ABC News Live Update: Day 5 of the Derek Chauvin trial

Plus, Johnson and Johnson to expand its clinical trial to include teens ages 12-17 and the U.S. added 916,000 jobs in March.
32:57 | 04/02/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Day 5 of the Derek Chauvin trial
Good morning I'm Diana Zdeno thanks for streaming with us in today's update is day five in the trial of their children. Yesterday we sir George Floyd's girlfriend take the stand talking through tears about the first time they met and their battle with health related fiction. Plus this powerful testimony from showbiz former police supervisor. Mr. functional line here. Resistance and they are. We'll have more on what to expect today and an ABC news exclusive interview with the first trial witness to speak publicly. Plus set the holiday weekend health officials are urging Americans to keep following Coleman precautions. As cases rising nearly half the country doctor and think about she's warning states to Sloan out and saying it's too soon to fully reopened. I think the idea of pulling backed. Feeling truly under pressure. It's understandable why you might want to do that but the results I think to being manifested. In what you're seeing in Michigan. What you need to know especially if you plan to travel for Easter. And the stock market is closed today but we did get some new numbers showing the state of the economy this morning the US added 9161000. Jobs in the month of march. Well above what analysts were expecting we'll break it all down in just a moment. But we begin with the trial of dared show opened yesterday George Floyd's girlfriend opened up about their relationship how they met. And how they both struggled with OP laid addiction the prosecution then called first responders to the stand trying to make a case that George Floyd died on the scene. And that officers did nothing to try to help him. This has the defense tried to raise reasonable doubt that Floyd may have died of an overdose Alex Perez has the latest from Minneapolis. Thursday Floyd's emotional girlfriend Courtney Ross taking the stand. Telling the jury how the couple met in 2017. In the lobby of the Salvation Army where Floyd it was a security guard. I say this you can see this thing. I wasn't OK. You have him home I'm. I'm just waiting for my friend. You. It was so sweet if you. Ross describing Floyd's love for family sports and the outdoors and opening up about their struggle with Ophelia addiction we bow. Suffered from chronic pain we've got addicted and he's been tried really hard to. Very addition. Many times. The defense is zeroing in on Floyd's drug use arguing a contributed to his death. And you lose your belief that mr. Floyd started using again about two weeks prior to his staff craft. It is contingent. I knew. It was chancellor. The jury also hearing from the EMTs who arrived on the scene to treat George Floyd what his condition at Kennedy tear. Finland terms and unused. Paramedic Derek Smith describing the scene when he arrived as saying he quickly determined Floyd had no pulse. The moment that you're checking latest trend hos are the officers still. There's nonstop mr. You survey one rendering any medical care chest depressions. When you're right. When I arrived on scene there was no medical services and everybody division. And for the first time we air show open un body camp shortly after the ordeal. Talking to his supervisor pretty initially never mentioning he pinned Floyd down with the neo in his neck. I was but a culinary commode toward us in here comfortable but I don't it was. Close. Went crazy when she and cannot pivotal moment but going to back of the what. Has the supervisor he was talking to retired sergeant David Luger testifying Shelvin should've stopped a restraining Floyd sooner. When mr. Clinton is no longer. Offering up pretty resistance and the officers they can do and they're treated. That was after he was handcuffed and on the ground and no longer resist. Current. And Alex pres joins me live now from Minneapolis for more on this Alex so we heard at least two of those first responders outright say they believe George Floyd was dead when they responded to the scene. How important is that going to be in this case. Yet and not just those your first responders were also a fire captain testified he believed George Foy was dead when they arrived on the scene and that is very important to the prosecution's case should get them they're trying to hammer home to key points to the jury proves two things in the duration for those surcharges cystic they want improve bash Derek show with assaulting George Floyd and that also his. Actions are led to his death sentence good testimony testimony sir hammers home those two points but of course the other member at the defense has not yet started their case in the defense argues that she it was Floyd's drug use and an untreated heart condition that led to his death Diane. And today it's just a half day in court what can we expect. Yeah than just a half day in court because of the