ABC News Live Update: Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend speaks out after officer’s interview

Plus, Pope Francis voices support for same-sex civil unions and a 9-year-old’s mission to ensure kids affected by the California wildfires have a Happy Halloween.
18:59 | 10/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend speaks out after officer’s interview
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans have voted unanimously to advance judge Amy Connie Barrett Supreme Court nomination. 28 full senate vote. Democratic members boycotted this morning's vote instead. Placing poster sized pictures of Americans they say would suffer if the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act. Here's the committee voting to advance Baird's nomination earlier this morning. The votes or twelve he used ten notebooks. The nomination will be reported favorably to the floor with the unanimous. Votes. That Democrats have tried to slow the nomination arguing that the person who feels justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat should be picked by whoever wins the election. Here's democratic senator Chuck Schumer of moments ago. Steve. He should have. You're legitimate product. Witnessed in the senate. And her potential hot cremation. Ayers dire consequences. For this and it. But it Supreme Court. Are tired country. For generations to come. A today's vote sets the stage for the full senate vote. Full senate rather to vote on Baird's nomination next week it'll be the first time that happens this close to an election. The Director of National Intelligence has announced that Russia Andi run have stolen American voter information. Gaining access to names addresses and more in an attempt to influence the election. They reportedly sent intimidating emails to registered Democrats claiming to be from pro trump group of proud boys. But officials say the integrity of the election is still intact. Short form shooting platform queen bee is shutting down just six months after its launch. Will be attracted some huge celebrity names like crazy fatigue in and chance the rapper. And nearly two billion dollars in investments from legacy media companies including Disney and Comcast. But the mobile video platforms founders say it did not succeed in. Quality because the idea itself wasn't strong enough to justify a standalone streaming service more because of our timing. Quickly lodged just weeks into the pandemic shut down. And Rihanna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth walker is speaking out after Michael Strahan ABC news courier journal exclusive. With one of the officers involved in her shooting death. Walker who was the only other person in the apartment the night of Taylor's fatal shooting says he thought the officers were intruders trying to break again. Alex press has more. This morning Kenneth won't curb Rihanna Taylor's boyfriend is speaking out just hours after one of the officers involved in the shooting. Told ABC news in the courier journal that police did announce themselves at the door she had been sleeping in amounts condos and off. I was so I was a loud bang gets door that paying as we know know was officers executing a search warrant she's scared to death as a side. Walker says they never heard police announce themselves if she's still saying. Who isn't the whole time I'm Saint Louis and am just too late for anybody who knocked home bill. So our grammar and then proceed to go answer the door immediate right in the doorway. Bare room the door flies on. One of the people rushing through that door sergeant Jonathan Mattingly who told Michael in that ABC news courier journal exclusive interview that the officers had identified themselves and that when he entered the dark apartment. He saw two figures in the hallway. And as soon as such from the corner Akamai went straight to barrel this time investigators say walker who legally owned his gun that fired one shot to striking Mattingly in delay get. A claim walker disputes protect. Rihanna protect myself and vessels going to lie. So I'll let once you know it to brown helped trigger in this intruders some are trying to break in in any harm us. Mattingly and two other officers returning fire 32 shots in total fatally striking Taylor what we're doing our job we return fire. This is not a slow one Hun somebody down. I'm bill what is perhaps it's somebody he did that dole is shot are appropriate. A grand jury charged one of the then officers on the scene Brett Hank a sin with wanton endangerment of Taylor's neighbor. Pincus and pleading not guilty but no one was charged in connection did Taylor's death. Walker this morning responding directly to the officers. Bergalis as. The people responsible for her marriage get charged and not a got to live with dead killed in every day. And as we saw earlier this week a judge did he give jurors grand jurors permission to talk publicly about the case in one juror came forward. Saying they were never given homicide charges and to consider Diane. Alex Perez thank you for that. Let's go overseas now to Pope Francis voicing his support for same sex civil unions. The move signals a new direction for the Catholic Church James long and joins me now from Vatican City with more on this. James Polk Francis has taken some more progressive stances on LG BTQ issues before. But what exactly did he stay here and why is this so significant. Hi Diane yeah it does feel really significant that city as he say he has said things like this before. But out of us bishop of Buenos Aires is very different when you'll Pope we know the leader of a 2000 year old institution one point two billion Catholics. I'm gonna save it feels like an earthquake is happens everywhere else is felt it but no one Haywood been trying to get. Attention from many Vatican official that communications department anyone it feels like they've. It's taken them a little bit by surprise blame ordinary say though is that just listen to the pope's was and they stand alone and if we did you then we hear him say that. Homosexuals. All the children of god they deserve. To have a family he has never said it quite so explicitly and it is. Very very profound that he's saying this remember it's not just being. In London and Paris or new you'll can rhyme it's being in places like sub Sahara