ABC News Live Update: Derek Chauvin trial resumes

Plus, over 40% of U.S. adults have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, and the Baylor Bears defeated Gonzaga, securing the school’s first men’s basketball championship.
29:07 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Derek Chauvin trial resumes
Good morning eyes and say those things. And today's update the trial Jerry showman enters day seven after the highly anticipated testimony of the Minneapolis police she. She paragon of testified that children went against police training when he restrained George Blake. True to our dream. And. Formed a group. We're live outside the courthouse with what twist back when the trial resumes this morning. Plus over 40% of adults in the US has now gotten at least one dose of the club in nineteen vaccine. But Coleman's cases and hospitalizations are moving in the wrong direction rising. In at least nineteen states here with the CDC is saying about that search and white kids could be partially to blame. And as a record number of Americans start to fly again tensions among masses are running high on airplanes. We'll take a closer look at a few incidents like this one and what you need to know before booking that next flight. But we begin with powerful testimony in the trial dared show than the former Minneapolis police chief. For a rather the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd we heard yesterday. From the Minneapolis police chief telling the jury that children's actions while resting George Floyd violated department policy. Values and ethics. The ER Doctor Who treated Floyd also testified that he believed its sixty nations stopped Floyd's heart. And that the officer's failure to administer aid while they waited for paramedics dramatically reduce the chances of Floyd survival. Alex Perez is in Minneapolis with the latest. Tickets are taking this stand Minneapolis police chief Madeira Redondo testifying against one of his own former officers. When someone is in our custody. Regardless if there is suspect. Are we happy an obligation to make sure we provide for their care. On the stand recalling when he first saw that tough to watch videos show bin on Floyd any community member at contacted me. And said yeah. Chief. Almost verbatim but said she's okay he's seen the video. Your office your children in killing that. That man ever Redondo fired Derek showman and the other officers involved at the day after the incidence. The chief testified Shelvin pinning Floyd to the ground with his need to find department rules. So is it your belief then that this particular. Form of restraints investments you the first roll call it do. In fact it violates departmental policy. I actually agree that it violates our policy. There Redondo telling jurors this Jovan should've stopped restraining Floyd once he was on the ground and clearly in distress. To you continue to apply. That. Level. Of force. Two in person. Prone doubt. Handcuffed behind their back start her training. And it is certainly not part of our ethics our balance. The defense showing the chief pictures questioning whether showbiz meat was on Floyd's neck the entire time. Would you agree that from the perspective of officer king's body camera it appears that officer chauvinist he was more on mr. Floyd's. Cooler place. Yes but the chief said by that time Floyd may have already been done to. An ounce pres joins me now from Minneapolis for more on this Alex department's training commander also testified. And she also said that the way showman restrained George Floyd went against police training why did they need her testimony. If the police chief that already said the same thing. But you know I'd die and the prosecutors as a bringing out all of these witnesses these people who work with the police department to. Makes the point to the jury heard it was Katie Blackwell as she was. In charge of training the officers back when all of this happened in her tell us what he was very blunt when they asked her. About that position that we see showbiz on top both Lloyd she said I don't know what kind of improvised position that is but it's certainly not something that we train our officers to do you and the jury of course was listening very intently yesterday to her testimony. Diane and also to that testimony from the police chief. And today we're sad to hear from Maurice hall the man who was with George Floyd that day but instead of testifying. He's actually fighting not to testify what do we expect from that hearing. Yet and this is all gonna happen out with the jury not. In the chorus of before the jury enters a quorum we expect it'll be a zoom hearing he's actually in police custody for and a related matter if you look at some of those videos at the aftermath you can actually see him in some of those videos and Floyd's girlfriend testified that. He had in the cost provided that drugs to George Floyd we expect at this hearing today is June hearing he's going tip. Make it clear that he intends to plead the fifth Ed. Because he could incriminate him. And had not testified during this trial. So this hearing it really is to quash that subpoena and handle all of that business before the. We appreciated Alex Torres outside the courthouse and I want to bring criminal attorney Shana Lloyd. Of the Cochran firm for more analysis on this Shawna how usual is it. To see a police chief testify in a criminal trial against one of their own former