ABC News Live Update: 2 dead as car plows into pedestrian zone in Germany

Plus, the CDC advisory committee is meeting to recommend who gets the first vaccines, and how to ensure you’re getting the right bang for your buck for your Christmas tree.
13:51 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 2 dead as car plows into pedestrian zone in Germany
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update two people are dead and fifteen seriously injured. After a car drove into a pedestrian zone in Germany police and rescue crews are on the scene in the city of Trier the driver has been arrested. No word yet on what caused the crash. President elect Biden will formally roll out his picks for the top economic spots in his administration today. He's expected to nominate former manager Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary and your attendance CEO and president of the Center for American Progress. To leave the Office of Management and Budget. Meanwhile president trump is blasting the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia for not helping him overturn the election results in their states. This morning the president called on Georgia governor Bryant can't just vote check signatures. Despite the fact that they have now been verified in his state twice. All six states election results challenged by the trump campaign to have now been certified and certified Joseph Biden has the winners. The World Health Organization says global crown a virus cases are down for the first time since September. The decline comes after several countries imposed new restrictions. Today marks the last day of lockdown in the UK were the latest numbers show a 30% decrease in some areas. Thanks to an emergency approval program people in the UK could start getting a vaccine as early as this. Me yeah and a CDC advisory panel meets today to recommend who will be first to get a covic next vaccine once approved. By the FDA here in the US. Hospitalizations in the US are closing in on 100000. For the first time and health officials are warning of a rising death tolls through the winter. ABC news medical contributor an infectious disease physician doctor Todd Halloran is here with more doctor gallery and thanks sure at being back with us how do you think this Stephen C advisory panel. Decides who gets the first vaccine. Right so. It's going to look alike. Immunization. Impact. OK what's the most and artful recommendations meaning who has the most vulnerable so probably those patients in nursing homes chronic care facilities which there's several million in the United States. And then the Frontline providers. The need to be the most vulnerable to air the OneCare you you know where we are taking care of Coca nineteen patients every day sort of the most exposed those dogs neat indeed the first two groups I want just give you a sense that there's an over twenty million Frontline providers health care workers and and then. After that we're probably going to see essential workers. At the people have to work can't stay home where there's about eighty million sheep and then there's about a hundred million people in the US that are chronic medical conditions happened those are fifteen million over 65. But you probably going to be the first few groups that is he easy prioritizes. Right and the FDA chief has been summoned to the White House for a meeting with the president's chief of staff today reportedly over frustration about how long it's taking to authorize a vaccine. The process work and what do we know about how long it usually takes would you make of this meeting. While I mean I'm I'm so impressed. Remember we shot started to phase three trials where we put these vaccines in people either the vaccine or that or the placebo those just start of the summer so I think. This process has gone incredibly well I can't believe. The vaccine that we're gonna be able roll our sleep soon and start to do begin to get this vaccine before the end of the year I think it's remarkable and Dong and then to know that most Americans will likely be able to be vaccinated in 2021. Hi really can see an end to this epidemic in the US and potentially the pandemic around the world you know before the end of 2021. Now is there a difference between the way it seems like they're residue in the ways approved in Europe vs years seems their system may be a little faster as their way to speed things up here. Well I mean I think again we wanted to describe the FDA has to scrutinize all the data they have to give the authorization we are trying to speed things can youth defected the CDC is meeting today provoked usually the CDC will make recommendations. After the FDA gives authorization. So they're reversing years so they're ready assumed the FDA gives authorization will Laurie the CDC recommendations. And then those vaccines can be district distributed around the country to the states so we can implement them and start getting vaccines. More important to be careful than first I suppose and and health officials are also now saying that. Vaccinations and regardless. Of than what we just said they still could start as early as Christmas even going through the full FDA approval process. Look Pfizer and the Daryn I had to dose vaccine so what does that mean. From a practical standpoint. That is important when I see we're gonna begin fascinating by the end of the year we're curing that are both thirty million doses should be. Distributed. Before Christmas now remember it's true doses so that means you don't really. And you're. Robust immune response till about a week two weeks. After the second dose so we're gonna start fascinating let's say that he gives you have thirty million doses than you can actually fifteen million people may get their first dose before the end of the year but they're still not going to be protected until the end of January or three to four weeks after there after they received their next dose of two doses three to four weeks apart then you're generally immune. About one to two weeks after and a tour doesn't think sometime it is a process. We'll still need to be patient there as well they're also reports that. Cronin. US as early as December. Of 2019 a year ago what do you make of that. Well I. You know I think what it tells us that this is an insidious virus that by the time the first cases were seen in the US the end of January there was really widespread in our communities. Is it another way even if we'd shut down the borders. Being between China and the US as soon as we heard that there were cases. It's already in the US we already would have had an epidemic should mean -- preached a degree that it maybe we could get better control is no question about that by. The virus was years