ABC News Live Update: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court

Plus, President Trump and Joe Biden are making their final push before Election Day and several European countries are imposing new restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise.
21:41 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court
Good morning I'm Diana stated thanks for streaming with us in today's update just one week to go until Election Day and president trump and Joseph Biden. Are hitting the campaign trail harder than ever. They've never quite parents who is going to. Candidates are making their cases in a huge final push in the race for the White House says more than 64 million Americans. Have already cast their votes. As corona virus cases surgeon at least 44 states hospitals are at a breaking heart. So are we in a second wave of the pandemic here what doctors found she tested today. And oversees the World Health Organization is calling Europe and at the center for disease we're live in London's. And we're following two major weather stories tens of thousands are being forced to evacuate after wildfires exploded in Southern California. These fire crews have been working through the night now police are going door to door telling people it's time ago. The race to put those fires out of the Gulf Coast braces for another possible hurricane. Zeta made landfall in Mexico overnight we have the latest on where it's going next. But we begin with judge Amy coney Barrett set to become the next Supreme Court justice. Barrett took the first of two Oates at the White House last night before socially distance masked crowd. KBC's senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has more. Even in this second White House wrote a virus outbreak. Hundreds gathering overnight to witness judge Amy Tony there it's sworn in as a Supreme Court justice. The guests socially distance on the South Lawn. For the first time ever at a White House event masks required for all in attendance and the White House saying anyone is close proximity to the president was tested ahead of time. The First Lady and I welcome you to the white has to bear witness to history. Just a week before Election Day and struggling in the polls president truck relishing in the made for TV photo our senate Republicans delivering the victory at lightning speed. Maine's Susan Collins the only Republican to join Democrats in opposition. The move blocking in the six to three conservative majority on the nation's highest court for years to come there it now becomes the fifth woman on the bench. And starting later today she will be in position to immediately hear cases including the future of health care and even the presidential election. Overnight spirit promising to remain impartial. A jags declares independence. Not only from congress and the president. But I'll self and the private police. That might otherwise move her when her confirmation cements Washington's bitter partisan divide Democrats accusing Republicans of hypocrisy after they blocked president Obama's nomination of judge Merrick Garland eight months before the 2016 election claiming it was too close to Election Day. And now as more than 64 million people have already cast their ballots. No justice in history has ever been confirmed this close to a presidential election. Spirits Rose Garden announcement last month considered a super spreader events she more than a dozen people in attendance leader testing positive for the virus. Including the president and First Lady who with five members of his inner circle contracting cope in nineteen recently. Vice president Mike Pence not there this time around. But democratic rival Joseph Biden blasting the entire event as irresponsible there's a lot of things we give you doing. Massive crowds. But the fact is that it's just not appropriate now. And again Baird could hear some major cases coming up soon before the court limit is give you a few of them the election he Affordable Care Act immigration. Abortion. LG BTQ rights also a president's financial records and whether those should be released or not for president from. No president since Richard Nixon has had this many Supreme Court appointments. In a single term and now this conservative leaning on the court that's six to three conservative majority locks and a conservative bent for potentially years to come. This is a huge part Diana president trumps legacy going forward. It sure is a city of vague in Washington Forrest thanks Cecilia. And president trump and former Vice President Biden are making their final push on the campaign trail. Trump has rallies scheduled in Michigan Wisconsin and Nebraska three states he won in 2016. And today First Lady Gilani a trouble go to Pennsylvania for her first solo appearance on the campaign trail in 20/20. Meanwhile Biden is heading to Georgia a state that has not been won by a Democrat since 1992. ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest. One week to go it president trump is desperate to change the subject. But Joseph Biden not letting up hammering him on the pandemic in the bottom. Why it is. Shoppers the worst possible president. Worst possible person. To try to lead us through this pandemic. I don't think he just that either doesn't have any idea what to do great just doesn't care. Call trump insists on painting a rosy picture who are rounding the parent but it may be too late to change the course of this race already across the country more than 64 million ballots have been cast 46% of all the votes counted in 2016. Up in the polls died in his campaigning in Georgia today in Iowa later this week. Trying to expand the electoral map and flip State's trump wanting to when he 16100. We've got quite yeah. Right there Georgia. Right there's an Iowa. While trump is campaigning in nearly a dozen states this week claiming up to eleven rallies in the final 48 hours before Election Day. And both candidates are scrambling to take them must win state of Pennsylvania. Already over one point seven million pennsylvanians have voted by mail the overwhelming majority registered Democrats thank you. For help with the trump has been crisscrossing the critical state this is going to be a red letter is going to. The president often touts what he's done for black voters but this morning new outrage after his son in line senior advisor Jared Kushner use racist stereotypes to question whether black Americans want to be successful for. President trucks policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they're complaining about. But she can't want them to be successful more than they want to be successful the backlash swift and fierce the DNC calling an indicative of Trump's quote. Disregard. For the lives of black people. And a democratic spokesman went on to say of those Kushner comments quote according to the trump administration went African Americans find fault and policies that have led to historic unemployment for black Americans an explosion. Of racial inequalities and wealth gaps and an uncontained global pandemic. That is taken a lies lower 45000. Black Americans it means that we just don't want to be successful. Badly enough Diana clearly and understandably a lot of outrage and frustration over these comments. Venture is neighbors in Washington thanks for that marry and be sure to watch our full Election Day coverage one week from today. That starts at 7 AM here on ABC news live and George Stephanopoulos begins our election night coverage at 7 PM. And if you haven't voted yet find out how you can vote in your state at 538 dot com. That's corona virus cases surge across the country some cities are imposing new restrictions. Newark new Jersey's largest city is now one of at least two US cities resorting to a curfew to try to slow the spread. In El Paso, Texas which also has a curfew in place hospitals are at capacity are Marcus Moore is there. In El Paso this morning hospitals are at their backs. More than 850 people in the county are hospitalized with cult at nineteen. 180 of them in IBC use. Say emergency mobile unit. We got an up close look at overflow tents set up to ease the pressure for beds at the area's largest hospital. Several of the most critical patients volunteering to be airlifted to other cities to receive care. I've never seen anything like this. I think I dare to say that. Most people know. There are currently more than 42000. Patients hospitalized in the US at the beginning of the pandemic most cases were in major cities like New York. Now rule states are feeling the strain with cases soaring in 44 states and new Jersey's largest city Newark. Reinstating an 8 PM curfew starting tonight for nonessential businesses to try to stop the spread. It seems desperate what is a desperate moment. We got through this before so we'll get through it again. Put as many as 62000. New cases reported Monday doctor Anthony found she warns the US is currently in the midst of the worst numbers the country has seen so far. He says because the country never got the numbers under control. We could still be in the first wave of the pandemic. I look at it more as an elongated. And an exacerbation. Of the original first wave we never really cleared and got down. To a very low baseline no matter how you look at it it's not good news. On a call with reporters testing guru Abu Brett Jawad says he still hopes the country can get a hold of the pandemic. But only if people follow the rules. I think we can control it. Pandemic why these simple measures but it's really important that we get to them. Back here in Texas State officials have brought in hundreds of doctors nurses and respiratory therapist to. Treat the surge of patients who have been flooding the hospitals here. That curfew that's in place not only here in El Paso but in other cities across the country officials hope we'll help them flatten the current. Marcus Moore ABC news El Paso. Current market thanks for that and several European countries are also imposing new restrictions to curb their own covad nineteen surged. The World Health Organization says Europe recorded more than one point three million new cases last week that's the highest seven day increase yet. He and panel joins me live now from London with the latest on this. In good morning what kinds of new restrictions are being put in place and where they happening. Yeah I mean pretty much restrictions in almost every single country certainly here in person that whales which is OC parts of the United Kingdom is gone into a full scale look down. As has