ABC News Live Update: CDC advisory panel to recommend who gets vaccine

Plus, President Donald Trump continues to attack Republicans as states certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election win, and the GivingTuesday CEO on why giving this year is more important than ever.
16:55 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC advisory panel to recommend who gets vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming. In today's update is CDC panel is set to meet today to discuss cool news the first to get a cup in nineteen backseat. Advisor is preparing to rush out its first shot his hospitalizations. Near 100000. Across the country. And as New York governor Andrew Cuomo all issues a new warning. Also ahead. Trump is blasting the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia for not helping him. Overturn the election results in their states yeah. All six states the president contested have not certified Joseph Biden as the winner and you hear why some say the president's baseless conspiracy theories about fraud. Could cost his party control in the senate. And the light saving rescue at sea a man was found clinging to his capsized boat nearly a hundred miles off the coast of Florida. And what he's saying now about the moment he knew help was on the way. With only enough medicine for about twenty million people expected by the end of this year. Authorities are having to prioritize. Already health officials have said that seniors with underlying health conditions. And doctors who treat Covert patient should be put. At the front of the line will ultimately be up to state and local officials to choose where the doses go first earlier this morning George spoke to former CDC director Tom Frieden about how they will choose. Who gets the first doses take. Since side. This prior organization process citing who's gonna get the vaccine and win. You've got about twenty million doses but you have 87 million essential workers 53 million over the age of 65 millions more with chronic conditions how do you decide to. Fundamentally you look at three things George one is how much good you gonna do how many lives you miss a second it is. What's fair what's the fair way to do it and the third is how can we do this is openly transparently so that there are no back room deals it's clear what's happening. But in the meanwhile drugmaker Pfizer is moving supplemental shipments from production in Belgium. To this storage facility in Kalamazoo Michigan. So that the minute the FDA says it's okay for emergency use. Those first shots will be ready to rush across the country for millions are safe and effective vaccine can't come soon enough there are nearly a 100000 Americans currently hospitalized with cope at 99 new record. And the infection rates doubled from October to November. Whatever is decided here today is again just a recommendation it is up to state and local officials to. Decide whether to follow these recommendations and exactly where these doses should be headed to die and. Tarantino's since I'm in Atlanta Forrest thanks Steve. And it's cases surge here in the US the World Health Organization reports global cases of the buyers are down for the first time since September cash at declined comes after several countries includes new restrictions from her accused. To lock downs particularly in Europe Maggie rulings in London with more Maggie good morning. They then yeah looks like finally we may have a little bit of good news is Susan those strict lock downs have been seeing across Europe are working today is our last day of the month long locked out we've had here in England and the late summer show. 30% decrease in the number of cases to and this is exactly the way that we want to see those numbers going especially as we head into the holidays but a push McChrystal warned that we are nowhere near being out of the woods yet and and that's what really trying to kind of locked down slowly so there are still going to be various restrictions in place across England across the UK here in Linden households will still not to be able to socialize or mixed indoors and now the idea behind all of these continued restrictions. It's Christmas and the hope that it fully cracked down now fast in early that the movie we'll get some relief for the holidays and a de and the other big release everyone is looking towards is that vaccine also like the may have a bit of good news there because the UK have now just steps away from actually do you think people of vaccine. Right now officials are in an emergency approval process and they're reviewing the data so while it's impossible to know exactly how long that whole process is going to take what we do know is that there is a massive effort under way right now to prepare for its rollout of losing vaccination centers that are being set up a volunteers are being trained to administer the vaccine. Everything is being put into motion so that this second approval is granted the whole country. Going to be ready to go. Then turn right Maggie really good to see things shifting in the right direction their tanks nanny and president elect Joseph Biden continues to move or with the transition announcing she staffing picks and receiving his first presidential daily briefing should. This is president trumps attempts to overturn