even before we heard about it from Wuhan. And I got a few viewer questions I want to turn your way one viewer tested positive. For cove it has a five year old and a three year old at home what kind of precautions. Can this person take to try none and it what else in this situation. How do you keep from spreading it's your kids are kind of precautions can you take to try to prevent that from happening and what should you look out for when trying to monitor them to see if they are sick with Al risking contaminating. Right these decisions very important questions or remember first of all you know one thing is if there is single parent is it's much harder as another parent in the home and you obviously want apparently isn't expected to be isolated in their own room Shannon and you'd like the other parent to take care of the kids if you're single parent. And remember it's not just like you can just put the key to bring the kids somewhere else because the kids have a good chance of getting infected as well remember the -- hold contacts are. Highest risk of close contacts so what you really want to try to do is keep everyone separated as much as possible you want everyone to be masks to whenever they are young you are each other within sixty everyone should be wearing masks. The same what you might be kids to not be interacting of its possible and her three and five's was typically can't just sweep the three year old to their own devices so it is it is challenging. Remember if the kids have any symptoms. Any type of fevers or cost you want to get contestants but you also ideally would like to get them tested even the recent dramatic because remember their close contacts so they may have the virus it's possible that they need to spread the virus to there to their parents so you don't know which way it goes so there's a lot of things here is any question you when you reach your health care provider. But it's not always a guarantee right just because you haven't doesn't mean you definitely gave it to your kids or vice Versa they may still not be contaminated so that distance is important. Great guy Mena that is you should very important point Diane. When you look at households typically only about 15%. Of household contacts. Ever test positive so you're right it's not a guarantee you can't be short that is the importance of underscoring testing and keeping everyone separated the masks successor. And then in terms of managing symptoms like fever and brits grieving issues which this person is experiencing. How do you manage those at home and how do you know when it's time to go to the hospital. Well certainly if you have trouble breathing you can't keep better home you have to make a phone call and talk sure you don't be primary care provider. If you think it's worse than that you really have trouble breathing you that's when you need to seek out the emergency room how. One thing that is important is the people to have trouble breathing sometimes you really want to try to monitor your oxygen dude there's a way to certain devices are phones that helped sugar called hauls rocks and urged you can go to purchase a -- look similar she gives you can monitor your oxygen nation that is that is import I understand most people may not be able to do that. She did you know you don't want to leave trouble breathing up your own devices you don't want to just stay home if you trouble breathing you need to get. My doctor Tyler always great to have you thank you. Figured in and if you have Kobe questions of British send them to me on Twitter at Diane Armas and I'll ask as many as I can write here on the show. Christmas tree sales are surging this year with many people looking for some extra holiday cheer while they stay at home this season. What are you getting what you pay for will read has more. Thirties. We'll billions of people around the world of the Christmas tree is a familiar totem of the holiday season and I don't honor and I. I mean he can't meet them and flash. And this year according to the National Christmas Tree Association more Americans are getting Christmas trees than ever before it. Trying to beat the pandemic blues but with so many options how do you know you're getting what you paid for. Earlier this year Christmas tree cooperative in Wisconsin filed a lawsuit against a tree supplier and Home Depot claiming that last year they sold potentially hundreds of thousands of balsam fir trees which they intentionally and falsely advertised. As Frazier fir trees Home Depot saying the incident was an isolated labeling error and says it worked with its supplier to fix the problem going forward. Frazier fir trees tend to be more expensive and are known for their two tone needle collar dark green with silver under sides but what can you do to keep yourself from making an evergreen error. I guess you could say the Cadillac right now everybody likes the Frazier is the color that it has. They're branching structure tends to be good for. Heavier ornament. Depending on size and variety Christmas trees can cost anywhere from sixty to 700. Dollars experts say to make sure you know what you're looking for before you shop these tree farms are the experts that. Know what they have they've grown in these trees for years. This you've gotten your tree home you're gonna wanna take proper care of it so that lasts through the holiday season you wanna make short. That you are watering it continuously so it doesn't dry out and don't set it up in a place. Your heating vent for a fireplace or your house doesn't catch fire in a bogus tip Diane. Pales in needles out for the reindeer because they could use the fuel. Young fit today's tech likes apple finder were complains about as waterproof iphones and Italy's antitrust authority has finally company. Twelve million dollars they accuse apple making misleading claims about the iPhone is one of resistance saying they were tested in lab settings not real life conditions. Apple has not commented on the fine. Next holiday tradition is going on line for the first time since its debut in 1954. New York City Ballet will not perform the nutcracker on stage. Instead the tallies 2019 production will be streamed online. Beginning next Friday. Finally a rare fully functioning apple one computer is about three auction of forty steep. Price its original box to sign by apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He expected auction price about 400000. Dollars. Do your tech bytes apple wine and Diana we're obsessed wet like apple 141000. Now. Back to you. I don't know panorama alas I'm elated doctor most of the time with the bones but. Thank you for the update and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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