ABC News Live Update: Defense will present arguments in the impeachment trial today

Plus, major pharmacies start administering COVID-19 vaccinations, and the battle over Britney Spears’ fortune is back in court.
30:29 | 02/12/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Defense will present arguments in the impeachment trial today
Good morning I'm Diana date a thanks for being. In today's update the defense will present their arguments today in the impeachment trial of former president trump. Democrats close their case yesterday warning there could be more violence if the senate doesn't convict. Is there any political leader in this room who believes that if he's ever allowed by the senate to get back into the Oval Office and Donald Trump would stop inciting violence. To get its way. Would you bet the lives of more police officers on the. We got the latest on what to expect today and new. Plus major pharmacies will start coming nineteen vaccinations today. You're watching the first person to get vaccinated at one of these pharmacies that's at a Walgreens in Durham, North Carolina this morning. Just yesterday president Biden announced the US we'll have enough vaccines for 300 million Americans by the end of July. Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams is here with war on how he's trying to pick up the pace of vaccinations. And the battle over control of Britney Spears' fortune is back in. Lawyers for spears and her father sparring over control of her fortune. We have the latest on the judge's new ruling and why the free Britney movement is fighting back. But we begin with the latest on former president trump second impeachment trial jumped lawyers are set to make their case against conviction today. Democratic prosecutors wrapped their case saying trumps words and actions prove. He incited the siege on the capital and he could incite more violence in future if not convicted. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott starts us off. This morning former president Donald Trump's legal team is preparing to mount their defense following a blistering presentation from Democrats are warning that if the senate does not convict the former president of violence will be allowed to continue unchecked. If we pretend. This didn't happen. Or worse. If we let it go. Unanswered. Who's to say it won't happen again they say there is no doubt. Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he told his supporters to march on the capital in quote fight like hell and that he showed no remorse for it she struck a match. And he gained it straight at this building. At us. Playing videos of how the crowd reacted to was words that day. Okay. Gas. Insisting bill supporters. Believed they were taking direct orders from their commander in chief. Or lead manager Jamie raskin making the case troubles laying the ground work for years. Us gen. Unexpected radical break from his normal law abiding and peaceful disposition this was his state of mind. But the majority of the Republicans in the room. Unmoved and as the senate weighed his feet tramples on the golf course seen in these photos from the Daily Mail his lawyer David sound ready to claim trump did nothing wrong. He has condemned the violence and and anyone who in any way want to be associated with what happened in this final innocent. Prosecutors already under cutting the defense claiming the idea he was exercising his first amendment rights is a distraction. And that incitement of insurrection. Is not protected under free speech. He was the president of the United States. And he had spent months. Months. He's using the unique power of that office. His bully pulpit. To spread that big bloc arguing this case is bigger than one man staying the fate of the country now hangs in the balance what. I'm habitable horse or wade asked if we do not stand up now and say no this is not America. And some Republican senators seemed to have their minds are reading made up. Ted Cruz Lindsey Graham Mike Lee meeting which comes defense team last night. Only a handful of Republicans seem to have an open mind about this one of them senator bill Cassidy he was spotted inside in the chamber taking extensive notes. He says he wants to hear from Trump's defense team why it took him so long to condemn the violence that day Diane. Rachel Scott and Washington forest thank you. Hours before the defense is set to kick got sources say there's growing tension within the trump legal team chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl. Has more on that good morning John what do you hearing. Good morning Diane we're getting here for the troop legal defense team they have sixteen hours to answer the case that was put forward by the house managers. But they have signal that this will be a short. Defense presentation might be more like three or four hours. And it seems that the trump legal team is a bit at odds with itself we have spoken about with several people either on or close to the legal team. Some of them apps told us. The aide to Donald Trump does not want to hear again from Bruce castor who gave that rambling off first presentation. Earlier this week. We also heard from somebody on the trump legal team that castor would actually be taking the lead. And there's even men talk that perhaps they may bring in somebody entirely new new people to help make the defense's case. Wall that is all happening. There's also another development it is quite significant about the direction of the Republican Party. Nikki Haley who of course served in the trump administration has the UN ambassador somebody was very close to Donald Trump rarely criticized him. Any just published interview with Politico she makes a definitive break from trump. Telling politicos Tim Alberta. The trump let us down meaning let Republicans down and then she adds. We shouldn't have followed him we