ABC News Live Update: Report says Trump paid $750 in fed. income taxes in 2016, 2017

Plus, worldwide COVID-19 deaths are nearing 1 million and two new wildfires break out in the West.
16:00 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Report says Trump paid $750 in fed. income taxes in 2016, 2017
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for being with us in today's update corona virus cases are rising in 33 US states. As we approach nearly one million coded nineteen deaths worldwide. In Florida restrictions have been rolled back with restaurants and bars now allowed to operate as 100%. Capacity. What that gets out she is saying this morning about that roll back and another possible shutdowns. Also ahead tuna wildfires are burning in California already scorching nearly 101000. Acres. Thousands of people are being forced to evacuate our team is there this morning. And the women making NFL history with the teens are saying about the historic moment on the football field. But we begin with the explosive report about the president's tax is the New York Times says president trump paid just 750. Dollars in federal income taxes. In 2016 and 2017 the records obtained by the times offer the most detailed look yet as it at his business empire. Just 36 days before the election senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has that story. This morning the New York Times reporting that president trump pages 750. Dollars in federal income taxes the year he won the White House. And the same amount his first year in office on top of that the paper says it at the eighteen years reexamined he paid no federal income tax in eleven of them. The president denying it and repeating the claim that he cannot release his taxes because he's still under audit. Even though his own IRS commissioner has said an audit would not prevent him from doing that. The terrorists is not treat me well they treat me very very badly. But there are under and it. And when they're not I would be proud to ship ABC news has not. Independently reviewed the more than two decades of documents obtained by the times. But the investigation paints the picture of a businessman whose empire is seriously struggling despite repeated public claims like Guinness. I'm really rich now the time says documents show the president reported more than 47 million dollars in losses in 2018 alone. And he faces a personal debt totaling 421. Million dollars money that could come do well he's an office if he's elected to a second term. According to the times most of the president's core businesses. Including his golf courses and hotel just blocks from the White House report losing millions if not tens of millions year after year. The paper also accuses the president and his companies of claiming questionable deductions on some of those businesses. Including at moral law though when the president was in office more than 109000. Dollars for women's and silverware and nearly 200000. Dollars for landscaping. He also wrote off more than 70000 dollars and haircuts when he was on the apprentice. Even though the IRS requires business deductions be ordinary and necessary. The president who vowed to pursue no new foreign deals when he took office. Earned more than 73 million dollars from his overseas business dealings during his first two years in the White House. Including from countries with authoritarian leaders like the Philippines in Turkey according to the times that paper also says that as the president was paying that mere 750 dollars in taxes here at home the year he took office. Here is companies paid more than 300000. Dollars to countries overseas. And we're now learning the reason for that audit the time says it stems from questions about the legitimacy of a nearly 73 million dollar tax refund the president received. But even as the question of how much he's paid in taxes has dog president trump for years what is your tax rate I would. It's really a business you'll see it what I released but I fight very hard. To pay is a little tax as possible. He has always maintained that paint fewer taxes makes him Smart. Now a lawyer for president trump says this time stories are riddled with inaccuracies but the newspaper says that all of the documents that it obtained. Came from sources who had legal access to these documents. The Biden team as you can imagine Diane is pouncing they immediately put out a video all right take a look at a let me assure its unit basically breaks down. What the average teacher firefighter and nursed would've paid in taxes and as you can imagine it is significantly more. Then that's 750 dollars that the president is accused of paying. If fact on that note Diane 750 bucks is about what someone who earns 20000 dollars a year with. Paid in taxes. Minutes this day of native forests in Washington thanks to Syria. And now to the Supreme Court showdown president trump has nominated eighty coney Barrett to replace the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Confirmation hearings are set to begin on October 12 with a final vote expected just days before the presidential election. Terry Moran is in Washington with more on this. President trumpets Griffin with confidence in the fight over Supreme Court nomination