ABC News Live Update: CDC to meet after Pfizer vaccine authorized for ages 12-15

Plus, violence escalates in Israel, and NBC will not air the Golden Globes next year amid diversity backlash.
24:04 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC to meet after Pfizer vaccine authorized for ages 12-15
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for straightening wins us in today's update multiple states are reporting gas shortages after a cyber attack on a critical pipeline. The colonial pipeline which runs from Houston to New Jersey delivers about 45%. Of the southeast gasoline supply. The governor of north Carolina's declaring a state of emergency as gas bombs are running dry. From the White House says it's now monitoring supply shortages in parts of the southeast. And evaluating every action the administration contained to mitigate the impact as much as possible. The outage is also having an impact on air travel forced into long haul American Airlines flights to at a refueling stops. The FBI says in Russia faced criminal hacking ranged as high and that cyber attacks. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ordering the military to intensify its attacks on targets in Gaza as the conflict escalates. Israel. Launched new airstrikes on Gaza militants overnight after a rocket attacks in a series of clashes between Palestinians and police. Palestinian officials say at least 26 Palestinians including nine children were killed in Gaza. And Israeli officials say at least two Israeli civilians have been killed after militants fired more than 200 rockets from Gaza. The FDA has authorized the five as an act. Scene for twelve to fifteen year olds a CDC advisory committee will meet tomorrow to discuss the FDA's authorization. And it is BC DC director signs off. The first shots could be administered as soon as Thursday. Position at Stanford children's health doctor look Patel is here. To help us break it all then the down doctor Mattel thanks for being here you mortgage Children's Hospital so what's your reaction to this news. On the anniversary action and this is a great step forward in terms of signs and make sure that as many people out there can be as protected not only for themselves. But also for everyone around them from a vaccine. I think it's a little bit of a misnomer out there when you hear people constantly saying well you know children themselves not disagree on his younger hospitalized number one we know they can he get a lesser rate than adults are older people but also it's important to remember that children can absolutely harbor and transmit the virus so this is really important step forward in preventing future outbreaks in getting. Those young teens back. Back to the lies they nests. Now according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll roughly 40%. Of parents who answered with kids twelve to fifteen say that they will backs -- them home. Only if the schools requiring or even then it not at all so what happens if 40% of kids in his age group. Don't get vaccinated. Gutter you give me an early morning anxiety ahead but I think that's a realistic number that we need to talk about here now I want faith. In in teens and parents. When it comes to making the right decisions and how does open dialogues and we need to remember that vaccine hesitant. Does not necessarily mean anti vaccine we disclosed that dialogue that seem hesitant means people are asked questions. They want to communicate with someone whom they trust so I hope that. After the advisory committee on it is practices. Approves a vaccine that is distributed not only to Walgreens CVS but also the primary care providers to community health centers to pediatricians are these conversations can happen and we can hopefully get more kids their shots. So we say these parents who are hesitant about potential long term effects on kids given how new this vaccine is. Well. Personally say that we understand why they have these concerns me think about the rhetoric gets him thrown around for the past year we understand we hear their concerns we want to have a dialogue with them but actually trust the fact. That this vaccine right now is one of the most studied and looked acts. Biologic drug or vaccine in the class in his surety. There is so many eyes right now under development here there's such an unprecedented. Collaboration globally. From scientists public health researchers that we know what Siemens working in the real world we'd administered millions of shots and thus far since December with no seriously recorded. You know at her side effects are reason for great concerns of parents and sleep trusted again feel free to have those conversations that their doctors. And the CDC advisory committee meets tomorrow to discuss the authorization what are you looking at exactly what do you expect them to say. Twice that spending get visible group although once again review the data and then the cases committee is gonna come on basically. See that we approve this. CDC director Roland you will then give the green light on it as well it'll be up to states is site who's administering and Wendell one blessing how old is that. To parents remember here is once it's actually improved. And Steve can minister it. Appeared to be cognizant of those other catch up vaccinations and make sugar added as dialogues that directs a brighter because we want to make sure that other shots kids may be behind Diana are getting two weeks the former. After the advisor shots it is another another wrinkle in scheduling that hopefully I'll get smoothed out and we. Are headed to a greater placing into this upcoming school year are also trial's under way for younger kids so we're and a stance. Well all three backs manufactures we have right now the United States Johnson Johnson Madera and buys at trial's under way kids as