shouldn't have listened to him and we can't let that ever happen again. That's up. Pretty decisive break. With Donald Trump from somebody. Who is considered a potential presidential candidate even the leading Republican presidential candidate. And somebody who was always been quite close to Donald Trump. Diane. Jonathan Karl in Washington thank you so what should we expect from the president's legal team today ABC's political director Rick Klein is here with more Rick. The president was reportedly unhappy with his team's opening statements so what are you watching for from them today. Globally clear that low bar that they set for themselves as one question but what really die and this is gonna be to what about autism defense. The defense team is he's not going to try to defend the actions of the protesters at the capitol they're not gonna try to defend the president's own words of although put some context around it but they are going to provide ample evidence in their view. Democrats saying and doings roughly similar things using incendiary language that didn't lead to violence and all leads up to that critical threshold question. That whatever you think about the president's conduct according to his lawyers according to his defenders it doesn't cost of art doesn't meet the bar. An impeachable offense something that he should be convicted four and removed from office and in the I think the less is more strategy from the team reflects the political reality. Right now the votes almost certainly aren't there troubles lawyers know that and that means really all they can do is screw it up of state talk too much are going some weird directions. Generating even some Republicans seem to agree that house managers made a compelling case could be enough. Just wait a seventeen Republicans needed for conviction and how could this verdict affect the party. Seventeen is still very high bar and I don't see realistically getting there but starting from that did the six Republicans who think that. This trial is even on constant debate is even constitutional at all that puts you in the range of 56 votes. I think it could grow a little bit from there there are few senators have held their cards pretty close to the vast including senator Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leader although few expect him to vote. To be a vote for conviction I don't think there are few potentially imply a a but I think I either party closer to 56 and 67 if you're looking for a prediction and I think for Republicans. It reflects their news divisions inside the party right now they don't know where to go in some ways this would represent a golden opportunity today to break cleanly with president trauma to say that his actions were just flat unacceptable and let's move on but of course they know where their voters are they know where the trump bases and there's going to be political repercussions for anyone who stands up like that. All right ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you and keep it here for continuing coverage of the impeachment of former president trumped a trial resumes around noon eastern. That's a major pharmacies will start administering vaccines today the White House says the US will have enough vaccines for 300 million Americans by the end of July. Another to vaccinated every American adults. But they say we'll still be months before most people can actually get those vaccines. Nearly 35 million Americans have received at least one dose so far which Johnson is at a Walgreens here in New York with more on the efforts to ramp had a good morning when. Diane this is all part of a new federal program to get an additional one million doses out to the major pharmacy chains across the country an earlier this morning. We were there in Durham, North Carolina as 64 year old Marcella Thompson became the first person to get a vaccine at a Walgreens. As this new program begins in Marcella tells us that's the pharmacy or she goes all the time. Which is the whole idea behind this that you can get people to a safe and comfortable and convenient place where the vaccines can take place. Back here in New York meanwhile at this Walgreens. They're getting prepared for the first appointments people will check in right over here and then we'll be escorted back to a private room where the vaccine will be administered so again. People are comfortable in this space because this is where they buy their things that are their pills they're groceries things like that. 6500. Locations across the country are participating in this. We're talking about Walgreens CVS Rite Aid other major chains but supply is limited in the beginning and so it's important to check on line ahead of time to seat. If appointments are available meantime we are also warning that the timeline on the vaccine roll out. Is moving faster the Biden administration announcing that it purchase an additional 100 million doses both. From Pfizer and majora that brings a total of 600 million doses to be available by the end of July and that moves up the timeline from an initial estimate. Of the end of summer. This'll be enough to fully vaccinated again with two shots almost the entire US population and I am. Moorad hoping so whit Johnson thank you dearly and GMA arena shot Walgreens group vice president of pharmacy operations talked about. Pharmacies vaccine rollout let's listen. What I want to get right to it because so many people have this big question on their mind right now when. Bellini able to get a vaccine so when will Walgreens be able to. Get a vaccine to everybody who wants want. It's somber solo you know her release and it is next milestone. That angle who seek partnership program. That means is that the CDC international governance has given. Pharmacies vaccines only. Com I along with bill how are looking well our sports scene we used our. Eight patients