Africa where gay people up Huskies this thing has. As we speak in Poland which wet they've really politicize the issue of homosexuality so this is very very important. Being cast today it often means you take to leave from the Pope directly it's an archaic institution well one man's blood really becomes the faith. So if you like overnight whom I spoke Francis has changed teaching on homosexuality now of course isn't as simple as that says. United as the teachings that the doctrines take into consideration and of course there's going to be a big backlash both conservatives are very unhappy about this but. It's a big big sign he wants to continue pushing. This church in some of marriage. And James as you alluded to there's been some push back but you shared on social media that this means a lot to you personally as a gay person raised in the Catholic Church. What was your reaction to hearing this and how in general is this being received. Get down I did feel quite. Powerfully about that when I had I was too much thought and action it was extraordinary I grew up Catholic and on the very funding my grandmother who will believe for married she. Pray prayed for just about every saying to all the time to time she lost take losses. Up that up those prize went. But at the same time I feel proud to be a gay man and it's very difficult to reconcile those two identities. By field. Now that may be Pope Frances Mae has made it easier for me to be a Catholic. Mistakes ordinary thing in a lot I think. The the in the emphasis on found me was to me quite important that the context of these comments came when a man off the Pope what he should do. About bringing his pollen and their child's to charge so often gay people Acosta these people who. Will influence caught on quite the next generation that somehow. That's something on toward about. Having children if you have a sexual. He's embracing that idea and I was very very powerful for me and I can -- on social media I've had such a massive response people around the world. Read to you feel this powerfully he's speaking to a new generation and maybe he needs to maybe the Catholic Church needs to if it's going to survive in the 21 century Diane. Tonight James long wind from the Vatican thank you James. And for more on this historic move by Pope Francis let's courage as a priest and author father James Marten. A father Martin good morning curious to know what the differences between what Pope Francis says here in this documentary. And what he has said about same sex unions in the past. He has talked about this as archbishop of Buenos Aires which was his job before it will sell all. Egan in a way that was more hopefully a little more subtle or toleration but. I think what is new here this is the release are saying it has so publicly and so many people are here yet but he stated very clearly very directly. What does it mean that this is said in the context of this documentary as opposed as a an official announcement. Well it's it's not sure it is not official but in he is changing its opponent the approach and a conversation so. It's not something that he's up put it into an oven does as a form of teaching had been arm. You know people teaching and away. And not as James alluded to different governments have different stances on same sex unions of same is true for Catholic church's. And bishops they have different standings on this all over the world so. Do you think the picture for us of what that landscape looks like right now and if you expect that to change after hearing this from Pope Francis. Well Niger this will change things but certainly you know for example in states and Western Europe are little more open but. You know people don't place like Paul and where the bishops are talking about LG BT people played an apparent. Seized. Moran looks like you Don that work should set aside what the realization of sexuality. This is going to be real challenge ends up in many places like to each it but in a lot of places is going to be a real credit to beat off. What do you say to it to you you know what is this all say to you as a long time Catholic priest. About where the church is going. What you see the Pope who is trying to really make strides and I think the business step forward. He's the first beverages I use the word gay he says almighty judge. He has gay friends that would MO last year Bennett happen are talking about LG BT issues you know he's trying to be pastor what he's trying to move things at their relationship. With LG BG people. My father James Marten we appreciate your time this morning thank you. My pleasure. And turning now to health warning about carpooling during the pandemic officials and at least two states are now warning that sharing a ride. Could increase your chances of catching covad nineteen transportation correspondent GO Benitez has more on the risks and how to minimize them. Whether it's getting the kids to practice their schoolwork commuting to work with call leagues. Carpooling is a popular option but isn't safe and the time of cove it. They're shedding virus in their mouth and her nose and they're speaking and talking. And in this small car that individual is certainly gonna transmitted virus to the members of that car. Experts advise on how to make it less risky. Experts say just lowering the windows isn't enough you also have to. NASCAR. And wall wearing a mask is key there are other ways to cut some risks like staying in the same car pool cluster your. Additional contact lead Ichi potential risk so meeting the same car tax. Are you will reduce your own risk and that risk is spread and she utters the CDC also recommends setting the air conditioning or heat in the car. On non re circulation mode. This way you're bringing fresh air inside the car to dilute any possible. Virus particles in the year and make sure to use hand sanitized her or wash your hands after leaving the car. The same guidelines also applied for rice shares but the CDC adds one in a ride share should as far as possible from the driver. Like in the rear seat diagonally across from the driver. When you keep your mouth is awaiting which would prevent patients mission is not just one or the other it's a multilayered strategy so again if your car pulling just stick with the same group of people don't mix that group up. And if you decide to drink some watering some sacks wolf listen right now it is perfectly acceptable. Not to share Diane. Now right you but he says thank you. And at the country also tries to sort out how to have a safe Halloween amid the pandemic. 