officers. The news. Why aren't unusual typically don't wanna force protested Arnold and law enforcement officer and he says he's a source case so this is a significant arsenal seen in the nineteen gonna resonate with our jurors. And that she thought a said that rather than. Escalated it and he also testified that children violated his training. Both by keeping Floyd on his stomach and by keeping his knee on Floyd's neck how effective was that testimony overall. Little girl was out of it because security at least she's talking about what their priorities on our -- your sister can make sure render medical aid when necessary. And these are the things that he pointed out that showed and did not June and so from his point of view that none of that went according to training or what they are slot need to do wondrous on the city's emergency situations. And doctor lion fell who treated Floyd at the hospital also laid out why he believed. That Floyd died of asphyxiation not a drug overdose but saying you believe something isn't the same. As being sure of something and we know all the defense days to do here is raise reasonable doubt so how effective do you think that testimony was. And he's effect. It because it's a Doctor Who was hair real time giving his conclusions. And I think any time you're talking about jurors are gonna bring their own. Chris acted as our own experience common sense that deliberation or send some things are gonna resonate a little bit more and if they keep adding these little small granular ash doubts about whether or not sure you slow with actual closet dentist you may finally ensure that says you know what I am not and dance and that's really what they need because are unanimous jury is required. The for a guilty verdict guilty verdict correct. So what are you watching for as the trial resumes this morning. I'm very am looking Schwartz he's hearing from the medical experts I think they're going to be Bayerische significant I think you're gonna see it they're gonna get very granular with their. I'm excuse me over the amount of drugs and drug use and I'm interested to see how that impacts charger at. Ryan channel line we appreciate it thank you and ABC news lie we'll have complete coverage. The dare show that trial and proceedings resume in just a short while. But now we want to go to the latest on a pandemic about 40% of the US adult population has now received at least one dose of the vaccine. Little over 22%. Fully vaccinated the cases are climbing. In at least nineteen states can be hard tons in Arlington Texas with more on how Americans are trying to get back to normal. This morning after a sellout crowd of more than 2000 fans Pakistan's at the Texas Rangers home opener. Some even now. Others without scenes like this concerning for health officials who warn coding case is in hospital as Asians in many states are on the rise and this time around. The search is different. We noted the increases are due in art. More highly transmissible parents usually are very closely monitor. This CDC warning cases are climbing among young adults and children who were less likely to be vaccinated at this point. Hospitalizations. Up over 10% in sixteen states the upper midwest has 23%. Jump in the past week the worst thing we could do right now. Would be to mistake progress. Or victory. Experts say the highly contagious beat 117 variant is likely to glean in Minnesota it's now the dominant strain just in the last two weeks Minnesota we've had over 749. Schools in our state. Our kids would be 117. Will work called in nineteen in general were actually found 22 million school. And so we're having happen right now is kind of a perfect storm bad bottom. Lots of opportunity for transmission despite these warning signs more cease dropping restrictions today in Indiana the statewide mask mandate expiring and in Texas at that baseball game fans say they're ready for a return to normalcy. We're out car wherever. Any year. And I end this scene no right here yesterday it was surreal. Looking many people collectively cheering and then he like this. No worry here doctor fell she says what he saw was concerning but. We are sending very different from fans many fans we talked to were not concerned by the threat of Kobe based felt safe here. And everyone we talked to was excited for a day that felt like a return to normal. Diane RI QB hard time thanks for that. And this morning and GMA doctor found she spoke about the rise in cove in nineteen case is potentially revealing new information. Related to Kobe and case. Welcome back doctor fracture got to start out but getting your actions CNET packed stadium in Texas last night apparently informed rangers' home opener. PA you know Joyce that's concerning I mean if we certainly want to see based pulled Scott getting back into the style that we are used to it. What you want to do that gradually. You know a few thousand at a time but it just start right off just essentially pulling the plug. I'm a bit concerned about that I mean they're taking a chance it's risky I hope we don't see any deleterious consequences of that. How do you make sense of the good news bad news right now we're seeing vaccinations. Ramp up at such a rapid clip right now we've got these variants across the country case is rising in so many states. They help people walk through what's happening right now. The where the well I think the best way for people to understand it George is that it