ABC News Live Update: President Trump, Biden race toward Election Day

Plus, Hurricane Zeta barrels down on the Gulf Coast making it the fifth storm to take aim on the region this season, and model and author Chrissy Teigen opens up about her heartbreaking loss.
23:01 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Trump, Biden race toward Election Day
Good morning I'm Diane the data thanks for streaming. In today's update to candidates are making their final push on the campaign trail former vice president Joseph Biden is working took political red states blue. Because. Great. Across America. Meanwhile president jump is holding rallies in swing states. Hey grains. Red wave. We have new poll numbers from two crucial battleground states this morning with just six days to go until the final lows. Also ahead hurricanes Ada strengthened overnight and is now taking aim at the Gulf Coast the storm is expected to make landfall as a category two hurricane tonight. That would make it the eleventh named storm to make landfall in the US this season. New Jersey is there. And the LA Dodgers are waking up. Champion. The team won their first World Series in more than thirty years last night. What their star pitcher is saying this morning. We begin with the countdown to Election Day the candidates are making their closing arguments on the campaign trail. Has Michigan secretary of state is warning voters not to rely on the mail she says now that we're less than a week from Election Day voters should return their ballots in person. ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest. This morning with 71 million ballots now cast more than half of all votes in 2016. Joseph Biden is hoping those early votes can help him split red states blue. Friday and on offense in Georgia State trump won by five points in 2016 making his closing argument. But our voices and our votes. Missed free ourselves from the forces of darkness. From the forces of division. The forces of yesterday. From the forces that pull us apart polish doubted hall was back. I didn't this week is also hitting traditional battlegrounds like Florida Wisconsin and Michigan State's trump won four years ago but is now scrambling to hold on to march in my office drowned Tuesday sprinting through three states Michigan Wisconsin and Nebraska. Soviet cases are spiking in all three states but trump is adamant that the country is rounding the corner are great. Yeah. Headed toward areas midwest a little areas in the midwest certain areas that are heated up right now they'll go down. Painting a rosy picture has become a standard part of his stump speech will be necessary he's Kobe Kobe Kobe you can't watch anything else they're doing heavy college. Because they want to scare people what does close. That people are too focused on call you. Colbert Colbert comedy he's complying. He's jealous and Coleman's media coverage. Campaigning provided in Florida Tuesday former President Obama relishing the chance to lay into his successor last week when. Trump was asked could he do anything differently. You don't he studies and not much. Not much. Red. Light maybe usually gotten on TV ads are just and we might inject bleach and protect your opponent. The president is also sending out his top surrogate in her first and only campaign appearance First Lady Maloney a truck hitting the trail in must win Pennsylvania. Trying to appeal to critical suburban women. Speaking to a packed crowd about her own experience with cove it. Many of you have experienced the first ten effects of cold and nineteen. Not only as a patient. But as a warning Monday and wise. The police station chooses to keep moving full lengths doing he's been damage not backcourt. Now the president's handling of this pandemic continues to take a tall our latest ABC news Washington Post poll shows Biden. With a seven point lead in Michigan and up by seventeen points in Wisconsin now that's a bit more bullet senate figure than what we are seeing in other. Public polling but those polls also show biting and improving his lead of that critical states. Diane primary Bruce forest in Atlanta thanks Mary and be sure to tune into our full coverage on Election Day starting at 7 AM eastern and George Stephanopoulos. We'll anchor election night coverage and our political team at 7 PM eastern right here. On ABC news live you could find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com. And as voters head to the polls corona virus cases are surging nationwide. An internal health and human services memo obtained by ABC news shows new cases in the US increased by more than 20% last week. And Pfizer CEO is now saying highly anticipated vaccine data is unlikely to come before Election Day ABC's Alex Perez has the latest. This morning cases on the rise across the country eleven states reporting record high -- nineteen hospitalizations. With nearly 43000. Patients in need of care. Wisconsin crossing the 200000. Case threshold. Hitting a new daily record of 5200. New cases a day N 64 deaths. This is an urgent crisis we need folks to forget. It won't happen to me all it took us a little over seven months to reach her first 100000. Cases. It took us just a fraction of that time to reach her second 100000. It's time and only took 36 case. Hospitals overwhelmed with the increase the patient load forced to create makeshift facilities to accommodate the need 34 year old Amanda Perez has