ABC News Live Update: CDC board says they need more information regarding J&J vaccine

Plus, former police officer Kim Potter has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting of Daunte Wright and the defense is set to rest in the case of Derek Chauvin.
31:05 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC board says they need more information regarding J&J vaccine
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update the Biden administration is defending the cause of the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines. CDC officials held an emergency meeting ultimately calling for more information on rare blood clotting cases. We have the latest on what this could mean for your vaccine appointment. And former police officer came potter is charged with second degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Dante right. Potter allegedly confused her gone for her taser in the shooting she was released on bond overnight as tensions broke in suburban Minneapolis. And that miracle on the mountain hikers stranded for nearly 24 hours manages to send one final photo asking for help. I was stranger and social media helped bring him home. We begin with the latest vaccine set back the CDC advisory board says it needs more information before offering an opinion on the Johnson Johnson vaccine. The vaccine was Pozen a US after six recipients reported rare blood clots. Nearly seven million Americans receive that single dose vaccine so far with Johnson's outside a vaccination mega site in New York with more. This morning views of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine remains at a standstill. A CDC advisory panel looking into those rare cases a blood clots deciding to hold off on making a decision about using the vaccine until they have more information. Several doctors on the panel saying they were not comfortable lifting the pause just yet. I'm definitely in favor of a pause because the truth in it and this condition media revealed about it we've had so many more doses administered. By having our little more robust information. I think we can be much or how important how they talk about. I'm has been paid if you live vaccine. The administration insisting they were right to pause the vaccine while they investigate. I wanna share what you my confidence in the system that we had a please. Links CDC and FDA were able to identify these are an act. He titular Kara writers and the. What the holdup is having a huge impact on these 7000 locations where Jane. Those waiting in line to be vaccinated now scrambling to find available shots from Pfizer and Mick Durham. I get why there don't it out of the abundance of caution. But that is. This statistics were so low for someone like myself to get you know the blood clotting they were talking about and all that I was willing to take the risk anyway. This ABC panels expected to meet again in the next week to ten days to review the data and then vote on a recommendation. In the meantime the by the administration says there is more than enough supply of the fight Israel and majora vaccines to continue. And even accelerate the current pace of vaccinations. Diane. Packed with Johnson banks. And former Minnesota officer Kim potter is out on bond after being charged with second degree manslaughter. Potter fatally shot twenty year old Dante right allegedly confusing her gun for her taser. The charges come as demonstrators gathered for a fourth consecutive night in Brooklyn center Minnesota. Stephanie Ramos has that story. For the fourth night in a row a large group of demonstrators gathered to protest the killing of twenty year old Dante. This morning former Brooklyn center police officer Kim potter is out around bail potter a 26 year veteran officer quickly charged with second degree manslaughter according to the criminal complaint. Potter and yelled pays your. But discharge turn nine millimeter Glock handgun instead striking right let's sign. Investigators say the mistake was avoidable the criminal complaint states potters taser was on the left side of her duty belt and described it as jello with the black grant. The taser visible in this photo. SF mayor what do we expect to see. From Kim potters court appearance this afternoon. Well Diane it'll be interesting to see at what exactly happens during the court appearance because Kim potter has already posted bail yesterday she was taken into custody and hours later she was released on bond that bond set at a 100000 dollars. Seoul what do we don't we just in to see how that all plays out but despite. That charge against her as you saw in the peace protesters still took to the streets in Brooklyn center. Pros at protesting over the killing of Donte' right and of course we Burke from. Donte' rights of families through their attorney saying that they were hoping for a more serious charge now Tim potter. Is facing a second degree manslaughter charge she could face up to ten years in prison. Plus a 20000. Dollar fine. But I'm here at Minnesota according to sentencing guidelines she went. Be more likely to face four to five years and of course if that case of her case goes to a jury she could also be acquitted Diane. All right Stephanie Ramos in Minneapolis Minnesota thank you. And the defense is expected to rest its case in the trial of Derek Shelvin today after one of his most important witnesses took the stand yesterday. A former medical examiner testified that a combination of underlying health issues drug's and exposure to carbon monoxide because George Floyd's death. ABC's Alex Perez has more from Minneapolis. Derek show his defense calling a forensic pathologist a doctor David Fowler saying that George Floyd's death officially classified as homicide. Was actually undetermined. Citing a series of potential causes including heart disease and drug use. How did he heart and hearts and drugs contribute to the cost. There was significant. The defense then suggesting that Floyd inhaled carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the