ABC News Live Update: Millions traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday

Plus, tips on when it’s time to replace your cloth face mask, and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend speak out after their pregnancy loss.
14:23 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Millions traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us and today's update the trump administration says they are finally clearing away for the transition of power. The president endorsed the move in a tweet saying it's in the country's best interest but he still says he will not concede defeat. This as president elect Joseph Biden is expected to unveil a list of historic cabinet picks. If confirmed former fed chair Janet Yellen would be the first woman to be secretary of treasury. Alejandro Mallorca has to be the first Latino and immigrant to head the department of homeland security and hobble hands and be the first woman. To service Director of National Intelligence. The US has set a new record for colored nineteen hospitalizations. Every day for the last two weeks. More than 85000 people are currently hospitalized with the virus in the US news and with Thanksgiving just two days away the demand for testing is soaring. Quest Diagnostics is now asking people to only get tested if they are symptomatic or if they've been exposed to the virus. The TSA says nearly a million people were screened at airports yesterday bringing the four day total to nearly four million. That's despite CDC guidance not to travel for the holiday. Doctor fat she is now warning that Thanksgiving travel and gatherings could lead to an even bigger surge by Christmas. And on the heels of all the positive vaccine is an eight. Airline now says all international passengers wool and then usually be required to show proof of vaccination. The move is raising new questions on how far vaccine rules could go. James Longman has details. And Benoit one of the world's two pulp and lines Qantas announced all. International passengers may soon be mandated to start getting the coded nineteen vaccination in order to fly what we're looking at his hand you can have. The facts nation have passports electronic version of it. That's certified as part of foxy in the is is it acceptable to the country are traveling to CEO of Qantas saying he expects other airlines to now fallen seat talk to my colleagues and older airlines around the globe but I think it's comedy common team across the board and we could soon see similar requirements in other parts of all lives. Airlines. Businesses and schools. Are going to be concerned. About legal liability if anybody contracts go but nineteen. On a plane. Or in a school or at a place of employment. So to workers will likely be required to get the vaccine. The push back against forcing people to take vaccines could be phased according to a recent study. Half of Americans say they aren't willing to take an FDA packed vaccine. They're going to be many. Lawsuits from people saying I don't want to take that taxiing. But it might be very difficult for them to prevail on these lawsuits. There's also talk of an apple and you'll cell phone middle function a bit like a cut you've made possible and have. As well as details on the travel restrictions in place in the country you'll headed seat that's going to be a lot of new stuff to get used to in the world of international travel Diane. Fisher well James Longman in London for us thanks James. A drug the pandemic masks have become a part of our everyday lives but if you've been using the same cloth mask over and over it might be time for change. We'll Reeves has some tips for making sure you're getting the protection you meet. Has corona virus cases continued his surge across the nation. Mask wearing remains key to containing the spread proof here that droplets are capable of traveling nearly eight feet with no face covering this this is what under the hood. And in the Duke University test of fourteen commonly used types of masks. One of the top performers the poly cotton mask but with those masks such a regular part of our daily lives. He's the one you might have been wearing for months wearing out. You can imagine there are. I'm massacres against order especially cards are grouch in my getting loser more loose you're the founder years or more of a solution all articles. You expired he can't Sarah shields in Iraq more of those ridiculous it. Joyce Chung wears a mask whenever she leaves her Los Angeles apartment but we do try to means he masks so we try to watch them at least once a month. A do over time they do you start you break down so how do you know when your mask might need replacing. Going to be doing are shrinking. And lawyer Neil unseen Marin. Either Carolina or war or little actual doesn't easterly. And unbearable this clean to the leg. Still got epidemiologist Chris Johnson recommends cloth masks be replaced every two to three months to be safe. You can see that they noticed piece of metal knives he sticky gas mask in place. It's actually poking out there and to check them for signs of Wear and hair every time and clean them there's a great way to list are aware. But it used to be worked very closely here. He concedes you start to hear to Wear. Our experts told us to think of your cloth mask like a seasonal items as you bringing out those winter coats mixed in and new mask. And our doctor Jon reminds us that you should be washing these off masks after every use Diane. Good advice will read thank you for that. Another Christi T get and John Legend in their first TV interview since their heartbreaking pregnancy loss the couple's opening up about how the experiences affected them. And their new mission to help families in need here's Michael Strahan. This morning method of honesty and straight and I don't think it might solve permissions you. How complete and utter agreed. Everyday is so different so when it lags behind you always say I'm okay today. Chrissie Keegan and John Legend opening up in their first interview together about the painful loss of their pregnancy. A loss that stunned fans when they shared the news. I didn't know that. We get experiences grief and also sharing but when we did it really meant so much so many people and it was such a powerful experience for me to learn that. And I'm just grateful that my wife was courageous enough to do it. I am thousands of letters written ceemea. You know obviously it's so painful Siegal personally this is a woman something that was inside your body you're nurturing and taking characters but I. Obviously there's and other involved and the support. I'm for the both of us has just been so beautiful so incredible. Christie's recent pregnancy was full of complications. It at twenty weeks the baby they decided to Maine Jack. Was no