been battling Kobe for a month. Requiring oxygen to help her lungs recover she says she was asked to moved to a field hospital because she was younger than other patients. Action but can't. Wait that's this slick in the middle of the words. Content seven. That's patents yeah getting at here at any. Despite a lack of manpower and resource is one member of the White House coup bid nineteen task force telling the Washington Post lies. They're rationing care is not an option. There is no concept of rationing here and this time. We have plenty of resources and we actually be have leeway in the system to absorb the here. But doctors on the front lines warned that if the numbers keep growing and there won't be enough manpower to meet demand. Beds don't care for people people take care people and that's our biggest resource limitation right now is that caregivers are not seen a change candidate that Amado masks people are wearing or. Armed limitations of our large public gatherings. So let's make this very terrorists and in some case is pretty scared as new cases rise throughout the midwest Illinois governor JB Pritzker is cracking down banning indoor dining a Chicago restaurants and bars later this week. Another blow to an already hard hit industry and setting up a fight with city leaders. We're gonna continue our engagement. The governor his team. But it's not looking good in and begin to convince them that some other metrics should apply. I'm then this shut down unfortunately is gonna take effect. I'm starting. Our primary by state order. And and the concern here Wisconsin continues to grow just yesterday this state here saw its biggest one day increase in hospitalizations. And deaths officials here are pleading with people to stay home and only go out if they absolutely need to Diane. Alex Perez thank you good morning. And out of Philadelphia where the family of Walter Wallace junior is calling for peace after another night of unrest demonstrations erupted again overnight after Wallace was fatally shot by police on Monday. Now his family is asking for peace and talking about what they say happened that day either pilgrim is in Philadelphia with the new details. An overnight turmoil in the Philadelphia. Demonstrators arrested others who wrestled to the ground as anger spilled into the streets calling the death of Walter Wallace junior a man allegedly armed with a knife. And shot by police earlier this week. The at a rest sparking a second night alluding Wal-Mart and other local businesses ransacked throughout the night. Wallace's family now demanding and into the violence now home. Told my family. And this city some have. Like me. And are not. Strongly additive designed call. I am. Wallace's family says they called for help Monday telling the officers what they arrived that he was having a manic episode ad was bipolar. And that video shows the two officers on the scene they repeatedly asked Wallace to put down a night. Wallace continues moving toward the officers they fire roughly fourteen shy. Greg day. About multi room shack the Philadelphia police commissioner arriving to the scene shortly after the shooting. I'm scared I'm so is saying I don't have answers for what happened today ages happening now say the department needs to change its training for the district calls or we're required to respond to in today's climate and we have to adapt our training along with that. A lot of you are asking why didn't these officers used the taser while the commissioner says while some officers do have taser is. These officers did not. Diane and I need a pilgrim in Philadelphia Forrest thanks Siva. And now to hurricanes data heading towards a battered Gulf Coast right now the storm's expected to make landfall tonight as a category two hurricane. Chief meteorologist ginger zee is in Pass Christian, Mississippi. With the latest on this and ginger good morning to you what's the latest on the timing and the track of this storm. So we've got about 12 hours I am before this thing makes landfall and it will be the scent that'll land falling storm in Louisiana. This heat this season alone. Let along the eleventh of the season for the United States is something we haven't done but twice before in recorded history. It's it's really incredible to be back here along the Gulf Coast and that in every state Texas Louisiana. And Alabama also Florida but now. Mississippi and it's because we're anticipating storm surge here on top of the wind so let me take you to the timing the storm is still more than 300 miles away but it is racing toward the coast. So we do anticipate up five or six pianists landfall but we'll see conditions deteriorate after the noon hour as that I has become more evident. And we see at strengthening we could see a category two hurricane as it makes landfall so I think you islands and that southeast into the Louisiana. We'll have some of the worst wind damage dreaded the coast the Mississippi you definitely have to be watching for those winds. All going to central Alabama we'll still see tropical storm force winds and gusts up to sixty miles per hour. By Birmingham's self. On top of it all he got the push a water the good news is this thing moves fast the bad news is it's very strong and it could see six to nine. The folks that live here they said anything zero to five feet a surge is kind of news since but once you get above 56. That's when it can start to do damage in