squad car. It is. An explosion Tuesday vehicle exhausts. So can she call monoxide poisoning and cross examination the prosecutor is pushing back you're. You haven't seen it eight. We're test results. This showed mr. Floyd had any single injury from carbon monoxide is that true. This created because it was new decisions I'm for a candidate what is actually was true sir yes it is true. And asking the expert about what the officers should have done when Floyd became non responsive. Do you feel that this employees shouldn't give. You needed emergency attention to try to reverse the cardiac arrest. As a position I would agree. Are you critical fact that he wasn't given. Immediate emergency care when he went into cardiac arrest. Yet as a position I would agree. An ounce Phares joins me live outside the courthouse in Minneapolis for more on this salads the defense may rest its case today what do we expect. To hear from them out what might be their last day of presenting. Yet Diane we expect they're gonna call one other witness to testify today it's unclear to us who exactly that with this is but at this point there's no reason to believe that that would be. Derek children who takes the stand after that we expect the prosecution to call a rebuttal witness another medical expert that they're gonna call back. For the jury to hear and then. That part of this case is over the judge has already said that the case would. Go to closing arguments on Monday and that deliberations that begin after that Diane. Right Alex Perez live course outside the courthouse Minneapolis thanks Alex. Let's bring in trial attorney Bernard of the alone up for more analysis on this bird artist thanks for being here doctor Fowler yesterday. Contradicted testimony from experts that were called by the prosecution. Particularly doctor Marten Tobin. Hattie says George Floyd's death was caused primarily by his underlying health conditions. And that he had a sudden cardiac event on May 25 what does it do for reasonable doubt in this case. So we install what the the band it's what we expect that the from that that bad Robert B the defense wasn't at all the doubled gonna agree the findings from the to. So now the jury it's going to have to determine which experts who actually leak. Because you have conflict it caught that bad in this eight manner. So the jury is going happen they term it. Which of the experts today find credible which of expert debate by unbelievable and don't want they determine that. Then they can determine whether what they that they actually acts that as the batter. And look Wallace that. Because if you don't determined at the manner that with a homicide and at. Our group that what they are bruised all but that financial and direct ought. About actually the beverage Schaub and you can not fein Derrick solving guilty of any of these chart. The Gerri have a big job to do but they think embedded dime. The prosecution that's group and a case beyond a reasonable doubt and I do not like the band its focus on the video. Now for how are also brought in a new possible. Factor and George Floyd's debt that we hadn't heard before the exhaust pipe. From the police cruiser why isn't defense presenting this possibility given it was Derek showman who put Floyd near that exhaust pipe. Think what Eric Nelson knowing that the defense attorney for Derrick sharp and he has tried to play a little heat out. And remember when he wrecked indeed little doubt he doesn't have to role it so he doesn't know which one of Dole's seat. All going to. Get a jury could be taught. On that eat and be like I cannot reach a determination a verdict bits. And doubt wondered what every week. Com by the bank because they and mad doctor he actually say. You can even record a carbon monoxide there was no cart him or not I keep arm. The body of George Hoyt and did this in Tibet that vehicle there's no proof federal turned dark and Beckett Olympic gas electric the call. Is the hope there on behalf of the defense that if they just throw one more thing into the mix the jury or at least one juror might say. There's so many possibilities here we don't really know how George Floyd dud. You gotta think what the defendant a whispered bandit is one Betty gets acquitted or second there is a miss rob but bad that the UK. Disappears because it gives the prosecution an opportunity to present the case again and cried out by different jury. So what ever and they can do he adds why job Eric Mel and that is to crime from speed come out. In front of these jurists and it all takes its one juror. That has some current speed about doubles so well because after the unanimous verdict and that 41. Now prosecutor Jerry Blackwell was able to poke some holes in Fowler's testimony on cross examination. There is a really big moment where he got speller to criticize officers for not administering CPR this scene. Seeing how bright it could have saved Floyd's life how damaging is that for the defense. That was huge because he is no way an opinion that miserable. She know what answer would be because there's no way he's been dish it. What has the eye and back up her and let's at a police officer wouldn't be required to give medical and and Lee Knoll from all of the Betty olds that Derrick sharp and didn't abide metabolic thanks it's enjoy exploit. Bad right here gold necklace. That bright able man and his second degree still balance a huge right. For the prosecution. In this case and to defend why credibility based. Formed. So the defense may actually wrap up their case today we're gonna hear a rebuttal witness from the prosecution as well before they go to closing arguments. As Alex said so what are you watching out for as this trial starts to near its end. So reality Diane right now because the prosecution has already called 38 witnessed it and they'd breast the decay. Based on bear has the morning built 38 witnesses believe that evidence that stole strong bet it does show look