young as six months. Pfizer is expected to cement emergencies authorization in September. Those younger kids aged two to eleven. And the leader towards probably end of quarter Oracle CUA's for kids as young as six months. And so you know the important thing to understand here is this is not necessarily getting beat big games you know pushes us Colbert herd immunity. Herd immunity so they take a concerted effort would be adults out there who hasn't yet gotten their shots. But I think before we can get their start to see inflection point we'll see cases in this country really start to dig John but I'd just like we're seeing other parts of the world. Is long as there's pockets of unvaccinated individuals there's still potential for outbreaks these Bremer he's crazy areas are just a plane right away. So let's dig into this herd immunity part that you just brown has over 58% of the US adult population right now. Has had at least one vaccine dose so what would it take to reach herd immunity how many more adults and we need to see and it can start getting vaccinated which it seems like they are. You know what do we need to and that combination. To reach herd immunity. We'll plan. I think we need to be realistic you know people are saying hey twelve to fifteen year olds are available to get the vaccine will return immunity gets like 5%. The population in United States he mentioned 15% and one shot. You know when we therefore earlier we're talking not getting herd immunity from vaccine these numbers have been burnt out between 7080%. Vaccinated but we have to consider the fact there's a lot of people out there who may have some form of natural immunity from having covered in the past so we actually start to see effects of herd immunity. Starting at around fifty to 60% fully vaccinated in some may argue we're seeing right now but the heart hurt her really reconcile is that shots from vaccines. Or is it also combination of everything including travel restrictions masks business being shut down physical distancing all these other factors that. Brinkley were really tired out. And so it's important is he heading towards her meaning that were realistic about it fact that we may not actually get there from vaccines alone. We may see reserved as is this winter so people seem to be realistic yet optimistic about the direction we're going. Day realistic yet optimistic that's the phrase of the day doctor look Patel thanks for that. That and all my cards for money here shed. But as more states move to lift mass mandates the mission schools are being put in a particularly challenging position. Some parents still want kids to be masked in school while others want classes to get back to normal. ABC's think the boob bait takes a closer look. Like many parents across to country. A mean brand in Stanford struggled with the decision to send their children back for in person learning in the middle of the global health pandemic Brendan Stafford suffers a condition that puts him at a high risk for the corona virus. He feared the kids could bring the virus back home. Hands down. The actually. Get local decision. My husband and I ever. Can. But the Texas parents quickly devised ways to make it work finding some comfort in a mandate that requires students and their kids school to mass Ka. But the census DTV for Celtics came crashing down on March 2. I am ending. This state wide it mask mandate. Texas governor Greg Abbott to new quarter beating across to state schools where no longer required to keep their mask mandate in place. Many immediately abandoning or relaxing their stance. We were ready. Few cool our youngest out this Friday. She is special needs end which would have been absolutely detrimental to his education. We were put NA very different cultural aged. Either my husband's health or my education. Have kept. The president of the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers and there was a significant well Aaron concern. Are students are he needs in particular that we rep percent. Texas isn't alone. Like the lone star state. Thirteen other states across the country have now lifted their mask mandate as pressure to return to normal builds vaccines become widely available. And cool but cases drop in many states. But with the pandemic still not over the decision has pits some communities against each other. A 198. States. And it among children and adolescents aged scientist and X they only or summer we are by how important people in your life you're willing or ice so they zone where we'll. Parents should be given a right to cheers just as our hour has given all of us the right she. Parents on both sides of the issue against school administrators. And tensions boiling over during school board meeting with. It's April 15 2021. And it's time take these masks off of my Childs. He's. State schools within the same county making opposite decisions after governors eased their restrictions one keeping massed in place. The other lifting the restrictions. This virus in considered desperate while an I and it doesn't make any sense when you're looking at a Herman epidemiological. Or medical standpoint. You would allow individual districts. Many cases where where ash creek would be providing the decision I don't know where her kids ends where masts are not. I'm you know that's just not a way to make public policy. In Arkansas cross county school superintendent meet than Morris lifted his district to mask mandate. After governor is so Hutchinson order easing restrictions while Delmas street in the same felony when school district has kept its order in place. Choosing instead to follow CDC guidelines that. Com that would make a decision counting was found under him chases. In and positives in the whole calorie. We had known in the school she made time as we're making politically. Beneficial decisions