ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 outbreak in Pence's orbit

Plus, Utah officials warn parents not to test their children so schools can remain open despite rising numbers of COVID-19.
11:08 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 outbreak in Pence's orbit
Good morning I'm Diana stated thanks for streaming with us in today's update as corona virus cases rise across the country a new outbreak has hit the White House. At least five staffers in vice president Mike Pence a circle have tested positive. Including his chief of staff mark sure who was with the vice president on every campaign stop last week. The vice president's office says he and the second lady tested negative this morning. With just eight days to go until Election Day the vice president will continue his campaign travel as planned. A spokesman says that is in accordance with the CDC guidelines for essential personnel but critics say campaigning should not qualify as essential. And despite some democratic leaders asking for him not to vice president Kent still plans to preside. Over tonight senate vote to confirm judge Amy coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Merits confirmation is all but certain with senate Republicans overpowering democratic opposition. If confirmed she will make history as the Supreme Court justice confirmed closest to and Election Day. The White House is preparing a celebration. For Barrett tonight at that's raising some concerns actor nomination ceremony at the White House last month. Became a corona virus super spreader event. White House chief of staff mark meadows says the event tonight as planned to be outdoors and they will be encouraging as much social distancing ask possible. At a hurricane warnings in effect as data strengthens in the Caribbean the storm is expected to hit Mexico tonight as a strong category one hurricane. Data is then expected to move north and make landfall along the Gulf Coast. Parts of the Gulf Coast are still reeling after hurricane flora and delta devastated the area. And officials in Utah hour warning against a new pledge to avoid testing kids for covad nineteen. Some parents are suspected of secretly agreeing to not get sick kids tested for covad. In order to keep schools open this as cases in the state hit a record high over the weekend TJ Holmes has that story. It's part of the so called mom code and the Utah department of health is warning about the group of parents reportedly pledging not to test their kids for corona virus in order to make infection numbers artificially appear lower. This is all in an attempt to keep schools and school sports open and avoid quarantine. There is an quarantine. With us or team or any of the other classrooms they're urging other not should. You have their children tested. As a parent you never front row fears community spread if they'll mom code is encouraged. Does pandemic is not a normal thing that's a time where we need to really focus on you know. Chasing does buyer initially in be able to stop the spread. She's seen a FaceBook messages like these stay home don't get tested and if your child shows cope with symptoms please keep them home but do not test state health officials say it's unknown how many parents are actually taking part. But warned those who do could be contributing to the spread of cope in nineteen writing in a statement testing is a critical element of our response identifying cases is a key strategy to limiting the spread of disease in our communities. Wade will be very hard to be able to distinguish between just regular. Every gate winter. Illness beds and bed. They also have to potentially take their child out into the community that could then expose that tiled. Emily Daley is a mother of four students near Salt Lake City. She's running for the school board she says while she is into participating in the mom code she can understand why some would. It's not mandated to get test at. That being and so we need to remember that it is a choice. And you need to. Make decisions. Based off of what you fell. But tracking the virus in Utah is of fundamental importance of specially right now. With a record setting daily case numbers over 16100 cases reported on Saturday alone. Now the parents. That allegedly a bill part of this also the school district did not get back to us to not give us comment and it's also. Import to keep in mind here that Utah is right now. One of these states with the highest positive activity rates in the country there about its 17%. The national average is about it six so Diane right now they are going through it in the state of Utah and health officials do not want to see anything like this a mom code. Adding to their words. It's understandable TJ Holmes at that report thanks TJ. And with Halloween just five days away we know that this year is going to look a little different than usual. Ask for on a virus cases surge across the country some cities are banding parades and trick or treating. So how can you celebrate safely using the pilgrim. Halloween may not be canceled but it's going to look a lot different this year we will adored adored her recruiting period. El Paso in the midst of a corona virus surged camping down Halloween plants to the city seeing close to 111000. Active cases. Hospitals beads job their Macs. Now asking people to stay home for the next