holiday we do expect at some point CU and that the prosecution will call Minneapolis police chief Schmidt Derry are Redondo to testify on the stand so odd that you were looking for today with testimony resumed. Stan and I announce present Minneapolis thanks Alex. Let's strange trial and turning Bernard of the alone to break down. Some of what we heard in this trolley yesterday Bernard and thanks for being here you know we we heard George Floyd's girlfriend according ross'. To get so emotional talking about how they met and prosecutors let her go into a lot of detail there. Why was that important. So old girlfriend testified basically she is what's all our life Witten and only Minnesota. A spark a lightweight. Allowed to I too. Given the jury more about personal view oldest person but it's still back in the day there was cased and actually. Case and all at least up law. Are what actually kill and what the judge said in that case that spark of light witnessed in Tampa. Show about these cars in its more than just an and only about what the carpets are at the morning. But we all old got them additional intonation and that it. How they got addicted shall all be it I'll. They got involved in his opiate Christ. Which gave some more light who both old George Floyd was and how he got that placed on mates when he bit when he went. Pens also zeroed in on that part of the testimony. The revelation also that Floyd was in the car with two people that he bought drugs from. When the police encounter started so how strong is that for them. In terms of their argument that Floyd may have died of an overdose. So it actually is crucial for the defense to get that testimony and but remember. This testimony can call all in all eyes because what the defense the defense has harp on that because remember what the bank isn't doing is that they're singing that aren't a sorts like that. Wasn't he who is next but more public drug older adults because that you cruel that the cause of that had nothing to do what they're meal or snack. And more I'll bet it would all you can not find shopping guilty and I am I. So remember for any homicide. Napa cruel manner of death was homicide and that of our dat was as a result of the actions of mr. sharp on day. So that is crucial test Maury or going to be spent but how Weber the prosecution can also argued that. Beat hut to exploit what's addicted to albeit and that's what the best first time that he took opiate that actually his body was used to take an opiate. That he was eight functional July I. That he would not have died as a result of old truck wouldn't have and it all adult because his body is used to that amount of drugs instead what caused the death. What's what is shop at Disney artists that are nine minutes and 29. Now we also heard from Sherman's former supervisor and he said that he thought Sherman should have gotten off Floyd. After he stopped resisting same for the other officers. He also talked about the side recovery position how important is in police training that once someone is restrain. If there and prone position you move them to side recovery position to prevent them from mixed BCA excruciating so given again how you said. Cause of death is going to be so important to this case how strong is that for the prosecution. That was a bombshell. That customer money from this sergeant was dull and all. Because acts are Jane told you. At the point that Derrick sharp and as well as other officers still had daring me or the body or exploit. And he was no longer reads. That they should have stopped. So everything after that point what extent. Tote everything at that point is expected and our nest has reached a goals to that Allen made a verdict of second degree. That the average sharpen intentionally tried to assault and attempted to assault George Lloyd beating to death. Still that was sold crucial. In addition this ain't so or buys it does RJ is telling you that they should a mold to export to the own position. Had they movement had a prone position. Then death would have been likely to happen. But it's speak. I've been negligent because of the great and Erik Prince a Derek sobbing. That's how to exploit. So that was Powell's testimony and what our morning that at that bank was not able to shape. Because you have a man a book already bought a barracks. The first super by a cool response to his feet always telling you based on its Albright's deep I'd be years of experience. Erik Sullivan accidents where on net and every. They were expect it. And it is not clarify a Houston that they needed to move into that is to decide position I think you just quickly McGee yeah his but I currencies rather and rather than prone but. But an important part of that testimony for sure that not that many people are talking about this morning to you can bet. The attorneys picked up on that and we're gonna hear more about that going forward the idea that they have to put someone in the side position. When they're restrained. We're also expecting to hear Bernard are from experts about the effects