ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm just in time for Christmas

Plus, President Donald Trump threatens to block the COVID-19 relief bill just passed with bipartisan support in Congress, and how a man went from being a gang member to Missouri’s teacher of the year.
8:39 | 12/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm just in time for Christmas
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update a major winter storm is on the move as millions are expected to travel for the holidays. Parts of the west are already cleaning up a foot and a half of snow with Colorado even seeing thunder snow yeah. Now there are blizzard warnings across the upper midwest while the south can expect some flooding and strong winds are forecast for the northeast on Christmas Day. To look out for power outages there. The government has a new deal with fire is served for 100 million more doses of its Kobe nineteen vaccine. Pfizer says it will deliver all of those extra doses by the end of July so far over four point six million doses of the vaccine have been delivered an over 6141000. American. Have been vaccinated. Meanwhile the US set another record for covad nineteen hospitalizations. And side second deadliest day. Since the start of the pandemic. Kings are particularly bad in the state of California where many hospitals are already at capacity. And health care workers are pleading for residents to stay home. Unemployment claims were high again last week with 803000. People filing for benefits. That's lower than a week before but still higher than any week before the pandemic. Currently more than plain million Americans are filing for jobless benefits through different government programs. Medical and relief bill aimed at helping those struggling in the pandemic is now in jeopardy. Just hours after congress passed the bill the president called it a disgrace saying the direct stimulus payments need to increase from 600. To 2000 dollars. ABC's faith and duvet is in Washington with the latest. In a suppressed for many it's Twitter video president trump demanding congress amend a suing one couldn't relief and government spending bill heading to his death. The legislation crafted by senate Republicans in Trump's own top negotiators. I'm also asking congress to immediately get rid of the way small and unnecessary items from this legislation. And to send me a suitable bill. Trump was expected to sign the measure this week to avoid a government shut down. End to give a much needed lifeline to millions of Americans expected to lose part of their federal unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. The the president now saying he wants more money in direct stimulus payments included in the bill. Mend his bill and increase the ridiculously low. 600 dollars to 2000 dollars or 4000 dollars for a couple. The demands quickly embraced by many Democrats who for months had sought to give more direct aid to struggling Americans. How secret is people OC tweeting let's do it and Adam Schiff telling CNN that. I have to think that the Republicans are not gonna go anywhere near this. Obama but but we're really try. Republicans have indicated the price tag of the 900 billion dollar curbed relief package is already too high. The bill includes 300 dollars in weekly federal unemployment benefits and up to 600 dollars in direct payments to most Americans. But the long overdue aid now hanging in the balance while millions slide into a pandemic field poverty. Time to stop playing out three in England are like. People are dying they're being evicted from her house's. There are losing everything. And it's unclear what president trump plans to deal went bad Bill Gates to his death if he refuses to sign the bill becomes law in just ten days however if he does veto if congress can't override it remembered the bill passed with overwhelming support in both the house and the senate. Diane and I think the movie thank you. And from gang member to teacher of the year a Missouri man who credits educators with saving him is now being honored by the state for how he has paid that forward. ABC news' -- Roy has his story. As good. If he told Syrian cock Rell this would eventually be his life he might at a believed dead. I doubt that little doubt it will grow it means everything is working as an elementary school PE teacher in saint Louis Missouri for the past six years. Has been nothing short of a dream come true. Oh no longer elation when I don't know what looked like oh what all their oral. They're. My. Knees were. And it's clear heat means the world to them. I don't worry liking Argentine general. Each in early July. And that's why Walsh and shiny. Clean and try oral got goal should. That's special connection with his students and dedication to educating earning him miseries teacher of the year the crowd. Sonia main. Stage. They. See it X. With that big smile on his face he'd never know the struggles he overcame to get here. As a young boy his father a drug dealer was killed and his mother was battling drug addiction in the school one day. I broke my counselor is what are local my why are. More. He lived with his grandmother then bounced around to different Foster homes eventually joining the game. But his teachers and guidance counselor gave him some tough love and put an end to it. Literally eat. Yeah he's right at the both the topic cliff it's more wider street life. I don't know and it granted it does not want to hear it or not there are working here at the moment. I would. Get him. He credits his counselor for saving his life and now he's trying to sell off in the seemly for his student. The way it is he showed support and your way to get here. The better if I argued at now be reached its. Teaching them to take life one day at a time changes have shot. Changed not old school. Still he pulls out. Reminding them they're not alone especially during these difficult times kids you know it doesn't look what auto why it. Nobody can get through it. Reporter here oh. For ABC news lie I've read your ruling. Reena thank you amazing the impact that just one person can have when they really care and now to our science and technology headlines here's will read. In today's tech bites the big tech deal that wasn't test was Elon Musk says. He wanted to sell his company to apple three years ago during the darkest days of test was model three roll out. But he claims Apple's Tim Cook refused a meeting. Must comments came amid reports apple is working toward a vehicle production in 20/20 four. And Twitter says the incoming Biden administration will take control of the act Potisk Twitter account on January 20. But the Biden team will not inherit the accounts 33 million followers that's changed from 2017. When president trump got the account. Finally KFC says it's getting into video games with the KF console. The company says it will be able to keep your fried chicken warm while you're gaming. Suspiciously there's no release date price or any technical specifications to share just yet. Does your tech rides and you get a bite of chicken while your plane on your cultural and Diane up but market you luck will read. Banks and that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with cured Phillips. But a breakdown.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"Plus, President Donald Trump threatens to block the COVID-19 relief bill just passed with bipartisan support in Congress, and how a man went from being a gang member to Missouri’s teacher of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74880856","title":"ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm just in time for Christmas","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-major-winter-storm-time-74880856"}