go up and over roads so will be watching for that this evening. We'll also watch for those wind gusts are here's what I think adding trees and power lines could easily come down when you see gusts anywhere from fifty to seventy miles per hour. But the problem with this remember is the forward trajectory. Plus the winds within our going to be so strong that even see gusts of eighty to a hundred coming up on this model. And close to sixty as far north as Birmingham and even north Georgia this I think power outages could extend well England and I think we should be prepared for that. And rain wise I think we'll see the worst of the flood watches extend all the way into western South Carolina and North Carolina as it merges with another system and that's what you're seeing right there on that map that high. Driving an apartment that big trough that caused all of the ice storm in Oklahoma you've seen some of those pictures 300000 customers without power it's gonna merge together. And the moisture and we'll have enough Kol paired to bring snow right before Halloween for parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut New York Diane. And ginger you mentioned this'll be the elevenths. Named storm to make landfall in the US this year it is highly unusual what has made. This hurricane season so bad. Yeah you know we went right into the Greek alphabet and we are just diving to those numbers mean you remember we had Laura which was that cat four and you can see the damage from baton and we hadn't felt so right behind it. In southwestern Louisiana and we had Sally that made the such an impact on Pensacola Florida and now more right here in the middle. We ask why blindness part of our country has been so tortured this year and a big part of it is just. The monsoon in Africa has been very active so that kicks off the thunderstorms and that's where those things start then is that trade winds and that the big. Highly called the Bermuda high in the exact position farther west and is sometimes says. To drive these storms into the Gulf of Mexico system in Caribbean into the gulf. And above average water temperatures that no limit allowed Nina it's a recipe for this type this season and I am current Lawrence god today. Area hopefully everybody can stay safe ginger zee and pass Christy and Mississippi thanks ginger. I Christi T Egan is opening up after the tragic loss of her baby twenty weeks into her pregnancy. He intended emotional ads say dealing detailing what happened and why she and her husband John Legend are sharing your story Adrian banker has more. Morning model and author Chris CT in his opening up in a raw and heart wrenching blog post about her recent silver's dead just twenty weeks saying that she needed to speak out about her pregnancy each having chronicled the complications. And the loss of her baby and instead Graham Keegan says she was about to fully deliver what was supposed to be the fifth member of our beautiful family a son. Only to say goodbye moments leader. The 34 year old who has two young children Luna and miles with husband singer John Legend. News. And all. Sharing for the first time about her decision to post these hospital photos on social media at a time she calls utter and complete sadness. Saying I had asked my mom and John to take pictures no matter how uncomfortable it what is it didn't make sense to him at the time but I knew I needed to know of this moment forever. The same way I needed to remember us kissing at the end of the idol. The same way I needed to remember our tears of joy after Luna and miles. And I absolutely knew I needed to share this story. Addressing critics saying quote I cannot express how little I care that you hate the photos how little I care that it's something you wouldn't have done. I live did I chose to do it and more than anything these photos are in for anyone but the people who have lived this. Where are curious enough to wonder what something like this is like. Legend on stage at the billboard music awards a few weeks later. A at. And and. Zero wrong and I. Dedicated his song never break to his wife. This is for Chris. Teague in says she's now trying to heal writing. I am surrounded in a human therapy blanket of love I am grateful and healing and feels so incredibly lucky to witness such love. Very anti can also wrote the people say that when you go through something like this is a hole created in your heart and she says there certainly was a hole made that that it's filled with. With loved she received so many kind messages of support from friends and fans. And strangers I am glad she and John are getting the support they need Adrian banker thanks for that. And for more on this I'm joined by ABC news chief medical correspondent and board certified OB GYN doctor Jennifer Ashton Dr. Jen thanks for joining us you know this is a topic for so many people. And there's so imagine this as an unpacked the one part really stuck out to me and that's where Christie writes I feel bad our grief was so public because I made the joy is so public. And she goes on to say I feel bad that I made you all feel bad I always will no struck clear here she is someone who suffer this huge loss and she feels bad. For us is it's a common feeling for parents at this experience. I think it is Diana and the other thing and that I didn't get I would say to her directly if she were my Haitian. Is a bad you know life is not all about