really is somewhat of a race between the vaccine. And dean now essentially. They evolving more and more of these variants that we're seeing that have. Great capability of transmitting from person to person and likely even making it more serious disease. Also infecting young people seemingly. More so than the elderly will likely more protected because they've already been. Vaccinated to a large extent. So it really is this back and forth we doing really really well joy for vaccinations now you we you know we have. You know tens and tens and tens of millions of people have been vaccinated fully you know we have over a hundred million men have been vaccinated with a single. Ozal partially. Vaccinated and it and over the weekend. We were as high as four million. They'll vaccinations and a single day. If we keep that pace up we'll going to be doing very well put on the other side of the coin is when you pointed out. Does that was seen outtakes in cases in many states. Throughout the country would particularly. Driven by this very and one when seven which has of data capability of going from person. The person it's kind of a race as they said between it really really good news of the vaccine. And the somewhat sobering news of this variant does spreading more rapidly and you sit a sitting younger people as well so what does that mean for parents what should they do about school and extracurricular activities sports right now. Well you know juggle with finding out Denny its east and that teens sportswear kids are getting together. You know six obviously many without masks that are driving at rather than in the classrooms spread when you go back and take a look and try and track. Where these clusters of cases are coming from in the school it's Joseph. So that we're also seeing this into at least one cruise line now saying they're gonna have a cruise this hour with fully vaccinated passengers and crew. Is that saves should vaccines be required for cruise ships. Well the CDC a couple of days ago or you gave yesterday I think came down to win their recommendations saying they strongly recommend it. But they don't requiring. That's sort of interest thing they really feel it's important to get people vaccinated particularly when you put them on a relatively closed environment. Such as a cruise ship so let's hope. But the people who go on the cruise take that recommendation from the CDC. And do get vaccinated. Doctor fashion thanks for your time and your information again this morning. Thank you Joyce good to be with you. Our thanks to George for that interview room. And get ready for a sticker shock at the grocery store prices are rising on food and other products like toilet paper and diapers. Chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis breaks down why it's happening and what you can do to keep. Your costs down. This morning sticker shock at check out. Whether you're buying your groceries and other staples online or in stores it's not your imagination. Costs are climbing we have it. A suspicion. That prices we're gonna go up. But I don't think we realize how bad it was going to be according to the latest government deed of the price US consumers pay for groceries is up subpoena half percent over the last twelve months. For a family of four that could be as much as 500 dollars more a year on everything from cereal to. And analysts say on top of the pandemic truck driver shortage is severe storms in other currencies like the ships dock in the Suez Canal are only exacerbating the problem. I don't see anybody realized you know that the magnitude of issues debt we're seeing in this Archie now a growing list of popular consumer companies recently hiking prices. General Mills maker of Cheerios announcing its raising prices to offset higher freight manufacturing in commodity prices. Hormel raising prices on products like Jennie O ground Turkey and light of higher grain costs. Even the cost of a jar of GF peanut butter higher than a year ago because maker JM Smucker is says its costs are meaningfully higher. But experts say there are ways to keep your shopping costs low stock up and strike when the price is right. You better think about. Routinely use an easy on sale of certain needs and I am ball. I'm peek outside the box shop around for items on sale and don't forget smaller stores. And it's not just foodstuffs other things beyond groceries like family staples baby care child care. Diapers even toilet paper those prices are set to go up early this summer there makers. Have signaled that that is to come another thing to keep in mind here though is that there's a lot of new technology that will help you save things like I bought the app they gives you cash back. Where every year shopping for your groceries. And another great new app is called baskets you fill out exactly what you intend to purchase and it will tell you which grocery store you can buy your food from at the lowest price. Diane. All right Rebecca Jarvis thanks for that and tonight's edition of soul of the nation uncovers the secrets of the 1921 Tulsa massacre. It tissue was buried for generations. Now investigators are discovering new details about this dark moment in American history. Steve Mohsen Sami has that preview. A year long investigation. Hundreds of hours of interviews tonight on soul of a nation. We tell the story of the Tulsa race massacre of 1921. The killings here are still a mystery to this day. And we'll take you to the