sobbing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense they tried to calm outs when he. But they came op lot. The witness then back they call weren't able to him eat gold. Oh did so with act is that we're all bride the prosecution. I expect today that the defense want to call one more metaphor art. And I believe that activate its gonna be the Oxford College so again ruled this witness had been every witness that the defect that's called. Ahab like George Lloyd on trial at the polls to every shop they have like George Boyd that the odd but that's what the drug. Still as a result the back for their last witness is going to be at the colleges to bits are meant what words different types of drugs that we're back of the by the outsourced what. Because that is the narrative and that is the focus they're. That joy exploit that as a result. And be on the bit went. I Bernard heavy a lot of great to have your announces Bernardo thank you. You battening and we're gonna see you in just a little bit for ABC news lives continuing coverage of the trial of terror children. Meanwhile US secretary of state and see blink in is in Afghanistan this morning the unannounced visit is aimed at selling Afghan leaders and the public. On president Biden's plan to remove all American troops from the country by September 11. Earlier on Good Morning America George Stephanopoulos spoke with chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega and our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz about that announcement. President Biden and wanted to get out of Afghanistan for at least ten years but he and his team also know that this move comes with significant risk. Significant risk Georgian these risks are being laid out even by members of his own administration the Intel community is out with a new report right now. That basically says the Afghan government will struggle to hold the Taliban at bay if troops. Are withdrawn and the CIA director testified on Capitol Hill potentially saying that well al-Qaeda doesn't have the ability to capacity attack then attack the US homeland. That troops and pulling troops back from the country could lead to a resurgence. Of terrorism in the region of course we've been talking about this push back there from Republicans particularly on Capitol Hill. Who say that this could potentially erase decades of gains in the region. The White House says that the president asked for a non sugar coated assessment of the situation on the ground and that is how he came to this decision. He said yesterday in that speech there. Right there at the White House that the risks in Afghanistan are not what they were twenty years ago that the US accomplish what it set out to do there which was to take down. Bin Laden and two ebb and basically stop the country from being a safe haven for terrorists. But his big point George he's that he did not want to have another American president have to keep troops on the ground there in Afghanistan. And Martha one of the big questions on the table if that thread does develop again from the Taliban how does the president responds. Well a well right now the Taliban holds about half of Afghanistan George they're currently negotiating a peace agreement with the Afghan government. But saying there is mistrust of the Taliban is an understatement. Numerous retired generals are weighing in the big gains that have been made could be lost. The president Biden made clear his concern is the threat to the homeland. And believes that threat is very low but you heard what Cecilia said about intelligence gathering and those concerns are real if you don't have troops on the ground it limits our ability to gather intelligence. The best example of that is a rock in 2011 President Obama pulled out all the US troops. And a little more than two years later I cyst began taking over the country and American forces were sent back to Iraq. And of course church when you think about Afghanistan these past few years you think of the opportunities that women and girls were afforded when the Taliban was forced out of power. Their fears back to will be in jeopardy even though president Biden says the US will stay involved there. Just not militarily apparently no matter what happens. Is there are thanks to George Cecilia and Martha for that report. An urgent search is underway in the Gulf of Mexico after commercial boat capsized during a storm. A dozen people are still missing Alan Lopez is in Louisiana with more. All we're nine to the Coast Guard releasing this video showing would rescuers were up against seen from above a massive waste of up to nine feet. None of it deterring their mission the desperate search to find twelve crew members you have to be home. I'm in search and rescue. Rescue crews already scouring an area larger than this Siegel Rhode Island. After a vessel with nineteen people on board Katz signs off the coast of Louisiana on Tuesday. The Coast Guard and good samaritans were pulling six people to safety that night and finding another who did not survive we have. Aren't you guys. It's certainly one where oh where they are. Two of the miss seeing it Jake Mubarak in Dillon das pit. Both fathers and best friends working side by side on an off for a decade. Not in. Eck. When it not been out there. And the Coast Guard telling me just moments ago that divers will begin operations today is the weather permits and Diane. We are expecting another round of storms headed this way Diane. I alma Lopez Louisiana Stacy fell and banks. And a white army officers facing criminal charges after being caught on video shoving a black man walking in his neighborhood. Hear from the woman will fill the incident on why should they don't want him to become another hash tag. When we come back. Welcome back a white army officer is charged with assault and battery this morning after being caught on camera shoving a young black man walking in a South Carolina suburb. The video also shows a soldier telling the man you're in the wrong neighborhood TJ Holmes