ABC News Live Update: Candidates make final push before Election Day

Plus, the Gulf Coast preps for Hurricane Zeta as it races toward the region, and Hawaii eases restrictions for travelers with negative COVID-19 results.
9:21 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Candidates make final push before Election Day
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update just six days to go until Election Day and some 71 million Americans have already voted early. That's more than half of the total vote for four years ago. President trump and former Vice President Biden are making a final push in key battleground states. I did is hoping to turn red states blue visiting Georgia the state not won by Democrats since 1992. These happening here. It across a man. Racist background Democrat Republican you defend. They're coming together and transcend the. And Charlotte's possible. Meanwhile president trump insists that we are rounding the corner on a pandemic despite cases surging across the country its but here's. Call because you get what you did you. They're doing can be counted because they want to scare people. And president trump is responding to a new report about his finances. The New York Times is reporting trump failed to repay some 287. Billion dollars in loans as a businessman the vast majority for skyscraper project in Chicago. The times says trump got a series of loan extensions and sued his bank ultimately ending in a private settlements. President trump treated this morning I was able to make an appropriately great deal with the numerous lenders on a large and very beautiful tower. Does not making its Smart guy rather than a bad guy. New York's attorney general is reportedly investigating whether the moves broke the law. And tens of thousands of people in California have been ordered to evacuate as wildfires threaten homes across the state. The Silverado and blue ridge fires through nearly 30000. Acres combined in just the last two days. They says more than 300000. People are waking up without power after the earliest ice storm ever recorded in Oklahoma. The ice weighed down trees and power lines. It's expected to combine with the remnants of hurricane data and bring heavy rain and even the first snow of the season for parts of the northeast. Meanwhile the Gulf Coast is bracing for hurricane say that a storm is expected to make landfall as a category two hurricane tonight. And is expected to bring a large storm surge with it earlier I spoke with Louisiana lieutenant governor Willi nine guests or for more on how they're preparing. Good morning lieutenant governor thanks for joining us today. Let it be with you thank you. Suzanne is on track to be the fifth named storm to make landfall in Louisiana this year how do you start to recover from these storms. When you keep getting hit by new ones. Well it's difficult and with the grown to nineteen is well and still over 35 murder people still not back home. From the last storm pumped its case where people spin here in Louisiana. But we've been through so many times he just have to deal with it and hold yourself back up and get through it. And we'll we'll get through this we're just like we have. The less costs have given you are still dealing with damage from previous storms and of course were on a pandemic right now. How do you prepare for a storm like this. Well thank god doesn't look like we have to evacuate places like walls were people would still need themselves. Because a Covert ninety we get yours to traditional group shelters we put people in hotels across Louisiana and even in the taxes. So they could be distance and not get spreading the virus so. Thanks very pleased that this storm is not gonna even though it's going to be a category two. With the new flood protection into walls in major cities we're not as he massive evacuation. So we won't have to deal with that problem which would have been really. Talk to do. And move those Elvis song so evident people displaced. I'm glad you got a little little luck there at least as some think you're not too concerned about New Orleans. What areas of the state are you most concerned about. Well there's a two billion dollar improvement federal levees and Clark ms. Barrett. That thing that sticks out at all whether Mississippi runs right up to that Parrish those levees is still under construction. And we have a three to four foot Levy in certain areas in that Paris. And with a suspected 46 votes also heard. All we're hoping if they're over top. We see little goofy he is and down and we don't see massive flooding because a storm was moving so quickly. And then also granted outlook beat Saint Bernard the areas outside the club production. Will see some more as they always do and those people most of those homes elevated and hopefully it won't last long newbie will give back. Home after the areas where evacuation orders are in a fact is it too late at this point. For people to get out and what's your devices anyone who wants to ride out this storm. Well you know we always says you better be prepared as we keep it to you. It used to actually be got medical conditions we always recommend you get out. So if you if you still got a little bit of Osama. After lunch some 121 apartment where the weather rules thought beauty. Bad way you shouldn't get on the road. But if you think about it it's probably a good idea to get out did your thing get to a shelter or stay with friends out of harm's way. My Louisiana lieutenant governor Billy nine guests are we appreciate this your time this morning thank you wishing you and your people there a safe state through the storm. Thank you so much. And there are some trouble in paradise for travelers in Hawaii officials have eased quarantine restrictions for those visitors with negative corona virus test but many of those travelers are arriving with unapproved results. Here's ABC's Caylee hard time with more. It was supposed to be a dream vacation robbing him Alexy and are celebrating their 46 wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Just after the state made a big push to welcome visitors back to its islands. Through generations. In. Earlier this month Hawaii revising its rules allowing visitors and without a mandatory fourteen day quarantine. As long as they had a recent negative Kobe test from a list of approved testing sites but when he Alexander's landed on Friday. After taking three flights they weren't about to cater without quarantining. They're negative tests were recognized by the state. After getting tested and on improved clinic. Frustrated and disappointed he returned home. Don't assume anything. Double check triple check make sure that you are doing it exactly the way eighties state of the country is asking when you go there and it's very expensive lesson to learn. Eliza Macaulay took it approves tax before heading to valley for a seven day trip but he never received his results he's been stuck in his hotel the whole time. This world. And for folks like me. Hawaiian authorities say since the pre travel testing program began two weeks ago. Nearly 90%. Of visitors have arrived without trouble. Including me. I got tested at this CVS one of the seats nationwide options officials urge all travelers to check Hawaii's website for travel guidelines and seeing more help in testing in coordination is needed them. And Diane in the coming weeks Hawaiian officials tell us they planned to add more testing partners to that trusted list. And some airlines like Hawaiian Airlines the even offering to facilitate test for their customers on the same day as their flight for cost either way. Planning is the keyed a pulling off that trip to Hawaii Diane. Gerry and Kate a hard time thanks for that. And now for your latest in science and technology headlines let's go to Monaco's are Abdi. Since its advice is CEOs of FaceBook Twitter and -- Wheeler testifying today. About proposed changes of a liability protections for tech companies Mark Zuckerberg will call on senators to update the law. The CEOs of Twitter and Google will cautioned lawmakers that a rule change. And her free speech. Jon Stewart is returning to the spotlight the former host of The Daily Show is getting a new series on apple TV plus the show will focus on the national conversation. And she resigned because he worked. Finally Harley's new electric bike. Bicycle that is. It's called a serial one and Harley says it will go on sale next march serial one as a reference to the nickname. The company's first motorcycle built in 1903. The company has not released the bikes price yet those are your tax bite stay and help other jacket still appropriate them back to you. I get to decide Carmona thanks. And that doesn't fit its ABC news live update I'm Diana date a thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see back here at 3 PM eastern with Kramer and for the breakdown. Facing.

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{"duration":"9:21","description":"Plus, the Gulf Coast preps for Hurricane Zeta as it races toward the region, and Hawaii eases restrictions for travelers with negative COVID-19 results.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73884673","title":"ABC News Live Update: Candidates make final push before Election Day","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-candidates-make-final-push-73884673"}