19 year old is making sure kids impacted by the wildfires in California are not forgotten. Arnett tell us saudis started a goal funny proves to raise money per Halloween goodie bags for kids dealing with the creek fire now those donations plus your own piggy bank. Totaled 12100. Dollars that allowed Garnett and make more than a hundred goodie bags and get some jackets for kids who lost their homes in that fire. And I have the pleasure of having our Anna and her mom look here with us good morning to you both thank you for being here. Did not mean in my league good morning to you so Arnault what are you wanna do this. All I did did did it's like any Lyman analysts like she always seen me and house is the agreements findings. And snacks like you trying to bring them generations perhaps. Black Q what did you think of when our efforts came to at this idea. He that are really busy parents and and you know he would not be able to get time for harsh but can she said dad and then she was an assistant about it I felt like this is the last thing I can do is act to help my kid go out and tried to Schuller bashing each and passion and that species list putting all the teams together and trying to help it treaty more gas like. I think she showed us a better deal being caught people that says that her parents. Plus who has got everybody out there. But you listen don't feel bad parents are overwhelmed all of us right now I think art is inspiring all of us right now to. But aren't what kind of a reaction have you gotten since posting that video. Long. I mean you. Shock or trauma a lot of she crossed. And you can tell by the amount of money that you raised it were you surprised at that. And handles appliance chain eating each. Let's get get the impression that aren't it doesn't take no for an answer very easily at what point did you feel like okay this isn't just a fleeting idea she means business let's do. Yes. Yes so she was asking me for what reminds at the breakfast at that and then. And I was not to be it is funny that's Atlantic that the actual candidates doing what kids do wish and then fight anybody she can -- and small I think generally easy is it -- -- -- if not for Halloween let's try to get for Christmas. And I felt like the distinction he wants to go out and help and if I don't asks do with where I'm sitting. Not there I. Pax 400 sonic OK let's do it and then that's an idea. Medical funny gain and that I have put trek crack and they help me I could trust and rescue mission and then even attempted the mountain stronghold along TOP and then. That's how this whole thing started the initial package all of our supporters and Japanese and the most important thing I wanted to see is not just money that she received a medical unleash its a lot of families in the last that could be back that bitterness is kits are Miki so that she can go up and marketing gimmick to those little kids that's been able to marry or renting and day heartwarming. I mean it's amazing to think of the chain that you have created here aren't a not only are you doing this amazing thing. Fear inspiring so many other people who not only have helped in this process but now are watching and may be thinking to themselves even if something. I can do how does it feel for you to be able to help these children directly but also to be inspiring the people watching right now. Don't have him shoot know. Did you expect this to work out this way. In yeah yeah extend this yeah. And what was in your mind when you first set out this planet you first told your mother or how did you think this is gonna play out. Sat in the shares clinking Indy car decked out just Indonesia and James TDs getting OK Max adding none Munich ET on defense pact can do. Well you have made quite an impact at all because. You knew what you wanted to do and you were persistent and I think even in that you are inspiring so many of us right now we just want to sit back and relax and roll with the punches that. We can make an impact what's your message to little kids who are also want to help but think you know I'm just too young right now. San. Let anything get around traditional English yeah. He's Smart honorable jets tied Oklahoma. Won't yeah. Amen to that and finally luck yet how are you about spending your Halloween. We all like we. Family being going up to them on chanting Aubrey mountain ten vehicle into a home. And only Aubrey what one and she tried department and Ka California has its actual getting to be distributing all the good he backs and that he has been amazing the app on meats and jackets for the kids who lost their homes so. Mole this does Saturday night does as a Halloween night we don't want to be there and yeah. They've got people in the mountains the last house is due to decree trash and she would be distributing nobody vaccine. One thing that. Thank you both so much for your determination and your generosity donating your time and your money to all of this are inspiring so many people and we know directly helping. So many affected by the fire who needed so badly right now so thank you to you both. Thank you so much happy how lean diet which has the hello ET dancing thing and look. Happy Halloween to you Arnett. I've not done that for this ABC news live update I'm Diana state LA BC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context announces. And occasionally an inspiring story. Remember you can see our full coverage of tonight's final presidential debate starting at 8 PM and I we'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown Stacy everybody have a great day.

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{"duration":"18:59","description":"Plus, Pope Francis voices support for same-sex civil unions and a 9-year-old’s mission to ensure kids affected by the California wildfires have a Happy Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73764971","title":"ABC News Live Update: Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend speaks out after officer’s interview","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-breonna-taylors-boyfriend-speaks-73764971"}