longer able to survive but Christie says she knew she had to document their suffering and heartache. Taking the deeply intimate photos that they share from social media they. Were there first 08 and enable our breaking. And he says he's shared those people who need it I don't care if you weren't. Offended or or disgusted I understand it can you wait for people designs for the people that we're hurting and that John was very uncomfortable. Taking that match she. Like really. One of the ways we carry on Jack's memory was the take pictures of that moment go I was like where it out like I don't wanna like commemorate this pain. But. The crazy thing about having a miscarriage is you don't walk away with anything you have this emptiness. And we wanted sue take the photos so there. We had something. Remember that outpouring of love from family friend the complete strangers. Helping them wade they never expected. It really don't know to support you have anti go through something like this. Has been a lonely time for so many people 'cause girls separated physically in so many ways and just outpouring of people as love and concern for us. Has truly been heartening and enlisting for us the. The world is inherently ugly people are inherently diet patent and and it. It's shown itself and it's as hard is that why is it is beautiful to see the side of it if for Christie in John this experience strengthening their bond. Eyes is know that I. Love my wife more than ever we've been through so many challenges together and they've made a stronger and I know that doesn't always happen when people go through tragedy. By I feel like the challenges we face together have made us feel. Even more sure about who we are together and couple and Louis Garza gambling. And that when we commit to be together forever that we really a bomb pulled up promise so heart and we we take it seriously. And I feel like we're stronger together than we go. Irvin appeared to young children models and Luna also helping them feel hope again you have your hips forward miles lewdness when they're fully pursue you yeah here they bring us so much joy every single day and so much adventure every day. We always loved a area's lively household might be more likely remember these days but and when I am. Now you you don't want to be stuck in bad when you hear the laughter downstairs and yeah it helps all blacks. Knowing how important it is to have the support of family during tough times Chrissie and John are teaming up would Ronald McDonald House Charities would provide resources and assist families with sick or injured children and the hospital. McDonald's has been supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities for forty years and may. Been supporting McDonald's for 3040 yes. According to a. Eight yeah wanted. Ma partner Robert on announcers as long as you care for children there is nothing else that you do aside from be a part of this initiative because. This is bipartisan and loving your children love being. Wanting to ask for your child and trying to teach families together processes as X insanely important. And now more than ever charities need help with donations decline due to the pandemic keynote you've seen this year with -- especially that. People need and their families close of them when they're going to an element and a lot of families can't afford to be there. What they're doing is so incredible and so beautiful. And honestly it is ugly one of their most proud things and I have I've been a part of embarrass our debt I support. The organization helping families like the house who stayed at the Ronald McDonald house when their daughter Justine. Was born what do rare genetic disorder requiring treatment at a hospital hours from home Justine now seven is able to supporter dad from a sideline that he raped this funds and awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities now to rally support and attention. McDonald's is taking the initiative online. With the hash tag here for Arian AC social challenge. McDonald's is committing a hundred million dollars over the next five years. Or Ronald McDonald House Charities. And we want to M ball everyone and that's a McDonald's is gonna donate the money. But if you want to participate and have a hundred dollars donated in your name. You can hash tag here for army seat and give us harper hands on the grammys he ought yeah. You want to teach you how hands ordered overhaul the diamond or lose heart of the Dimon. Get your hands and I think he's a football clearest and then it puts your pinky redirecting Gibbons ending a yeah. Mick Hart with the NX rigors and it should hire. Theory. Oh. Go yeah yeah. Bobby had a few injuries on that pinky. Perez were practicing our her hands over here to Chrissie and John. Great way to turn tragedy into a great way to help others in need Michael Strahan thank you for that and here city's first and only black mayor has died David Dinkins served in the Marine Corps earning a congressional gold medal. And attending Howard University before taking office in 1990. Dinkins welcome Nance and Nelson Mandela to the city and let me Yorkers some of its toughest times in the early nineties. He's credited with helping clean up places like Times Square in hiring thousands of police officers to try to battle the city's high murder rate. Despite its problems he loved to New York calling it a gorgeous mosaic of diversity. His passing comes less than two months after the death of his wife Joyce David Dinkins was 93. And now for your latest on science and technology peers Monaco's are. Since today's tech sites Amazon's delivery warning the companies urging customers. To pick up packages at its brick and mortar stores instead of getting them delivered to your door. The company says the goal is to keep the holiday season spoiler free. But the move will also benefit Amazon reducing deliveries ball online orders surge amid the pandemic. Twitter is expanding its warning labels the site has been flattening election related tweets with disputed information as vote potentially misleading now twitters expanding on that idea by showing users a warning as they tried to light a labeled sweet. And a copy of Super Mario Brothers three now holds the title of most expensive video game ever. The partridge recently sold at auction for a 156000. Dollars I think the short let the record held by a copy of Super Mario bros. That's sold for a 114. Grand and July. Those air attack by stand for that amount of money you better save the princess taxi on monetize our update. Thank you and that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed out. ABC news live as your boy all day with the latest news context and ounces I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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