ABC News Live Update: 'External security threat' prompts brief Capitol scare

The U.S. is on high alert as the inauguration nears and new images of the Capitol siege show a mob searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, plus, the CDC reports a large gap in vaccine distribution.
14:34 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 'External security threat' prompts brief Capitol scare
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's updating breaking news parts of the capital are being evacuated amid reports and an external security threat listen. Yeah. Police now say there was a fire at a nearby encampment at that it was extinguished with no injuries. DC's on high alert expecting 25000 National Guard troops to ensure a safe inauguration on Wednesday. And at least 21 states have also activated National Guard troops to protect their capitals from possible unrest. The increased security comes as new images of the storming of the capital show mobs searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile president trump is facing a senate impeachment trial as soon as this week. The president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tells ABC news he will no longer be representing him at his impeachment trial. Because he was a witness to the trump rally before the attack on a capital. There are also new reports that president trump could issue 100 pardons on his way out of office that could include a self parting even though his personal lawyers advise him against it. Some are even threatening to quit if he poster with it. The president trouble not attend Biden's inauguration this Wednesday making him the first president to miss his successor swearing in. And more than 150 years. Any incoming Biden administration is vowing to distribute 100 million vaccine doses invited his first 100 days in office. The CDC reports right now out of 31 million code vaccine doses distributed in the country. Only a little over twelve million have been administered this is a death at all in the US is now more than 397000. California alone is approaching three million total cases. And now took parenting alert about screen time a recent New York Times article time children screen time has soared in the pandemic. Prompting at least one specialist to warn of an epic withdrawal Vickie Burley has more on what parents can do. Like many kids fourteen year old James riker to Boulder, Colorado used to having an active schedule of basketball piano and biking is now. All Lindsay is under his devices. Are winning more it. Oh my own. Munich and friends but things hit a breaking point when his dad realized how much time was being spent just playing one device. So new to most was when I saw one week. It was literally Oreo. It's a wonderful job. Deal in order to our. Armored occupant. So limits for placed that spike in use not unique the screen time monitoring application to studio releasing data showing kids device usage has doubled cents a year ago. One example YouTube now averaging 97 minutes a day per user doubled viewing time from 2019. An online game will blocks a huge hit with a nine to twelve year old set. Now reporting over 31 million players explosive growth up 82%. Since last year. The reichert some rethinking what they can do in this difficult time all steps toward a time when normal life resumes. Early in the pandemic. I repeatedly urged parents. Not to be unduly concerned about their children's or users' screens but we've now reached a point where it's almost a year start now to try to reintroduce some level of guard rails around children's media use. One idea -- rental controls for iphones and android phones have gotten much better and easier to use so here are three things you can set up. A bedtime when your child's devices stopped connecting to the Internet. Then there are age appropriate content filters to at least minimize sexually explicit material in violence and screen time reporting so at least do you have an idea of how much device time they are racking up each week Diane. All right good advice Becky thank you and let's bring in psychologist doctor some have fees. For more on what parents can do to be sure their kids are getting too much screen time that doctor fees thanks for being here you know what happens. What happens to children's brains when they look at screens are particularly when they look at screens too much. So you know this shoot for all of us that chills just my brains are still developing they're still somewhat plastic. And one half inches from your eats into the streets signs do so someone goes into on the pipe it. Where it stops problem solving by itself it stops critical thinking because the screen is doing it for you and also understand and three time beat let's say. I'm Thompson instead Graham the on snack shack and he you know paying the check he noticed the keys and it basically acting needs the report sent to your brain. And this is somewhere. If you if you wanted to get her parents and something right. And you don't win it eight console activation of the project into what centers in the brain thanks keeps you going. And now because of your parents think this is also become. He has meantime it's almost and extract people from socialite nation because. This is how kids at an acting and he is known author acts as an you don't staying on the grounds are going to go get. You know icing with your friends so this is how long they cat and so that social aspect of it. It's beyond he sort of join kids and know what it's doing. It's sort of sneaking children and an eagle to connect meeting Annan what he you don't Kunin. Normal social level but it's I'm also taking a plea on their ability to think for themselves abstract thinking concrete thinking making eye contact. I'm and he has tons and tons of the dash that shows eight or at least not so you continent but a funny send an excessive sleep tight and damage to the brain. There's a part of the greenback began begins to actually be fun and been accepted gaining so screen trends not that I'm wrong. And what a virtual learning a lot of parents were really hard to minimize screen time. Before the pandemic but now there kids have to be on a screen all day for school. Yeah I mean this is the problem right would line. A screen so where are (%expletive) on the screens are learning that can be get off the screens. Did isn't there is any impeachment in each not to come back to those screens plus socially patient black entertainment and it seems like it just doesn't seem to be pretty each and so even personal learning you know it's your child has any breaks assumed the original dance I'm a mama twenty buy fuel late so I can tell you the minute upper class even got a lot to do isn't written. Icy nor gold and you know I aren't great what's going to act jacksons get some sun running around. Expect some of that energy and so if you happen tiny giggle or Chris luck with your children eat a lot. Even