ABC News Live Update: Biden, Putin call meeting a positive step forward

Plus, 12 states are under fire and heat alerts and President Biden is set to sign a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday.
27:37 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden, Putin call meeting a positive step forward
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks restraining with us in today's update president Biden is back in the US after his high stakes meeting with Russian president Vladimir proved. I did when I came to do. Gooden was defiant on Russia's role in election and your parents those recent cyber attacks and his record on cracking down on political opponents. Mr. President what are you so as freed up Ari to Scott has the reaction this morning. At a new Kobe delta variant is now at least 37 states experts warn it could become the dominant strain in the US areas with lower vaccination rates he updates in cases. This says Royal Caribbean pushes back one of its cruises after eight vaccinated crew members tested positive we have the latest. And the senate and the house of past the June 18 national Independence Day act. During team celebrated on June 19 marks the official end of slavery in the US. President Biden is expected to sign the bill later today making June 18 an official federal holiday we'll bring that you live. But we begin with the president waking up in the White House after his eight day trip to Europe. His first trip overseas since taking office ended with a high stakes summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin's. Both leaders say that meeting was a positive step well word but also made it clear the US and Russia. Are still at odds of some major issues our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce is in Washington DC with the latest. Overnight president biting touching down back in Washington after his whirlwind first foreign trip. And that historic summit with the Russian president I did when I came to do the two leaders shaking hands and smiling for the world to see cameras brought in for a chaotic photo op. Students slouching Biden appearing relaxed after more than two and a half hours both sides giving their talks a positive review. I didn't even gifting gluten a pair of his signature aviators. Gruden calling their discussions frank and very open but I think there was no facilities Clinton concert. These talks weren't quite constructive step but Tutan still defiant denying all responsibility for cyber attacks and interfering in US elections and when pushed by our Rachel Scott on his crackdown on his political opponents couldn't deflecting. Pointing to the black lives matter movement in the US in the January 6 attack on the capital Mr. President what are you so afraid out. And the entire movement develops known as black last matter. I'm not going to comment on that but here's what I do want to say. What we saw which was. Disorder destruction such violations of the law we don't want that to happen on our territory. You didn't answer my question sir if all of your political opponents are dead in prison employees in. Doesn't that send a message that you do not want a fear political fight. People came to the US congress have political she didn't have missed Juliet. 400 people. Or 400 people had criminal charges. I placed on them Biden says he didn't issue threats but says he made clear to prudent there will be consequences if he doesn't change his ways. The bottom line it is axle presently that we need to have some basic rules of the road. The recall abide by. And on cyber security after those attacks that crippled a US gas pipeline and targeted the meat industry Biden says critical infrastructure should be off limits. Giving Putin a list of sixteen prohibited areas from the energy sector to the water supply and he's warning prudent the US stands ready to retaliate. Pointed out Tim we have significant. Cyber capable. He knows he doesn't know exactly who is significant I think that the last thing he wants now. As a Cold War but Biden also bristling when pressed on why he thinks wooten will change his ways. Why are confident he'll change his behavior Mr. President. I'm confident. It is dated back to. Now the president actually later apologized to that reporter for that heated exchange and while Biden says he isn't confident. Who will change he does say that there's a value to putting on an optimistic face here now as for what comes next. Biden is taking a wait and see approach he says it's gonna take six months to a year to see whether this dialogue. He's going to have any real impact Diane. Right neighbors at the White House thank you. And he's our congressional correspondent Rick just got their confronting Blatter who wouldn't asking him. About what peace has done to political opponents and what he's so afraid of also why so many political opponents of his are either dead or in jail now. Goat and dodged that question instead pointing to black lives matter protests in the January 6 assault on the capital. Rachel Scott is here that she's got the latest on her exchange with Clinton and president Biden's response Rachel good morning. Diane good morning fronting me about both president Biden and president who in are waking back up in their home countries today. All of this comes after that high stakes summit between the two leaders that happened. Just