of the restrain on Floyd's body. As well as the drugs in his system we heard a little bit about that yesterday as we said no we're gonna hear more about that today what are you watching for and that testimony. So this is where now we get some actual issues in this case because now where. The emotional part of what I've witnessed and actually saw our remember all of that is captured on video also bears no issue asked what we saw. However addict she issue and this is going to be. One training Derek shop and what it did that actually Jill especially when you're about eight. I'm mechanical restraints on source toward the end. Actually and open it and actually have a knee on the body to exploit. Who what expansion at the knee on the body an individual budgets aren't too restraint. When the errors and did not actually. Being act enough cars and got old they use concrete used in so they hear about that. More all goal here about who's going to become an in the coming days you'll hear from various experts as well as the medical experiment to test it by how much the why of the death or exploit could still going to be good to key issue in the next coming days. That are blowing should be. On trial for everyone actually stay. And will be watching closely attorney Bernard of Elon and burn our thanks your analysis this morning we appreciate it. Thank you Batman. And Christopher Martin the former clerk at cub foods said he felt guilty after Floyd's death thinking that if you just not accepted to counterfeit twenty dollar bill. This could all have been avoided well now Martin speaking out in an exclusive interview revealing his regrets his hopes for joins Floyd's children. And his message for Derrick show then here's ABC's Kenneth mountain. There is so much pain and hurt followed. Dole was a needed. This morning at the emotions still raw for Christopher Martin after this told trial whether or not he's locked up. George Bush is no longer here at the night you'll speaking for the first time since his powerful testimony during Derek showbiz murder trial. He sooners friend. A frozen moon he's talkative. Seem to do you have. Hundreds more images. Women's lives. He didn't seem. The store clerk seem to surrealist video interacting with George portable four's deadly police account are. Selling him a pack of cigarettes the clerk says the twenty dollar bill forty use would speak and after Morton alerted his manager police were eventually called. I was going through your mind okay. I'm usually. And you. Why don't. We're losers. Not to commit. Good morning. Martin is seen on camera PC hands on his head as he watched the tragedy unfold not only am I like to contributing factor I'm kind of like. The big domino that show. And then now the small dominoes are just. Scattered. Martin doesn't blame himself but that guilty felt is still there so that testified for the most part it's been extremely positive and extremely encouraging. As the world reacted to George Ford's death the team says he thought about always children. I noticed like to grow an African American also without a father I just hope Perry. George's daughters. No good. They can do it. As possible. To do it to make you and to be successful. Even if your father is no longer with him. And its message for the former Minneapolis police officer now on trial the one thing I would say today show and news justice will be scattered. Martin lived on top of cub foods at the time of the incident but not anymore the young man has says we have a lot of support. And he no longer works at the store as he tries to move forward Diane. And thanks to Kenneth on there and ABC news live we'll have complete coverage the Derek show in trial when testimony scheduled to resume in just a short while. Right now though we have breaking news in the fight against Kobe Johnson Johnson is expanding its clinical trials include twelve to seventeen year olds. Nearly 100 million US adults have now received at least one dose of a Kobe vaccine. But half of the country is seeing cases rise as variants of the virus spread here's ABC's aerial Russia. As families from coast to coast prepare to celebrate the Easter holiday weekend concerns over the spread of Kobe nineteen cases are up 17%. In the last two weeks officials warning that large gatherings this weekend could lead to more infections in Massachusetts this church canceling their in person Easter services. After staff members tested positive this as the race to vaccinated across the country ramps up. Hospital admissions climbing in twenty states the US now averaging about 5000 new covad hospitalizations per day. And in Michigan the first confirmed case of the Brazilian very end as cases of the UK variant are surging. Beaumont health now expanding its Kobe units after the number of patients quadrupled. 