just highs it's not all about the joy is and it and the victories. It's it's a full range of emotions and whether you're talking about just a human being existing on the planet where my medical specialty. Yeah and there's a lot of reasons to celebrate and rejoice. And unfortunately there are reasons to grieve and mourn and be sad and that shouldn't be hidden. It's real and I think that bringing attention to it can actually help a lot of people. And Chrissie said that she was diagnosed with partial placenta of corruption what exactly is that. So for most likely this is something that we see a lot in the first trimester and in the first trimester recall in a sub Couri on a key Mittal and that's just a fancy medical word for a blood clot. That forms in between that the sack and the wall of the uterus so that will become the placenta then with as you go into the second trimester. If that client doesn't disappear or get me absorbed as most of the time it does. He can actually. He hatched the placenta from the wall of the uterus and more bleeding he gets more bleeding. He gets more bleeding and eventually the placenta will detached from the uterus. There's nothing we can do about that there is no medication there's no surgical procedure. And if the fetus doesn't have a blood supply obviously the pregnancy can survive now. And that ticket asking for others to share their stories of pregnancy loss why isn't so important. And any advice for people who want to talk about it for our world are worried about making others uncomfortable for making others sad as she said. Yeah I think first of all my my biggest Tampa would be remember that the process of sharing pictures are talking about your experience. It is not just to help others by increasing awareness. It's therapeutic for that person so before any of us to say you can't help yourself shield that's. You know that and that would be crazy the other thing I think is really important about their story is that pregnancy loss in any trimester. Affects both. People in and that couple often times we just focus on the woman because she's practiced carrying the pregnancy. The men or the partner of greed just as much albeit sometimes in a different way. And I think you know as IO often stayed of the so my patients and real women who have had a pregnancy loss. The medical treatment is the easy part the emotional and psychological. And sometimes psychosocial. Aspects. Those wounds take a lot longer to heal but they do he'll. And they they require a lot of support and I think that every every one who's had a loss is entitled to that Anna I'm glad you mentioned the social aspect because if someone does share their story with you either publicly or privately. How can you best support them causes one of those situations where so many of us. Just have no idea what Tuesday yet you know Diana you just products the most important thing of course people don't know what to say sometimes myself included because even after I've been in practice for fifteen years. That's the point. You don't need to say anything you just need to listen and understand. They're paying their grief they're mourning it's because they love did this pregnancy even before the point of delivery and that and that's. Basic human emotion and. And I talk to Jennifer Ashton we appreciate your time is always thank you see that Diane. Had a few more things to know before you go tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate as wildfires grow in the west. The Silverado and blue ridge fires have burned a combined 30000 acres in just 48 hours. Extreme fire conditions have improved in Southern California but there are still some high winds expected stay through the mountains and canyons. Got to get up to forty miles per hour. This is more than 300000. People are waking up without power after the earliest ice storm ever recorded in Oklahoma. I that I weighed down trees and power lines. It's expected to combined with the remnants of hurricane data and bring heavy rain and even the first snow of the season to parts of the northeast. And Whitney Houston is making history again this week this time for her 1987. Album Whitney. Legendary singer is now the first Latin artist ever have a third diamond certified album. A diamond status we've kinda equivalent of ten. Million albums. This new milestone comes after her hit I will always love you topped one billion views on you to. Houston is set to be posthumously inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame when he when he blast. Next week very well just. And the LA Dodgers are the champions this morning the Dodgers won their first World Series more than thirty years last night. Defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 31 in game six earlier and GMA star pitcher Clayton Kershaw who talked about the big win. 32 years younger Los Angeles has a one World Series its. I guess you part of a good man who has fans back home reviews so excited. I don't wait a long time business. We're just we're so happy. And the team aren't the only ones celebrating years and Dodgers fans celebrating it and Kelly drive in. He lived his sale of bear creek he the big congratulations to the team and their fans a long time coming but worth the wait and and that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back you're at 11 AM eastern. With your headline sixties.

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