island I was saying restrictions in France and Spain and Germany. And many other countries across your was Edwards trying to get a grip home. Is it the second wave uses an extension of the first wave was sedated to create shows seems to think that Europe is now one of the key. These sentences yes again that the virus with infections and deaths rates going up but it won't we so rarely don't. Well rising infection rate but everybody had this question will closing just younger people who are being infested wooded and spreads older people would you C a Roy's. In deaths raised and we now starting see stories of icu units filling up. And the deaths rates rise six Russia for example of just how to its highest daily test rates. Throughout the entire pandemic over 300. Cases so I think we're seeing this student peace across a number of buyers and so there are increasingly locked down. Pubs restaurants bars gyms etc. are being either close down completely for having that working as restricted here in brits and people being encouraged not a good feel for us but to try to work from home everyone is trying to fight to keep the economy bubbling along. Even a solo tempo while also trying to deal with a pandemic that just seems to but it certainly not be getting any better. Any in nine other protests overnight in Italy over some of these restrictions what happened there. Japanese and isn't the only country where we seem protests I think there is a general mood of rising. Anger putting it silly in particular we sold protests in Naples over the weekend and over the last 24 Rouse in the Latin. I'd also ensure rain in the rules the country that's where it was at its worst mainly young people coming out to protest the dead deposit closing. That's 6 PM but these are people. Complaining about the increase restrictions also the lack of compensation. Some suggestion organized crime is also involved in this but when I'm certainly seem. Any evidence to substantiate them but it wouldn't be entirely surprising we know that many people losing ass economically and of course that would inevitably. Include organized crime but it just shows that. It's it is a country was being held up in Europe that. Yes it was hit Bradley in the first wave but it really go to grit took home the pandemic that people following the rules people who are doing the right thing and it didn't look as bad as say Spain and France and here imprisoned and yet now what we're seeing is a case numbers that rising. Increasing restrictions. I couldn't just fed up people want to go back to life as normal the pandemic isn't letting us Diane can. Now it sure is an ABC's Ian panel in London forests in we appreciate it thank you. An out of Philadelphia where police say at least thirty officers have been injured and 33 people arrested after demonstrations overnight against a police shooting death. Police say Walter Wallace was armed with a knife when they shot and killed him now the mayor says the case quote presents difficult questions that must be answered. ABC's be the pilgrim has the details. And oh yeah okay. Overnight hundreds are taking to the streets of Philadelphia outraged over the death of Walter Wallace junior the 27 year old man armed with a knife he shot by police Monday afternoon. People covering the streets as fireworks and other projectiles exploded in the air surrounding a police car in gulf inflames. Lines clearly drawn at times the crowd forcing crews are back in the streets. Thirty. Injured over the course is that I guess video shows a pickup plowed into an officer that officer currently in stable condition at. At least 33 people were arrested. Police say officers were responding to a domestic call when they encountered Wallace allegedly Martin with a knife not. This video shows two officers on the scene. Repeatedly asked Wallace to me in all blacks here to put good night down as. Team he's making his way towards that before they opened. Well certainly bring in critical. It'd only. More after Olivia Wallace is transport. The hospital where he later died of motions in the neighborhood running high residents say there were better options available dominant stays cool you know yeah out of Minneapolis autumn LA wobble of the fact there. There's very different thing about all the different loaded weapon one had me. The Philadelphia police commissioner on the scene to hear their frustrations saying that video of the shooting raises questions that need answering concur. I'm hairs I'm still is saying I don't have answers for what happened today ages candidate. This shooting is under investigation the two officers involved have been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of that investigation Diana. He the pilgrim thank you in this morning tens of thousands of people are out of their homes in Southern California forced to evacuate. As wildfires burning out of control. Firefighters say the flames are is 0%. Contained. And wind gusts of up to ninety miles an hour are making their task even harder Kinney hard time is on the front lines with the latest. Overnight multiple wildfires exploding in Southern California. Hurricane force winds driving these flames an Orange County as a 150000. Residents are warned to evacuate. And we have not express a wind event like this mom