because there's limited vaccine available so. Beastie. Eligibility criteria that's in place she and Asians actually I'll eligibility appreciate it in order prevents you get scenes and waiting it out to eat. When you're eligible you scene and weakens. So walk us through the process of someone wants to get their vaccine through Walgreens where did they start. Get the great thing is we have multiple options that vs you can go online. You can go online. The evil she orders and are eligible to get the scene and then scheduling or pregnant. You mentioned at the very beginning it is limited in increase or is there really quickly. Once he's actually appointment you can schedule it was 18 ghost you you received confirmation. For those that may not be able to go online. Column color Stewart and for the stores that little. Frank senior and they will be able also schedule a pregnant women aren't. We'll appeal we've got some viewer questions ahead of my glasses on so I can read it because I wanna get consider that important they're coming in over social media the first one. Is from Ruth and she how this question on FaceBook for you she asked I'm wondering if we get the first shot at one location can we get the second one. The same kind at a different location. Rinse is asking great questions so well when you get your first shot you can get on occasion when he's second dose. You can teach teens are rarely want to get that vaccine and so you can choose this or is there is available to you check in choosing different. Patient neckline is how Clinton and it didn't and. But can't got a question for you from Stephanie and I have the same one in my own family and that a lot of people are trying to help their parents get these vaccines has to Stephanie is tweeting. My parents are elderly and limited distance from me can I air rage for them to get the vaccine. From where I am. Great questions that need something that actually I was doing for family members and you can go online and it is. Mueller's parents anyone that's elderly are able CU schedule and an Internet information registered. You can schedule on their behalf and even more importantly we just recently launched a partnership with the number in ways. Those patients that are in underserved communities and brown you. We are praying. Ryan's tube patients are transportation is still seeing you sign up for an appointment. Confirmation as only to go and be able she used transportation or indications. To the store or so it's a you know when eight insured me to reducing your ears and to ensure. That the story. That's such a crucial step in that's that's agree to her you're doing it OK we've got one more for you it's from genie on FaceBook and she asks what's the plan. If people don't show up for their vaccine appointments I keep hearing stories about vaccines. Going to waste and. I want reminds. I know every there isn't there should be no deals that left I'm I'm fascinated and so that's our policy that Walgreens and ultimately eat and he's someone doesn't that does cancel appointments well we don't process in place to ensure that we're reaching out to patients corps that our patients that are just it we can reach out and ensure that those patients in. And so ultimately. Re docent. Patients will be administered. Allegiance. Doesn't place to ensure that there is a passionate Asians that are available at weekend in nineteen. Really great information thank you so much for your time this morning. And I thanks to associate may have for that interview lawyers for Britney Spears and her father are spar over control of her finances. We come back what happened in court. And why the free Britney movement is gaining steam stay with us. Welcome back both Walgreens and CBS plan to distribute vaccines across New York City and a new vaccine mega site is set to open in Brooklyn in about two weeks. For more let's bring in Brooklyn Borough president. Eric Adams act thanks so much for being here. A process of this all because the federal government is sending vaccines to these pharmacies this state is controlling some other vaccination sites. And then this city its controlling others does that create confusion. It's your Clinton ahead asserted it. Think about it all Holmgren. Oh we grade in the day in operation. Under way. Are deployed in cities across our country but we announced its. And it's you know Jordan on my loans what's your background into an. Reason of this magnitude. The moon Sharon is Gordon coordination. Would you go through one quarter to make sure we are in real time mechanism in place and know who we are distributed vaccines to. This is it was a prisons section I don't know sort of Samaria. Parents of some again is causing some confusion. Today indoor dining can reopen that Lynn limited capacity in New York City. Cuisine other states are on the countries starting to lower restrictions but they're also concerns over these new variants that are more transmissible and spreading throughout the country's so. I know you support in the opening an indoor dining now in the city why do you think now is the right time for the. What we are. Think Kobe is going to be around for some time now we have to start hardening our establishments. As sort of a just introduce new norm in a very safe way. And clearly. I believe we can do we where we can sort of residency. Resuscitating our economy. And that's the same time he's safe around over in nineteen economies in real trouble. K and we must start looking how do we open our economy in the same way O while we are just visual call in nineteen. Last year in New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to admit patients who had tested positive. For covad directive has now been blamed for contributing to the height death toll new York at the beginning of the pandemic. Now the New York Post is reporting it Como aid withheld the State's nursing