yesterday I was inside of the room for president Putin's press conference as you know Diane one of the few American journalist that was credentialed for that. Pressing him on human rights abuses in his own country. President trying to turn the tables not really answering my question waiting out the black lives natter move nick in the United States as well the capital insurrection going to other incidents. Of violence president Biden was asked about Putin's comments. And he responded calling them absolutely ridiculous he says that you can not compare those are being prosecuted. From the January 6 insurrection. To those who are facing severe punishment. All because they are political rivals. A president who is still no response from the Crandall this morning are letting president Putin's words they end as it is but I can tell you from inside of the room. Yesterday as I was walking out I was swarmed by a few Russian reporters they wanted to know if I was satisfied. With his answer clearly a lot of interest in the American presence Diane. All right Rachel Scott in Geneva Rachel thank you. And another topic at the by the food and summit was a possible prisoner swap involving two former US Marines. During his press conference Putin said a certain compromise might be found there. RA BC news deputy political director Avery harper has more on that. And the new bill passed by congress Avery I want to start with the prisoner swap what's the latest on the. Well we know that the talks are certainly preliminary. As it stands now we know that they talked about a yesterday during. That's something in Geneva. He. Barton said he's not gonna walk away from the from the stories from the plight of of those how Marines that are still being detained in Russia. He's a very had a discussion and that he's gonna follow up on it so remains to seen. To be seen what happens these these talks are still in preliminary stages and we're hearing from the family of every eight. What's their reaction to yesterday's summit had a feeling. Ryan Malone they did not expect four you know their loved ones seem to be released from from jail yesterday and so how we know that they are happy that I it was a part of the discussion that period. The names and that their loved ones were mentioned to they hope that the momentum continues. And that eventually either brought home. And of course while this is all going on in some it was going on there was another big headline out of Washington the US house overwhelmingly passed a bill. That would established June 19 as June 18 Independence Day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. A president Biden is expected to sign the bill this afternoon what more do we know about the hot. Are we don't bet that. This is a president who who campaigned on are restoring the soul of this nation we know that he also campaigned on. Are you rooting out institutional racism are throughout the country and and listen did this is a president who holds a lot seats of black voters across the country. For his place in the White House and so how we expect to see him sign that bill today. Formally acknowledging with a federal holiday June 18 ivy that day. Emancipation of the last slaves sat in Texas where alerted have feared their freedom and so we can expect to CA HU doing celebration today as as the Celtics plants. And I know speaker Pelosi and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are set to present that final bill that passed both the house and the senate this morning. I wonder how significant it is the fact of how much bipartisan support this bill received at a time where Washington seem so divided. Why aren't listening have been advocates have been pushing for June 18 to be recognized as a federal holiday for years and so this is there's certainly a victory for them but I think that she would also. It would be remiss if we didn't speak about the other legislative priorities back I have not. I've received bipartisan support so there's lots of folks where are very happy about Argentine becoming a federal holiday. But the fact is that voting right still hasn't been handled and how that's restricting the voting rights disproportionately at people of color across this country I you're looking at critical race theory so called critical race day which would include. You're talking about PP lasting impacts of slavery that have been banned in schools across this country police report has not been passed and so. You know there are many folks who feel like June 18 two BB cherry on top of all these other legislative priorities instead of the only victory. Right ABC news political director Avery harper a re thank you. And a programming note for you president Biden is expected to sign that bill today around 3:30 eastern and we will bring that to you live. As it happens also be sure to tune in to June team together we triumph but soul of the nation's special event tomorrow at 9 PM eastern on ABC. And shifting to cove another highly contagious delta variant has now reported in 37 states a former White House senior advisor described it. As co lead on steroids. Now the CDC is calling it a variant of concern with Johnson has the latest. Daily Kobe deaths in the US have fallen below 300 for the first time since march of last year. But despite the progress this morning mounting concern over the highly contagious delta