ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 variant detected in New York

Plus, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a lockdown to contain surging cases and a decision is expected soon on whether to charge officers in connection to the shooting of Jacob Blake.
8:44 | 01/05/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 variant detected in New York
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's upstate New York is now the latest state to detect a new strain of -- 191 found. In the UK train had already been found in Colorado Florida and California. A man in his sixties who lives near Albany, New York is the State's first confirmed case of that strain believed to be more contagious. He has not recently traveled indicating community spread is already active in the area. And now researchers are trying to confirm that existing vaccines will protect against that new strain. Meanwhile the UK is under strict national locked down as it causes. Cases to surge the new restrictions have closed schools barber shops and restaurants and people are only allowed to leave home for essential shopping exercising. And to go to work if it's impossible to do so from home. And other questions about whether the US could be headed in the same direction. We have yet to keep your car. The holidays you know reporter keep that in the next week or to you about point in me yet what will you just can't do enough in terms of targeted interventions. He made you look yet more widespread lockers. Hospitalizations in the US and a record high 128000. Americans are currently hospitalized with the virus. I see use in Los Angeles county are at 300% capacity some emergency rooms are even being forced to turn away patients telling ambulances. Not transport victims of gunshot wounds heart attacks and car crashes would have little chance of survive. And it's Election Day in Georgia were to run offs will decide which party controls the US senate. President trump is urging georgians to get out and vote for Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler on Twitter. But I'll over at a rally last night he was more focused on his own election loss repeating false claims that Republican election officials in Georgia. Have debunked ABC's Alan Lopez joins me now from Atlanta. With more Allen where things stand right now in these races in Georgia. Yet fans tell us festive theme here at this polling location of holding county it is the largest county in this state. And who are virtually tied Democrats have failed. In hind numbers in early voting especially in vote by mail and Democrat Joseph not something visited a polling location today. They're going at it day. Georgia voters have never had more power they have right now today to make history. As so if you are still. Awaiting. That trip to the polls if you still haven't gone in cast her ballot if you're in Georgia right now. Make a plan to vote as long as you're there by 7 PM your vote will be counted and you can be part of history. Dallas on GMA three did gate he also spoke at a polling location. Here nearby and applicant's county. And it's also important to point out that Republicans still up in high numbers on Election Day but it could be the eight until we count the final results and Alan we can hear the music playing in the background what are you hearing from voters there on the ground what's the vibe like there today. Why can tell you that it is exactly back then Kendall for the doors even opened here there are more than a dozen people waiting in line a lot of voters staying. That they are just happy to be able to vote in the special election. And he's so important for them to turn out safe not only because it they received a like myself a kind of tax phone calls and mail. But just because they believe it is especially important now thankful it. I just those my civic duty to. So let my voice be heard I hope that people just see how how much is a home partisan vote and and every single action and I think that's. That's been the statements so far is that. You know elections are born they matter to form for Iran's voice be heard. Georgians understanding that this stakes here are high already more than three million people voting are headed today. That is double early turnout from twenty team. Diane Ellen look the spores in Atlanta thanks Ellen. And the Kenosha Wisconsin district attorney is preparing to announce if charges will be filed against the officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake. The state is mobilizing the National Guard in the city has approved an emergency declaration in hopes of preventing civil unrest ahead of that decision. Demonstrations after Blake shooting in August left to protesters dead and an Illinois teenager charged with homicide. Officer Reston chest he shot Blake seven times in the back while responding to a call about a domestic incident before march. And candlelight vigil last night Blake's father told the crowd he once chefs he charged with attempted murder. And as Kobe case is surge across the country so Coleman vigilantes are taking to social media. Shaming others for traveling partying and not wearing a mask. Now critics say the movement has gone too far. She'll but he Tess has that story. This morning so called covad vigilantes popping up online launching social media accounts with just one goal. To call out. Endemic rule breakers one account gaining almost a 100000 followers in just a few days' posting images of Americans who traveled around the country and abroad. To seemingly joined packed nationalist parties taught Masterson is one of the NC grammar taking them law. I think pouring out people doing bad things are people doing things that we consider wrong. Isn't shame it's just accountability but some say this is canceled culture gone too far. The accounts have also called out some Frontline workers who appeared to forget to turn off their phones geo tracking. Showing them in big party locations. If the perfect recipe for a situation where. Individuals and groups and it does not so social media don't compel the tape elite. Taking center stage this weekend a sinking party boat with sixty people on board off the coast of Puerto Briard. Nobody was hurt but there were a lot of jokes I know that a lot of people had plans to go to Mexico. And had reservations and flights and everything boats. And they saw how the Internet was treating people that were breaking quarantine in the careful of those plans it's not the first time people have taken to social media to call others out. Easter grams doctor Mike was photographed partying in Miami this November he later issued an apology. I messed up. I really did. And I need to do better. Whose place is it to be does the jury to place isn't to protect people and society. Maybe justify some of it is not justify. The risk and who gets to decide. And there's a concern that these accounts are going too far by shaming these people but by the looks of it these accounts are only getting more popular so we will be seeing a lot more. Of this to. All right you Benitez thanks for that and for your latest science and technology headlines here's ABC's Alex percent. In today's tech provides affordable iPhone may be coming into what Apple Store near you the company is reportedly working on two designs or single screen that folds in half. Another witness who screens that connect seamlessly via change. Apple recently got a patent for a so called bulls a flexible foam. Banking after the video was launching a check cashing feature allowing users to snap a photo of a checking deposited into a bingo account. The review process should make funds available in seconds. And now's your chance to uphold a giant statue of David Hasselhoff and online auction features a fourteen foot long model of the actor is displays Hasselhoff on a certain war weariness in her Baywatch lifeguard trunks. The statue with a prop in a sponge Bob square pants movie. Bids for the giant have to offer fast approaching a 100000 dollars and dozer tech bytes and back to you. I don't I'm amazed are terrified at that when Alex thanks for that. And that does it for this ABC news live update really view it that image right there Hasselhoff. And I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back yet they've PM eastern with Terry Moran. The breakdown.

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{"duration":"8:44","description":"Plus, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a lockdown to contain surging cases and a decision is expected soon on whether to charge officers in connection to the shooting of Jacob Blake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75060620","title":"ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 variant detected in New York","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-covid-19-variant-detected-75060620"}