank you don't. And there's a new ball up this morning over the decision to pull half a dozen Dr. Seuss books from publication. Because of racist in and sensitive imagery. Now sales in those books are skyrocketing. TJ Holmes has that story. Dr. Seuss books claim denying those spots on Amazon's top ten best seller list overnight. Also his bulls went from selling for a few bugs to hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay. Follow this after the company that oversees seuss' a state announced on Tuesday that several of the lead author and illustrator is titles were being pulled from publication for their racist and insensitive imagery telling ABC news. Dr. Seuss enterprises working with a panel of experts including educators reviewed our catalog of titles and made the decision last year to cease publication and licensing of six stories adding. These books portrayed people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. Neurosurgeon Cyrus and general. Diversity and AM shuttle blood around the shareholders and when they usually are thin. Early negative stereotypical east end and dehumanize these are black humor and the people of color and showed a message Serbian. One of those tossed out titles if I ran the zoo came under fire for its offensive illustration of African and Asian people. In light of the concerns the publisher says it remains committed to sharing messages of hope and inclusion. Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss enterprises catalog represents and supports all communities and families. The role of the Diane there were a lot of people who immediately came to the defense of Dr. Seuss but also we will make an argument this is once again a case of canceled culture and political correctness run amok but this is not a new debate the debate over doctor seuss' books and some of that imagery has been around for years and years and years but the publisher. And has the state saying we're now with 700 million books sold worldwide and you're talking about children. Now is the right time to get this imagery out of there kind. Nine TJ Holmes thanks for them. And doctor ros say is a day after seeing a man collapsed at the airport we'll have the details when we come back and what doctor Oz is saying this morning. Welcome back Kentucky has declared a state of emergency after heavy rains caused a major flooding in eastern Kentucky hundreds. Have been forced from their homes because of potential dam failure. Flood warnings remain in effect but there is some good news here there is no rain in the forecast for the next several days. And for look at today's science and technology headlines let. Over will reach. Since today's tech fight Smartphones and sleep problems a new study finding 40% of college students are addicted to their devices. That means they use them at least five hours per day. Nearly 70% of those considered to have an addiction also had trouble sleeping. Amazon has changed its new apple logo after critics claimed it resembled Hitler's facial features. At issue is the blue taped above the smiling aero. Critics said the icon looked like Hitler's mustache the company has now tweaks the image of the tape is folded it. In outraged. Japanese billionaire is offering an eight members of the public a free trip to the moon aboard the space extortion rocket. The screening process already under way applicants who wanted to join the mission ends 123 must be willing to use their creativity. To help society in some way. If five hours means phone addiction. I'm and a whole lot of trouble lands well back to you. Well you're in traveled thank you which and a few more things to know before you go doctor eyes held senior man's life in Newark Airport earlier this week. The TV personality and practicing heart surgeon had just flown in from Florida with his family. When the man collapsed nearby actor Oscar performs chest depressions until more help arrived. The man was taken to a local hospital where he's now recovering. Doctor out says it was actually his daughter alerted him that the man needed help. And we're celebrating the life of money Wayland this. Rated pioneer who brought us hits like stirred up hasn't passed away at the age of 73. Money was the last surviving original member of the whalers the legendary Jamaican trio would come Molly and Peter Tosh. The group still helps spread Jamaican music worldwide. And value Cardin is getting a dose of her own medicine after donating a million dollars to Coleman vaccine researcher. The country music icon has gotten her first shot of the club in nineteen vaccine and she's celebrating that moment and only Dolly Parton and yeah. Seeing vaccine vaccine that city. On the yeah there are hesitated. Vaccine. Vaccine have seen the city. Of Washington and so there to really. Nine hearted teens and that she has been waiting patiently to get her shack. Does she encourages others to get there's two once there time comes. And that doesn't this ABC news live update and Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news glasses your wearing all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new updates fixing.

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