different than do some jumping jacks wire do something you know last year beating. It's a Greek from this means you just need to break up that screen it's the insidious and nonstop screen time that is really back to the press and I didn't know and screen time is becoming a real problem there and either red flags we can look out for. Absolutely I mean when your child to someone go to sleep or it would rather be on the screen then collapse site. And they with a friend or are you know if you're gay to do. And that parents complete trying to decide socially descent he hates and my son would rather stay home and sleep well lots alert a video game and that's a concern to her. Trying to you know not you rusty meals a speech snacks and watching a movie with you in the night because it could be wrong gaining skills aren't those nearly valid concerns and puts it attacks the week children eat it accidentally beast the sixty so it's pretty I'm on the screen video or video teens are the only. Panda. And limiting screen time of course is easier said than done especially right now so any tips for how parents can go that doing this. Yes things on the basic house on ours not setting limits of the eighteen screen time contingent upon exit you say I'm right comes the Europe congress can't see this past compete this short complete meal and you can get 1520 minutes. I'm on your screen credits that elect to do so it's already getting let in our even two hours of excess but even if you getting much. You can say all right Alina doled it out in small increments and yummy is dependent on that comes the other tasked with making you happy month sentence of eight ignorant of the Kennedy asked them TV elect. Aren't these a boy it's just happy deaths and see your pretty into smaller segments so not on the screen for a one you know beauty months. And even adults were on our devices more during the pandemic said we would be normally many people are working remotely were also socializing a lot more virtually. So happily set an example for our kids. Without cutting ourselves off from the world. You know children month jobs and BT most of the excused from us and it's easy child well you know we can't get beyond his treatment there watching you on on screech so things you can do is really struck try to just plant and sets an example so friends sentenced. No screens no phones acting time mealtime I think that's ignorance when just get out you know for half an hour a day in the evening let's caffeine meets lefty report which have eased three week high weakened greatly Clinton. All arms and mentor and sentence you to not disorder. Angels is something fun he needs just you know eating extract me an innings and a quarter together eat endless sitting down and talking about your. Children. Even though I know we are guilty also going on social media and getting spiel circle into the news cycle it's is really sentimental and so should let me DLC Clinton. We use our phones to work in meet where exit weekend you don't eat your speed and and you're my actions I think. Leading to your children's. Art you know he sort of and guns understand. How to play but our answer your screen and six. Concept it did not act be you know for children to act to grass but it is burn some adults aren't doctors on a Nazis thank you. Thank you for some of the top headlines in technology here's ABC's Alex. Or Shaq. In today's tech bytes FaceBook is blocking certain events through inauguration day. People won't be allowed to create any event taking place near the White House the US capitol building or statehouses across the country. The goal is to keep the platform from being used organizing violent attacks. Anything dating absurd swiping left on suspected Capitol Hill rioters according to the Washington Post bumble contender in other dating apps are using images. From the attack to identify and block people known to have participated. And there's a wrist band that lets your employer track your movement the goal is to monitor how workers are coping while they're working from home. The movie has to but it's one you press if you're happy another for when your sat in the information goes your manager in real time. And those are your tech bytes die in back to you. And aren't outs for shape thank you. And in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day fourth and fifth graders from Houston Dallas and Chicago celebrated in an annual and that's LK junior oratory competition. This year's theme how do you think doctor king's teachings can help us today here's TJ Holmes has more. Nearly sixty years ago with the US capitol building looming in the distance. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed then broke in America. His words still echo today. We must not allow our creative protest. To degenerate into physical. A gay not a game. We amount ride through the majestic heights. A meeting visible at all or the whole. Those words inspiring the history makers of tomorrow. If I didn't eat it right back to keen. How extreme Benton now career would be afraid that if he hears it he she is Steve loved I had a easy to get enough people are hers and Jack stand by how they treat you. He found out what was happening today who would listen man where he snagged Goering had done. He didn't do not only teen who I. We CNN and cowering that Saturday. This just in media won't roll gone platinum no road Watson seal runs to think and yet Fran last. The ears. It. It's a play host public out and rules. And that's just that got this and I'm bull. Black. Not picking a candidate and can we learn that trick didn't act me. We gap. Apple. If our audience can not so that until not get nation GE. In the world and happening sample of love. We must be an example. Being eight well seat on. A Vientiane let us. Makes you feel a little bit better about the fugitive TJ Holmes thank you for that and that doesn't today's ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thank you for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis helps you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown. The great celebration in the French city of Toulouse. The political leaders of France and Germany great Britain and Spain where there. This is what they were there to celebrate an airplane the Airbus a three B in which they are all partners. The largest passenger plane in the world unveiled today. In all of its enormous Laurie.

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{"duration":"14:34","description":"The U.S. is on high alert as the inauguration nears and new images of the Capitol siege show a mob searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, plus, the CDC reports a large gap in vaccine distribution. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75324169","title":"ABC News Live Update: 'External security threat' prompts brief Capitol scare","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-external-security-threat-prompts-75324169"}