so I'm buying out with the year round fire season and now the winds. This is we're definitely up against it right now. The most severe CNN you know wins this year we gusts over seventy miles per hour. Rounding firefighting aircraft. Can. I have this fire is unstoppable. Read my morning. Fire crews forced to battle the blazes on slate. Just outside Los Angeles the Silverado fire quickly engulfing more than 7000 acres. Critically injuring 21 responders. They're gravely injured and yes there huge demand then its version. Red flag according to lead authorities to shut down power for thousands of customers potentially impacting more than a million Californians. And dying and this hillside is all they've seen in between the blue ridge fire here and hundreds of homes in the neighborhood below police are going door to door. Telling people this morning it is time ago the red flag warnings today will be in effect from southern origin. Through California into western Arizona and here in Southern California we don't expect to see the extreme winds we saw yesterday. But with conditions this dry anyway it's good help spread these wildfires. Diane here's hoping those winds come down Kinney hard time for us in Yorba Linda, California thanks Cary. And as western states that allows tires of Gulf Coast is bracing for another possible hurricane. The governor of Louisiana has already declared a state of emergency as Zeta made landfall in Mexico overnight. Rob Marciano is in New Orleans with the latest rob good morning. Hey good morning he had Diane boy here we are again you can email back in Louisiana this is going to be the yeah I'd be elevenths. Named storm to hit the US and we're pretty confident that much to gets in the Gulf of Mexico really has no place ago. So many of those storms have hit the state of Louisiana and a lot of those have hit the Yucatan peninsula. Zeta. Doing that just last night as a category one storm some video for you out of cars and this thing hit just north of the loom. Lot of wind. Upwards of 7580 miles per hour with them the rain around there. And they ways it's on it as well this thing it will reemerge in the Gulf of Mexico today. And the waters here are slightly above average in the southern part and light when shares are expected to strengthen. For ten to at least a category one storm and then accelerate. Towards the Gulf Coast Weaver have hurricane warnings up from Morgan City, Louisiana through New Orleans Biloxi mobile. All in it and maybe even Pensacola and points to the Easter pets Panama City will see impacts from there's no way to damaging winds. That big surge it's moving quickly in a big chunk of the eastern half of the country will get a piece of this and should be. Don and about six hours and that's only good news here are John shots showing nor was a beautiful morning shaping up here in the Crescent City. I spoke to deal with the lieutenant governor last night. And he told me that. Boy it's been a tough go any bad hurricanes it added. Kobe big time here in the stating their their budgets are strained their morale is trained but they're ready for whatever. Does Ada has has to bring your they have not evacuated death. Jefferson Parish again. One of the four pumps here in New Orleans that pumps the water out of the city went down yesterday as of this rally to get that back up but. I really don't think that rainfall is going to be the big issue it is because it is moving so quickly thankfully. But it's a late season storm and it's gonna bring some damaging winds to an already. Battered northern Gulf Coast of Mexico. And it certainly Andrew enough down there rob Marciano forests in New Orleans Stacey from. And a few things to know before you go Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman is once again. A free woman of the actors finished her year of supervised release over the weekend. Fulfilling a last part of her sentence in the college admissions scandal. Hoffman pleaded guilty to charges related to arranging for her daughter's SAT scores to be manipulated. Hoffman's agreement also included a fourteen day prison sentence a fine of 30000 dollars and 250. Hours of community service. And if you're looking for an Italian escape this picturesque town is offering up homes for only. One hero that's just over a dollar. So let me Sicily is auctioning off abandoned homes for next to nothing in order to bring more people back to town. The mayor says he hopes to move brings new life into the area. And another sign that we will always love Whitney Houston the music video for her hit song I will always love you has hit a new milestone officially reaching one billion views. On YouTube. And it. Hello hello you is only. Your music video from the ninety's to hit a billion views a single was originally written and reported by Dolly Parton back in 1973. But Houston's version topped the charts. In 92 after being featured in the movie the bodyguard which she also started. The son spent fourteen weeks at number one and it won a Grammy. Music video has averaged more than 315. Views every day this year alone. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana San thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern with your headline. Stacy.

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