of judge Amy Tony Barrett predicting that quick confirmation. I didn't and evidence easily. Before the election. Just 36 days out from Election Day it's full steam ahead her qualifications. Are unsurpassed. They should be a straightforward and prompt. Confirmation. Judge Derek is a former law clerk to the late justice Antonin Scalia her mentor and at 48 years old she had decades to shape the law in America. I courts for Justice Scalia more than twenty years ago but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy. Is mine to. A judge must a plaid bill. As written and Democrats are dismayed they're arguing the vacancy should be filled by the president the voters will choose a little more than a month from now and they're gearing up for what almost guaranteed to be a losing confirmation battle in the Republican controlled senate. But they say it's one worth fighting because so much is on the line here at the right to choose abortion health care coverage and the election itself which could end up in the High Court. Joseph Biden zeroing in on the Affordable Care Act as a court prepares to hear a case in November could could and guaranteed coverage for people with preexisting conditions this is about. People's health care in the middle of a pandemic. And Terry Moran joins me now with more on this and Teri good morning judge various nomination. Has drawn attention to her affiliation with a Christian group which brings her religion into it in general. But there are facing some criticism for that already the confirmation hearings haven't even started but the question of whether her personal beliefs should be part of this. Is drawing criticism how do you think this will all play out in the confirmation process. Well that is one of the flash points to an. And there's no question it's going to be a controversy in part because the main Christian groups aiming Tony Barrett belongs to. It's called the Roman Catholic Church. And during her confirmation hearing to be an appeals court judge senator Dianne Feinstein the Democrat from California is chairing Judiciary Committee at that time. Said it into honestly be too many people of faith across the country I sense. That the dog ma who lives loudly in you and Battenfeld to many people to get too close to kind of a religious test what dynamite that was Al. There and what Democrats are curious about. Is it to what extent that doesn't mean Carney Barrett's. Face to commit to doing Makoni Barrett's faith commitments impact and influence. Her judicial work and she has said that a judge shouldn't allow that to happen however she's also talked about how. A judge for example in capital punishment. Which the Catholic Church opposes. And that we should it did not rule on cases like that but withdraw so this is initiatives. Very tricky for Democrats because. There is no religious test in office in a forum for public office by the constitution. And he could certainly backfire on Democrats at the same time they want to make sure that this is a person can judge independently. And Terry were going to be discussing this in much more detail later today as we launch ABC news lives new program your voice your vote the breakdown this afternoon. You'll recall anchoring with the me and net I just curious what you're most looking forward to about today's. Premiere episode I know I'm nervous I'm sure you're not. I'm completely nervous what I'm looking forward to Diane is that high five that we're gonna do not to Washington to New York. I dinner data kept forgetting it at that and ordinary camp. We're gonna Baghdad have but seriously I I could just really excited to be working with you on this in part because we want to try a little something different. And that is to have a politic show that's no shouting. There's no opinion on campus hand staged arguments could get at the issues as much as possible certain people. Oh who are actually living those issues not. Hun did say not paid political partisans. But people who are living out the challenges and our country faced what their perspectives. And maybe bring the temperature down a little bit who knows maybe we'll all learn something but I'm just looking forward to it and yeah high fives at the end. I am gonna try not to disappoint with a high five it means the but I am also very much looking forward to it and we hope you lie at home mart to be sure to tune into your voice your vote to break down with me and Terry today. At 3 PM eastern. And now onto the latest on the corona virus we are nearing one million deaths worldwide as here in the US 33 states are reporting an increase of cases. In Florida where cases are flat this did lifted restriction on bars and restaurants and other businesses. So they're now allowed to operate at 100%. Capacity. This morning on Good Morning America doctor anti fat she expressed. He's concerns about that move. When you're dealing with communities spread. And you have the kind of congregate setting whip people get together particularly without masks and you're really asking for trouble. Hopefully we don't see it but the chances are you gonna start seeing of six the way it was seeing in the of the cases. Now's the time actually to double down a bit and I don't mean close when I say that. People get