home death numbers. From the federal government what is being done to get to the bottom of this. What. I know he's a New York State Senate is are looking into that are bears where the communication chain from. And clearly I'm Holmgren. She's misspoke. Because you know one cannot intentionally would withhold information on from a federal investigatory agency they saw believed you want to see a series of investigations. On the state level. And probably the federal those who determine exactly what took place and then turn. And what do you say ten people who would have loved ones in New York nursing homes right now and are concerned for their safety and for the many families who lost someone. And want answers. One of them upon you know mom who was in the nursing home and I was truly concerned when you can't see your loved one as part of lead therapeutic our response to healing. Not just think we were aware of some of the dangers that were. But we were basically in nursing homes that's going stay and I'm hopeful we can get to the bottom of exactly what took place. We are to Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams we appreciate your time today thank you. Richard. And turning now to Britney Spears is battle to have her father removed as the conserve water Everest day the pop star's lawyers were in court yesterday as a free Britney movement picks up steam. And you robot has the details. This morning the battle over Britney Spears conserve it to her ship. Back in court and lawyers for her and her father Jamie spears fighting over who controls her estate worth an estimated sixty million dollars. I just hope Britney feels the supplier. That meet Wal-Mart sending all the love. In court Thursday the pop star's lawyer who has previously said that 39 year old is of trade of her father. And refuses to perform while he using controlled for finances. Alleging it's no secret his client doesn't want her father as conservative or Jamie's lawyers striking back saying that in court documents from 2019. Spears herself had requested for Jamie to be her soul conservatory. A judge saying Bessemer trust which was appointed co conservative there of the star's estate in November. We'll continue its role. Both sides agreeing that Jamie and the trust need to come to an agreement and work on an investment plan for the singer's estate overnight Jamie's attorney telling ABC news in a statement. That he looks forward to working with Bessemer. Adding his love for his daughter and dedication to protecting her is clearly a parent to the court the court hearing comes as a new documentary straining Britney Spears takes a closer look at her conservative ship which was put in place more than a decade ago. Following what appeared to be a public meltdown bitter divorce and custody battle and two hospitalizations. The documentary also follows her loyal army of fans in the free Britney movement. A group which claims a conservative ship is being used to control her against her will. If I'm wrong and one name pretty does come out and tells us that we're wrong and and leave her alone we will do just that. On Thursday some showing up outside court might fit them into her eight years. I would say. Hurricane here's where you. Earlier this week spears tweeting each person has their story and their take on other people's stories remember. No matter what we think we know about a person's life it is nothing compared to the actual person living behind the lens. Neither Britney nor Janie participated in the un authorized documentary and the next hearings on the conserved her ship will be in March Diane. Dini wrote back thank you and for more. On Britney Spears is conservative ship and this ongoing case of spring and University of Iowa law professor Josephine Gensler an ACLU disability rights attorney. Zoe Brennan crown ladies thank you so much for being here this morning Josephine I'll start with you what exactly. Is a conservative ship my enemies that conservatives your ship excusing what are these exist. Well let me start by explaining why. I'm the law presumes. Not jobs. And then on compassionate he Twomey personal and financial. Decisions about their lives. Platt. In all states there are lives that recognize the Iraq. Some of doubts him didn't diminish. Decision making capacity. Beat current. Alzheimer's disease or some other dimension. Because of the intellectual disabilities. Or because their brain injuries or because. And mental illness. And show in onstage. You're not authorize. The court to coordinate presented. War and and each to be sharks she decision maker for an adult with diminished capacity. And the term guardianship is generally used to be heard she was sued decision maker. Who makes personnel. Care decisions and living arrangements. Are for the ideology managed decision making capacity. Conservative share. It's a term next year he used to look we've heard she knew a person or entity according to court to make formal national. Decisions for me and doubt resignation decision making capacity. Some states like California. Where Britney Spears' section and cheered conservatives check that term is used to Carter brown. Parents and britney's case a conservative ship does cover both but it is being those two branches of the conservative ship are being designed and decided. By different people is that we want to the pros and the cons of a conservative ship. Sure. Certain Chad as is just explained he is as a legal system where the corps is. A judge is she away one person's writing and giving them to another person and saying this person the person on Americans are readership or guardianship. Cannot meet their own choices battles where they live BCE. Eat. How they spend their money where they can create a man who asks that person can and others. Decisions about themselves and another person this concept of substitute decision making