variant. This is. Busily cove in nineteen and steroids. And spread the easier it goes faster. Needless exposure to get it all experts say vaccines are effective against the delta variant some warning it could become the dominant strain here in the US. It's already reported in 37 states including Tennessee were just a third of the state is fully vaccinated at least ten cases in the Memphis area alone. We still have been Shelby county 300000 people. Who have no immunity this farce at all left on controlled in each case would create five new cases. Some states with lower vaccination rates seeing a nearly 20% increase in Kobe case is over the last two weeks. In Texas Joshua Garza had the opportunity to get vaccinated but didn't something he now regrets after contracting cove it. Spending four months in the hospital and having a double lung transplant. Everybody needs to look at facts. If I knew what I know now. I would've definitely got very went through with the vaccination. Our does that felt like I was doing enough. But it wasn't states going all out to boost vaccination efforts in Massachusetts the vax express pulling until Boston train station Tuesday. To administer shots to the public. A CDC advisory committee will meet tomorrow to discuss that rare heart inflammation called bio car died as it's still not clear the vaccines cause that condition. But the CDC is investigating 226. Cases of people under thirty to see if there's any lack. Diane. I get to know which Johnson thank you an earlier today on GMA TJ Holmes talked a doctor as she shot. About the delta variant let's listen. Kobe did. On steroids. That a Sally former White House advisor on Kobe puts it now you might not have use those exact words what do you agree. With the sentiment is that an apt description for this very. That's a good morning things are happening back but I certainly agree this is the most can teach his Syrian that we have seen throughout the entire pandemic. It's probably the most challenging period overall. So I don't know if I would use exactly those words but I would definitely say. This is a challenge that we have to deal with you say a challenge a parlor challenges that the symptoms for the delta variants seem to be a little different why is that so concerning and what are those symptoms that people need to be aware. Paso across all the variants and in this the same underlying virus so the meters symptoms are always. Fever cough headaches shortness of breath. I sometimes loss of smell and taste we have seen some preliminary evidence it may be we get more headaches. With this than some of the others but I think that's preliminary regatta sorted out. Ultimately if you're having any of these symptoms you gotta go get. The city got a talk your doctor. And right our thanks to TJ and doctor shopper that interview. And a historic heat wave is moving through the west with high temperatures fueling wild fires and forcing evacuations. Chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking it all or as ginger good morning. When Diana held only in the desert effort to day is and I'm still trying to hydrate and my lips chapped and implement bomb every hour and that's what's the problem here is isn't just a prolonged. Long duration heat wave that's expanding. And when he we feel that way the land feels that way into reacting you can see some of the images here this is. From the Cottrell a fire is in Reno Nevada right up to the house is there 35% contained. And then. In red lodge Montana you've got the Robertson trough fire that was blew up 20000 acres in just 24 hours eight meter structures have burned there. And all this really the result at least this prolonged heat of this heat don't know you'll hear that this summer an assailant and that mean again. It is a big high pressure system that is expanding it basically just compresses the air drops it to the ground doesn't let it move. And then estates and it's really stubborn and that's unfortunately what we're seeing and it's it's not just stubborn but it's expanding its gonna include Kansas City today could easily break their record which is a hundred selves look at it while three. Didn't want to get close are you go back to Sacramento even California and you're gonna see numbers climbing into the 100. Hi. 108910. That category it's really ugly and Phoenix trying to break a 115 plus record of a stretch of days if they do that through Saturday. It'll be all times it would that's a dead heat even Las Vegas made it to 116 that's only one degree shy of their all time records and then the numbers don't stop rises gonna stick around. He see that three days with all of the big numbers even Salt Lake City which dropped below 100 for the first time in four days is gonna go back up. Diane and I she leader other Susie thank you. Ana Cruz is getting ready to set sail with new coal had protocols after being delayed due to crew members testing positive. The Royal Caribbean ship was set to leave on July 3 but it's now scheduled to hit the seas on July 31 and stet. Transportation correspondent you Benitez has more high GO. Hey Diane good morning we're talking about a Royal Caribbean ship that was set to sail on July 3 now that's been pushed to July 31 and this is why. Eight crew members tested positive on that ship six were asymptomatic too had mild symptoms. All of them have been vaccinated. But this