has more. Hours of peaceful protests outside the home of Jonathan Kaplan turned destructive overnight. Members of the Columbia, South Carolina community outraged over this caught on camera incident are literally walk away. That led to the arrest of petulant and active duty soldier you're wrong. The incident happened Monday. Pittman is the man you see on the right in red. The 42 year old is stationed at nearby Fort Jackson won't hurt you when you're gonna do in the now viral video over two minutes Hitler is seen by arranging the man for walking in the neighborhood you can walk away are home to carry. And you. It's that when you want to do he demands to know where the young man lives. We're. We're sure and after repeated threats gets physical and. You're walking away so you thought the water. You talk a new models walk around. Hedlund this morning is charged with assault and third degree battery and if convicted could face a 500 dollar fine and thirty days in jail. Witnesses say police initially said they can only charge Finland with the destruction of property after swatting away the young man's cell foam but the sheriff says he acted quickly after seeing the video which has now attracted millions of views. Online and on how those responsible for those accountable. We're not know where they do good be voted in our community. And if you are then you're gonna answer for and that's what we've done in this case. Shot a McCallum as a neighbor of penguins who recorded that video something just reached. It switch instantly and he appeared aggressive and I knew it something more you know she was either Kennedy injured or he just wasn't gonna make a situation. You do hear the alleged victim repeatedly attempted to the escalate. Although home. Well they're coming empire blue you know let me isn't yeah. I just want him to be in an ascent a we now have their votes for terrorists that's a little time. And I and the sheriff who did not name the victim the young man in this case who he says absolutely is the victim in this case but. The same time he did acknowledge there were previous incidents in that neighborhood in recent days at least two involving. This young man he wouldn't go into details only saying that what ever occurred in those incidents. Did not justify what we see in that video that it. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that. And that's a star called an under what is receiving an outpouring of support after revealing he's gay in yesterday's sit down interview with our Robin Roberts. Many people are now posting on social media praising called in for talking about how his faith. Intersects with his sexuality and you robot has more. This morning an outpouring of well wishes for former bachelor Colton Underwood after telling our Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview like. Like that he is ready to lose his troops proven her second through the joy. I would clearly I mean I'm emotional but I emotionally such a good happy hasn't away. Unlike happiness and how serious have ever been in my life and that means the world to me. 29 year old Underwood now publicly out for the first time in his life revealing exclusively to ABC news' he's been overwhelmed by the response he's gotten saying. The support and messages from everyone in my life my old teammates my friends family coaches and even my pastor have meant the world to me. I was I was living for somebody else I was living from expectations of the public and now I need to be mean and know that I'm happy Underwood announcement rippling through is bachelor nation and the executive producers of the show franchise telling ABC news. We are so inspired by couldn under woods courage to embrace and pursue his authentic self. As firm believers in the power of love. We celebrate Colmes journey in the LG BT QIA plus community. Every step of the way support also coming from some of the women who previously competed for Coleman's life like Demi Burnett who has since come out as bisexual. He says he and Mary I every girl's Jane guy and so. Whenever you have that pressure on me and half than me I'm going on in your heart meaner. I am still proud to see how the courage to beat because it's not eat the. And hero but thanks for that and joining us for more on the impact of Coleman's announcement let's go to ABC news contributor LC granderson good morning LG. You know lots of people are already made famous and not famous so why schools in coming out and talking about how his faith. And his sexuality relate to each other why did that so impractical. Is entitled forward for a lot of reasons first and foremost is that he reminds people regular sexual orientation has nothing to do with your very. Also walked in the conversation. In this space are better which BTQ community surrenders. Faith. Harm to our position we surrendering because we've been told repeatedly that our lives the way that we are very existence is a sense. And we don't feel comfortable in both spaces generally speaking. But there hasn't been any change in this tied. More people who are Christian or Muslim or any other phase. RN brings you all asked. Aspects of themselves and not surrendering any danger opposition to some because they've been bullied so what's important records and embraced that I actually brought home. A lot of combat troops connection to him because of bad because I'd assume a man of faith argument Christian I'm very bold about it. But I'm also very calm the woman told about who I am now a holistic greens and must sexual orientation so anytime whether their opinions person. Or later read related person anytime there's an opportunity to do stuff up and embrace or hold so. And sort of fight against bolstered ties to the plus side desperately want. And bachelor nation is a well established community of fans at this point but rather on the world so. What does this mean for them and a franchise itself. You know that's a fascinating question I know McKinsey has reported. Several. Executives were