search for mass graves. This is a murder and fast action one of the most basic things any city government should offer citizens is that if you're murdered. We will do everything we can't try and find out what happened to you. And really bothers me that in 1921 way to city that didn't do. It was a successful community were black Americans had agency over their own lives and it was burned to the ground. By resentful white neighbors. We need join the can't achieve the granddaughter of a survivor. Who tells us that both black and white -- least kept what happened quiet. For different reasons black folks at the time to wind through this home did not just pass down the story data generation yes they didn't talk about it. They kept that silence. To live. As part of this investigation we sit down with singer Charlie Wilson who was born and raised in Tulsa well certainly artists Charlie Wilson. Search offs. The band that made him famous the gap band is named after the very streets at the entrance to the neighborhood Greenwood archer and pie because. We all knew have been told what had happened. And Greenwood in 1921 and the race tracks so we decided take on it may cause we know who's going gore a little early Saturday. He says that when the band was on tour back in the day they tried to tell the world then about what happened in green looked. People was gone looking at a select. You issue I've never heard this story before so me you know not even that would total story a lot of times. No matter really responded to it because it is never heard of the story. Because it was forbidden to talk about. Our soon. It was host. You'll hear more from Charlie Wilson. In our podcast pulses buried truth available. Right now you can subscribe. Now and get new episodes every Tuesday also tonight on sold a nation. Singer Andrea Day the Oscar nominated singer and actress will be speaking with us tonight at 10 PM eastern she also ends our series. With a performance again that's tonight soul of a nation. 10 PM eastern on central here on ABC. Diane. All right Steve Boson sunny thank you. And a family was caught on camera being taken off a flight after the airline says. They refused to keep their masks on the family says it was all about their two year old. We'll have more on the incident and what you need to know. Before taking to the skies plus students at the university of Baylor stormed the field after the school won its first college basketball title in history. We've got all the highlights after the break stay with us. Welcome back more than six million people were screened at US airports this holiday weekend Sunday alone recorded ten times the number of people who travel on Easter last year. Now sourcing new video of battles over masks on some of those flights are transportation correspondent GO Benitez is at Newark Airport with more. This morning as a record number of travelers return to disguise where are also seeing videos like this. Tense moments captured on camera a southwest flight attendant telling this passenger. To get off the plane after apparently refusing to wearing masks. Passengers cheer and applaud as the woman is kicked off the flight. The flight attendant even those of dance and on this Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to Atlantic City Monday April. A family of four told to get off the play. A pregnant mothers seen in this video clip wearing a mask with a two year old child eating yogurt on her lap a seven year old child with special needs next door. The flight attendant appears to tell the family. The two year old wasn't wearing the mask federal law requires children to and up to Wear a mask but Spirit Airlines telling ABC news it was not about the child. Quote we're aware of incorrect information circulating the flight was delayed due to adults who did not comply with a federal mask require. The plane was. We're eventually allowed back on the plane to fly to Atlantic City. And the FAA telling us overnight that they've seen about thirteen hundred incidents like this since December. But the airlines tell us that over the past month most Americans have been wearing. Those masks Diane. I'd give me says thank you and Baylor and again zagged his bid for an undefeated season in last night's national championship game. The bears took a commanding lead over the bulldogs and never gave it up securing the school's first ever men's basketball championship. ABC's TJ Holmes has the highlights. Drew Baylor players champions and spoilers looting get daggers hopes of a historic undefeated season and in blowout fashion. Dominating the bulldogs from start to finish the prayers the national champions. And winning their first title in school history. It's really likes a family flight. After thirty days in the bubble we ate together you don't watch movies together we did everything together. And does this really cool day I'm remember that probably more than when in the championship. Baylor guard Derek Butler was named most outstanding player after his sleep two point performance. That included 43 pointers and leading bay lose beat down of the bulldogs. Gonzaga into the championship match up undefeated thirty want to know who was in trouble right out of the gate going down nine to nothing in the opening minutes. After surviving last rounds late game thriller Gonzaga was hoping for more magic and a comeback. It's really really tough warned. And a storybook season on and obviously yes we're all disappointed in here by. You know. I told the guys like actually make it this far and in your 31 and I'll go on in the last one there's absolutely nothing you should never feel bad about blue Jay themselves and the bulldogs never recovered from they lose devastating opening blow. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that and we should commend these young men and women because Baylor had to. Co live pauses in this season can Zagat to pause basketball operations once. Because of cold it. On again all these young men and women went through a season of -- it and made it through this tournament so hats off. All of them for what they were able to pull off. Studio when you mix a thirty foot tall lizard with aids giant gorilla. Well the biggest blockbuster of the pandemic we'll look at the return to the movies as dot zillow vs cons. Dominates the box office. And testimony in the Derek Shelvin Trout will begin in just a little while we'll tell you what to expect. When we come back. Welcome back this weekend brought in the biggest blockbuster of the pandemic but the premiere of god zillow vs cons. The movie made nearly fifty million dollars at the box office while also streaming on HBO Max so could this signal a return to the movie here's this summer. Here's will reap with more. Bows to no 1 this morning got similar purses com and knocked out at the box office. The newest installment in the Warner Bros. monster first grossing nearly fifty million dollars in the US over Easter weekend and 285. Million worldwide. The last ones to. The film which was released simultaneously in feeders and in homes around the world on HBO Max exceeding expectations at the pandemic period box office. People really wanted to go back choose the movie theaters and of course Godzilla vs congress special effects. You want to see that Armitage street. Just over a year ago the pandemic shutting the doors on movie theaters globally. Forcing audiences to their couches these new box office numbers are hopeful sign of things to come for movie heaters. A welcome sign as this summer's blockbusters prepared for release like marbles. Black widow. And Warner Bros. space jam a new legacy. I'm occur to me. Why can't ask both sets released simultaneously in cedars handle the streaming service. The big weekend resulting in a 15%. Bump to ANC's stock. A promising sign to many in the movie industry and the fans happy to be back even if the experiences a little different in the pandemic. The whole atmosphere the whole spiel looking at committees I don't think you can beat that. Diane California and New York are crucial to the film industry and both states have been easing near cedar capacity restrictions. Right now New York is at 25%. Max capacity. But feeder operators are pushing local officials to bump that number up to 50%. That's where Los angeles' as of yesterday. Diane all right we'll read. Thank you and for a look at the day's science and technology headlines here's politicos are up the since it is advice and new payment feature on clubhouse. Users can now send money directly to content creators on the social audio out the features being described as a virtual tip jar. That's founder recently said he wants to focus on getting money directly to creators. Amazon is making its echo showed ten compatible would zoom zoom meetings will start automatically for users. With links calendars while others can just say Alexa joined my meeting. The echo showed tent will also track your movements to keep you in frame. Finally in the world's largest fully operational Nintendo's switch is more than six times the size girls which measuring thirty inches tall and seven inches wide and weighing 65 pounds it was built for a good cause. It's being given to you Children's Hospital in Alabama. Busier tech bytes and I just know kids are gonna have a blast without one back give. Love that none of thank you. And testimony and Eric Sherman trowel gets started in just a little while its chicken with Kenneth Mon. In Minneapolis Kenneth dreary days I get started a little earlier than usual this morning. That's right Diane about 45 minutes earlier because judge Peter K hill war take on a court order filed by Maurice hall. The passenger inside that SUV would George Floyd. Paul notified the court last week that he intended to take the fifth. If called to the stand update seven will continue to focus on Derek show risk training Minneapolis police sergeant over crisis intervention training. Is expected to take the stand to talk about how officers can recognize. So when a crisis. Perhaps may be on drugs or a medical distress. Yesterday we saw police chief but here are our Don the delivering strong testimony saying that need to George boy's neck violated policy. It's not what the department teaches and it doesn't represent the department's values for service defense attorney got the chief to acknowledge that neck restraints and choke holds. We're allowable by MPD policy at the time of the may two weeks when he gets it and the chief however clarified that having the need. On a prone handcuffed individual for an indefinite period of time. Is not part of the Minneapolis police department's training. Diane. All right Kenneth thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Dennis it'll have live coverage of the Derek German trial testimony is scheduled to resume in just a short while we'll see that sixty.

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