32 euros in particular. Guatemala most part people are needed yeah. Own are more risk and we're seeing them. Doctor Anthony felt she tele ABC affiliate WX YZ the state may have reopen too soon. I think the idea of pulling back. Prematurely. Under pressure. It's understandable why you might want to do that but the results I think of being manifested. In what you're seeing in Michigan. That Brazilian variant has been found in at least 23 US states but this morning more evidence of the power of vaccines. Spicer reporting its vaccine was 91%. Protected against symptomatic disease. And 95%. Protective against severe disease six months after the second dose. The Pfizer vaccine also appears to work against the worry some south African variant. What really concerns ease some of the vaccine derived immunity may be less effective. Against RBU one Berrian although that is still very much an open question. And I am the FDA has now authorized to the rapid over the counter cold in nineteen tests. That could soon be available in your local pharmacy experts say this is a key asset in stopping the spread. Diane you mean aerial route. Chef thanks. An early this morning doctor SE Asia I shared his thoughts on traveling for the holiday weekend. I just bring in doctor she shot Tina brown university school of public health welcome back cartridge this morning okay. This weekend is Easter Sunday the end of passover many people want to get together for the holidays what's your message on this holiday weekend. Good morning George thanks for having me on my message is really clear if you've been vaccinated is pretty easy to do that. If you've not this is probably the last holiday weekend where it's not going to be safer unvaccinated people to mingle together. We are so close to the finish line that is on people who hold off just a little bit longer hold up I know that's part of eastern council. It's it's certainly is it certainly is hard we're also expecting these new CDC travel guidelines. Today what makes sense right now. Yet right now we are seeing a surge of cases across the country about two thirds of states. Are seeing and so what I have been asking people is to do is as little as possible pulled off them again until the end of the month worth it will be much better shape. If you need to travel and you've been vaccinated I think that's pretty reasonable. But I wouldn't cut out on sort of trouble and I would hold off if you knock an accident let's talk a little bit more about the vaccines the latest sex clinical trials would just so to reassure the results. Right there but what do we know about how long. The protection from the vaccines is gonna last. Yes it was still sort of you know we don't have all of the answers are my best guess right now who's a vaccines. Are gonna last well there's certainly lots at least a year probably may last several years we we don't know but this advisor Dana just gives us more confidence that this is not a shorter term vaccine. That is gonna offer unum to least medium to long term protection. And what we know about whether these vaccines are actually. And protect people prevent them from transmitting. Did I just from getting sick. Yeah. That data on this is becoming clearer and clearer every single day we saw a new data from CDC these vaccines clearly cut transmission. Maybe not quite a 100% very little does a 100%. But this is gonna culture transmission risk 8090% and made a huge difference in preventing you've you've been vaccinated from spreading the disease other people. So the bottom line is these vaccines are just terrific they're helping people they're protecting people. We just have to hold off a little bit longer until everyone gets one. Absolutely there's so much better than where I was expecting last summer and fall as holding we have a vaccine. That would have 67% protection Mimi cut transmission. These are in really really terrific instrument is huge difference once people had. Doctor John thanks for turning information this morning. And our thanks to George Stephanopoulos for that interview. And we got another read the job market this morning the US at a 9161000. Jobs in the end of march we're in the month of march actions say. Our business correspondent is standing by to break down those numbers we're also learning. New details about the investigation into congressman Max gates. For an alleged sexual relationship with a minor. We'll have the latest from Washington when we come back. Welcome back to new jobs report shows the US had a 9161000. Jobs in the month of march. At the largest gain since August and well above what analysts were expecting. Unemployment rate also fell to 6%. ABC news business correspondent Jim Bolton joins me now with more on this due to what stands out to you from this report. Diane there's a lot of a lot of optimism Z you mentioned greatest number job actions are so seven on certain he he reached even a number he. 900000 well super optimistic that is higher certainly in the media. Lending for station shoot other points. Hiring with Barack so there are four key categories were really outlined in. Sioux leisure and hospitality and you aren't bars and restaurants or in many Steve just eating certain restrictions and at least because of Cornish that certainly bringing workers. GG Asians