two weeks to reduce the spread and ease the strain on the hospitals. Beverly Hills approving an urgency ordinance banning to trick or treating. Restricting getting candy treats or toys to anyone not in your household warning. Rule breakers will be issued citations. I understand the deep deep disappointment that all children Hancock's. Even though it was a difficult decision really was the right decision to make him that's. Day in time. Cities and at least 37 states changing some of their Halloween plants most canceling community event it. Very Harris had been considered high risk in New York City. The city's Halloween parade that usually draws some 50000 people called off. The mayor saying no to inside trick or treating this year. Do you do if this CC putting out a guideline warning people to avoid high risk Halloween activities. My door to door trick or treating or car to car trunk or treat. Indoor costume parties or haunted houses and he writes with people who are not in your household check. Yeah. Instead the CDC encouraging people to try to lower risk plans like socially distanced pumpkin carving. Pauline scavenger hunts. And if you want to check retreat. Try to build one way version where you pick up wrapped goodie bags lined up at the end of a driveway or edge of the yard. Now experts say if you are planning to dress up think about your costume you don't want aware just a generic costume mask you want to make sure you have a two fabric. Cotton mask either incorporate it into your cost you or just gonna Halloween themed mask. To where Diane ready to pilgrim good tips there thank you. And for more I'm joined by ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein good morning doctor Brownstein is there a way to check retreat safely this Halloween. Yeah. So we have to remember this virus is still not under control right so we don't want to own needs to be Ager peppers more cheese and his passion for the stigma of being a theme trends and socialism is wearing CE. He cited reducing group's eyes. It's been a long road but why she's currently enjoyable Halloween and there are ways to use trick or treating aware that might be seen but what Richard retreat increase. Our merger hearts. Just don't know when he's marks who say it's especially. You side. We also want to think about certain underlying carpet he commuted sixers. 88 extras you masses serves so we listen to public call it they're getting artists. Really try to adhere to those items. And for anyone who does good Juergen treating what precautions. Should you take it to wipe down the candy when you get home what do you need to do. Yes we really have to be worried cheered and added that he. Yeah a lot of people and it's there's this concept of hygiene here are we just slowing a bit overboard. Notice surface contact. He's an initial motive transmissions so what do you hate the it's a bit excessive is our hundreds EC guidelines and it just to keep people away from what's important right hand washing still Porsche you don't you know their breasts free chocolates and Ers also leads our transmission so few garner reduced in numbers and contact. Tax those things to focus orange. Tried and easily excessive and beyond that. And what are the most important things to remember as families get ready for Halloween and maybe some of the other holidays would tear it kind of three top tips. In terms of helping us to prioritize so we know we don't have to watch the candy. What's more important. Are so important that Washington. So it's always Kyra. High risk activities are radio traditional Jordan were trick or treating is calling art cards most people this year he wanted to point in your gas cards right so costume parties hundred houses maybe you wanna see outside she Angeles. So he's in on those higher on the floor risk outside. He's right so the cost increase pumpkin carving outdoors catcher currents and he sort of new concepts one wager for treating almost taxis are much Flores and boomers huge transmission in the community. All right doctor Brownstein always great to have you thank you. Think youth and now for the latest on science and technology headlines let's go to Monaco's are Abdi. In today's tech by the Justice Department antitrust lawsuit against Google is reportedly targeting a deal the company has shot with apple the New York Times reports Google pays out bulletin twelve billion dollars a year. To remain at. Prosecutors argued that deal hurts competition. Remote schooling is helping chrome books make big shrines of the computer market shipments are up 90% over last year. In addition to being less expensive than windows consoles were Apple Mac books girl books also run Google classroom. Which is used by teachers and students. And you're craving McDonald's ice cream a German software maker has created a website called it broke and it uses a plot to check the status of average McDonnell ice cream maker in the US. He started his project after he tried and failed to order a mix Sunday those are attacked by its stand not all heroes where KB. Gotta get that Sunday and night thanks and that doesn't that is ABC news live update I indictments data thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next year day's top stories us evacuate at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran's.

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