concerned that would talking about shutting down we're not talking about shutting anything down what's cooking but common sense type of public health measures that we've been talking about. All long. And as far as another nation wide shut down pat she says they want to do everything they can that can be done. To avoid it by lowering cases and having a public follow those common sense public health measures that he discussed. Any only officer charged in relation to the Rihanna Taylor case is set to be arraigned today. Former detective Brett hankins and was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into the apartment next to Taylor's. He will appear in front of a judge in Louisville. Meanwhile protesters came out over the weekend to demonstrate against the grand jury's decision to not charge any of the officers in Rihanna Taylor's death. Most demonstrations were peaceful but police did make arrests for destruction in some cities including new York and Louisville. And now to the record breaking fire season in the west to new wildfires erupted overnight in northern California already scorching nearly 101000 acres. Our Tina whitworth is there with the latest. Overnight fast moving wildfires taking aim at the heart of California's wine country. 12500. Acres now scorched in Saint Helena and other parts of Napa county. Planes reportedly reaching a 150. Time the wind is quickly pushing this fire you see down here behind me that is home. Completely destroyed by flames were hearing propane tanks exploding. Firefighters now reaching an all out battle against the flames multiple structures reduced to ash. UC Helena. Distance runs out of the hospital my feeling. Oh. It's scary is it just helps on the index if you're saying I mean this is picking up by the minute it was put it you'll like him I didn't realize how about the fires burn the experimental theater. The utility company cutting power to some 69000. Customers hoping to prevent new fires from starting. And in reading dissolved fire now consuming thousand acres an hour. Hey did. Yeah how do you heavy winds are pushing embers are concert series the winds have been so high that they actually. Starts to other fires nearby and so Diane Napa Valley they were essentially filled rallying did. Five flames fan if you want done really well now that women. More very. Don't have the right behind me. You play yeah. Not. I really carry out here and we have a clinical 24 hours ahead. Right now and ten days and had seven wildfires burning in the last. Diane. You know that his fighters say can we are worth in Saint Helena California Cain a stay safe thanks. And for more on what we can expect from those wildfires ginger zee has the latest forecast ginger I'm almost afraid to ask good morning. Diane think you are such horrible conditions even if the vineyards are not burning you've got that smoke damage which they've already endured a lot of from fires earlier in the month but how did you share with you that critical fire danger today from crater lake Oregon all the way to mount Laguna California so that's refund red flag warnings but notice the heat advisories go up into organ to snap up was 100 -- daily record Oakland reached 99 and now the numbers are only getting higher big part of the problem is we're under these high pressure systems rights they gonna pass stack up in the atmosphere under this ridge so the jet streams are way up there in Canada. And what's gonna do is check the air that sinks the area does not allow any movement to sweep it out should you also see heating and that's what unfortunately in Southern California bit of a Santa Ana event setting up a 10100 into for Burbank look at second I don't even ready. Stand up around that century mark Diane. Tanks in Jersey thanks ginger. And a few more things to know before you go the ban on tic tac downloads which was set to take effect today it is now on hold. I judge delayed the trump administration's move last night. Tic tac argued the ban would hurt business as it works out a deal to create a new US based company with Oracle and Wal-Mart. And history was made on the football field last night when the Washington football team took on the Cleveland Browns. For the first time ever there was a female coach on both sidelines and the female official. Kelly grounds in this part of the browns coaching staff Jennifer king is working for Washington and Sarah Thomas it's part of the officiating crew. The browns treated this photo of entry last night the Washington football team writes we are more than proud of Jennifer king and all the women. Poor breaking barriers in our league. Little girl power from Monday. And wine lovers get ready to see red after they busted bats and thirteen thousand gallons of wine at out of the Spanish winery. All that wind is with spilling and flowing into the fields. So much Ritter wrote. What else you want from us when he when he. Take the wine. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news light is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis up next written planet report. On a controversial new law threatening pro democracy media in Hong Kong's. We'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern.

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