election results have failed in every state G and his campaign have contested. And is continuing effort to rail against the State's results and attacking Republican officials. I'm not caused concern in his own party that these false claims could hurt Republicans. Especially ahead of next month's senate runoff in Georgia ABC's Mary Bruce has more on that. As state after state certified Joseph Biden's victory president trump is now turning on his fellow Republicans furious they won't overturn the will of voters overnight trump taking aim at Arizona's governor Doug do you -- for signing off on the results in his state a win for Biden and democratic senator elect mark Kelly the president tweeting why is he rushing to put a Democrat in office especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed but there was no fraud and Trump's team has put forth zero evidence doozy defending the integrity of the vote in his state writing I've been pretty outspoken about Arizona's election system and bragged about it quite a bit. Including in the Oval Office in Georgia where Biden's victory was finalized over a week ago trump is still attacking Republican officials as a state gears up for two runoff races that will determine control of the senate is now growing concern among Republicans that drugs baseless unproven conspiracy theories. Could cost them votes the chair of the RNC wrote remic Daniel asked by one Republican voter why they should even bothered to vote. If the president says the whole system is rigged. Hemmer. Couldn't arm. It's not just I get this is key you yeah yeah it's not decided to. Republican officials in Georgia are still counting on the president dealt drive turnout in these special senate runoff races drug is expected to rally his supporters there this weekend while Joseph Biden he's still forging ahead today officially unveiling in person his history making economic team this is all part of Biden's attempt to make good on his promise to diversify the White House got income inequality. And help working families Diane. Right Mary Bruce in Washington Forrest thanks Mary. A major storm system is moving to the East Coast bringing heavy rain snow and dangerously high winds should ginger zee is tracking it all course in hundred sounds like the winds were particularly bad and Florida. Diane it is almost twenty degrees or warmer here in New York than it is along the Gulf Coast that's how big and widespread the front has spent and what it did well it caused tornado damage in a couple places I want to show you EF one tornado this is north of Tallahassee Florida 105 mile per hour winds that happened early Monday said they were able to get out and get the survey done in Pennsylvania north of Philadelphia this damage is from a likely tornado but they have to do the survey yet North Wales showing us what the winds did and then in Plymouth Massachusetts it was not tornadic. But a gust of 89 miles per hour really tough to fight to an and the flash flooding we have wind gusts even Long Island at sixty to almost semi miles per hour. Behind the storm what happens is that rotates clockwise that grabs cold air and it still has moisture with it so it drops it a couple of inches already flying near Cleveland Ohio making for very difficult commute and December 1 look at a lot like December 1 even in Atlanta Georgia where they may even have some slick spots and some of the higher elevations this morning WSB he's been covering that. Our sister station down there but wanted to show you what you end up with because this is gonna snow through the day today in Western Pennsylvania and western New -- at Jamestown, New York Erie Pennsylvania then at twelve plus some places locally could see at eighteen inches and look how deep these colors go oh my goodness the deep blue with that San Antonio a Rock Springs Texas all find themselves in deep freeze warnings over two northwest Florida even and then a you know you're not gonna get away with that if you're in the midwest or Great Lakes or certainly the northeast here even though we are 20 degrees warmer this morning. We won't be by tomorrow Diane. I'm right will enjoy that warm weather while we haven't ginger hoping everyone. And those Wednesday's shades. And hopefully between Friday's small business Saturday and Cyber Monday it does a great shopping deals this season actually today is giving Tuesday a day and we can pay it. Swordfish it's a generosity movement that has people around the world helping one another since 20:12. And this morning I'm joined by actually current CEO of giving Tuesday to discuss the importance of giving. Now more than ever show welcome it's so great to have you here. Let me things during this how. Giving Tuesday star and why is generosity so needed right now. Did you I didn't. And pretty simple and you. It could EG. And get a meaning. Nine years later it is global you're on movement with this news in the day celebration. Entity in. Trees and on the all over the world. I think is always important and and always shall we be you know her everywhere and it is as important right now. And it's inspiring. And they're ink and you are aware that the responsibility tune your meet each year since organizations to Macau or their neighbors and he's not writing the beginning and it wasn't even eased late. Started out. Steel