ABC News Live Update: At least 1 person is dead after partial building collapse

Officials say first responders rescued 35 people from the building and pulled two more survivors from the rubble.
9:15 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: At least 1 person is dead after partial building collapse
Good morning everyone I'm Dennis say they were coming on air with breaking news a massive search and rescue operation is under way. After the partial collapse of a twelve story apartment building near Miami Beach. It happened around 1 AM in Surfside Florida and firefighters have been trying to rescue survivors ever sense. The mayor there says half of the building's 130. Units collapsed. So far at least one person has been killed first responders have rescued 35 people from that building. Ten people have been treated for injuries but the number of those missing. Is still unknown. Two of those people rescued were actually pulled out of the rubble including a young boy. And now firefighters are still inside that building searching for more survivors. Even though there are concerns of the secondary collapse officials say that building. Is still unstable so those firefighters. Are putting their lives on the line right now trying to get anybody who's left in that building. Out we also heard just recently from Florida governor Ron Desantis about this building collapse at a press conference just a few minutes ago let's hear what he had to say. I just want to thank everybody who responded. To the Condo collapse down in Surfside. And we had a major major structure in and hat one side of it collapsed in the wee hours of the morning. Now we had their folks there are in Miami Dade and Surfside ball they were immediately. On CNET spoke with both the local mayors Surfside and ball harbor. We have emergency response personnel dispatched there. The first responders were able to save a lot of people. They are going to be going through more. And you know it's a really really tragic situation so. We'll hope for the best in terms of additional recoveries. But we are brief saying opera for some bad news is given the destruction that that we're seeing so. I'm going to be making it down their very shortly. And that the State's going to be able to do what will be helping out in any way that we can bet but I do think the quick response. Was very important and I do think it it save lives so I think that votes for their bravery. And doing that. So again those Florida governor Ron Desantis about how officials there. Are bracing for more bad news and hoping for good news as they await more updates on this partial building collapse in Surfside Florida just outside Miami Beach. And we're seeing more images now coming in showing the massive piles of rubble. From that building collapse. The officials there have described it as the building being pancaked basic floors. That normally have ten feet of space between the floor in the ceiling are now looking at just one or two feet. Victor can go is there answer sent Florida with the latest. Ramirez filled to follow want to know more about Saturday's match there. Overburdened glory yeah. Overnight survivors pulled from the rubble after a deadly building collapsed in Surfside Florida I have never seen so many activists at least in my life all at once. The entire building completely gone. In the back towards the side. Miami Dade fire rescue sing more than eighty rescue units responding working to rescue people trapped in the twelve story building at least one person is dead. The building show. And I looked out the window and you didn't see that was like a nor heard something coming in advance what happened when it when the dust cleared the back half of the bill Lear back two thirds of the building was gone. Officials confirming that people remain trapped this morning. Good healthy. But there isn't done it to be evacuated. This morning the cause of the collapse is unknown but some witnesses say. There's recently been construction in the building the mayor of Surfside on scene this morning sing fifteen failing units were evacuated. Ten people were treated on the scene. He feared the death toll could rise. I think the building was substantially. Fault no reason for not to be in the real heartbreak for me is that you know we had the dogs out there this morning looking for people trying to find people in the rubble. But. Just in its. Victor komando doing some great reporting out there. And earlier Victor also spoke to a Surfside resident who owns a Condo. In that building and actually went to the site to try to search for his Stanley friend let's listen. Do you have family or friends who live inside the building. The Wii wheel to bundles. That you can't just when I finally. One of them is in effect that it just collapse upon himself the would have liked three people. Or whether we don't know anything about them. We were just like everybody else waiting for any news we call they'll be adults we cold like that authority as they went about. Any permission right now. But let. Are you concerned that a but they are tenants is that what they are known they're they're really polls there close friends who were renting a day of Garcia who are living inside the units that you'll there. And you haven't heard anything from there are you afraid that your units were once that came crashing down. I know for a fact that my unit is small lot Eagleton lyrics it's. It just it's is gone and so it on. I'm not even concerned when my in my unit I don't various material I just want them to be good. How many people were staying inside the unit. Story like god yeah. Tool. Like that too fathers they are from the LG BT community. And daughter of sir I want that they bootleg. After a long process me but they race they're so good they Jeremy theme. It's kind of sad to see him hopefully no loss that all information. Is set to skim goalie got. Coldest a daughter. The current board to fight a federal control would numbers but I know that it's she's young she's about 45 years old I'll whole life to live. I'm so sorry. Mud that makes you a single. Let me photo us would them like a main thing PM yesterday with them he was just hours before the settlers before they. He was going to stay there four lead Dole's. Scenes. Of lately you know Lincoln gonna happen. He's filling oh I'm going home by the he's a Saint Louis this morning been like for you and your family. I think. We literally that but I'm asleep on. Waking up. To us. This is just a nightmare you wish you could wake up from building police when real. By the that really telling the people like ones that go door off. The other one else shoals in Argentina and you've tried calling them you're trying everything you can't get a hold of postal postal women formally. It just would you know. Suddenly got Lisa hopeful let me rescue team you'll hear this cellphone on there will public flu. Maybe you don't. Let me what was seen what is ridiculous. Dongle that helped build. But of that moment we don't know anything more than anything. I'm conscious of Sar was there construction being done on the building that's we've heard. Yes it's a building like Iran forty years old. Harmful what I understand like they were starting with a destruction through Buffy inspections. Duffel what I understand of course there. There must be an investigation. I'm not an expert you know what was the construction happening on that side of the building where this all. I don't really mean I don't mean I know that that they were going to rule to like treatment I'm not speaks that's not the right where what you world. Trying to get like the whole building. Six. I'm so sorry so what do you do from here. Nothing I can load just wait. Just waved how tough is done. There's no words like. Hopefully nobody has to leave the situation. And they were like they were like close friends like formally for us. Maybe he's got violent I don't any modular direct finally also always feels for Ford for me like there is like Derek Connolly. So I can't say much about. Evidently I don't know wars. If they think. Heartbreaking and there was Victor a Ken though and a man who owns two apartments in that building up partially collapsed he says one of those apartments is now gone. An inside was a family of 32 fathers and their young daughter roughly four or five years old he has not heard anything from them or anything. About them and and we do want to related officials are saying that those who are looking looking for loved ones in this collapse should call the number 305. 6141819. Officials have set up a reunification center in many of these cases and people are involved in an emergency that this they don't have access to their phones. And so this reunification center will hopefully help unite. Of people with their loved ones who they can't get in contact with right now. We of course are gonna continue to follow this story we will bring you developments on it throughout the day now we'll see you back here at 11 AM. For a news update thank you for watching and joining us I'm Diana say don't stay safe everybody.

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