another person makes those decisions for you. And so that's it really. Which huge imposition. I can't really restricting civil rights a person under insurers so. Edu and as something that shouldn't really be a last resort and there are. A lot of alternatives to concern ownership and guardianship a lot of ways that a person with disabilities are person Bruce seemed to have disabilities. And supports can get help to push their life to make their decisions and women say and waiters. That's. How they want to live their life short taking that decision making capacity away from them and when it's often permanent. But and so there's so much we don't know about this case and Britney specifics and why the court has decided this but how difficult is it to get out of a concern Hirsh could serve readership. It down the line you you are capable of taking care of yourself. It's extra. Mainly difficult to get out of consideration and guardianship and that's one of the meal. Concerns we have an album it's much much easier to get to mourn and out of want and so yeah you're right we don't know the details. This case and you don't know what's filed in what's been considered and what's an under you know what I court is considering. Need you know he's very typical for people to. Getting to conserve partnerships in a moment of crisis or in some sort of particular situation and then those unikom. Essentially are extremely. Difficult to get out of concern ershad. And this is definitely one of those cases that people are watching very closely Zoe Brennan crown and Josephine got a great to have you both thank you. Thank you. And dangerous ice caused a deadly pileup in Texas involving more than 130. Cars when we come back across country storms on the move bringing more snow and ice to millions. Welcome back a dangerous winter storm system caused a deadly pileup in Texas six people were killed and more than 100. Vehicles were involved. Ginger zee has the latest on that storm and a new storm now crossing the country. High speed boost from. Wreck. Freezing rain turned parts of I 35 in Fort Worth, Texas in to a disaster zone. More than 130. Vehicles twisted and mangled for more than a mile and a half of that busy highway. 65 people injured six people lost their lives. Crews working through early this morning to clear the tangled mess. And that was after they went vehicle to vehicle searching for drivers who were trapped in the subfreezing temperatures. Lisa stone was grateful to get out alive. I was one of the what do enabled our own way it is here and the people in that it would be receiving their. No yelling Virgo. That yelling and this screams of those who couldn't get out come pounded by the fear that hypothermia would set it. Rebecca Benson a nurse on the front lines of the pandemic survived the pile up she was on her way home from a long shift she. Literally shaking my vehicle every time they would come in Dicker the cars. And it was here. Rain falling on sub freezing surfaces also made for horrific wrecks in Austin missed his 26 car pileup sent five people to the hospital. And in Atlanta heavy rain caused accidents and this fiery crash on I 75. Killing one person. And they are still cleaning up that accident more than 24 hours later unfortunately there's more winter weather to forecast and watch for at look at this a lot of those alerts and warnings across the country. You seeing anywhere from Portland Oregon and Seattle. All the way over to the mid Atlantic snowstorm won the one that caused all those accidents has moved on that strength sued the slide across so that's Saturday afternoon Washington DC if you're planning on driving around there on Saturday. Watch for freezing rain. And then look at Monday that snow into deep south Texas. Ice all the way to close to Houston and then now move into the northeast and one is fueling a lot of this not just the jet stream lifting up the atmosphere. But the cold air that's why you're giving it six to twelve inches in this wide swath from Michigan back to Oklahoma. And some of the coldest air potentially in seventy years for places like Houston Natalie for a really chilly Marty back to Diane. All right to deceive thanks for that. And a few more things to know before you go 5000. Years up to Stonehenge was built and we are getting a new clue as to where it came from. Archeologists have discover that some of the blues stones at Stonehenge were actually part of a different stone circle known as the wind mountain whales. Before it was dismantled and put back together. Where they are now. The lead archaeologist on a team told ABC news it's amazing that it's only in the last year. That we really come up with a answers for the origins of the Stonehenge is stones. And an honor down time is an animal rescue organization is spreading the love flying homeless pets to their new homes. The mission is called love is in the air casino project and wings of rescue will help transport. 190. Dogs and cats from Puerto Rico to the mainland United States the goal is to save more than 500 shelter pets during Valentine's Day. Week the animals will be airlifted this weekend from San Juan to Florida and New York. When we are celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday also known as the Chinese New Year starts today. The Chinese zodiac calendar is represented by twelve different animals so we are saying goodbye to the year of the rat. And hello to the yearly tax in Chinese culture the pox is it hard working signed signifying movements. Meeting hopefully the world will be less static than last year. And get moving again I think we can all hope for that. And that does it for this ABC news live update and a and Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news I was here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis have a great day.

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