there's. Something really sting in an Eagles field. And doing or theirs and solidarity. It's it's a it's a weighted people are already. And uncertainty. So. He brings. Something good means that the equation. Those who are struggling are themselves. Still won again they still want to do their part to help. We are. Just a niece seen no matter how people are struggling and he steals and not always mean the money to. She's not only. Giving in what we're weighing is what are the race feels great and so there are so many ways. She would be generous. She still are aiming. In his just reading a story leaders in Malaysia a local artist groups is. Randomly putting his own teens around the city. In where I'm gets so are leading us. Unity in their generosity. And something as simple as you were in beaver you know bringing some aren't ringing some company somebody who's basically it. Was in the world all is. Well. And then what can we all do to help not only today forgiving Tuesday but as you say I really just about this one day so harsh in general what are some out of the box ways people can help that might not so obvious that she. One of them adjusting things and since the end and it is be how are. Mutually works. Which are designed in whatever action and there isn't it exists. Idea star. And you know is utilized existing. Forms to enable people were in the eat. Two or what so Britain. Your burdensome bore me an inch or need assistance because there's certain this sentence I'm. We'll be able assistance. He will need and child care and some new. Ways and hearts and exit neat and it is one wonders what eight. Seeing. Communities it's little screens in her immunity so CE socially distance waste you know and she was. You know little hand. Hanks you know first responders and essential workers. All don't all new and it really meaning. Donna shares satellite data and you call that a mutual aid society on Google and where they're at her they're easily double and buried in all areas. This since it. Meets Harry is an immediate eats. You don't forget about. The organizations that are. Organizations. Or organizations that are ringing. You know beauty and art music. And apps eagerly siren. So many ways to give even if you can't write a big fat check are current it's so great to have you thanks for those ideas we appreciate it we appreciate your work. And a few more things to know before you go we have a new twist in the case. So the mystery model and you might remember this metal pillar just appeared in the new Todd desert and then a few days later it vanished. Well now a Denver man Michael Palin's who went to visit the structure says he saw a group of men take it down and even snapped a few quick photos. But wait there's more now is similar structure has been found thousands of miles away in Romania. So far no one has claimed responsibility. For. Monolith. And a missing voter has been found after being stranded at sea for nearly two days and 63 year old Stuart B had been missing since Friday. He was found 86 miles off the Florida coast clinging to the very tip of his capsized boat. He says the boat had suffered a mechanical issue which is trying to fix eventually fell asleep and woke up two rushing water. Hurt has been working on the tensions are really tore through spirit and little hard rock you know it would not help her wish. We're here in order prohibits American forces be up for your program at Harvard nerves that doesn't it. Gender stereotypes are armed and can't get told. Her in the district and I don't have my god regarding couldn't it would it would clear rubber again. Begin wave hitting your what are underweight. Occurred periodically. Luckily the crew and I container ship spotted green but he still had to cling to his boat for hours before they got to him is that but not incredible. Nobody is still on board that container ship that bound in various swimming to the life preserver that talks to him that ship is now headed toward the next port of call in Delaware. The rescue team says they expect him to be just fine. And and a former start player in the US women's soccer team has dropped your cleats first drugs to help fight in front of iris. Rachel Wheeler van Holland back is now a doctor at Scripps mercy hospital in California. Her teammates say the Olympic gold medalist is always looking out for others even carrying around a backpack filled with what ifs in case someone got hurt. She was always ready to step in and help people in need and now she is doing that. And her biggest plane ever. And that doesn't finish ABC news' live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us you. ABC has I was here for you all day with the latest news context and announcements we'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern. We'll get latest update. Stacy.

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{"duration":"16:55","description":"Plus, President Donald Trump continues to attack Republicans as states certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election win, and the GivingTuesday CEO on why giving this year is more important than ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74483130","title":"ABC News Live Update: CDC advisory panel to recommend who gets vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-cdc-advisory-panel-recommend-74483130"}