instead of science and health based decisions and this is not a political matter. It's a health matter the sort of creamy school district in bird Ville Texas chose to relax its mandate for children in third grade and below. While still requiring masks for older kids well. It bothers us pumping that's we have. Packet friend turned those cautions the patchwork of school mask policies in communities across the country also creating some confusion among family members. We have a child and can pray and we have a child and weren't great. I don't yet why don't hit hack or are unsafe. You know and for the safety of others where's the math and get me out another line news is called when you don't have it it's optional. And I just change. That sends the wrong masks. But official in the Stafford has sort of families bird bill school districts see it from a different view. Welcoming the choice to make decisions based on mobile data and what the majority of the your parents want. The party is his Texans do you desire. Local governing. And so on bad right Gingrich we had a little more time. In Texas and several other states schools who were caught of guard with no plan in place. When governors lifted their statewide mask mandates. There were several days where. Or Obama and analytic date because they didn't know. What was known all in. Irish team you eat now orders PM. Then night before it went into. I didn't know that the special board meeting what's even happening. Andrew Morales a fourth grade social studies teacher says he was livid after hearing governor Abbott's announcement lifting the math commanding. Unclear what was next for him his students and school staff. Some of the bigger school districts I'm sure were scrambling more so than we were. Home whether or not they were gonna receive push back how they wanted to sue. Go moving forward. Weeks now into the new normal the lifting of the state wide mask mandate has also made way for new lawsuits. Bonnie Anderson and find other parents whose school has kept to the mask mandate in place despite the governor lifting the requirement. Are now taking their case to a judge hoping to lift their schools order. Something happens you'll a year and they are born Howard's attorney is really injures and maintenance and how well. There was no governor's order to. Behind us and being used as the reason why neighbor doing. But no matter where they stand on the issue one thing many parents agree on. Is that the pandemic candy governors have put schools in the difficult position. By the governor directing a man day. That forced. A lot of school districts. He made some barely hard choices. They shouldn't be faulted to the CDC here you know it all aren't. Authority. It entity in order to make a decision in Texas people who may BBC news. I thanks to fate for that report. And the show must go off. NBC says it will not air the Golden Globes next year we'll explain why the and what happens next after the break. Welcome back NBC says it will not air the Golden Globes next year the move comes after backlash over report revealing a Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn't have a single black voting member. TJ Holmes has more. Lawrence took Golden Globes all. For now. NBC announced it will not air the awards show next year of another major blow to the globe's following months of criticism from movie stars and Hollywood insiders directed at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. After an LA times report that revealed among other things none of the group's 87 voting members are black Scarlett Johansson also spoke out against a globe explaining why she refused to attend press conferences held by the group for years. Attending quote. Meant facing sexist questions by some members that bordered on sexual harassment. She's now urging Hollywood to take a step back from the group unless there is necessary fundamental reform within the organization. Tom Cruise now three time Golden Globe winner Tom Cruise is joining the growing boycott returning his statues of the organization used to regal and balloons. He said not you can have these. That stats a signal to. Other prominent. White people in power in this chief is simple gunfight complaint with thoughts. The association's lack of black members did not go unmentioned by hosts and prisoners at this year's ceremony. I realize HFP Amy you guys didn't get the medal because your workplaces the back Booth of a French McDonald's. You got to change that so here's to change yes I'm looking forward to that change. It is great to be black at the Golden Globe had back back could go. Just last week the organization approved a plan meant to make its membership more inclusive saying it planned to add at least twenty new members with a specific focus on recruiting black members. But that was too little too late for so including Mark Russell Lowell who won a globe this year for his role in that I know this much is true. Clooney charter and see each other and hear each other fast through here are broken hearts and minds. Over the weekend he said he cannot feel proud or happy about being the recipient of this award. United Diane NBC or poorly paid some sixty million dollars a year for the broadcast rights of the globe's. After canceling it next year essentially they did leave open the possibility of bringing it back in years past if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association does make changes. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that. Let's bring an ABC news contributor and Sirius XM radio host Mike me used to help unpack this a little bit might thanks for being here put this in context how big. Is this decision by NBC to not carry the Golden Globes. It's this year's decision by NBC went NBC is saying that their role mask that the Hollywood foreign press laid out. In part to NBC and they said any time to execute. But this is saying no not by NBC but I Netflix I wonder media and Amazon studios and this just this to lift total amount. Only increasing your membership that's our rating only about ninety members to twenty people. By the end of 20/20 wine and an up to 50%. The following year. Just doesn't Qaeda Diane when you think about the power that the golden gloves hats the Golden Globes are the precursor to our Oscars. It's what everyone looks to an industry as a signal for what could be a possible contender. Full you have a ninety member bays as compared to a 101000 member base of the academy and then you have over 22000. Members of the television academy. Ninety's comparison just doesn't cut. What the weight of this organization holds through representation of it to the question remains is. How can you have such diversity. When you've only still only have about was 110 members who will be voting. And the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and they say that you know they're gonna add new members they're gonna focus on recruiting black members. Is it is it enough and what did you think over all of their response there. At a vigorous proposition now I felt like their results planned to show that they don't have any real interest. At its. Or authentically to make it change that is needed it seemed to need more ABBA album window dressing that as a PR thing to say hey we're working on it. But we knew authentically want to make change Diane as you know so well you need sweeping reforms he needs sweeping change Endesa do micro baby stats just doesn't cut it in terms of the blow back that every seed and once. The veil Kmart and we began to understand that LA times Axl Rose back in February are they into workings of how how the Hollywood foreign press. From operates. And then you can do something as small as that and I think it was very sad to have Tom Cruise returned his Golden Globes I think that's a huge statement that is not just talk that is action. The Netflix CEO Ted. Sends sets a strong letter to talk about how much more subdued chains they need is huge. The Hollywood foreign press definitely. Can do better because just falls into burgers at this as NASA community how can you represented global woods just a little red ninety members. How can you possibly scan the globe for the best possible continent best films when you have such a small membership you need more members were to hold them accountable and that is the diversity diet but in terms of practices. In gifts. That they receive. So what do you think would be satisfactory solution at this point. I think you need to get rid of the entire board I think you need to bring gan a stressful leadership from a CEO. To achieve diversity officer yards losing its chief revenue officer because how they bring in money and how they issue money to some of their voting members almost visit its payroll. I'd die and that goals to the legitimacy of the reviews from the Hollywood foreign press from their members that goes to the legitimacy. They really liked this movie they'd really like this television show or they just getting pay need an as a result of course among like if I'm getting a check. So that he's that he systematic change to needs to be a whole new board and Diane for me I need to see an increase in the membership and I think they should really work on a plan. Bringing in anywhere from a thousand new members over certain amount of time and then increasing it some type of incrementally in the thousands but. Perhaps sets significance in Hollywood to have sex significant. That is I and it's not about the awards. As you and I both know and in the awards mean so much more to the livelihood. That there is a gives you act as a chance. I gives diverse actors in Hmong people from Martha's communities that chance of a bigger stage he recognized to get other. Acting opportunities it gets a chance to bring more films green lit and how he would have to see there's traction and we know that representation matters to bring about change according mirror to our society so far these things aren't part of what really happens to change America and our culture in our society. So that happened membership says the house form press that hasn't had a black member since 2002. His yes. Insufficient. And board alliance of more than just trouble I think there's a the other issue that should be looked at too so this is what acting city can change needs larger membership and increasingly in a quantity of the thousands new leadership in the cease leads a new leadership on the board level. So what happens Ellis a future of the organization if they don't have but TV home for the awards. Well that's a really great question NBC said in this ever gonna cancer for the upcoming year but you Berger noted reevaluate to see if you're ready to come back to between 23. I think in a Golden Globes are probably probably do something smaller property next go around but they definitely need to show. Much more change and much trouble willingness to change and much more who will it is to have more open dialogue with the industry as a whole. Had maybe an open dialogue will be gives either transferred to the meetings and maybe have some type but press conferences where. Media can question some of the Morton's on the actions. I think once we start seeing that change then I think we can see of the Golden Globes possibly come back. I took broadcasts. So that they can be meaningful. For what it was actually intended to do you how much you can car yourself international association and when you now reflective. The global society that we live in today. All right ABC news contributor Mike muse always great to have you might think you. Thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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