is really important. They tested positive for those vaccines were fully effective. Now this was supposed to be the inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean Stew ought to see of the seized but the cruise line says it postponed that out of an abundance of caution. Meanwhile the cruise line also now saying it will require vaccines for all passengers boarding in the US. Except from Florida ports from Florida Royal Caribbean says vaccines are only strongly recommended. Florida's governor and the CDC are still arguing over vaccine policy guy. Right transportation correspondent GO Benitez thank you. And members are prominent South Carolina family are speaking out for the first time after a mother and son wears killed. Hear what they're saying this morning after the break stay with us. Welcome back members of a South Carolina family are speaking out for the first time after mother and son were shot and killed. The family is now pleading for help in finding their killer in a pilgrims in South Carolina with the exclusive interview. He's a very caring person. She was to rock their pain. This morning members of the Murdoch's daily speaking for the first time sister brother Alec Murdoch got his 22 year old son Paul. And his wife Maggie shot to death outside their South Carolina home last week. I got a call from formality. Melinda Duckett. And Suzanne had proposed new self control. My home have. He just told me he should crew was best educated. O meg have been hurt his voice. To fear. Who hissed. Just crawl no arrests have been made no suspects named the Murdoch's issuing a plea for help this morning with the person did this is out there. And there's information. However bigger harper smog is they had in the end means I really don't know what they mean the issue here all of this tall Conan. You know social media with regard to Paul but. I don't know of anybody not truly. That would truly be an enemy. Are truly want to harm them. Paul Murdoch had been awaiting trial accused of being under the influence in 2019 while crashing a boat killing nineteen year old passenger Mallory beach. He had pleaded not guilty in the case the Murdoch's tell it as Paul had been receiving threats from strangers people they say they didn't. You know where they can finally impressed I didn't think it was credible threat that was I would of tried to do something or notified someone. The Prius. The many have made a mistake. The Murdoch's are one of the most prominent families in South Carolina part of the legal establishment going back almost a century. Three generations of Murdoch's how the solicitors job in this region for years. They also own a prominent law firm where Randy and Alec currently work today some in the community questioning if if the family used their connections to protect Paul the night of the boat crash. Do you think anyone in your family interfered anyway. No do you feel like that some of the that perception of your family. Has been wrong. Yes. She works like damaged ski. You used. And power. And I don't know exactly how people use those words. But we're just regular people and we're hurting just like they would be hurting. This has happened until this morning this tight knit family holding onto each other. Has your brother Kevin he's bride and looks strong in making his way and then. Then just breaking down into this. It's tough for us. It changes you as a family. If I can imagine the harm that's. My brother's experience. Our team at DNC state law enforcement searching this swamps near the crime scene yesterday they've also set up a daddy. Painted hotline just for this case. Through crime stoppers Diane night even though laments at Columbia, South Carolina either thank you. And attorneys for real housewives star Erica Girardi Nelson on an as Erica Jane are now dropping her as a client in the wake of a new cool documentary. The housewives and the hustler. Viewers watched for years as she lived a lavish lifestyle now is her ex husband faces fraud charges. The big question is how much did Erica no Caylee heart Tung has the latest. There's so many layers to this divorce it's so keen complicated. It's very difficult to explain. I did not see it ending this way overnight Erica genes of real life scandal unfolding on the real housewives of Beverly Hills. And now a harsh reality setting in for the brother star as her lawyers dropper. When every client access had an attorney and they would share it is definitely a red something that alerts you that there were some significant issues either would client. Or would chase james' attorneys her ex husband's bankruptcy case withdrawing their representation of the same date of bombshell who documentary house like in the hustler was released. Saying in court documents the relationship of trust and confidence that is essential to a properly functioning attorney client relationship has broken down. And a good faith assessment of counsel the relationship is irreparable that documentary giving voice to the people genes now disgraced ex husband allegedly stole money from. It was a simple is me noticing like okay unexpected he had a payment this day. And I didn't give it. High powered attorney Tom Girardi stands accused of embezzling a fortune from his client's financial settlements. That's the worst in the lower and every single lawyer knows. That if you dip into the client's