are hiring at schools are already manufacturing. And construct scenes the issue -- released Annan to. Ensure to assume that seasonal. Winds especially songs each citizen is out. There it is simply spring. But manufacturing. Beauty or so that's another reason I hope she is not only with hiring better than Danish it was also were higher across the east more different kinds of industries. Next. One other -- tried that she legally you're saying is that the labor force participation rate is she hires and some crazy read out but there are green she's yours that is has seen a lot of people like Jim and I. Looking for were. They are not only coming back and looking for work and they are fining job and Obama Longley Lawrence organic. All of those people in the were forced. This is really. And in a positive way. We see economy earnings and write a love that and so what what do you think this state of the economy right now get to get a quick summaries. Schumer healthy background music and great way to criticize hats he's a lot of re starting in Jackson really termed her I keep saying listen you mormons in this weekend I went back dancers I. I'm from the current percent. She textual we were three and a half percent pre pandemic. But Watson reason for optimism is or so let's say a healthy starts you what is it very strong in our. Deirdre level you have good news for us especially on a Friday thanks for the singer didn't. Got a bunch. And a new report alleges that embattled congressman Matt gates made payments to women in exchange for sex. This comes just days after reports that gates is under investigation for his relationship and a seventeen year old girl Mary Bruce is tracking the latest in Washington. This morning new. Gave cash or other items of value to women they had sex with after they were recruited online the developments first reported by the New York Times and confirmed to ABC news by a source familiar with the matter the inquiry also examining whether gates had a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old girl and possibly violated sex trafficking laws. Accusations. He denies. I've not done anything improper or wrong in the new report the times adding that investigators believe gates is associate Jill Greenberg. Introduced him to women Greenberg met on different web sites inviting them to Florida hotels as recently as last year allegedly laying out how much they would be willing to pay before hand. Sometimes giving them cash from the hotels ATM. And that some of the encounters reportedly included the drug Ecstasy Greenburg was indicted last year on sex trafficking charges involving teenage girl. He's pleaded not guilty. Gates did not respond ABC's request for comment but is adamantly denied any wrongdoing. And insists he's the victim of an extortion scheme defending himself in that bizarre interview with Fox News. You and I went to dinner about two years ago your wife was there and I brought a friend of mind you'll remember her. And she was actually threatened by the FBI told that if she wouldn't cop to the fact that somehow I was involved in some paper placed scheme. That she could face trouble in. I don't remember that the woman you're speaking over we're context at all honestly that was one awareness interviews I've ever conducted. I think that. Clarified botch sources say the investigation was launched during the final months of the trump administration. The times writing these new allegations. Could potentially open gates up two additional counts if he is charged. Now so far no charges have been filed against the congressman bid sources tell us that when gates is a member of the Florida state House of Representatives he had quite a reputation for his sexual conquests that he participated. In what's been described as some sort of game with his other male colleagues that awarded points for various targets like interns. It is female colleagues often referred to him is quote. Creepy Dietz because he made them feel just so uncomfortable. Diane. This story just continues to unravel neighbors thanks for that. And it lobbies opening day it was more like a snow opening day for seven teams in Detroit Tigers played there this snowstorm and broke their twenty game losing streak. Against the Cleveland Indians we'll have more on the first gay into the season. And the ones that were canceled when we come back. Welcome back opening day is in the books for most of Major League Baseball to game it did not go on as planned one due to weather. Another due to positive Kobe tests ABC's will read has the details. It's. The first pitch is helping. Hope spring eternal for baseball fans everywhere this opening day. But the realities of playing a season amid a pandemic apparent right away. With positive cove in tests canceling the marquee match up we've done so. Contact tracing we wanted to do some additional testing out of an abundance of caution we're gonna go ahead and nom I canceled tonight's game. The Washington national reporting one player tests positive Monday. By Wednesday two more had