there bachelor franchise are considering. Join AJ version of it we already saw embers inevitably was born means born or something like that. Like 1015 years ago so we see you know iterations are you dating sort of reality TV show. Hong preaching only teach you people believe that being said armed to have. Then even in discussions are bringing an end to a network perhaps at the BBC or who knows we remain Netflix because we do know that he's also shooting a documentary were darkened series. On his part entire criminal process. Just being able to so. There was BTQ people. Living their lives not in search of anything special just some sort of something people like flag flew over their lives I think is a plus side. But there's also the challenges all coltart. Because he's going to be now tell what every leader. Our back always seems to happen when it comes to our someone whose notes. Our microphones yourself in their places organizations started giving them awards and they're suppose not be as great spokesperson I really hope it doesn't happen to him. Because it's important that he finds a who he is first. Before he starts speaking about who we all are all what we all want some really hope that we're patient. And allow him to go through this process and tried to determine exactly who he is what he likes what he doesn't Mike. And what you want to speak about as opposed to assume he's just because Lebanon tomorrow automatically knock at the spokesperson. Good advice for him and for all of us LC thanks so much. It's Brandon our pleasure. And a stranded hiker is now rescued thanks to some quick thinking and social media how the final message he sent that is dying following saved his life. And why one of his first calls was to his work. That's coming up we come back. Welcome back we have a big announcement this morning Kimberly Godwin has been named the next president of ABC news. Scotland spent more than a decade at CBS most recently as the executive vice president of news. She started her career in local news eventually running newsrooms from Dallas to Philadelphia. Peter rice the chairman of Disney general entertainment content says Godwin. Has quote distinguished herself as a fierce advocate for excellence collaboration inclusion and the vital role of accurate and transparent news reporting. Godwin is now the first black woman to lead a broadcast network news division she says she's honored to take on the role and is quote excited for what we will achieve. Together we are keep us here. At a loss hiker is now rescued after being strand of the top of the mountain for 24 hours. He managed to send one photo for help just before his phone battery died. And thanks to the kindness of strangers and social media that one photo was enough here's we'll read. This is the moment a hiker is lifted to safety nearly 24 hours after getting lost. And it's all thanks to this photo and the power of social media or zero program. Circles and amounts. Rene come. Ayers and mountain lions wandering nearby Charlotte. And we don't come words yours does not stay and some sharp rocks next meet. Worms. Are being caged and to do anything. Come. SOS my phone is going to die I'm lost two to three miles away in the canyon east of Bok corn I think. There are gimmicks bars might trigger picture announced important. Am a man and I. Police releasing the photo on social media we're luckily an avid hiker recognized Iraqi location. I started going to causes of looking at a photo where it was and I sit I think I know what this guy and sound and locations and Hughes is dressed guys. With the help of that tip a helicopter making its way to the 45 year old rescuing him the man thankful for all who played a part in his rescue. Amazing well thanks for that report. And the defense is expected to rest its case today in the dared show Vince route Alex for Shays in Minneapolis with more on what we can expect. As a trial nears its close hi Alex. K Diane this Thursday in a trial at their children were expecting the defense to call their final witness and keep in mind is actually could be the last day of testimony before Monday's closing arguments something else that we're expecting. His sport this state to call rebuttal witness following yesterday's testimony from former Maryland chief medical examiner doctor David Ballard doctor Fowler. Perhaps the most effective witness for the defense thus far directly contradicting state medical experts. He testified he believes voids heart problems and drug use were significant and contributed to avoid having a sudden cardiac arrests. Also something curious he brought up. Carbon monoxide as a contributing factor in points death. Suggesting deployed restrain near the squad car's exhaust pipe may have played a role and classified the manner of death as undetermined due to lots of conflicting potential causes. A prosecutor Jerry Blackwell notably debt Ballard to acknowledge the wool low oxygen played in -- death that he was not exhibiting signs of Spiegel published beetle fentanyl overdose. And he got ballot to criticize officers. For not providing immediate medical care for voice. Also happening today former Brooklyn center officer Tim potter accused of killing don't they write is scheduled to make her first court appearance this afternoon. Diane. Have they Minneapolis Alex thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda we will have live coverage that their show been trial and testimony resumes. And just a little while we'll see them stay safe.

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{"duration":"31:05","description":"Plus, former police officer Kim Potter has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting of Daunte Wright and the defense is set to rest in the case of Derek Chauvin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77096254","title":"ABC News Live Update: CDC board says they need more information regarding J&J vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-cdc-board-information-jj-77096254"}