account. You will be disbarred. That money allegedly used to fund their lavish lifestyle of private jets parties and fancy homes. Aging line before millions of viewers on the hit show Simon and make that wrapped in a red and can. After two decades of Mary exchange filed for divorce last November. Before Girardi legal problems became public knowledge she is not been formally accused of the crime and maintain she was not aware of any wrong doing buyer then husband. Several how much she knew what she knew and her influence on actual process is something that it would seem leaking intention issue as well as investigators. And Diane air Janus and commenting on any of this and it's unclear if she's retained new counsel. As of now there's no indication that her future with the real housewives franchise is in jeopardy. As she ended last night's episode saying to be continued Diane. Right to be continued indeed get a hard time thank you and the house in the hustler is now streaming on Hulu. Victoria's Secret has announced its ditching its iconic Angel wings when we come back we'll tell you why and who the company is putting front and center now. Stay with us. Welcome back and you murder hornet has been discovered in Washington State it's the first confirmed report of the potentially deadly insects in the US this year. The new hornet was already dead upon discovery but the mystery remains how did it get here Caylee cart ton has the details. Well Diane just as we thought things were looking up in the world were hit with this news flash back to twenty when he. And the invasion of so called murder reports the good news with a one that was just found was already debt. The bad news is DNA testing proves it's un related to all of those murder warrants that were found a little farther north in Washington State. Last year researchers say this one likely from a previous season was just not discovered until so the mystery is Heidi get air. These current these hornets are native to Asia they can grab to two inches lock that's. Five times larger than a honey a concern. The bill devastate the Honeybee population threatening our plants our crops not only that but their venom can be fatal to humans they killed dozens of people in Japan every year. Experts in Washington State has spent months tracking these warnings exec dozens of traps. And now they're giving instructions to citizen scientists to set their own traps and a citizen scientists but. It lets anybody who it. Diane RIK our time thank you and for a look at today's science and technology headlines here's Andrea Denver. It's today's tech bytes Facebook's new weapon against so called deep speaks FaceBook says. Its new software can reveal where digitally altered videos come from company says the software can be trained to find deep speaks from a still image or a single video frame. Spotify has launched its own live audio app similar to clubhouse it's called Spotify green room and it allows you to host live conversations and a wide range of topics including music sports and culture. Users can also save their shows that turned them into pod cast. At Google opens its first retail store today. The Manhattan location will feature pixel phones fit bits and other Google gadgets there are also areas called sand boxes where consumers can get their hands on. Experience with some devices can also pick up a hat or a teacher. Judges have to go will Wear the store is first does your check bites Diane back to you. Bender dim Brit thank you. And a few more things to know before you go Victoria's Secret is setting aside its famous Angel models and revamping its look. The companies trying to appeal to a broader customer base and focus on in passivity. It signed seven women with unique backgrounds including soccer star Megan working out a longtime advocate for equal rights and equal pay for women. And preempt a Chopra who has fought for children's rights acting as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Victoria's Secret new creative director says he's considering changing every aspect of the brand even storefronts will look different featuring mannequins. A different shapes and sizes. Florida power and light is marking its transition to cleaner energy with a blast. The utility imploded up 495. Foot chimney stack at its coal fired energy plant north of West Palm Beach. Using more than 170. Pounds of explosives. For the rest of the plant will be torn down later this year. And tennis star Rafael Nadal says he will not play at Wimbledon or the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The Tway eight time Grand Slam champion posted the announcement on Twitter saying it's never an easy decision. To make but after listening to my body and discussing it with my team I understand that it's the right decision. Adults have a short time between the French Open and Wimbledon didn't make it easy on his body recuperate. And his goal is to prolong his career and continue to do. What makes him happy wishing him the best. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us on a programming note for you president Biden. We'll Simons island to lawmaking June teens a federal holiday around 3:30 eastern time today we'll bring that you live. When it happens of course we'll see right back you're at 11 AM eastern. With the new updates facing.

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