tested positive with another player in staff member quarantining after being deemed close contacts. Major League Baseball taking no chances canceling the nationals opener against the New York Mets. It's not a surprise I mean we've we've been in. The situation say distance last year the health is the number one bank yeah. Major League Baseball starting its full 162. Game season Thursday. With fans not cardboard cutouts are scheduled to be in attendance. Yeah down early spring weather also a factor of the Boston Red Sox forced to postpone their home opener because of this rainstorm. It's good for him the first home run of 20/20 one coming in a blizzard. Detroit Tigers starter Miguel Cabrera sliding into second base because he couldn't see the ball had gone out. Are you won't we don't know whether there was a boat Luna recently. On C don't Barneys and things are okay. Thank you elsewhere around the big leagues the. Pageantry and tradition of opening day on full display. As well as they unique style of Bryce Harper the Phillies superstar rocking v.s one of a kind cleats. Diane today is a scheduled day off for the Mets and nationals in the MLB out of an abundance of caution not moving yesterday's postponed game two today. So the teams will face off for the first time. This season tomorrow afternoon the nationals will be without those players who tested positive as protocols require they isolate for at least ten days Diane. I'm better late than never Laurie thank you. And it's been nearly thirty years since the Menendez Brothers were convicted of murdering their parents of one of the most high profile trials of the ninety's. Now the Brothers are finding a new army defenders on tick tock. There are no new developments in the case in the Brothers admit they killed their parents. But revisiting the case of the lens of 20/20 one the east tick tock users say the Brothers should be free. It was a murder trial that captivated the nation. NASA went into the room and just learn. Well it was a Sunday. Brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez sentenced to life in prison admitting to brutally murdering their parents kitty and Jose. In their Beverly Hills mansion when the Brothers were eighteen and 21 years old. They claim the killings followed years of abuse at the hands of their father but prosecutors say the real motive was their parents fourteen million dollar estate. The whole abuse excuse who was alive now a new generation is taking a look at the case. Tick tock users mostly teens are reexamining videos and. These kids. Went through some horrible things. And two it was all right what happened videos about the Brothers have racked up more than 170. Million views. Emotions just so real too broad a friend and I believed in. These kids have a lot of power to shape the cultural married at you know it things start trend age and before you now let you have. Millions of people that aren't even on tick tock paying attention to this case again. They said they did it because they've been sexually abused the question in the trial. If you believe in they were sexually abused does that lessen the responsibility for murder. Both men has spent the last 31 years behind bars. Now in a new interview lisle is speaking out. You cannot rescue. Those memories. All those grossly straight never leader Dick always hardship. Being part of dissident now I need to get past to childhood no matter how painful it is sisters part of the fabric of Troy Hamm. And tonight on 20/20 we'll get a look at this case like never before with more of that interview with Lyle Menendez home movies. And still the big question thirty years later was this greed. Or revenge that's tonight at 9 PM eastern only on ABC. And now let's check back with Kenneth Mon who's outside the courthouse where testimony is set to resume soon in the Derek show than Trout Kenneth what can we expect today. Diane that Dave five is expected to be a short want to half day in court on this Good Friday as we head into the Easter weekend. Yesterday in the dear children trawl emotional testimony for George Floyd's girlfriend who talked about their struggles with hope your addiction. We're from paramedics who said it appear Ford was already dead when he reached that scene on meet forty fed. The knee of Schuermann the Minneapolis police officer still pressed against always neck. Insurers supervisor and now retired police sergeant testified about that day and the department's use of force policy saying restraint on Floyd should have ended. Was he was no longer resisting. The defense arguing Floyd it was uncontrollable and high on drugs which caused his death. As we prepare for witnesses on this day five we are expecting the Minneapolis police chief. To take the stand since. Diane. Right Kenneth mountain thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane miss Saito. We will have live coverage of the Derek Sherman trial is testimony is scheduled to resume. In just a short while we'll see you then say six.

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